Thursday, March 5, 2015

anders, nearly 3 months old: that face!  i want to jump into it and smooch his lips in the worst way.
parker, 3.5 years: he got this game all set up and organized and waited patiently for me to change a dirty diaper till i could play.  it was so sweet.
william, 14 years: i told him as i took this, "i think you're either in your pajamas or eating every time i take your picture."  this picture covers both.  we laughed.  it's pretty accurate.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

so... this is genius.  when forming a registry, especially these days with places like etsy, a meal or diaper service, a small boutique, amazon and the like, it can be challenging to have one registry cover it all.

enter babylist.

it's a really awesome, really simple format.  besides the desktop version, there's an app (!!) too.  where were they when i needed them a few years back?!  you can add home cooked meals or even babysitting.  you can basically add anything from any site.  what an idea.  

you've already created a registry elsewhere?  no worries.  babylist will transfer it over to their interface for you!  they'll give you a single link to share with friends and family.  and... they're the only baby registry that offers a registry completion discount at more than one store!  they'll do almost everything but... actually have the baby.  

this post is in partnership with babylist.  thanks for reading!

taking stock / 07

Monday, March 2, 2015

Making: white chili, quesadillas, and bolognese sauce... not all at once.  But I think those are on the docket for this week's dinner.
Drinking: that lime concoction still--in the mornings!  Verdict to come.  Wondering whether I'll never want another margarita after this.
Reading: actually, wanting a good book recommendation... can you give me one please?!
Wanting: to go for a walk without bundling up, to let Anders feel the sun on his face and a warm breeze!  
Watching: Friends with Benefits (over the weekend), always a fun one.  Oh!  And Rick Steve's Europe shows.  We make William and Lindsey watch them with us too.
Listening: to Anders' coos.  He has the most beautiful, sweet voice!
Eating: steel cut oatmeal for breakfast; turkey and cheese paninis for lunch
Smelling: this this lotion that I grabbed off my bathroom shelf to finish up
Wishing: my collage wall would just hang itself; we're mostly moved in but things on walls... not so much.
Enjoying: my home when it's clean; a clean home brings me serious satisfaction
Loving: sleeping next to Anders; he's such a cuddler.
Hoping: the snow melts soon (I'm sorry, I can't help but be a bit of a winter-hater at this point!)
Needing: to shave my legs; and some new coffee mugs.
Feeling: so excited to go to NJ this summer and hang out on the beach with my family
Wearing: this emoi emoi sweatshirt and black skinny jeans at least once a week!
Bookmarking: this recipe; my friend Gail (a serious foodie) claims it was AWESOME.  

have a good weekend!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Chicken in milk?  I'm intrigued.

These plush wool felt letters.

I heard these can cut your drying time in half.  Anyone use them?  I like the idea of putting a few drops of essential oils on them before tossing them in your dryer, too.

I'm adding this routine to my morning as of yesterday (because my health-guru sister and brother-in-law said so): 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, shot glass of pure lime juice, mixed with water.  Drink first thing before coffee.  Like a margarita but... not.  Salt is said to jumpstart your adrenal glands (think energy!  less fatigue!) and lime juice is said to balance your pH levels.  

These are adorable (and on sale).

My friend Caroline brought these brownies here last week and--well, first let me preface this by saying I'm a die-hard Ghiradelli's gal and I do not stray.  Why bake from scratch when they have more than perfected the brownie?--these were sooooo good.  My favorite part?  They're not overly sweet and they're really fudgy.  Move over, Ghiradelli.

"Does direct teaching also make children less likely to draw new conclusions—or, put another way, does it make them less creative?"  Should preschool be more play than school?

The cutest kids' clothing I've seen in awhile.

"Our nightmare is your dream!"  Boston man selling snow and apparently making bank?  Why didn't I think of this?

This dress IS SO PRETTY.

My favorite Oscars outfits were Margot Robbie and Emma Stone.  Yours?

Have a fabulous weekend friends!  Forecast looks sunny here, yahoo!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

anders, 2 months (almost 3): i let other people hold him... sometimes.  (anders' hat)
parker, 3 years: he used the rest of my washi tape roll to tape "goals" on the floor for playing soccer in the house.
lindsey, 12 years: she's reading lord of the rings right now and fending off meanness from her older brother (the lone girl, it's not an easy road).


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We took Parker bowling for the first time the other day.  He was sold on the idea as soon as he heard the words, "new shoes!"  He is a shoe-guy through and through.  We went to the new (well, built in the last few years) Kings Bowling.  Woah.  This is not your average bowling alley.  It's way nicer and cleaner and it has a full menu! and waiters take your order! and bring you your food! while you bowl!  Yes!  There's so much enthusiasm here!  It was really fun.  Steve played two games with Parker, complete with bumpers, and Anders and I cheered 'em on.  As they were wrapping up their second game, I ordered burgers for all of us and we shared a vanilla milkshake.  It was a really nice way to break up these monotonous days (weeks!  months!) of winter.  I think we'll be back.

