thanksgiving! black friday!

Friday, November 28, 2014

hope you had wonderful thanksgivings full of turkey and gravy (extra gravy, always) and all the special people you love around you.  my mom and i did all the cooking here and it was so delicious.  we listened to christmas music and played in the snow and ate and watched football and movies and it was pretty great.

now, switching gears to the consumerism of the holiday to come (christmas!!!), here are some of the better black friday sales i've seen if you're starting (or finishing?  or neither?) your shopping today!


30% off everything at boden.  
use 3K3G at checkout.

buy this dress for your holiday party, and this fabulous hoodie for your son.

50% (!!) off everything at gap.
use code BLKFRIDAY at checkout.

buy this sweater for wearing all winter long, these incredible pjs (i want them) for your teenage daughter, and this one-piece for your new baby.

30% off everything at ASOS.
use code TGIBF at checkout.

get these rings for yourself, and this sweater for your husband.

30% off everything at j. crew.
use code HOLIDAY at checkout.

get this jacket for your little boy, and these high tops for yourself.

up to 50% off various items at target.

get those beats that your teenage son has been talking about, and this 
very cozy tunic for yourself ($11.99!).

up to 50% off various items at nordstroms.
get these wedge boots for yourself, these sneakers for your toddler son.

up to 25% off at west elm.
use code SUPERSALE at checkout.

okay, those are some of the ones on my radar. 
now be off with you to spend your hard-earned money.

(or save your money, watch movies under blankets, and drink 
hot chocolate today which is actually a way better idea.)

*above image is a really easy diy wreath i did the other day:
embroidery hoop, greens, hot glue!  inspired by this pin!

Transitioning to another baby.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm really, really excited to meet this baby.  I'm visualizing that moment when you've just had your last push and you reach down to grab your slippery baby and your heart is instantaneously ten times bigger and I am so excited to do it again.

But my biggest mental roadblock is the question of how Parker will do with this transition.  I think it's safe to say that the transition will be biggest for him, more than any of us.  Maybe bigger than even my own?  He and I have spent nearly every day of the last three-plus years together.  I'm excited to give him another sibling--my own sisters are some of the greatest gifts my parents gave me--and also scared to do so.  He'll barely remember life before a little brother, right?  But I know there'll be growing pains.  He's a sensitive boy, and I'm a sensitive Mom, the growing pains will be real.  

So, asking you more well-seasonsed Moms: how can I ease this transition?  Is it wise to have him meet the baby in the hospital or better to do so at home?  I know the baby shouldn't be in my arms when he sees him for the first time, but what else?  I've heard it's nice to have a little gift from the baby to the big sibling.  Throughout this pregnancy, I've kept discussing the baby pretty light.  Calling the baby "our baby" and telling him all the things he'll get to teach the baby one day, or how the baby will love to watch him play.  There are times where he's so tender like putting his hand on my belly to feel the baby move, but other times when he seems so disinterested.  I figure this is normal.  I'd love to continue little dates with just Parker and I but I know that won't happen right away.  I'm all over the place.  So, here's where I ask, any tried and true tips???  I would love to have them in my arsenal for a few weeks (days?!) from now!  

Thank you!

Let's be fancy, shall we?

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm someone who gets a bit of a high off a fancy drink from a restaurant.  Be it a morning latte (especially with the art in the foam!) or an evening old-fashioned with one giant ice cube (a drink I only discovered I liked right before getting pregnant), it's nice to feel a bit, well, fancy.  The normal ho-hum Monday through Friday grind doesn't give me a lot of opportunity to feel fancy.  I gotta find those opportunities where I can.  My favorite lipstick, a cute pair of socks, or in this case, a nice coffee.
When I was sent the Nespresso Vertuoline coffee and espresso maker, it brought my mornings to a whole new level.  The spread you see in this post... well, it's every morning of the week now.  (Lies.)  Pastries and berries and foam and that's just how we roll in the Hunt house.  Fancy a stop by?  You'll find us sitting around the table discussing lofty things, sipping our frothy drinks, and nibbling on delicious flaky crusts, popping berries into our mouth.
While I might be exaggerating a bit (just a wee bit!), I will say it is a seriously awesome machine.  It's one-handed (I can already see a very groggy Bridget with a nursing baby in one arm literally kissing this machine in the early morning hours to come), it's really good coffee (OR espresso), it's nearly instantaneous (!!), the milk frother that comes with is amazing and great for the kids too (check out Parker's warm chocolate milk up there!), and it just brings your morning coffee to a new level which is really a quite nice way to start the day.  Look at that foam!  Basically, I have a coffee bar in my kitchen now!  I've already made a mocha latte with it too (using both the machine and the milk frother) and that might've been my favorite.  And now I'm looking forward to the post Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner drinks (for my guests until this baby makes his debut!)--decaf with a splash of Bailey's?!  How about some Frangelico?  The entertaining potential is really fun too.

