have a happy weekend!

Friday, January 23, 2015

another week of winter survived!  check!  the other day steve and i went for a long walk and i was proclaiming, "it's already the end of january and i'm not totally depressed!"  we were both about to celebrate when i realized... not so fast.  there is ample time to get blue-sy, sweet bridget.  in fact, that often hits around mid february so, hang on tight!

and on a related note - you guys were awesome with the tips on winter activities for kids.  parker has been having "car washes" in the sink, using his caterpillar toys in dried beans and pasta, and making "potions" with a syringe and different cups with food coloring.  so, thank you!

how about a few things from around the web?

so, this sweater is really great, but is this store sketchy?  i've never ordered from them.  anyone know?

i'm sort of obsessed with the ready-to-craft peg board in this apartment tour.  and the whole apartment.  

am i the last person to have discovered lindsay letters?  i love this print.  and all of them.

this post on the things wrong with the goodnight moon bedroom made me laugh.  

this book is the next to add to our many books.  i flipped through it recently at a local store and it looked really good.

boston folks, my friend brought me some of these doughnuts the other day and they were very good.  move over union square, you're not the only game in town!  the chocolate cake one and probably the salted toffee were my favorites.  don't make me commit though.

kierra sent me one of these customized swaddles for anders and it's quickly become one of my favorite baby gifts.  there's a bit of a wait right now, but you can email her for yours!

since it's winter in massachusetts, i do what i always do: browse warm vacation spots.  though said vacations will never come to fruition, i carry on nevertheless.  this is a constant favorite.  are you going someplace warm?  don't tell me.

and that's all, folks.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

anders, 6 weeks: sometimes in the middle of the night, he's a little restless and if i put my arm around him and bring him even closer, he settles down and goes back to sleep.  kills me.
parker, 3: he spent the better part of the last three hours trying on all different costumes: duck, leopard, firefighter, knight. he takes it really seriously, saving lives, fighting battles, having baby ducks, you know.  (side note: he's just taking about a 12-second "rest" here, not actually sleeping.)
lindsey, 12: she got a kindle for christmas from nathaniel (isn't that such a nice present?) and has been reading lord of the rings on it.  also, isn't there something so teen-like about her here?  i can't believe it.
william, 14: he was semi-quarantined to the basement with the flu, so while he watched sunday's pats game on DVR, i delivered two bowls of homemade chicken noodle soup to him.  and then washed my hands, just to be safe.  (so far, so good!)

getting back to it.

monday was like... 40 degrees?  45?  which to us is balmy right now (that's just sad), so upon seeing the forecast i knew we had to get outside that day.  parker has been housebound for the better part of the past six weeks and it's hard.  it's hard on him, it's hard on me.  but getting all of us out the door in twenty five degrees just for the sake of it sometimes feels a little bit like punishment and martyrdom mixed together.  is it really that necessary?  surely it can wait until march... so, 40 degrees?  okay, let's get 'er done.

we've done it a few times this week, and by ourselves too (except sunday, when steve was home!).  i'll admit, it's nice to sort of check that box: "okay.  i can do it.  i can be outnumbered and still get us to town and back in one piece and with clean diapers and hands and hopefully little to no tears."  i want some normalcy for parker.  getting him back to the cafe where he sits across from me and picks out a yogurt while i have a latte, walking up the street to the library where we fill our book bag, and at least passing the playground we're used to even though it's way too cold to actually play on it right now.  he's been disciplined more than usual.  how do you convey any sense of urgency to a three-year old?  when you really need them to come to you right then and there to get dressed because you've just put the baby down to be hands free and said baby is now crying so sadly SO COME HERE NOW SO I CAN GET YOU DRESSED.  
it's a learning curve, for both of us.  before i go to bed, i always go to check on parker, put my hand on his forehead, kiss his cheek.  i can't believe how big he is, i can't believe the baby is all gone.  i tell him that he'll always be my baby.  "but no!  i'm a big bo!" he responds.  i tell him every chance i get that i love him so much my heart could burst.  he is doing so well, doing so much, having so much expected of him.  he is still so small!  but he's also so big!  he seems so different to me, just in the past few months.  such a little person, with opinions and words and feelings.  and anders?  i was just face timing with my mom and telling her how i don't get to spend an hour (or two, or three) every morning in bed just staring at him and taking him in quite the way i did with parker.  it's more, "okay baby is sleeping... quick, switch the laundry!  let the dog out!  get parker breakfast!"  my mom is always trying to help ease my mom-guilt, told me anders is just fine, that i'm doing the best i can.  which he is, which i am.  but i need it too.  it's not just for him, i need that time with him!  maybe more than he needs it from me.  
so, we're taking it day by day, feeling the weight of it, and the utter joy of it, all at once.  figuring out how to make it all work, happy kids, happy home, happy husband and wife.  i think the key here is to lower your expectations, but i'm not always good at that.  i like to check things off my list, which is so not conducive to having a newborn.  and at the very same time, i told steve last night while watching the bachelor with anders all folded up so contently and sweetly on me that i'd just like to sit, just like this, for the next six months or so.  "you can handle things, right?"  oh, wouldn't that be nice!  but life moves on, and and so we follow it one foot in front of the other.  sometimes i look around and, like a soundtrack of my life (seriously, this happens a lot lately), i start playing 10,000 maniacs "these are days" in my head.  because it's true!  these are the days--i'm not sure why natalie merchant left out the the in that sentence.  but anyway, it's so true it could make me cry.  who am i kidding, it's so true it does make me cry.  god, this life is good.

