just beachy.

it's 10:30 pm and i'm about to go to bed but i wanted to check in here first and say hello!

today was another beach day in stone harbor and... like a rookie... i got burned.  like, what, is this my first time at the beach?  i barely applied sunscreen all day long and if you were short a pan and stove in your kitchen (unlikely but let's just pretend for the sake of my story) you could probably fry an egg on my kneecap right now.  yepppp.  my dad a moment ago: "are you limping?"  no, dad, that's just me being an idiot and, well, yes, sort of a limp too.

it was just one of those days where it was sooort of cloudy and we weren't committed to staying long but then the few hours turned into all day and... moral of the story: just slap on some sunscreen.

i did however apply it to parker so i'm not a total loser.

it's been fun here.  we've played hard, slept hard.  parker's slept the hardest.  that boy's needed it.  and i swear, he's turning into a three-year old overnight.  i think, when i have a real moment to sit, i'm going to have a big post entitled how do you discipline your toddler please tell me now.  yes.  i can feel that one simmering on the back burner.

but for now... it's bedtime.


  1. I totally did the same thing at the beach a couple weeks ago!! WHEN will I learn that overcast does not equal no sun???

  2. that sun can get sneaky! looks like a lovely beach day! just found your blog and i'm loving it :)

  3. When you feel that searing pain, just shift your focus to all the vit D coursing through your body! ;)

  4. How to train a three year old? Wait... is this possible?

  5. oh three years old....that one was rougher at times than 2...but it also had it's wonderful moments! My son was 3 1/2 when my daughter was born and he was such a help and so sweet with her.
    As for discipline...he spent a lot of time sitting on the couch in the living room. lots of times it was for my sake...I needed the time out before I completely blew up!
    enjoy the rest of your time in Jersey...I miss the shore!

    1. Thanks for sharing your heart

      I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons disease.

  6. I know I'm not a mom, which discredits this entirely, but I spent years nannying... People always talk about the terrible two's, but every toddler I ever nannied for was always worse when they hit 3. I always used the 2 - 4 minute timeout: them sitting in a chair (where the other kids playing were slightly visible)... but yeah, it doesn't work on every kid. Good luck, buddy!

  7. you may be on your way to healing already but I got BADLY burned about a month ago, so I tried a ton of different home treatments to help. i hope you start feeling better soon!

  8. What a great picture!! I need the beach in my life ASAP! Enjoy!! :)

  9. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Janet Lansbury for child raising advice. I subscribe to her emails + podcasts and she just recently wrote a book called "Elevating Childcare: A Guide to Respectful Parenting." I sooooo wish I would've had it for my first!


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