I suggest you take advantage of the sale (through the end of the day!) and give the coffee-aficionado in your life one of these for Christmas.  We can all be fancy together.

Thanks Nespresso for sponsoring this post.

Thoughts before you leave for the weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2014

There are so many thoughts swirling around my head right now.  Let's get them down on paper ("paper"), shall we?

+ I really hope this baby and Parker become best friends and that it's like the best thing that ever happened to him.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit, though, that once in awhile, I'm like, "What if they hate each other?"  Tell me you've had the same thoughts when you added another?  Of course, I hope William and Lindsey (and the older boys for that matter) love this baby too, but I suspect the adjustment won't be quite as big for them.  

+ Sleep is getting trickier, blah blah blah, so imagine my delight when I was sent one of these.  It is so easy to use.  That shouldn't be my first point to highlight about it because there are way cooler features than its ease of use but when you stumble downstairs after a semi-sleepless night, it's pretty great to pop in the capsule and still feel sophisticated when I look like crap but have an inch of crema on top of my coffee.  (Even saying crema makes me more sophisticated than I was last week.)  More to come on it, but wanted to give you the heads up that there's a 25% off sale on them this weekend.  (Thank you Nespresso!)

+ You know how all those articles or blog posts get shared like rapid fire on Facebook: why you need to slow down and say "yes" to your kids more or why Mom-guilt is crap and you're entitled to take your alone time when they are sitting watching a cartoon.  You know the ones.  Well, they each have their valid points, no doubt, but there are times when Mom-guilt is going to getcha no matter how many articles or blog posts you read that say, "Don't let it!"  So, last night when I checked on a sleeping Parker, I felt so bad for always taking his Charlie Brown Christmas watching to get stuff done.  He almost always asks, "You wan watch wiff me?" and I basically always turn him down to get stuff done.  To my umpteen-month-pregnant-self it was enough to make me cry last night.  This is a point that needs so much unpacking and would be worthy of its own post, I think.  But I would like to ask, how do you all deal with that?  What do you do?  This will only get more complicated when I have another, so I think that post is in the works... 

+ I plan on taking William to see Mockingjay soon -- assuming he finishes the book (I force my kids to read by promising the movie afterwards!).  I am excited.  And it'll probably be the last movie I go to for like a year, so he better get that book read.  Lindsey is too cool for us and is going with friends.

+ Steve is en route to California for a conference as we speak.  Fear not, doula numbers one and two (my Mom and Dad) are coming both for back up and for a Thanksgiving feast (my Dad isn't actually going to be my doula, though I do adore the man.).  Let's just hope I don't go into labor while he's gone though.  I really would not like that.

+ I bought these for Parker for Christmas and I think they'll be a serious hit.  The reviews look good and I imagine it's something that'd be useful to take on a long plane ride too, right?  What are some total toddler-present wins in your book?  He's always loved the Caterpillar toys, and honestly, Matchbox cars are never, ever far from him.  What are you getting your teens?  Teens are so hard, all they want is electronics or clothes that you don't entirely trust yourself to buy them (style's ever changing!).    

+ What I would highly, highly, highly, highly suggest you add to your Christmas list is these leggings.  I have heard so much hype about them but, come on, $50 for leggings?  Well after asking if it was worth it on Twitter and having all positive responses, I decided to try for myself.  Holy moly.  Lululemon but half the cost, my friends (and apparently the same people behind the company?).  So soft, so thick, good stretch, matte (so they're really not specifically work out but could easily go under a dress in the winter).  The best part of my day?  Putting them on.  Just kidding but sort of not.  I'd honestly write a whole post on how much I love them but I already did that about sweats and two posts about comfy clothing seems a bit much.