would it be so entirely cheesy of me to close this rambling post with the song and lyrics?  yes, yes it would!  but i'm doing it!  it's just too poignant right now!

These are the days. 
These are days you'll remember. 
Never before and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm as this. 
And as you feel it, you'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky. 
It's true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you. 
These are days you'll remember. 
 When May is rushing over you with desire to be part of the miracles you see in Every hour. 
 You'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky. 
 It's true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you. 
 These are days. 
 These are the days you might fill with laughter until you break. 
 These days you might feel a shaft of light make its way across your face. 
 And when you do you'll know how it was meant to be. 
 See the signs and know their meaning. 
 It's true, you'll know how it was meant to be. 
 Hear the signs and know they're speaking to you, to you.

let's talk about water.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

water.  blah blah blah our bodies are mostly water, we need 8 cups of day, no scratch that, it's more like your body weight divided by some number i can't remember, drink it with lemon, drink it hot, drink it cold, drink it room temperature, bpa-free only, no bpa-free is bad, glass only, don't drink it bottled, blah blah blah. 

there's a lot of things written about water.

i'm about to write one more!

at our house, we drink our water from a brita filter (originating from, of course, our kitchen tap).  nothing earth-shattering and certainly can be improved upon.  i had searched high and low for a glass brita option but no such luck.  which, i think, is pretty stupid.  surely there is a market for a glass filter with the ease of a brita?  poor consumer research, people!  

but, to be honest, i don't love it.  i don't love that it's plastic, i don't love that i'm not exactly sure when to change the filter, i don't love that i'm not really sure that the filter is even doing a whole lot, i don't love that our town puts a few things into the water that i'd really like the option to take if i so choose, and i don't love those tiny charcoal balls that end up at the bottom of my glass.  i'd love a system for the whole home (which i think comes in around a whopping $1000-plus).  so, that's not happening any time soon.  i've heard great things about this company but really don't have the place for a big free-standing water apparatus in my kitchen.  though, thumbs up to the stainless steel option which is second only to glass in my opinion.

so what to do?  i guess i'm still not sure.  i do think it's really important.  it's water, we drink it constantly, and we like to think that it's good for us one hundred percent of the time.  is it? 

what do you do at your house?

(side note: this is not meant to be any sort of fear-mongering post because honestly i hate those and often eye roll them because--for the love!!--we are all doing the best we can and now i've got you convinced you're drinking poison?!  i hope not.  any water is better than no water.  cheers!)

to read more about the filter/purifier that, i'm pretty sure, is at the top of its game and to see how it compares against other filters (!!) check this out.

also: not sponsored!

a sale at anthro, hip hip hooray.

Friday, January 16, 2015

if you're hitting up anthropologie's extra 40% off sale items, 
then get this because it is so, so, so, pretty.
and maybe this for valentine's day.

i'm not because i'm buying... wait for it...
diapers instead.

don't forget code EXTRAEXTRA at checkout.
tell me what you get and i'll live vicariously through you 
which is much, much, much less fun than actually owning the item myself.

classic peanut butter cookie (without sugar!).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

i was on the phone with my sister kate just before christmas (well, and nearly every day since... we talk a lot.) and she was doing a bunch of christmas cookie baking.  one of them, she said, was the classic peanut butter cookie.  but, get this, without sugar (or flour -- but that's her recipe.  it's a little different below.).  but then she followed with, "but they're so good.  seriously.  mike asked me to make them again."  mike is her husband and perhaps less likely to eat something "just because it's good for you" than kate who is a tried and true carmody woman.  you see, the carmody women are known for that--particularly the matriarch.  she'll down any healthy concoction known to man because and only because it is good for you.  she might even act like she likes it.  yes, i'm talking about you marianne.  but when i heard that mike really wanted her to make them again, i was more interested.

