Have a good weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2015

This was a really stressful week for various reasons.  At one point, I threw in the towel for the day and made peanut butter cookies.  Parker called himself Tom Brady and cowboy boots were football boots.  Whatever makes ya happy, buddy. 

I was just sent some Susan Posnick stuff and these are my favorite.  (Especially the smoky rose.  Easy application, perfect color combination.)

A bunch of famous dance scenes stuck together.

23 Best Movies on Netflix that You Haven't Seen Yet.

This is a great bag.

This playlist was on all week long.

The Feminist ABCs.

I want this.  The sleeves!

Ashton just wants to change his kid's diapers.

45% off till noon.  How about this dress?

Have a good weekend!

the perfect LBD.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{dress: c/o brass}
{clutch: c/o providence story}
{shoes: nordstroms}

who is that girl up there cause she is not the sweats-wearing, spit-up-on-the-(right)-shoulder girl staring back at me in the mirror 99% of the time.  (i almost broke into christina aguleira's "who is that girl i see".  almost.)

a note on this dress: it fits like a dream, will not wrinkle in your suitcase, and has the perfect tiny slit in the back and at the end of the sleeves.  it it seriously the perfect little black dress.  them brass ladies done good.  now steve????  take this lady out on a date!

loon mountain.

Monday, March 23, 2015

it may already officially be spring, but us hunts just went away for our first ski weekend of the season.  when in new england!  we took off friday for the mountain club after steve finished class and drove to loon mountain.  we visited loon last year too and it was such fun.  a change of scenery could not be more welcome at this point in the winter (spring?  technically).  i made a big pot of chili on friday night to bring up with us.  we arrived around 8:30 at night and as soon as we got to our room, i turned on the burner and had it going with sour cream and cheese and tortilla chips on the side.  perfect.
parker had his first ski lesson.  i was much more nervous than he was (full-blown hover-mom) but he did so great.  his ski instructor, amy, was such a sweetheart.  she was high-fiving him and making him feel so comfortable.  the lesson was so cute, watching all these tiny kids giving skiing a try (parker, at 3 1/2 was not the youngest by any chance.  some of these new englanders start their kids young!).  meanwhile, william, lindsey, and steve got their ski gear ready to take off for the day.  (thanks to william for grabbing this picture of them on the chairlift!)    
after a day of skiing was had by most (me and anders--and parker, once his lesson was over--kicked it at the hotel!), we had dinner at the hotel right by the fire.  not first before we ran into friends, missed the ski-gear return time, and had a really kind employee open the rental place so steve and the kids could get their stuff returned (since we're sometimes--always--a traveling band of hooligans who can't keep our heads on straight, we so appreciate those sorts of things that help us manage our chaos.).  there's something so cozy about the after skiing portion of skiing (said like a true non-skiier).  everyone's tired and wind-blown and just wants some yummy food, drink, and warmth.  the next morning, we woke up and went to the pool before taking off for a bagel shop for breakfast and getting back on the road.

thank you mountain club and loon mountain for making our stay so enjoyable!

this post is in collaboration with the mountain club and loon mountain.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Google says it's the first day of Spring but my it's 20 degrees here this morning.  Mmmmkay.

The 2015 summit on The Boyfriend Jean was really eye-opening.  Apparently there are articles dedicated to Gap and Old Navy jeans being not-so-great?  I had no idea.  (Here's a funny one called  Gap and Old Navy Make Mom Jeans.)  Still, the people are split.  Some of you suggested the Old Navy skinny boyfriend (which look really nice but don't really look like boyfriend jeans at all, right?).  Others suggested the Gap "girlfriend."  These may fit the bill (boyfriend in the front, still fitted in the back).  Still others suggested Abercrombie.  Abercrombie execs reading my blog, here's my two cents: Provide gas masks upon entering and I will consider venturing in to  try your jeans on.  Anyway, as always, thank you for your input.  Crowd-sourcing is basically why I blog.

Let's move on.

I love this ring.

Chocolate experts hate Mast Brothers?  (But those darn beautiful wrappers!)