Okay, I think that's it.  Thanks for bearing with me, today and all the days!  Have a good weekend.

37 weeks + thoughts on turning 30.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{sweater: (old) calypso st. barth}
{top: (old) zara}
{maternity pants: c/o emoi emoi} 
{shoes: c/o shoemint}
{hat: forever 21}
{scarf: asos}

Pilot Me by Josh Garrels on Grooveshark

Last weekend I went away for a night with three of my dearest girlfriends.  A little 30th birthday celebration, a little before-baby-comes getaway, but mostly girlfriends just wanting to get together, with or without an excuse.  My friend Jenny is renting a place on the ocean in Maine right now, so it didn't take much cajoling to get us there.

We talked about everything under the sun, from husbands and marriage to careers and our futures.  It's really nice to have girlfriends that you feel comfortable being transparent with.  I am already prone to transparency, for better or for worse (sometimes for worse, I'm sure), but they're definitely a safe place to be so.  Sunday morning, we were sitting around in our pajamas by the fire and my friend Caroline asked me something along the lines of how I'm feeling as I near giving birth again, having another baby.  

I answered whatever came to mind at the time.  Something not-so-deep like, "I can't wait for the scrunchy newborn face, the sweet smell, I worry about the sleep loss."  It wasn't earth-shattering by any means.  But as I was getting ready to go, I thought more about the question and more about turning 30, and more about who I am now versus who I was at 21 when I started dating Steve.

I came back out and said, "I'm more keenly aware of how lucky I am."  I'm not trying to brag because Lord knows I'm certainly not mature in a thousand other ways and I can complain and be a total and complete wretch sometimes, but I do think that as I enter my 30s, I have more perspective that I simply did not have through my 20s.  Whether it's life or age or a mixture of both, it is such a welcome lesson to have under my belt.  That even on my shittiest days it's somewhere tucked in there and I can usually bring it to the forefront, "Bridget, you really are so lucky."  It's a game-changer.

favorite christmas + winter books.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

i'm taking a brief break from baby laundry (such little things!) to bring to you some favorite, though few, christmas-themed (or wintry) books of ours.  this one is about the sweetest and the illustrations are gorgeous.  in fact, all nancy tillman books are really, really precious and are the type that have you crying (in a really good way) by the end.  (thank you sara for turning me on to her in the first place!)  this one is a cute and quirky winter story by jan brett, author of our very favorite--berlioz!  then, you've got the mainstays... the night before christmas and the grinch and such.  but, really, the hunt library could use some more in this area.  your favorites, please?

(a convenient list here, complete with reviews.  i love reviews.)


Monday, November 17, 2014

we're taking it day by day lately.  what else is there to do?  we're waiting on a baby boy, a baby brother (i mean, not any day, but really soon), and some days are sunny and some days aren't and some days we go to the library and some days we go for hikes with friends (i'm using the term hike loosely here) and some days we go to get pizza and a lot of days we go for ob appointments (too many!) and some days we read books and build puzzles and do laundry.  it's a really nice rhythm and i don't mind it one bit.  we've run a few errands, we've done a few small projects, we eat our yogurt and our granola and our peanut butter and jellies and pomegranates and drink our waters and watch charlie brown christmas and take it day by day.  how many days do we have left before we add one more to our family... before my weekdays with parker are full of all of the above plus some nursing and sleeping and shushing and rocking and getting to know a new person who has no control over his little limbs (i love the way babies limbs move.  it's like a sweet drug watching their skinny limbs move around so spastically.).  not too many, to be sure.  and this time it feels a bit more surreal, which is strange, since i've done it before.  isn't that strange?  less time to sit with my thoughts and consider the changes to come?  an inability to imagine how parker will react?  i'm not sure.  but it's less tangible, more surreal, though equally exciting.  different.  

having a baby in the beginning of winter will certainly promote the hibernation i think i'm already prone to as a new mom.  i wanted parker in the carrier, in arms, near me, constantly.  i didn't mind saying "not this year" to parties and having leisurely days where i stared at him endlessly.  will i be driven to get back to normalcy for the sake of my family--particularly the toddler who might have a hard adjustment--sooner this time?  or will the cold drive us back indoors and will we be perfectly content there?  will i want to go to a christmas party and buy and wear a christmas dress?  (if so, let it be this one.  yes, and i'll actually hike it over my head to nurse.  perfect.)  will i be okay to leave the baby home for an hour and take parker downtown for a playground date where again he and i become the duo we're so used to at this point?  what will all this look like?  

i'm not sure, but i am about to find out and i think i'm ready.  that's good, right?    

