notes along the way of pregnancy + life // 21 weeks

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

so, i'm about 21 weeks along now, which is crazy considering it felt like eons before i got here with parker.  but here we are, chugging forward, and just over halfway.  this sweet baby boy hasn't gotten quite the amount of attention his older brother parker did.  i haven't stopped to feel the kicks or rubbed my belly as much as i did with my first pregnancy, but i am making up for lost time now that we're more settled.  and the kicks are so good.  

it is weird, or has been for me anyway, this second pregnancy.  i haven't connected as quickly as i did the first time.  i know i will, once he's here, but it's a little bit, "how will this change life as i/we know it?"  and how will parker, who is still home with me all day, react?  i know it'll be good and sweet and awesome but it's a little daunting too.    

our house is looking more like a home but there's the learning curve that goes with a new house:  where are the light switches for this room?  which drawer should hold the silverware??  we're figuring it out, making adjustments as necessary.  plus, since we downsized, we really need to make every inch count.  and from here on out, i will give greater thought to what i bring in this house.  how badly do i need that new salad bowl?  how much do i love this sweater?  we had two bureaus and a pretty big armoire in our room that no longer fit at all.  double and triple-thinking purchases from here on out!  the purchase i will not double or triple-think however is the meyer lemon cookie thins from trader joes.  crack.  so, so, so good.  eat a handful (a sleeve, or two, what have you) with the best exotic marigold hotel soundtrack going in the background.  it's a lovely pairing, if i do say so myself.

like they all say, the terrible twos are nothing, and the threes are where it's at.  for parker anyway.  with that said, he's still a sweet one most of the time, but i'm definitely seeing some behavior that's new and... challenging.  it's also been a time of transition, so we've got a few variables thrown in here.  when confronted with his toddler-ness as of late, i found myself at a loss. how should i react?  i was really surprised at my sudden lack of confidence in being his parent.  up until this point, i felt really good, really solid about the decisions i was making for him, and then suddenly, i was second-guessing myself.  are time-outs good or bad?  should i give ultimatums?  rewards and punishments?  do i tell him when he's hurt my feelings or is that manipulative?  i'm still learning, and lord knows there's a million different parenting theories out there, but for now i'm reading this book (recommended to me by my friend sara, who's daughter is the cutie on the cover!) and really enjoying it.  parenting toddlers could become a whole blog series.  who's with me?!  hear hear!

i just bought the first gift for the new baby last week.  i don't foresee myself getting much more because, as we discussed, space... add to that, it costs money!  and because it's a boy!  hand-me-downs galore!  but i did get the little man this because it's beautiful and every baby should have at least one new thing.  

so there you have it.  notes along the way of pregnancy and life at 21 weeks.  as always, thanks for reading.

we're having a...

Monday, July 28, 2014

 i mean... what did you really expect??

(lindsey shall remain queen.  bless her.)


Thursday, July 24, 2014

even the site of the haul makes me a little anxious... this load was close to the end at our old house...
my seriously pinterest worthy fourth of july creation... it's what i do.
my favorite new pictures: my dad and parker in nj.  i'm so glad i brought my camera over.
and parker thought pool bands would be best around his legs.
birthday balloons for the big three-year old.
legos, legos, all the time legos.
william and his friend chillin' in parker's present while he naps.  
best $30 ever spent.  here at target.  we got him a few pool toys to go with and called it good.
he couldn't been happier.  big kids were in it all day too!
in lieu of birthday cake, we took a nighttime bike ride to parker's favorite popsicle place and got his favorite: strawberries and cream.  he was thrilled.

we're getting out of the fog of moving and it's good, really good.  we had the lowest key birthday for parker yesterday.  balloons in the morning, a pool before and after nap, burgers for dinner (his favorite), and a trip for a popsicle.  it was simple and he was so happy.  and i was oddly unemotional about it which was a seriously welcome break from my usual.  you know, making everything an emotional thing.  we also have internet as of yesterday afternoon... hooray!  and i'm actually making dinner in my kitchen and setting the table to usher in normalcy as quick as i can.  pesto pasta one night, burgers and caprese salad another.  it feels really good to sit around a table and eat together after all the upheaval recently.

now what?  hopefully we'll have some summertime relaxing.  we could use some of that.

hope you guys are having great summers wherever you are!

happy birthday parker!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

you bring us unspeakable joy and laughter and we're so glad you're in our family.
we love you, bud.

so, the lockers had to go.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

what a dumb post title but guys, it's almost midnight and i have been moving shit all day and it's the first thing that came to mind.  the lockers, my dear lockers (you remember?), well they just don't fit in this house.  in fact, very little does.  i tweeted this today so bear with me if you've already read it but... when downsizing, here is my best advice: throw it away.  all of it.  every last bit.