If you can read French, check out my interview over here.  Oui oui!  I want a cwaaaah-san!  (I lied - switch it to English in the top left!)

I just started reading this book.  I'll let you know how it goes.  (The cover sold me.)

This top is really pretty.  A nude lip, loose jean (dare I?  Boyfriend jean?), nude flat (or fine, heel) and done!

Image from Google homepage


Thursday, March 19, 2015

anders, 3 months: parker started covering anders (gently!) with stuffed animals and it was hilarious so naturally i ran to get the camera.
parker, 3.5 years: his favorite iPad apps these days are Leo's Pad, Starfall Numbers, and Toca House.  your favorites?
lindsey, 12 years: this week william was being a pill to her and, while i was putting parker to bed, she came up to find me and have me yell at him telling me, "william is being such an I-D-I-O-T!"  (i have asked them to not use words like that around parker cause he picks up everything they say), so she spelled it instead.  we couldn't help but look at each other laugh.  it was so funny.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's rare for me to find a (nearly) one shop where I like every single thing on the site.  Where I play the "add to cart" game and suddenly everything is in my cart to the tune of $1,000+?  (Unfortunately I generally don't follow the game with the "now check out and buy" game.  Ho hum.)  If money were no object and I had to shop at one place and one place only for my babies?  Naturebaby.  I only wish I'd heard of them sooner!
The prints are all perfect.  Simple and sweet.  Almost the whole site is gender-neutral but somehow not boring at all.  The items seem so perfectly and thoughtfully designed.  Bonus: it's all chemical-free, organic, good for you stuff.  Gosh, I really love them.  If I lived near the headquarters, I'd probably be asking for a job.  
Here are a few more things I really, really love at Naturebaby.  Narrowing them down is no easy task.  Go check it out!

This post is in partnership with Naturebaby.

boyfriend jeans?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

here's the thing: on the websites boyfriend jeans look awesome.  they look all i'm casual but put together but i really didn't try and oh these old things? just threw them on as i ran out the door why do you ask.  you follow?  it seems they must be rolled up, look really awesome with a heel (i basically never wear heels unless i'm my other identity and she rarely comes out to play but is much more fun than me), and also look very comfortable.  i'm pretty devoted to the skinny jean (these being my favorite ever which i wear no less than twice or seven times a week, cat's out of the bag) but there's something to be said for trying something new!  ooh, so daring!  my biggest gripe about boyfriend jeans is that they do nothing for the behind (beeee-hind.  emphasis on the first syllable.).  

i just ordered these last week and moved every which way in the mirror but couldn't really embrace them.  and now these and these (of course, both shown with heels, the natural choice for a stay at home mom) look really great but now the wind's all sucked out of my sails with my returned purchase.  are boyfriend jeans just not for me?  someone, tell me quick.

a day in the city.

Monday, March 16, 2015

last week boston had a day in the 50s.  woah, stop there.  that's news!  let that marinate.......done?  it might've even crept into the lower 60s.  boston, you sweet temptress!  trying to make us all fall in love with you again after the 108+ inches of snow!  you don't think we could forget so soon do you?! anyway, steve was on spring break last week.  so... we went to boston!  (so anti-climactic.  you may have the bahamas.  but we'll always have boston.)  we strapped into the 'ol odyssey and headed in and, all jokes aside, it was a really nice day.  first stop: sweetgreen!  i do love me a giant salad with all sorts of stuff in it and these days i'm way lazy with my salad-making at home so they're getting real boring.  those folks at sweetgreen know their way around a salad (as well they should, i guess).  i got the hummus tahina.  two thumbs up!

click for mooooore!!

The things I wish I bought in the aisles of Target but didn't or else I'd be broke, volume 01.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anders, I promise!  This place is amazing!  Just wait!

