do-it-yourself mason jar snow globe.

i'm what you'd call a sporadic anthropologie-peruser and an even more sporadic anthropologie-purchaser.  it's not that i don't love their stuff.  quite the contrary.  i love everything so much that it speaks to me.  if money were no object, i'd outfit myself and my home in everything by them.  yeah, me and every other girl today.  but, that's not the point!  anyway, it's best for my marriage and my pocketbook (do we call them pocketbooks anymore?) that i stay away.  so, i do.  for the most part.  but when doing my sporadic perusing the other day, i saw these mason jar snow globes and was like, "um, please anthro.  PLEASE.  SPARE ME.  i can do that.  and for like twenty four dolla less."

and so i did.

(also, if i had a dollar for every time i saw someone link to anthro's things and then make a diy of it, i'd be a rich person (who could shop at anthro more often!).  and this begs the question, is anthro pissed about this??)

what you'll need:
a mason jar
some bottle brush trees
a hot glue gun
(and various adornments if you so choose!)

{all can be found at your friendly a.c. moore!}

now, here's the thing.  i did this project with lindsey (thank goodness for a girl in the house!).  i knew she'd be into more "stuff" in her globe, so i got reindeer and mini string lights.  you can find that and tons of other mini kitschy things (like dollhouse mini) in this one section of ac moore.  mini gifts, mini garlands, mini stars to top the tree.  you could go all out if you want.  but, honestly, the one above was my fave when all was said and done.  so i guess i'm in the less is more camp.  though, i did add silver glitter to the sugar-snow so maybe i'm more glam then i think?

now, do we really need directions??  glue your stuff to jar lid!  add sugar to the jar!  put lid in upside down, screw on, and tip over.  voila!  you've got yourself a mason jar snow globe.  and for like $4!
sorry anthropologie.  
if i figure out how to make your clothes, now that'll really be something.
but, since i can't even sew on a button, this'll have to do.

also.... the happiest of thanksgiving to you!!!  
and a good opportunity to share one of my favorite quotes:
it is not happy people who are thankful.  
it is thankful people who are happy.
enjoy the holiday!


  1. You're a genius. This is great. And I especially love the gold deer. So I'll probs be heading to AC Moore ASAP and doing this myself. Holla for ripping of Anthro like a boss.

  2. these are so adorable. and thanks btw for providing that link to anthro. i just spent the last 15 minutes dreaming about what might be sale items on cyber monday! :)

  3. love it, this is def a DIY i can handle! though i do need to purchase a glue gun! :)

  4. you are the coolest. and sorry, Anthro, but Bridge, yours actually looks better!!

  5. I was there the other day, trying to figure out how I could replicate the snow in these things. Sugar is obviously the answer! You're a genius.

  6. I'm tempted to give this a whirl (pun intended) with gold glitter. Gold anything? Yes, that. Have a happy Thanksgiving Bridget :)

  7. love the anthro copy & the thankful people quote. you handled it- they run on poor student interns making all that shiz in their store anyway.

    ps. check out my giveaway this week, you will love!

  8. YI saw this on Instagram and laughed at your caption. It was totally worthy of a DIY post. So awesome!

  9. I saw these at Anthro recently and I was all "oh those are SO cute!! I must have..." then I picked it up and looked at the price and almost peed my pants. Right there. So cheers to you for your DIY because yours are just as cute and way more economical! YAY!

  10. This is such a cute idea! I kind of need to make one now.

  11. What a cute idea... and I adore that quote at the end of your post.

  12. I'm not the crafty type, so help a girl out. By putting in sugar i know it gives it the snow effect, but does it not dissolve after a while? i was thinking glitter, but too much doesn't equal snow. Maybe you're using some special type of sugar and maybe it will take forever to dissolve and this is a non-issue.

  13. @shannon, there's no water in it! just the sugar! so no dissolving...

  14. A very nice moment of the year, that we all expect. Is looking really good, and smells more then good..

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  15. @bridget haha, well that makes a lot more sense and explains how everything won't get destroyed while inside! Thanks Bridget and Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. I love these! I need to do this this year!

    sandy toe

  17. so cute!
    i was wondering...how do you make your favorites picture?

  18. dare I say I like yours even better than the Anthro ones? Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  19. you are absolutely 100% right. love it :) these came out loverly

  20. This is lovely; I'm putting it on my Christmas to-do list! And your photos of the project are beautiful, too.

  21. i remember doing this in elementary school, and i've been wanting to do it with my students. it's just a lot more work to make sure all 26 kids bring in supplies.

  22. so great! i think we might actually try making these. thanks for the inspiration. :)


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