seriously though, we bit the bullet and hired movers.  steve did not have the fortitude to do it all himself and i don't blame him.  because four men (himself included) worked like dogs (very sweaty ones) from 8 till 4 with a 26-foot box truck plus a 14-foot one and then and only then managed to get it all into the house.  it also makes me appreciate how much steve (and william, really) did on the other end--packing it up and getting it out (for which we didn't hire movers).  i never took it all in at once, never saw the amount of it.  in a word: woah.  don't ask me if i can walk through my room (i can't).  don't ask me if it's all a terrible fire hazard (it is).  so, the movers came, and dammit, i am thrilled to be pregnant but it's all, "is this too heavy?!" and then you find yourself giving it a try and lifting things you shouldn't and having the mover tell you, "ma'am, you shouldn't be lifting that" and, well, pregnancy and moving don't mix.  basically, i'm worthless.  i still haven't stopped all day, but there are things you just can't do.

oh, and when the movers came, what's the first thing that came out of trucks?  even before the how do you do's?  a big 'ol open box of tampons.  there was no one to claim it but me.  we moved past it.

moving on.  i watched it all come into the house with wide eyes and asked steve, "is that the last of it?" too many times to have him tell me, "umm... 2/3 of the truck is still to go."  i promise we are not pack rats... furthest thing from it in fact.  we both relish throwing out but my gosh there's still a lot of stuff.  i should've just entitled this post "stuff."  we joked, more than once, that we were going to have a big bonfire, invite the neighbors, roast s'mores.  what are we burning?  oh, just our stuff.  all of it.

so what is the moral of this story?  don't buy things.

and the lockers aren't gone gone, they're just in the shed.

and finally, i promise not to talk about moving again this week.  hold me to it.

oh!  and pictured above... a plant from a kind neighbor to welcome us.  and yes, technically a plant is more stuff but handing it back would be a) rude and b) i have a brown thumb so this is actually temporary stuff.... (but oh i do love this fern!)

too many add-ons.  my apologies.

checking in! hi everyone!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

there's just so much i want to talk about but i can't shove it all into one post so... piecemeal, piecemeal.  we have to start somewhere.

so... hi guys!  i feel like i took an unintended two-ish week break but life was crazy, so it was to be expected.  doesn't stop the blog posts from bumping around my head wanting to be put on paper (in the blogger post screen, as it were) so i hope to be churning them out with some regularity for the rest of the summer.  summer!  it is summer.  we haven't really had, enjoyed, relished ours yet but august... august is our month, people.  august will not be spent unpacking but at the lake, the beach, eating ice cream, sitting on our deck, what have you.  (brief interruption: parker is currently at the stool--pictured above--where he spots his water gun.  i hear him whisper in this devious way, "whim."  then, he fills it up, and goes after william to shoot him.  chaos ensues.)

we went to ikea today.  that's kind of a no-brainer after moving in.  where else can you get like dish towels, toilet brushes, swedish meatballs, and a shelving system in one fell swoop?  speaking of, if you spent over $100 there, you got your meal for free today.  how awesome is that?  "fill up kids!  lindsey, open your purse and shove that plate of swedish meatballs in it!  i don't care if it's messy, dammit!  william, grab some rolls and lingonberry jam while you're over there!"  but really, we got some good necessities without going crazy.  i always wince a little at our ikea total but i'm happy to report, this one did not make me wince.  (i almost got this kitchen island, having had my eye on it online for awhile, but seeing it in person it didn't do it for me.  any tips on functional stainless steel non-permanent kitchen islands?  particularly ones you can sit at?  and that don't cost a fortune?)

let's carry on... moving feels really big.  it's just such a thing, you know.  it's emotionally and physically exhausting.  the first day i had these moments of utter joy interrupted by what are we doing?!  i think that must be how it is.  or, just me?  and the more time passes, the more content i am in this new place.  parker had been acting out and asking for our old house, crying when i would explain that we had a new home, but now that his things have made their way into this house, he seems to have picked up right where we left off.  it must be so confusing to a little kid.

speaking of that little kid, he turns three (!!) this wednesday.  i think we'll have a very small something, but perhaps a bigger party and housewarming combined later on this summer when we're a bit more settled.  i hardly have a thing for him, not that he really needs anything or cares one way or another, but i did get him this book which is completely awesome (thanks for the tip, sara!) and i got myself these shoes...... having absolutely nothing to do with his birthday.  (the sale price!  can't be beat especially when one needs new sneakers anyhow.  wanted them in green but blasted 8.5 is too popular a size...)

