Out we go.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It feels like our house has grown exponentially now that the snow's gone and we have use of the backyard.  That's one of the things that sold me on this house.  While it's small, it's got a great yard.  It's really too bad we don't live in California where that yard can be used year round, ain't it?  Anyway, the yard.  I'm currently referring to it as "The Dust Bowl" because there's no grass in it (construction-aftermath) but in due time, Bridget, in due time.  (Actually, we're getting it hydro-seeded any day now.  And for weeks I'll turn into the wicked witch of the West when anyone steps foot on our tender baby grass.  It's going to be great.)  The Dust Bowl is typically scattered with toys.  An overturned tricycle over there, a volleyball here, a pool noodle (we don't even have a pool?) and some toy trucks in between.  Parker helps himself to the shed, and pulls things out one by one.  The attention span of a three-year old, you know.  Steve surveys the junkyard that our backyard can become at times and shakes his head.  Then, when he's sure every neighbor is judging us, it all gets put away.  We rope Parker into it, and, if he isn't being agreeable, occasionally threaten him with, "We're going to give away your toys if you can't clean them up!" 

We walked downtown with the boys last week--we do this a lot--and I made the mistake of holding Parker on my hip in the ice cream store so he could see into the glass, and behind the counter.  You could practically see his eyes grow big with the world beyond the freezer-height he was previously subject to.  "Wook at the candy!"  "I want sprinkles!"  (He points with his middle finger.  Steve tells him, "Your pointer finger is so much faster!  Look!"  Still, middle finger wins most of the time.  He offends people wherever he goes.)  How did he even know what sprinkles were?  I got him a small cone.  "Nilla!"  With rainbow sprinkles on it, his first time.  It was like I gave him a puppy when I handed it to him.  He had to be coached in the ways of a cone, since he's only ever had ice cream in a bowl.  A few sprinkles dropped off and got stuck in his flip flop and here he is, bending over, trying to dislodge the sprinkles, while the cone is completely sideways as he works.  "Parker!  Your cone!"  It's only May.  We'll get there.

Anders takes it all in, more interested in food than Parker ever was.  He'll grab at our drinks as we bring them to our mouths, he'll launch himself towards our plate.  Parker was completely content simply observing the eating and taking no part in it.  For a full year!  Even when I did start him on food, I'm pretty sure he was reluctant.  "Fine, Mom.  If I must.  Don't even think of closing the milk bar though."  

It's so nice to feel the sun.  To smell the lilacs.  I made a happy discovery last week: a lilac bush in full bloom in our backyard!  I can't say it's the prettiest plant when it's not in bloom, but the blooms and the smell are worth it.  I clipped a few and stuck them in a jar a couple of days ago.  I kept getting whiffs of it while I was cooking dinner.  Blooms from my own yard!

This summer is promising.

The weekend is here!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tonight we're having friends over for a BBQ - and I'm making these (our favorite).  I plan to eat a lot of watermelon too.  Tonight and all weekend long.  We've got a few more plans but overall a low-key weekend.  Relaxing outside in the sun, I hope.  When I was a kid, this weekend was always a huge Dads and kids camping trip that my Dad put together.  Such a good memory.  Happy Memorial Day!

Inside the world's smallest luxury home.  (I love it.  But maybe after some of our kids move out, eh, Steve?)

A reader clued me into the perfect strapless bra and based on the reviews, I think she's right.  Now if I could just figure out my ever-fluctuating bra size.

A new app that brings the kids + baby sales to you.  Forget scouring the internet for them.  What a good idea.  (The gal who came up with it used to work in consumer technology for Walt Disney Co.)

How to become gluten intolerant.

Poor little rich women.

Produce candles!  I love the packaging.  And the whole concept.

I'm not one to turn my nose up at art, but I think this is a joke right?  Read the description here.  I'm laughing out loud.  The prices!

Did any of you try this lipstick that I linked to a few weeks ago?  Does it actually work???  I'm so curious.

Have a great weekend!  See you next week!


anders, 5 months: since he's basically been throwing himself onto our dinner plates, i decided to let the little man try some avocado this week.  he got maybe one of those teeny cubes down his gullet.  baby steps!
parker, 3 years, what anders didn't eat in "guacamole", he did.  funny story: once when we were talking about plane trips he's taken, he said, "i flew to avocado!"  he meant colorado.