"fine, kate.  give me the recipe."

cause you know those seriously healthy flax, gluten-free, chia-filled, sugar-free, taste-free, gross, dry, crumbly cookies masquerading as a normal cookie?  you know the ones!  well these are basically healthy but actually good.  ACTUALLY GOOD.  they're not masquerading as anything but a good cookie.  give them a try and you can call me a liar if you disagree.

also, there's no two bowls nonsense for this.  put all your ingredients into one bowl (wahoo!) and done.  they take under ten minutes to prep.

classic peanut butter cookie

2 cups organic peanut butter (i'm saying specifically organic because it's texture is pretty different than regular peanut butter--it's much runnier and "oilier")
1/2 c - 1 cup of flour (the recipe doesn't actually call for flour (!!) but there was no way mine was sticking enough to make a cookie form without some flour; i used this fabulous flour for ours)
1 1/2 cup raw honey
2 eggs
1 cup (more or less) chocolate chips, optional (please.  not optional.)
2 t baking soda
1/2 t sea salt

preheat oven to 350 degrees.  spray baking sheets with coconut oil.  mix all your ingredients and semi-shape dough into balls and place 2 inches apart on baking sheet.  bake for 10-12 minutes.  remove to cooling rack and then enjoy!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

anders, age 5 weeks: we pretty much all live to make him smile these days which, bless him, he does quite often.  it's the biggest, sweetest open mouth grin and his eyes scrunch up, and we fall even more in love with him.
parker, age 3: you'll find him hunched over his basket of knights every single day at some point (or many points) without fail.
lindsey, age 12: she always says she's cold.  i promise we do heat our house.
william, age 14: comes home from track and makes himself two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as an appetizer before dinner.  he's eating a lot these days.

4moms mamaRoo giveaway! :: CLOSED

Monday, January 12, 2015

4moms is one of my favorite baby-gear companies because they make really cool products, their aesthetic is great, and they're super cool and generous people.  (Remember the Breeze giveaway we did forever ago?)  They swooped in again, this time for Anders, and gave us their new mamaRoo seat to try out.  Well, I can't say I actually put Anders down that often (what can I say?  Their littleness is fleeting!  I like my babies right with me!) but when all hands are busy, which of course happens, he nestles into the mamaRoo quite nicely.  It's nice to have a place on my first floor clear of dog hair or army men where he can sleep or hang out.  

Some cool things about it:
// It has several different motions--car ride, wave, tree swing.  And different speeds too.
// It has an app.  Say what?  Yes, an app so you have the ability to control it from your phone.
// It can hook up to your phone to play music (but has its own built-in sounds too).
// It's not an eye sore like some baby swings can be.

I'm sure I'm missing some things, but check out the website and then enter below to win one!
(open to U.S. + Canada only!)

This post is sponsored by 4moms.  Thank you for reading!

taking stock / 06

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Making: Thank you cards.  Does that count?
Drinking: red wine at night!  After 9 months without, it's nice to have a little glass in the evenings.
Reading: nothing besides children's books and a few blogs.  A book?  Not at the moment.  
Wanting: to feel really, really content with the idea that my family is complete.  I think I'm the type of person who will forever crave pregnancy, birth, and the newborn phase, so I'd like to be in a place where I am okay knowing Anders is my last.
Watching: The Killing.  I had what maaaay have been a brief bout of mastitis last week (or a little bug?  Not sure.) and I watched the whole first season in one day.  Thank goodness for Steve being on break so I could just stay in bed with Anders and have him take care of things downstairs.
Listening: Roo Panes lately.  Really good.
Eating: anything I can get my hands on.  Eggs almost every morning, almond cake, burgers, apples.  Last week at like 10 pm I was so hungry I almost cried.  Steve brought me a McD's burger and I ate it like it was manna from heaven.  Nursing hunger is unlike any hunger for me.
Smelling: newborn heads, necks, breath.  Repeat.
Wishing: My house would vacuum itself.
Enjoying: Watching Parker be so gentle and kind with Anders.  Not that I didn't think he was capable of it, but it surprises me nevertheless.  Lindsey's helpfulness.  She's been such a nice helper since Anders was born.
Loving: the above picture.  Matching my boys?!  Oh man.  Will I be one of those Moms?  Maybe.  I'm not denying that it's possible.
Hoping: the weather warms up a bit and I can get outside of the house with these boys.  It's -4 this morning, people.
Needing: this sweater for Anders.  It is so cute.
Feeling: emotional, happy, sad, content, so grateful... the first few weeks after baby are such a wonderfully teary time for me.  I keep whispering in Anders' ear that I wanted him so badly and that I'm so glad he's here.  And then my eyes fill with tears.
Wearing: a soft white robe that's perfect for holding a baby all day.
Bookmarking: this pot.  I've heard some good reviews.  Anyone have one?

it's winter and the forecast looks bleak so please help us!