So I love Target (no one's ever said that before).  I refer to it as the promised land without any hyperbole.  If only they offered ten minute chair massages right next to the makeup section, then it would really meet all my needs and I could leave my husband and kids and make the Nate Berkus home aisles my new nesting grounds.  I'd grab my Starbucks coffee in the mornings, my personal pan pizza in the afternoon, and maybe a bag of carrots and a LaCroix for snacking in between.  They begin to find opened packages of things--mascara, lipstick, pretzels and hummus--look the other way, Target!  It's just that crazy lady who's living in your store!

So, since I can't spend our entire paycheck in the aisles of Target (so unfair!), here I will unpack my photo library frame by frame to direct you in your own Target purchases.  Because, prior to this series, you were really struggling to spend your money at Target?  Thank me later!

Let's do this!  AFTER THE JUMP, FOLKS.


anders, 3 months: his feet are always, always, always kicking.  i love watching babies and noticing that, unless sleeping, they're virtually never still.  booties c/o naturebaby
parker, 3.5 years: he and steve have this whole routine: the phone rings, they take a fire call (always 320 sycamore which is from it's a wonderful life), parker's pants are pulled down and wrapped around his rain boots so he can just step into them the way real firemen do, he grabs our step ladder for a ladder and the vacuum hose for water... the whole thing is ridiculous and parker loves it.  i think they're sitting in the "fire engine" here.

keeping things clean with babyganics.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There's never a time when I'm more aware of how clean (or dirty) my surroundings are then when I bring a baby home.  Every speck of dirt magnified!  Endless laundry piles!  All the dirty hands zeroing in on holding that brand-new little person!  I am most content and happy in my home when it's clean.  Like, it makes me really happy... whether or not there's a baby present, but especially when there is.  A clean home with a happy baby feels so... zen?  I don't know.  Whatever the case, I am most zen in a clean home.  Happy wife, happy life!  Or something like that.

I'm not really into using things that are too harsh or chemical-y, though.  Especially when they start to crawl and put their hands (and everything else in their paths) into their mouths.  The cleaner has to be something that won't freak me out knowing they may have gotten some (however little) of it into their mouths, onto their skin.
Enter Babyganics.  It's baby-safe without sacrificing cleaning power.  We've been using their lotion, foaming hand soap and hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, bubble bath, and toy wipes for the past several weeks.  I always have a to-go package of these in my pocket when we're out, and we use the soap as soon as we get home.  (Especially Parker, as he touches everything and then wants to touch Anders.  GERMS.) 
I don't have to wince when Parker uses their sanitizer and then pops a clementine into his mouth immediately after.  I'm pretty content that he's neither taking in all the germs he just picked up while we were out or a bunch of harsh chemicals.  Win-win.  The smells are nice and not overbearing and the packaging is cute.  Plus, they get a great rating on this website.  Thanks Babyganics!

(Side note: My sister swears by this.  And when my current stock is gone, I will most definitely be replenishing this.)

This post is in partnership with Babyganics

anders emmett hunt at three months old.

Monday, March 9, 2015

poor second (and sixth) child!  i'm sure that by month three in parker's life, he'd had no shorter than sixteen posts dedicated solely to him, his stats plastered all over the blog, and i may have even had his cord stump in a little baggie in the freezer.

i'm just kidding, i did not save that with either boys, but ask me if i considered it for half a second...

meanwhile, i blinked and anders is suddenly three months old.  what the heck.  i am routinely in total love with this boy and also totally heartbroken--both all the time.  god i am such a cliche.  even as i write this next sentence i'm like, "don't do it bridget!  don't do it!"  whomp whomp... here it goes.  time moves so damn fast!  and faster yet with the second (and sixth--he's really both, you know?).  and the fact that i can't just steal away with him any time i please is really hard, i won't lie.  because when you do look at this kid, his expression and his smile totally communicate, "she's looking at me!  she's looking at me!!!  oh my god, she's looking at meeeee!"  and, i sure do wish i could give him that joy every single second of every single day.  when i get the chance and parker is busy with legos or with a game on the ipad, i will slink upstairs with this little bundle and give him a bath followed by a nice coconut oil massage in which i tell him everything i'm doing.  "and now, anders, i'm massaging your little feet," and he just smiles at me in wonder.  one out of every three baths is interrupted by his big brother parker who wants to help with everything and squeezes his cheeks and says, "hey wittle guy!" and those baths are equally adorable, but in a different way.  watching them together brings me so much joy but man, do i love our alone times.  i'm not sure anders cares one way or another because he locks eyes on parker in both amazement and bewilderment like, "who is this creature who moves so quickly and talks so much and wears a different uniform every day????"  he's doted on by all, and happy to just be.  but, nevertheless, our time is sacred to me.  i soak it up like a healing balm.  more cliches, but really, it does wonders for my mama-heart.  