Bachelorette's back!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

{dress: asos}
{shoes: target (old)}

Did you guys watch the Bachelorette this week?

I did.  

After initial disgust at the fact that the girls were in the hot seat and needing to win the men over, I got into it.  And at first I went in wanting Britt to win.  It's totally vain, but I prefer her style to Kaitlyn's.  Like I said, vain.  Then, once Lady Antebellum (Shawn?) dude walked in and basically fell for Kaitlyn immediately, I wanted Kaitlyn to win just to see where this love story will take them.  So, he's who I'm voting for.  Or the guy that welded her a rose.  Second place.


watching anders watch parker.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the other night while cooking dinner, i was wearing anders facing out.  he didn't love baby wearing right from the start as much as parker did, but i kept trying and he now loves it.  especially facing out--i think he must be nosy and needs to keep an eye on things.  anyway, while cooking dinner, i was chatting with parker about something--what, i can't remember--and i hear anders do that sort of sharp inhalation that babies do when they laugh. and then his legs start kicking and kicking. i look down at him and he's watching parker so intently, his mouth in this enormous smile.  this is starting to happen more and more lately. i'll look at him to see that he's got his eyes on parker while parker is playing a game, talking to me, doing a dance, doing anything (three year olds do a lot of crazy things and never really stop moving or making noise from morning till evening).  more often than not, if parker is in his line of vision, he's watching him with a huge smile on his face too.  i mean this big gummy grin.  i tell parker, "he thinks you're the funniest person ever."  i'm pretty sure it's true.  i can't get enough of it.

father's day gift guide.

Monday, May 18, 2015

father's day is sunday, june 21 this year.  are you like me and you have no idea what to get the man in your life?!  my dad has always been happy with an l.l. bean gift card and/or camping gadgets of any kind.  most years, buying for steve stumps me.  i mean, i know what i want for him, but is that what he wants?  (though, isn't it all about what we want for them anyway?!  #selfish)

so maybe this gift guide will steer you in the right direction???

1. a great pan: does he like to cook?!  (if so, count your blessings!)  all-clad is the best there is, but is pricey.  so piece-meal.  next year?!  he gets the sauce pan! / 2. a cool travel book: steve loves flipping through books like this one / 3. a great jacket: filson's prices are not for the faint of heart, but steve swears the stuff lasts forever; he has a pair of their chaps that he uses for chainsawing that he got in the '90s and they're still going strong (he's such a man's man, that steve!) / 4. a classic shoe: i love these shoes on a guy / 5. pocket hose: is he a yard work guy? have you seen the commercials for these?  well, they are actually awesome; no more kinks, no more rolling up hoses!  the pocket hose for the win! / 6. classic board short: they're classic, they're a board short.  need i say more? / 7. the perfect sunglasses: i'm not sure there's a more complimentary sunglass than this one--for all faces! / 8. a very cool wallet: men love wallets, don't they? / 9. bbq accessories: grilling time is upon us!  how about some great grill accessories?

Have a splendid weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2015

What are you doing this weekend?  We're hanging around mostly getting stuff done, wahoo!  Steve has a bunch of things to do to wrap up his semester and the older boys are coming home for the summer so I'm going to begin dinner planning for an army.  And going on lots of walks with the boys in the meantime.  

I want to make these liege waffles.

I would freak out if this happened while I was in the subway station.  Full body chills freak out.

This is genius.  Pop your own kernels in the microwave.  Such a healthier substitute than (my favorite) bagged microwaved popcorn.

A pretty summer dress.

The annual letdown.  Is there such a thing as a good strapless bra?  (I'd like to say nay, but I've tried maybe two.  Instead of continuing the search, I just forgo any dress/top that requires one.  Help!  Seriously, help?)

I keep hearing about this book and I'm intrigued because of the cover alone (Cinque Terre!).  But, as they say, don't judge a book by its cover.  Is it any good?

The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.  Wow.  Number 1!  Number 10!  All of them!!!

This is funny.  The definition of hell for each Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

Still time for this.

"If you've ever started a group chat with me, just know that I have seriously thought about paying to have you murdered."  Language alert: Here’s Every Type of Annoying Person You’re Friends with on Facebook.