william and lindsey really like it here and lindsey is off at a pool with neighbors as we speak.  she has girls her age right across the street.  you likely have no idea what a big deal this is and how she's never had this ever.  our old neighborhood was boy-dominated and bless her, she took it so in stride.  i wouldn't have been so gracious.  i think she'll be much happier here.

well, it smells as though i have a dirty diaper to attend to and this little man is also asking to go for a walk so... signing off now.  but really glad to be here "chatting" with you all.  thanks for all the love you've shown me - with the pregnancy, moving, and everything in between.  you guys are awesome.

just beachy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

it's 10:30 pm and i'm about to go to bed but i wanted to check in here first and say hello!

today was another beach day in stone harbor and... like a rookie... i got burned.  like, what, is this my first time at the beach?  i barely applied sunscreen all day long and if you were short a pan and stove in your kitchen (unlikely but let's just pretend for the sake of my story) you could probably fry an egg on my kneecap right now.  yepppp.  my dad a moment ago: "are you limping?"  no, dad, that's just me being an idiot and, well, yes, sort of a limp too.

it was just one of those days where it was sooort of cloudy and we weren't committed to staying long but then the few hours turned into all day and... moral of the story: just slap on some sunscreen.

i did however apply it to parker so i'm not a total loser.

it's been fun here.  we've played hard, slept hard.  parker's slept the hardest.  that boy's needed it.  and i swear, he's turning into a three-year old overnight.  i think, when i have a real moment to sit, i'm going to have a big post entitled how do you discipline your toddler please tell me now.  yes.  i can feel that one simmering on the back burner.

but for now... it's bedtime.


Friday, July 11, 2014

we're officially out of our home.  it's the strangest thing.  there's so much emotion that goes into actually listing your house.  the should we or shouldn't we's?  and then when you actually get an offer, if you're anything like me, you really start wondering, "was this a good idea?!" because suddenly it's becoming real, and final... if you accept the offer and everything works out, anyway.  and then if, like us, you don't find anything for a few weeks even after you've accepted an offer, you really start questioning your decision and are unable to get excited about anything because... there's no home to get excited about!  well, it's all very strange.  

so, our house is no longer our house though i find myself referring to it as such still and catching myself because there's other people and other people's things there now.  if i let myself really sit in those feelings, and the fact that i may never lay eyes on those rooms anymore, i'll get really sad.  just before we closed, i ran upstairs to both check on any forgotten item and to have a moment, and my eyes just filled up with tears.  meanwhile, the new owner is right behind me (i didn't realize that!) already moving things in and doing a final walk-through, and i had to immediately regain composure because... who wants to be sitting there crying in front of a perfect stranger?  anyway, it was a short moment, it had to be, because off we went to the closing while parker and william watched cars in the parking lot the entire time and our realtor had to leave to go pick lindsey up from camp because her arranged ride fell through and... you get it.  hectic.  not really a moment to feel, to eat, to sleep.  am i even making sense now?

when we began this move, everything was so organized.  all credit to steve, whose praises i can't sing loudly or longly enough.  he has more fortitude than anyone i've ever known.  by far (by faaaaar) the majority of this move fell on his shoulders and he did it with the most gracious attitude i've ever seen.  in, most often, 90 degree heat too.  i never could have done it.  i am really not sure how he did (well, with a lot of help from william who was never far and was always willing.  thank god for that boy.).  so far, we haven't even hired movers (moving is already so dang expensive!) but before all is said and done, we might.  our stuff remains in storage until we have our new house to move it into.  anyway, where was i?  oh yeah.  the beginning of moves.  there's such rhyme and reason, a place for everything.  and then, at the end, it's so crazy and willy-nilly that things just begin being thrown into boxes that make no sense and that you may very well never unearth again.  is that always the way?  it felt like such a fiasco at the end, literally until the minute we left the house for the last time.  no time for sentimentality!  just keep packing!

i'm glad to say the process selling our house went quite well and it's a really lovely couple we handed the keys over to.  we also left them some local beer and wine, a card, and a pretty plant... all in the hopes that if we're desperate, maybe they'll open the doors to us once again so we can see the changes they made, see our old rooms.  i've always loved the thought of having a good relationship with your new owners so you can go back in your old home, so that they feel free to ask you questions they might have about the house.  it's how it should be.  and, on the other side of things, there's some settlement/title issues to work out, none of which i really understand the importance of (or why it has to be so complicated!), but it's delaying us getting into our new home a bit.  things are really good between us and the seller though, so we're grateful.  and hopeful--that we'll be in there soon.