Clementines, scarves, and Pinterest.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Something about having 75% of your closet off limits to your burgeoning body for a few months has made me want to shop and shop and shop.  That plus the changing of temperatures plus the Christmas spirit and take my wallet from me now.  Thrilling!  But, seriously, despite how much I want to do so, I've barely shopped.  We're sort of in money-saving mode, which is not my favorite mode to be in during the Christmas holidays, but it is what it is.  (I've used that phrase--it is what it is--on this blog at least four times in the last two weeks, I think.  It works for almost everything, try it.)  But a scarf is safe for any body type and relatively inexpensive so, maybe I can get myself this one?  Right?

(Right.  Tomorrow is my actual birthday.  30.  I can do this.)

I really want to treat myself to the perfect black turtleneck (sweater?  But not super thick sweater?) too.  I'm stopping there.

What I am treating myself to, sans guilt, are a lot of clementines.  They're really delicious right now, and I was thrilled to stumble upon the box at the grocery store after thinking they were going to make their debut a little later, when the frost really hits.  I dumped the entire box into a big stainless steel bowl, swished it around with white vinegar and water, and now I don't have to wonder what nasties are on the outside before my fingers get a-peeling.  Do you wash your fruit?  I'm an avid fruit washer. I say it like it should be something spectacular.  "I'm an avid piano player."  "Well me?  An avid fruit washer."  Anyhow, Parker would eat them by the dozen if I let him but I'm pretty sure that would result in being housebound for days due to an excess of vitamin C and thus one to many number two's.  I didn't have to go there.

I think I'm going to get my act together now and go get some embroidery hoops.  I am seriously focused like a crazy person on that pin from yesterday.  It's like, it must get done before anything else gets done and cervix stay closed till they're hung or else.  A bit of hormones and a healthy sprinkling of Christmas spirit and it's Pinterest come to life in this house.  Especially one that involves a hot glue gun instead of a sewing machine.

Psst!  Just noticed the link is saying that scarf is sold out now.  Just this morning it was sold out, then back in stock, and now sold out again.  So to that I say... check back in case you have your heart set on it too?

taking stock / 05

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Making: birth playlists, Christmas playlists...
Drinking: still apple cider, and orange juice, and water, and all with a lot of ice (pica!  it's real!)
Reading: Nothing much, these days.  (But, this is one of my favorite books, Mom or not, hands down.  I resonated soooo much with her.  I might reread it.)
Wanting: this jacket!  this jacket!  40% off!  And already sold out in my size!  Dammit!  (Did you know they have a section called long?  Is this music to my long-torsoed ears?!  YES.)  That didn't make sense.  Music to my ears, and I have a long-torso.  Clarification is everything.
Watching: Elf.  We've watched it twice already!  I think I'm going to start Cosmos too.
Listening: Diana Krall Christmas music and Gregory Alan Isakov
Eating: iron-rich foods!  Or, I should be anyway!  (Trying to, really.)
Smelling: Coffee brewing in the morning
Wishing: I could snap my fingers and have things hung on walls just right... (but we (Steve) did hang a hook in Parker's room!  See above!  Progress!)
Enjoying: these final days before the baby comes.  They've been really quite nice and I've felt fairly relaxed lately.
Loving: these hats.  Stocking stuffer for basically any boy/man in my life.  The price?!  I'll take ten.
Hoping: my body keeps feeling good; I hope I don't jinx it, but the past few days, my pelvis has felt way better.  Baby is bigger yet I feel better?  What's that?
Needing: warm pajamas for Parker.  The boy will not keep blankets on him ever.  All the one-piece fleecy ones seem to be flame resistant though, which I am not a fan of.  Recommendations?
Feeling: baby jabs all the time.  I freak the kids out by putting their hands on my belly during serious elbow/knee jabs.  Second time around, it's still the craziest thing that there's an actual human in there.
Wearing: these sweats, which we all already knew... (and again... and I'm wearing them again right now...) -- here's the link for my Instagram friends asking!
Bookmarking: this!  I could do this!  Gimme some greens and a hot glue gun!  Watch me go!