Designlovefest's instagram right now while abroad.  It's awesome.  (Especially those tulips pictures from the Netherlands.  I'll get there one day!)

Have a good one, folks!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

anders, 5 months: his hair is starting to come in and it's blonde and i love it.
parker, 3: playing hide-and-go-seek in our very small first floor; the game doesn't last that long.

let's talk about one-pieces.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

no. 1: deep v-neck one piece (perfect!  classic!)
no. 2: ruffle halter maillot
no. 3: vitamin a neutra one piece (definitely has sexy down!)
no. 4: dotty underwire one piece (so cute!  or this neon one!)
no. 5: color me bad halter one piece

one-pieces are really in these days, right?  i keep seeing them and thinking, "how cute!  how sexy!    how modest!  how cute and sexy and modest!"  i think they somehow end up being all three at one time? 

in their defense, they've really always been around but i'm somehow just noticing.  or just considering one for myself?  is that what happens when you hit 30?  when you eat too many bean burritos?  when you birth two babies?  i'm not burning my two-pieces just yet, but i do think i'll make room for a one-piece.

i just bought one for italy (i'd link to it, but it's already sold out online!) and i had to try it on at least three times to really consider, "is this me?  are we doing this, bridget?"  i face-timed my sister kate, did a 360 with anders on my hip.  if it sounds like it was a serious decision, it was.  

what say you?  you doin' it?  you always been doin' it?

too soon, legs. too soon.

Monday, May 11, 2015

{shirt: gap}
{shorts: zara (old)}
{rings 1 + 2: c/o melanie casey}

// the weather is beautiful, the snow is gone, now these legs need a tan.

// these rings have become permanent pieces i wear.  i love them so much.  simple and perfect.  (thank you melanie!)

// and before you go--rack room shoes: they have an everyday "buy one get one 50% off" promo on all styles and a ton of member perks like coupons, exclusive discounts, and rewards.  check it out!  so many brand names over there.

this post is sponsored by rack room shoes.  thank you for reading!

every mother counts.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

there's a lot of worthy places to give your money and time to.  a lot that deserve all of it, and then some.  animal shelters, homeless shelters, school systems, ecological causes... certainly there's a cause for every one of us to find something that we feel passionately about.  

this mother's day, i'm talking about every mother counts.  i had two complication-free births with all of the hospital's resources at my fingertips had i needed them, not to mention nine months of prenatal care before that.  there's many women, too many, who don't have this.  they don't have prenatal care, they don't have a clean environment to birth their babies in, and they don't have medical attention post birth were something to arise.  they love their babies just as i do, but aren't guaranteed they'll be there to raise them if they were to experience a life-threatening complication.  a complication that, if they had the proper medical attention, would be entirely preventable.  this is not okay.
while we all may find a cause we're passionate about, we don't always have the funds to match that passion.  that's where huggies comes in.  they're asking for one simple step (a selfie!  how easy is that!) to nominate your favorite cause.  it can be a local cause (the school library or your favorite playground that's in need of some love) all the way to something bigger (every mother counts or, my other favorite, kiva!).  for this mother's day, i donated to every mother counts.

and if i win the grant, that's going to them too.

so post your own!  and have a happy mother's day.

happy, happy weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2015

What are you doing this weekend?  It's going to be another nice one here (weather in the 80s!!!).  We're having friends over tonight, probably doing some yard work on Saturday, and then going to a Mother's Day brunch at a favorite restaurant on Sunday.  Parker is dying to pull out the blow-up pool.  We'll see, buddy.  I can't wait.  

I have been talking about going to this for a few years now.  Of course, it doesn't work this summer, but any of you lucky folk going???  Is it as fabulous as I imagine?

This photo series is adorable.  And I feel like an idiot but I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around how he did it.

What would you do with this money?  (Scroll down.)

My friend Aubry was wearing this in her recent Instagram and now I want it bad.  (Even though it wasn't the point of her Instagram at all.)

Pizza shirts.  Because, pizza.

I got these last week and haven't taken them off since.

This is very sweet.  "North?  Spell it.  Who's name is that?"

Summer is coming and this looks delicious.

I like this scarf.

Whole Foods launching lower-cost stores?

I sort of think Grace should gather all of these and publish them in a book.

P.S. Anders' romper here.