The next phase.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It started a few weeks ago when I got the late fee for Parker's soccer registration in the spring.  I wondered well, what else am I late for?  And also who are the organized folks who are thinking this far ahead?  Surely not I.  So I began investigating a little bit.  School in the fall.  What's that about?

Sure enough, the deadline for that was also looming.

Since then, I've tossed the idea of preschool around with virtually anyone who will listen, with Moms who've gone before me, with women whose opinions I value.  Turns out some two year olds, a lot of three year olds, and most four year olds are in preschool.  I've had my head happily in the clouds on this subject, and it was quickly brought back to earth with this realization.  Where've I been?  I've always thought well, one day maybe I'll homeschool; one day maybe he'll go to school; one day maybe I'll start thinking about thinking about it.  It was always very much in the future.

So here I am, feeling like I just graduated high school, but yet a (sort of) Mom to six, thinking about putting one that I actually gave birth to in school, and also thinking that I really need to take my skincare regimen more seriously because... fine lines.  Yes, the older folks reading this are shaking their heads at me, but this is my story and I'm thirty and when exactly did that happen?  Little by little, year by year, that's when.  Where were we?  Preschool.

As it turns out, we're looking into one for Parker next year.  For a few days, the whole idea made me very knot-in-the-throat emotional.  He'd give me a sweet look, a cuddle, an unprompted I love you, Mom and I'd think see!  This is what I'll miss if he's in school!  ThenI put my selfishness aside (like a big girl!) and asked myself what does he need?  What's the best thing for him?  It was a struggle.  And asking yourself these questions on what feels like the hundred and eighty-seventh day of this dreadful winter (and a winter when we introduced a newborn) complicates things.  This, right now, is not our all-the-time life, I have to remind myself.  This is not our year round normal.  This seven-feet of snow, icy sidewalks, lack of playdates because of the treacherous conditions on the roads or because of another two feet of snowfall, libraries being closed (libraries can close for the weather!  Those librarians do not sleep behind their desks, as it turns out.), nursing a newborn around the clock, boredom.  So, I circled around the idea for a few days, poking and prodding it hoping it would spit out a solution.  I'd call Steve on his way to work with a new revelation that just needed to be hashed out right then and there.  No doubt he loves when Bridget has a lot on her mind.

After some looking, some talking, some thinking, some praying, I think we came up with a happy medium.  A place that we can wade into slowly and that he'll love too.  Well, I sure hope the latter is true.  We've got awhile till we get there.

But first, spring!

(Your experiences good, bad, or otherwise?  Or just a "you can do it!" vote of confidence.  We'll take that too.)

Penne Pasta with Peppers + Bacon (with Jovial Foods Pasta).

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I chose this meal as my birthday dinner once.  I have a picture of all my friends sitting around our dining room table leaning in for the picture to be taken, the table set just so by my Mom.  I have a short haircut and I'm pretty sure my teeth are post-braces if I'm not mistaken.  I think I was a sophomore or junior in high school.  It's always been a favorite meal of mine, and a favorite birthday celebration of mine too.  My Mom put no limits on how many could come for dinner, so our long dining room table was surrounded by my friends, many of whom I'm still friends with to this day.  I don't remember what dessert was afterwards, and I know they didn't sleepover, but we definitely feasted and it was this meal that we feasted on.
Since becoming a grown-up and having my own kitchen, I've made it a few times.  It's one of those meals that has a little bit of every single thing you'd want in one meal.  You've got the salty bites of bacon, the sweet nearly caramelized onions, colorful peppers with a bit of crunch left, the tangy bites of Locatelli cheese (my absolute favorite cheese to use in a recipe calls for something in the parmesan family; or in any Italian dish that needs cheese, really.), and the clean taste of parsley which also makes the dish so pretty, I think.  It's all held together with some butter and olive oil and, if you're me, a little bit of the bacon fat too.
It keeps well and I think might be better the next day.  I made it this time with Jovial Foods pasta (you remember me going on about the state of our pasta here here?  That's when I first discovered Jovial Foods and I've been enjoying their products ever since.).  I make less and less pasta these days, subbing in things like chicken sausage and sautéed vegetables or lentil soup packed with browned beef.  I just don't feel great after it and because I'm pretty sure the grocery store varieties aren't awesome for us.  Don't be mistaken--we still eat pasta--but while I used to make it once a week, it's closer to once or twice a month these days.  
When I have Jovial's pasta in the pantry, though, I'm way more eager to get in the kitchen and make a pasta dish.  Their pasta is just better.  It's made from "einkorn wheat" which basically refers to the wild species of wheat (also known as the original, oldest species of wheat before we hybridized it thus removing much of what was good about it).   People with gluten sensitivity can consume einkorn (note: it's still not safe for those with celiac disease.).  It contains 40% more protein and less starch than modern wheat. It has a ton of B vitamins and trace minerals with higher antioxidants.  And also very important... it's delicious.  