{past taking stock posts}
{above backpack: an old gift from kendra at swankaroo!}

bridget's christmas list. also known as the post that steve should definitely pay attention to.

Monday, November 10, 2014

i know this is all a bit premature, but when your due date is a few weeks shy of christmas, it seems that one moves the whole season up in one's head.  i'm talking about myself here, of course.  decorating must happen sooner, christmas presents must be bought and wrapped up sooner, and christmas music is already on (sometimes; right now it's janet jackson's escapade.  throwback!).  it is what it is.  so here's my list.  if you do the addition for it all, it's like $2000+ worth of stuff which is more than we spend on each other by... a lot.  but here it is in print so steve can continue referencing it for years to come.  i'm doing him a favor here!  

one. this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of leather (+ then some) has been on my list for a few years now.  a camera bag, a whatever bag.  move over steve, i would sleep with it.  (and yes, this was mentioned on my birthday list a few weeks back too.) // two. sort of the perfect sneaker.  and under $100!  what is with sneakers over the last year or so, btw?  i mean, we always knew they existed but suddenly they were everywhere.  whatever.  i can get down with comfortable footwear that's also stylish because i'm generally a form over function but these... these meet both! // three. this fabulous lens.  i've heard such great things about it, and if it's even a smidgen better than it's much cheaper cousin (the 1.8--and it is) then it's unreal.  cause the 1.8 is a lot of bang for your buck, people. // four. boxwood wreaths.  now that we have these lovely white doors in this house, i just want to put a boxwood wreath on every single one of them.  and keep them up all year long. // five.  these boots.  sorels meet both the form and function test too.  there are a ton of versions, but these are probably my favorite (love that dark green with the pink laces).  i have an old pair (going on almost 10 years) and i tell you, they pass the longevity test too. // six. these mugs!  perhaps the perfect enamel mug (and on sale right now too!  $4!).  now that we have a fire pit, these would be great for hot toddy's, hot chocolate, hot anything, all around the fire pit (and to take camping too.).  i love them.

what's on your christmas list?

36 weeks.

{top: c/o emoi emoi}
{scarf: h&m}
{pants: h&m}
{shoes: nordstroms}

it feels a little like we're in go-time even though i could have a month (or more) left.  i was checking out at costco the other day and the lady goes, "getting close!"  and i said, in agreement, "yeah!  i'm 35 weeks!"  and she was like, "oh gosh, i thought it was sooner than that."

and in august... in auuuugust, a man said, "you got your bags packed and ready to go?!"  i said, "due in december."


i can't say i'm someone who gets really mad at those comments, though i can understand how they rub some pregnant women the wrong way.

but now we're 36 weeks and based on how my body feels, it feels like any day now.  remember this post?  i was all, "take forever, sweet baby!"  this pregnancy is much different.  i don't know whether this baby is much lower in my pelvis or what, but i am sore.  i went for a 2.5 mile walk (a slow, meandering walk.  don't give me too much credit.) yesterday and said to steve, "i don't remember feeling this sore on the walk we went on the day i gave birth to parker."  at all.  it's all in my pelvis, and at night it makes me move like an 80-year old.  so while, yes, sweet baby, take all the time you need... i also wouldn't mind if you came nearish your due date.

(and also because i really, really want to meet you.  not just because my pelvis may break in two.)

More questions answered.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let's just get right back to this.  No introduction necessary.

(I answered one in its own post here for those who missed it.)  Onwards and upwards!

// I know you use a camera for your blog pics.  What about your IG pics?  If you use your phone for those, what camera apps do you use?

I use VSCO Cam or Afterlight.  For VSCO, my favorite filters are 05 or F2!  For Afterlight, I love Russ (in guest filters).

// How do you manage it all?