Monday, January 5, 2015


pretty pathetic post title, huh?  but look!  i'll give you a recommendation too.  maybe even more than one.  we need to help each other, people!  it takes a village!

basically, winter is here and the weather is bleak... like, highs in the 20s coming up (that puts lows in the teens or even... single digits!!!).  add a baby to the mix and we'll find ourselves housebound a lot in the coming weeks.  i'm grateful for any activity i can find for parker that isn't putting him in front of the tv which, admittedly, i do sometimes but basically am never ever happy about.

we found this coloring book recently (pictured above) and went through it together in two days (not because it took that long, but because we took a break).  it was really fun.  you fill in 'holes' on one page, flip the page, and it becomes something different.  a tree into a circus tent, making polka dots on one page which becomes a decorated dress on the next.  parker was always really excited to flip to the next page to find out what our filled in holes were creating.  it required a little bit of my assistance--to read and to help create additional pictures on each page (like a bow on the girl, or flags on the tent) but for a slightly older child it could be a solo activity.  i wish it had been a bit longer as we could've done it in about one sitting (maybe 45 minutes?) but it was fun nevertheless.

what else?  i've been asking around about legitimately good apps on the iPad that don't make you feel like a total loser parent letting your kids play and so far (based on today only!), we are enjoying leo's pad and monkey preschool lunch box.  we already think highly of the endless apps -- abc, numbers, reader.  any other recommendations here???  tried and true?

and finally, other indoor activities in general that you've found to be real winners.  word of mouth is golden--i'd rather hear it from you than by doing some random search on pinterest.  that's a rabbit hole i'm just not up for!  


anders, age 4 weeks: caught him smiling at his brother parker the policeman
parker, age 3 years and 5 months: old and takes catching bad guys seriously.  it takes a police hat, walkie talkie, and hand cuffs to get the job done

i've always loved the weekly series of kid photos that some bloggers have done, but have never jumped on board myself.  committing to things is not my strong suit.  undoubtedly i'll miss a week or ten but it'll help me sleep at night knowing i'm documenting them at least most of the time since they're so rapidly changing.  i'll attempt to get william and lindsey in this as much as i can too, as long as they let me anyway.  they were at school when i got these so i'll try to get them at week 2 unless they think it's totally stupid.  

happy monday, friends!

p.s. lend me a hand over here suggesting your favorite apps for kids (if you have any, that is!).

christmas 2014.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

this christmas is a bit of a blur.  we did just celebrate last week, right?  i had been prepping for it for weeks, trying to have everything purchased and wrapped before anders' arrival.  i almost succeeded.  close enough, anyway.  a few days before christmas steve and i celebrated our 8th anniversary.  we basically forgot about it entirely (and would have definitely forgotten about it totally the year before if it hadn't been for a 'happy anniversary' text from my friend ahnika) until i suggested we go out to lunch and then it sort of came to mind, "it can be for our anniversary tomorrow!" and he was like, "wait!  that's today!" and i was like, "nope.  tomorrow."  back and forth we went until we settled on the 22nd.   (he was right.)  it's really a romantic story, isn't it?

our anniversary is indeed the 22nd of december and it was our eighth and we did go to lunch with two small children so romance is totally our thing.  swooooon!  (i hate that word.)

happy anniversary steve!

(we're going to celebrate our half-anniversary next year.  december 22nd shouldn't be anyone's anniversary.)

romance or no romance, our marriage is a good one and i love that man with all of me.  i think we get better at it every year.  don't you think so, steve?  and i've always said whether or not he was my husband, i'd absolutely want him in my life in some capacity.  so i think that means something.  or it should, anyway.  he's one of my favorite people in the entire world.  you hear that, steve?  so go clean the kitchen now, or something.

christmas!  this christmas my best gift hands-down was mr. anders emmett hunt under the tree.  that squishy baby is so darn scrumptious to me right now and i can barely take my hands off him.  thank you santa!  a distant second would probably be a beautiful all-clad tea kettle.  hot tea and out of a shiny new tea kettle?!  thank you again, santa!  parker's favorite present was probably his caterpillar bulldozer, lindsey's was probably her fake leather jacket (she looks pretty cool in it, i will admit), william's was maybe his yogibo, and i cannot presume to know what nathaniel and jordan's was... new jeans?  a hoodie?  

parker was so content to go through the opening of presents soooo slowly.  he'd have been happy letting the process drag on for four hours.  open a present?  now let's play with that present for the next half hour.  it was really quite sweet.  three year olds are about the most excited and innocent little beings on christmas morning.  

we relaxed the whole day and then went for a 2 mile walk around town because it was like 50 degrees!  here's proof.  we actually roped every hunt progeny into coming along so photographic evidence was necessary.  and that's my shadow over there (wearing anders; we really were all present!)
back home we went for more food, more lounging, more food, more lounging, and more playing with our new toys.  it wasn't a white christmas but it was a good one, and i hope yours were wonderful too.  

and now... happy new year!


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