and hopeful too, that when all is said and done, we'll still have some summer left to just relax and enjoy some days at lake winnipesaukee.  can't tell you how much i want to lay eyes on that place.

as for us now?  i'm in new jersey with parker, and steve's on his way to minnesota with william, lindsey, and jordan--driving!  we're going to be together in a week and i miss my people already.  last night i sat down to dinner at my mom and dad's house--some incredible chicken dish and a big salad--and relished in a home cooked meal by someone other than me, and the order all around, followed by a full night's sleep... and, what i'm saying is, i'm going to enjoy my time this week.  before the second phase of chaos starts: moving IN.

oh, and amidst all this, we know what we're having!  could that be any more of a little addendum after all of this nonsense?  last week there was a crazy day (crazy is becoming a bit of a theme here, yes?) of uhaul and storage and company (steve's parents, who just left a few days ago!) while i'm checking the time like, "oh, steve!  ultrasound time!"  so... yes!  we know what sort of little person we'll be welcoming to the family in december but since this post is about anything other than having a baby, i really need to do justice with a post of its own.  poor baby (i promise, i do think about you all the time!).

and thanks to all of you for all the love and congratulations both here and on instagram!  we're feeling it over here!!

alright.  i better just sign out now.  no more of this saga.  the adventure continues!  hope you all are well and having fabulous summers full of fun and watermelon.

some more news...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

hunt baby number six (!!) is coming early december.

a little crazy, a lot exciting... 
baby, we can't wait to meet you!

taking stock / 02

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Making: absolutely nothing besides messes; moves are very messy... 
Cooking: chicken fajitas the other night and--tooting my own horn--they were delicious.  I followed Steve's recipe so I guess he should get some credit.  Creole and lots of lime, chicken, peppers, onions...
Drinking: seltzer, and it's very refreshing
Reading: this book to Parker, it was a lucky library pick and we loved it; and this book for myself
Wanting: to have this move behind us.  It'll be so nice when it is.  
Looking: at empty rooms, empty closets, boxes...
Playing: I can't say I'm doing a whole lot of playing.  How boring!  What I would like to be playing is episode after episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians but that ain't happening either.
Eating: plums!  (see above!)
Wishing: for everything LemLem which I can't actually afford (especially this tunic)
Enjoying: this playlist
Loving: bedtime, it's such a welcome relief to crawl into bed each night.  I really love my sleep.
Hoping: that the next few weeks go smoothly!
Needing: nothing, actually.  That's a good answer, right?
Smelling: Gracie who's sitting underneath me; she smells extra "dog-like" today.
Feeling: happy and tired
Wearing: an Old Navy vintage tee; I baaaaasically wear one every day.
Following: or how about not following... the World Cup 
Noticing: how I've been texting too much lately.  There's just a lot going on!  Excuses, excuses.
Bookmarking: this recipe.


Monday, June 30, 2014

it's been busy around these parts lately.  that's to be expected.  summer being here and all, but add in a move and the craziness is ramped up a bit.  it's all good stuff, fun stuff, but i'm definitely seeing the parts of life that are neglected.  namely, this space, the grocery shopping, and, you know, the basic shower.  (just kidding, i've mostly got that under control.  make up + hair maintenance, on the other hand, not so much.)  in fact, as soon as i sign off here, the kitchen is begging to be cleaned and the groceries replenished.  we're out of milk and eggs, among many other things.  but you know things are desperate when the milk and eggs are gone.

my parents were just up.  only for a few days but, as is always the case, it was so nice to see them.  we took them out to dinner--a combination of things needing celebrating: an anniversary (44 years for them, right mom?) and mother's and father's day.  dinner was so nice.  the four of us rarely are together without lots of family around, so to get dressed up a bit and treat them to a delicious meal and some cold white wine was really nice.  

rooms are slowly being emptied here, and a few things moved over to the new house (we close in about a week and a half!) which is exciting and odd and a little sad too.  deciding, "what do i absolutely need for the next two weeks and what can be put in storage" is always a funny thing.  i think i've figured it out and, if not, there's always target.  steve's parents come tomorrow, and the day after they leave, we close and then i will go to new jersey while steve drives to minnesota (24 hours and he's doing it without stopping--except for the necessities, you know.  there are reasons, namely jordan who can't stop work until noon on one day and they're making a 5:00 wedding the following day).   and since parker would probably implode if he had to do that in 24 hours, he and i will be in new jersey for a bit.  is this all very crazy?  yes, we think so too.  if you think of it, do say a few good words for our honda and its 230k miles--that it gets there, i mean.  what's a few more miles when you're already at 230k?

