a gift guide for the baby.

well, it's that time.  gift-giving and gift-receiving and christmas this and christmas that.  so, here's the first of a few favorite things posts to come this holiday season.  hope you enjoy!  

(and please add your own gift-givings this year.  
i am often stumped as to what to buy--especially for a teenage boy!!)

 1: taxi cab knit rattle / 2: putumayo world lullabies cd (i love all the putumayo cds!  they're great.) / 3: american apparel cardigan (parker has one of these and he wears it all the time) / 4: land of nod work bench (and everything they sell.  plus, 15% off today.) / 5: eat your veggies print (subtle brainwashing disguised as nursery art!) / 6: essential oils scented play dough / 7: baby's first christmas handmade ornament / 8: a knit mini blanket (in the lushest of colors.  i love these.) / 9: tiny toms (parker has 'em -- easy to put on!) / 10: blackboard and chalk set


  1. as if i didn't already have baby fever with this baby growing in my belly. now my wallet does too :)

  2. Tiny Toms = fabulous. I want them in every color for my little one...it's getting expensive :) ps subtle brainwashing...hello--genius!

  3. One of the many reasons I'm looking forward to being a grandfather ... but not TOO soon :)

  4. i think i'm going to buy my littles brothers some toms.. i mean they're just too cute!

  5. nice photoshop work! (and great gifts too) I made my gift guide today and that shiz took me all morning.

  6. that baby's first ornament is super cute!

  7. bridget, how does the cardigan fit parker? does it run true to size/a little big/little small. our little foster baby is 13 months, 17 pounds and 28.5 inches long. he is in 6-12 month pants but I've been starting to go bigger on top...but don't want this cardigan to be sloppy big. any thoughts?! I'd love them.


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