Penne Pasta with Peppers and Bacon
serves about 4 (I double it)

2-3 sweet bell peppers (combo of red, orange, yellow)
1/3 cup onion chopped fine
3 T olive oil
4 T butter
6 oz. bacon (I sometimes do more)
1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan (or Locatelli, if you're me!)
3 T fresh parsley, chopped

Chop peppers and onions.  Put onion, oil, and butter into skillet and sauté on medium-low.  When the onion becomes translucent (I do it a little longer so it's more caramelized), add peppers and cook about 6-8 minutes so they're soft but still have some crunch.  Add some salt and pepper.  Cook bacon separately and remove from pan.  You can reserve some of the bacon fat to add it to the pasta (or sometimes, I'll cook the peppers in the bacon fat).  Remove both bacon and your vegetables from heat and set aside.  Crumble or chop your bacon into small pieces.  Cook your pasta according to the directions.  Toss at once with the veggies/butter/oil mixture and with your chopped/crumbled bacon (and some bacon fat if you've reserved it).  Add your grated cheese, fresh parsley, and toss again.  If it seems too dry, add a bit more olive oil or butter.  And if you do put it away for another day, it may need a bit more "liquid" the next day as the pasta will have absorbed it.  Bon appetit! 

P.S. Check out their site to enter to win a trip to Italy--including cooking classes at a Tuscan villa!  And also, use code TALESOFMEANDHUSBAND for 10% + free shipping off anything but the grain mill.  They also sell flour, olive oil, jarred tomatoes, gluten-free cookies, and more.  Valid through March 31.

this post is sponsored by 

Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Anders and Parker in the cutest leggings (excuse Parker's smoothie-face).
Full disclosure: I love having them match.  
I told Nathaniel and Jordan they've got some coming in their size too.  MATCHING FOR ALL.

What are you doing this weekend?  I'm having a little Oscars party with some friends, and we're doing potluck Italian food and wine.  Apparently we're getting more snow too?!  SO MANY SWEAR WORDS.  I try not to be this negative, but people.  We can't even walk out there.  Entire portions of town are blocked off for fear of giant (we're talking five feet long) icicles falling and stabbing your unsuspecting head as you window shop.  Who wants to be killed by an icicle?  Nobody, that's who. It's getting ridiculous.  Let's move on.

I saw this place in our most recent Architectural Digest (my eye-candy magazine) and now I really, really want to go.  In this same issue: Michael Bay's incredible home.  That shower!  That everything!

Want to win a free wardrobe for a year ($1200 value)?  No?  Who are you?  Yes?  Then head over here.  And hurry, it ends on the 22nd.

This skirt.  Target, ya done good.  Real good.

Good news for the egg farmers!  (Egg farmers?)

I love this picture of my friend's very snowy walk.

We watched this movie the other night and it was really good.  Especially loved seeing Oprah.  (Yes, still missing her, every damn day at 4:00.)  Forest Whitaker is great in it.

I always love the Trader Joe's end caps where they have all their new products.  I just saw these lemons there the other day.  I love lemon anything, but genuinely have no idea what to do with these.  Can anyone tell me?

We spent a day mall-walking last week (we're those people!) and this dress caught my eye.  Like a wear all summer long dress (t-shirt material!).  Dress up, dress down, perfect.

This article: Masters of Love.  "There’s a habit of mind that the masters have.. which is this: they are scanning social environment for things they can appreciate and say thank you for. They are building this culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully. Disasters are scanning the social environment for partners’ mistakes."

This proposal.  Romantic, check!  Men in uniform, check!  Pink flowers, check!

That's all folks.  Have a good weekend.  And take your Vitamin D.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

anders, 2 months: takes lots of short cat naps throughout the day; working on lengthening those!
parker, 3 years: he loves william's legos and takes playing with them so seriously.  he's so careful with them, and keeps track of all the pieces.
william, 14 years: on february break, so you'll find him in his pajamas a lot.  having him around has been so nice.

lindsey's been off with friends a lot this week or playing with makeup in her room (yes!  she might have more than me!), so no picture of her this week.

one of the big regrets of my life...

...was forgoing the opportunity to recreate this for my wedding dance with steve.

i wish i were kidding.

(fyi: this was in my drafts before jimmy did it with drew barrymore just last week.
i'd like to think that he stole my idea.  dammit jimmy!)

you?  any big regrets as deep and profound as this one?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"anders, you want ALL the stuffed animals?"  // blackbird doughnuts!  and yes, they're good! // parker at the library where i'm almost certain he picked up a stomach bug (a few weeks back, however.  all good now!); i'm the type who likes to really zero in on WHERE THE GERMS ORIGINATED FROM.  is it that very dvd he's holding?!?

those lips!  yes they do get kissed about eight million times a day! // my favorite mug, shucks emoi emoi // hanging with the two littlest hunt boys



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