I really don't!  I really enjoy cooking, I really enjoy vacuuming.  So, I'm good at those things and I keep up with them.  I also really enjoy certain TV shows so I find time to do that too.  You can bet if I'm doing some things well, other things are being neglected!  Like my bedroom.  My bedroom is a perpetual mess.  Bathroom isn't far behind.  I shower two to three times a week and rarely do my hair.  I think "managing it all" is a ruse.  And yet, I have the same question of certain blogger-Moms who look like they have it all together.  So, I guess we all put on a good show?  (Or they really have more hours in the day then the rest of us.  Yes, that's it.)

// Do I have a day-to-day routine that I stick to with Parker now that the big kids are in school?

Yes and no.  This is all very weather dependent.  But for a long time, we would have our breakfast (usually an apple and peanut butter or yogurt with granola and blueberries or egg and cheese on toast or cereal) with Steve after the kids left for school (they leave around 7--so early!).  Then, we'd go to town and play on the playground for awhile, run an errand, then head back for lunch (or grab some lunch while out) before naps.  Naps are soooort of being pushed out right now so the schedule's changing yet again!  Plus, it's getting colder and we've had a lot of rainy days lately.  So, I guess to make a long story short, there's no day-to-day routine!  I do much prefer the days when we get out of the house, or have a playdate.

// Do we have a name picked out for the baby?

I think so.  Not sharing it till he's here though!

// Did you have any serious relationships before Steve?

Yes, I did.  I know I'm giving no detail, but that's just how it's going to be!

// How do you feel about sharing stories/pictures of your children?

Good question.  Obviously I'm fairly comfortable with it, otherwise this blog would look a lot different.  This changes all the time though.  These days, I don't share a lot about William or Lindsey  (and I should make it clear that that's my own decision and not because they've ever asked me to refrain.  I think, in fact, that they really like being on the blog.) because I want to give them their privacy whether or not they're asking for it.  As for Parker, there's a lot I journal about him that never makes it on the blog.  But there's a lot less at stake sharing a cute or silly story about him at three than as a teenager (though, can we all agree that the internet is no place to share pictures of your naked children, pleeeease?).  So, there's no real rule of thumb I follow, you figure it out as you go.  When in doubt, don't share it?  I hope that, above all else, when my kids look back on this blog they'll see that I loved them a whole heck of a lot and that's they're grateful for the memories that are here.  And if I did make any mistakes, I hope they'll forgive me.

// How do I shake criticism I receive on the blog?

Ah.  I think a lot of criticism stems from misunderstanding and insecurity and that, more often than not, it's more about the person giving it than the person they're giving it to.  I suspect that, if I had the chance to actually meet someone who decided I should go to hell based on my blog/the things I write here/the pictures I post, we'd get along.  Maybe that's way too simple-minded though.  Maybe they really aren't misunderstanding anything and they really aren't at all insecure and they really would like me to go straight to hell.  So to that I say, you can't please everyone?  Don't even bother trying?  And yes, criticism hurts but it doesn't hurt forever.

//   Do you ever feel burdened by needing to post regularly?

Yes!  Sometimes I have little to say, so that's probably a day I skip.  Or I don't and you can tell that it was a half-assed post that you probably didn't enjoy very much.

// What's your relationship like with the older boys?

It's changed so much over the years, it's hard to even answer this question.  When we first were married, the age difference seemed much larger than it does now.  Now they're entering adulthood (21 and almost 20) so we're on a more even playing field than we were when I was 21 and they were pre-teen!  Thus, it's always sort of shifting and finding its new normal.  They're also out of the house in college living independently for the majority of the year.  So, I think they'd agree, I'm something of a person they respect and who has their back?  But they certainly wouldn't think of me as Mom in the same way that William and Lindsey do.  (They have always called me Bridget, too.)  And, for those wondering, they're both doing very well!  I just saw them last weekend!

// If Nathaniel came home and said he was marrying his professor with four children, how would I react?

I'd throw him out.

Just kidding, obviously.  I'd support him.  I'd tell him it's going to be really, really hard and then I'd support him.  And yes, I might even wonder why in the world she was interested in such a younger guy.  The irony here is not lost on me.

That's just about all of 'em.  Thank you for answering my questions, for asking a few of your own, and for reading my blog!  I read every single one.  Now I'm going to catch up with the first half of Parenthood.  Thank you to the DVR, too.

{pictures from my IG account}


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