nathaniel just left for hong kong, well, a few days ago and he's there now.  we're checking our emails and facebook trying to get a glimpse of him in hong kong but pictures aren't his top priority so, nothing yet.  nathaniel, if you're reading this, take some pictures of yourself!!!  and then, post them!  jordan is working constantly--he's always been a seriously motivated worker--and making good money.  he'll take some time with his cousins in minnesota this coming month though.  william is off with friends right now, and was at a sleepover last night, and lindsey just got back from a short camping trip with her friends.  parker, well he's sleeping right now.  all that to say hunts are here, there, and everywhere.  it's a wonder we keep track of anyone.

parker is strategically, any chance he gets, shutting off the wi-fi on my phone.  and so, a mere four days into a new month, i get texts from verizon: "you've used 75% of your data plan ending A WHOLE MONTH AWAY" which is fun.  parker, dear child, please stop doing that.  

we went to the beach last night with some drinks and small bites and it was nice and cool and the sun was going down.  we met my sister and her family there.  did you know the beach in the late evening is one of the best places to bring a kid?  they love it, they run around, they can't get lost, and they get nice and tired out in time for bed.  a win all around.  

so, i think i've covered all of it.  terribly interesting!  aren't you glad you checked my blog this morning?

hope you guys are having really good summers and that the weather is beautiful wherever you are.

now i'm going to clean the kitchen...


Thursday, June 26, 2014

steve and i have talked about potentially moving (a close-by town; no job changes, etc.!) since we have been married.  we have weighed the pros and cons and deliberated about the kids and schools  and finances and the real estate market and when the right time was... and we just never took the plunge for one reason or another.  until this last spring.  we finally decided to, and had a spring full of open houses and texts and emails with our realtor, and showings and cleaning our own house for those, and really talking to the kids to make sure they were on board, and checking for new houses on the web every fifteen seconds, and putting offers on houses to only have them fall through because more offers came in that weren't contingent, and then an offer on our own house, and then selling it and deciding on a closing date whether or not we had something to move into, and having a back up plan of a friends' home in case we didn't find anything.  and, if you've moved, you get it.  a lot of ups and downs, moments of laying awake in the middle of the night wondering if you're doing the right thing or if it's all a big mistake, and then the moment when it's too late to turn back, the offer has been made and accepted and then you really worry if you should be doing this.  

it was a stress-filled spring.

i mostly kept my head on straight, remembering that a house is just a house and all these people that have made it a home were coming with me to the next one.  but there were some moments where i walked around and thought, "i'm really going to miss these walls."  this is the house i began babysitting for the hunt kids, where the hunt kids became my kids.  where we were married by the justice of the peace a few days before our wedding, where we said goodbye to our first yellow lab.  where we have had wicked fights, and learned to be married, and learned to make up.  where i really learned to cook for the first time and where we celebrated christmas.  where i found out i was pregnant for the first time, and then that i wasn't a few days later, and then where i found out i was pregnant again, and where we brought parker home.  this one time i began packing up parker's room and i was listening to music at the same time.  van morrison's queen of the slipstream came on and i just lost it.  i haven't cried about the move since.  i know i will cry when i drive away from this house for the last time though.  we all will.

after a lot of searching (every sunday for weeks was spent going to open houses) we finally came upon one that seemed like a big secret that no one else had discovered yet.  it was beautiful, a lot smaller than our house (by almost half, but downsizing was a part of our goal.), and seemed nearly perfect all around.  steve and i went to lunch afterwards and weighed the pros and cons.  do we or don't we?  is it more than we want to spend?  can we?  is it a good investment?  mind you, we were coming upon our own closing date in a short four weeks and the market wasn't showing us a lot of new houses in our price range.  after sleeping on it, we decided to go ahead, make our offer, and hope everything worked out.  that was a few weeks ago.  so far, it looks like it is working out.  i'm afraid to jinx it until we hand over the keys to this house and walk away from it for the last time.  but, i'm whispering when i say this, we're really happy.  we're really tired, but we're really happy.

i'd be remiss to not mention steve and how incredibly motivated he is.  let's just say if you're moving, he is the guy you want on your team.  the man does not stop.  he works from morning to night taking breaks only when i force a plate of food and a glass of water in front of his face.  he is the hardest working person i know (and william, bless him, is right by his side most of the time) and i couldn't be more impressed.  he is the man.  now i just need some of his non-procrastinating ways to rub off on me...

please send us your good vibes, that all continues moving smoothly as we near our move out date.  i'm well aware that things can simply fall through and after all this working and hoping and praying, it'd be pretty sad for that to happen.  we're ready for our next adventure and to make another house a home.  


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