i was talking to a friend lately about how i'm still, at times, struggling with anders being my last, struggling with the attempt to not make everything such an anniversary in his life such that it's more bittersweet than it needs to be.  "and that was his last poop ever in a size three diaper!"  tears ensue!!   (a little hyperbole in that last sentence, i promise.)  some days things feel so complete and i'm so content and other days as i pack away newborn clothes, it gets to me.  sometimes i'm actually amidst this utterly beautiful moment and my mind actually wanders to seventy year old bridget wanting this very moment back.  i told everyone around the dinner table the other night, "don't get married!  just stay here forever!"  is that not crazy?!  even as i do it, i want to smack myself.  raising children into successful adults is definitely the goal, i do know, but this cocoon i'm in sometimes feels awfully good.  i'm a work in progress, let's say.  and i do believe i'm getting better all the time.  be present.  be in the moment.  be present.  be in the moment.  my mantra for the month of march, k?

what can be said about little anders?  so much.  he is a such a sweetheart.  i mean, he really is.  he's so soft and squishy and his breath smells so heavenly.  he likes to just be, to chat, to smile and coo.  he loves splashing in the tub and his latest trick is pulling off nursing as soon as i have a letdown (awesome!).  this happened at dinner last night and i'm pretty sure i shot steve in the face at the other end of the table.  he's such a good sleeper.  i mean, it's a little weird how good a sleeper he is.  he's no nonsense at night so i will forgive him any amount of nonsense he brings to his waking hours when he's happily giving me such lovely sleep through the night.  not to be mistaken with him sleeping straight on through the night, no, but close!  i am fully aware that he'll sprout his first tooth (oh, if only they just sprouted them.  that sounds so much less terrible than what the reality of teething is.) and it'll all change.  but for now, the night is more of our special time cuddled up next to each other taking up such a small portion of our queen bed because he just wants to be close.  i love it.  and his smiles!  his smiles are big and open mouthed and his little tongue curls up and i declare, "you are such a beautiful baby!"

i can't wait to take him outside in the warmth and this week's temperatures reveal the promise of spring!!  it was beginning to feel like it may never come.  we've seen so much snow this winter, blah blah, you know, that spring feels so out of reach.  i think he'll really like it.  he's not a fan of any cold air.  no matter how bundled he is, he seems to gasp and sputter making our outdoor time less frequent than it might be otherwise.  so, we cuddle up inside and take more baths and massages (well played, mr. anders), and i fold clothes while he blends into the piles of laundry that form around him, or he kicks-kicks-kicks in the mamaroo while i cook a soup and dance with parker.  

he's just the sweetest, most precious, beautiful little baby and we couldn't be happier that he decided to join our family.  

i love you so much, anders.  i'm yours forever.

and just for posterity, he just had his three month well check and he's a little over 14 lbs. and between 24-25 inches.  that's something i'm going to want to remember and i haven't written it down elsewhere yet.  so here it is and here it shall remain!

and some have asked how his name came to be.  we couldn't settle on a name for awhile but when we heard this one, we both liked it.  bonus that it was scandinavian and so is steve.  add to that, it is andrew over here and steve's middle name is andrew.  emmett is my dad's middle name.  and so... there you have it.  that's how anders emmett hunt's name came to be.  a bit of a combo of some of the most special men in my life.  (we pronounce it ann-ders, not on-ders though i do believe it's the latter in the scandinavian countries?)