we're officially out of our home.  it's the strangest thing.  there's so much emotion that goes into actually listing your house.  the should we or shouldn't we's?  and then when you actually get an offer, if you're anything like me, you really start wondering, "was this a good idea?!" because suddenly it's becoming real, and final... if you accept the offer and everything works out, anyway.  and then if, like us, you don't find anything for a few weeks even after you've accepted an offer, you really start questioning your decision and are unable to get excited about anything because... there's no home to get excited about!  well, it's all very strange.  

so, our house is no longer our house though i find myself referring to it as such still and catching myself because there's other people and other people's things there now.  if i let myself really sit in those feelings, and the fact that i may never lay eyes on those rooms anymore, i'll get really sad.  just before we closed, i ran upstairs to both check on any forgotten item and to have a moment, and my eyes just filled up with tears.  meanwhile, the new owner is right behind me (i didn't realize that!) already moving things in and doing a final walk-through, and i had to immediately regain composure because... who wants to be sitting there crying in front of a perfect stranger?  anyway, it was a short moment, it had to be, because off we went to the closing while parker and william watched cars in the parking lot the entire time and our realtor had to leave to go pick lindsey up from camp because her arranged ride fell through and... you get it.  hectic.  not really a moment to feel, to eat, to sleep.  am i even making sense now?

when we began this move, everything was so organized.  all credit to steve, whose praises i can't sing loudly or longly enough.  he has more fortitude than anyone i've ever known.  by far (by faaaaar) the majority of this move fell on his shoulders and he did it with the most gracious attitude i've ever seen.  in, most often, 90 degree heat too.  i never could have done it.  i am really not sure how he did (well, with a lot of help from william who was never far and was always willing.  thank god for that boy.).  so far, we haven't even hired movers (moving is already so dang expensive!) but before all is said and done, we might.  our stuff remains in storage until we have our new house to move it into.  anyway, where was i?  oh yeah.  the beginning of moves.  there's such rhyme and reason, a place for everything.  and then, at the end, it's so crazy and willy-nilly that things just begin being thrown into boxes that make no sense and that you may very well never unearth again.  is that always the way?  it felt like such a fiasco at the end, literally until the minute we left the house for the last time.  no time for sentimentality!  just keep packing!

i'm glad to say the process selling our house went quite well and it's a really lovely couple we handed the keys over to.  we also left them some local beer and wine, a card, and a pretty plant... all in the hopes that if we're desperate, maybe they'll open the doors to us once again so we can see the changes they made, see our old rooms.  i've always loved the thought of having a good relationship with your new owners so you can go back in your old home, so that they feel free to ask you questions they might have about the house.  it's how it should be.  and, on the other side of things, there's some settlement/title issues to work out, none of which i really understand the importance of (or why it has to be so complicated!), but it's delaying us getting into our new home a bit.  things are really good between us and the seller though, so we're grateful.  and hopeful--that we'll be in there soon.

and hopeful too, that when all is said and done, we'll still have some summer left to just relax and enjoy some days at lake winnipesaukee.  can't tell you how much i want to lay eyes on that place.

as for us now?  i'm in new jersey with parker, and steve's on his way to minnesota with william, lindsey, and jordan--driving!  we're going to be together in a week and i miss my people already.  last night i sat down to dinner at my mom and dad's house--some incredible chicken dish and a big salad--and relished in a home cooked meal by someone other than me, and the order all around, followed by a full night's sleep... and, what i'm saying is, i'm going to enjoy my time this week.  before the second phase of chaos starts: moving IN.

oh, and amidst all this, we know what we're having!  could that be any more of a little addendum after all of this nonsense?  last week there was a crazy day (crazy is becoming a bit of a theme here, yes?) of uhaul and storage and company (steve's parents, who just left a few days ago!) while i'm checking the time like, "oh, steve!  ultrasound time!"  so... yes!  we know what sort of little person we'll be welcoming to the family in december but since this post is about anything other than having a baby, i really need to do justice with a post of its own.  poor baby (i promise, i do think about you all the time!).

and thanks to all of you for all the love and congratulations both here and on instagram!  we're feeling it over here!!

alright.  i better just sign out now.  no more of this saga.  the adventure continues!  hope you all are well and having fabulous summers full of fun and watermelon.


  1. CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR WHAT YOU'RE HAVING. In the mean time, I'll eat my watermelon. :)

  2. ahhh I kinda hope it's another girl! but either way I'm sure it'll be super cute :)

  3. Such an exciting & exhausting time!! Congrats on finding out the gender!! Soon all of this craziness will be over & onto new craziness!

  4. Ah! I guess I missed the post where you announced that you're pregnant! Congratulations!! :) So awesome! Such a big family! I love it!!

  5. What a cliffhanger ;) It's so nice to hear from you, I already started to miss you and I hope everything will work out good for you - still keeping you all in my thoughts. Local beer, wine and a plant, what a nice idea and gesture!
    The old owners of our house are the nicest people and were as thoughtful as you, leaving some things behind and a note with all the bits and bobs they learned living in the house (like: there is a bat in the attic, don't be scared) we really appreciated that.

  6. Thanks for leaving us hanging, ha!!! So happy for you guys and can't wait to hear more about that sweet baby! What a hectic/crazy time but gosh you always write about it with so much grace....sometimes I feel like I am reading a fav book and always can't wait to come back for more!! :)

  7. Moving is SO STRESSFUL!!! We just bought our first house and I thought that was stressful enough, I can't imagine selling and trying to get into a new house on top of that. I'm dreading when we try to do that in 10ish years. I really can't think about it yet.

    The best thing we did was hire movers. Seriously the best $$$ I could have spent. We didn't have a ton of people that could help and with a baby, I needed to get stuff unpacked and settled ASAP. Before the movers were even done unloading the van, I had the entire kitchen unpacked including the pantry (which is by far the worst room in the house) WHAT a lifesaver. So my advice (not that you asked) would be to hire movers. Although moving out of a storage unit might not be as hard.

    I'm excited to hear about Baby Hunt No. 6's gender!!! Baby fever is starting to get me so I eat pregnancy/baby posts up!

  8. I love this post! I wrote today about what a hard time I'm having with even considering selling our home and it's so nice to know I'm not absolutely off my rocker with the feelings I'm having about it. Wishing you so much luck moving in to your new place!


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  10. Love that you sneak in that you know the gender at the bottom! I can't imagine moving in the heat and pregnant! Moving is so hard and emotional (and expensive) all on its own!


  11. We are getting ready to move as well and I can't even imagine the packing part. Eek! Can't wait to hear what you're having! :)

  12. As someone who feels things deeply .... particularly moving ....

    I think "busy" and "no room for sentimentality" is actually a good thing. I lamented that when my parents moved out of our childhood home last year. I was so busy with the kids and I didn't get to do a last walk through (or any walk through) and all the "remembering" and crying and sighing.

    And you know what? They moved into a new place. It didn't feel like home at first and now it does. I've never really thought about that house again. Tears averted and I was actually okay, despite my thinking, "I haven't processed! I haven't wallowed!". Turns out I didn't need all of that after all.

    Sometimes my overly emotional self needs to be driven forward before I get stuck. Hope that resonates?

  13. Glad I found your blog! Love your posts!


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