a do-over.

so, i've been checking in on megan's wedding deets on her blog and got to thinking what i would do if i had a do-over.  naturally!  and let's just get this part over with: blah, blah, blaaaahhhh... the day is really about me and steve and uniting in holy matrimony and that's what really counts and who cares about the shoes and the time of year and blah blah blah.  ok, good.  now!  onto the fun stuff!

i got married almost six years ago.  which is crazy.  i was a baby!  and now i have one!  anyway... it was before the birth of pinterest (dammit!) and all those amaaaaazing wedding blogs and engagement shots and save-the-dates (i'm preeeetty sure no one did save-the-dates.)  but, gosh!  don't i wish i had engagement shots.  i mean, what reason do steve and i have now to just get gussied up, be all vain, leave the kids to their own devices cause... mom and dad want some pictures of just the two of them?    and, i can't think of a picture in the last year that's good of steve and i.  that wasn't taken with an iphone by a kid much shorter than us so that the pic is sort of heading straight up our nostrils?

anyway, creativity was at a minimum.  you all scour the pages of pinterest these days?  green wedding shoes?  style me pretty?  i was scouring the $1 bins of a.c. moore.  ooh!  a pinecone!  let's glitter it for this christmas wedding!  kidding, but only sort of.

(i'm sure there's good evidence of weddings that took place before six years ago that are still incredibly amazing and creative.  but, those are few, right??  for the sake of this blog post, RIGHT.)

so, the do-over!  indulge me.  here's what i'd do:
i'd have done engagement shots.
i'd have worn fun shoes.  i wore those dye-to-match-your-dress shoes that are currently in the bin to go to salvation army. worn that day and that day only.  these days... red satin peep toes with crystal detail!  mustard yellow this and that!  ladies!  you and your shoes!  making me so jeal!
i'd maaaaybe have worn my hair down.
i thiiiink i'd have picked a different dress.  that almost feels wrong to say.  i love my dress, but still, i think i'd have picked a different one.  (and spent less on it.)
i'd have invited fewer people and saved that money.  (selfish?)
i'd have had it at a different time of year and probably a different place too.
i'd even consider eloping.  with just my immediate family.  the caribbean.  (we came this close to actually doing that.)

alright, now, be selfish with me for a moment and tell me what your do-over would look like.  even if it goes something like this: DIFFERENT GROOM.  wait, what?


  1. I think I would have eloped, or just had the close friends and family around. I probably would have worn something different too. Maybe even a different color like black or dark grey. And I would have gotten different shoes, too. Mine were the kind you could dye, too but now I think they're pretty hideous.

    I got married five years ago and I didn't have anything like Style Me Pretty or Pinterest. I just sort of went at it with a stack of wedding magazines and hoped for the best. It was an awesome day and glad so many people were there, but I don't think that day would have changed where my husband and I are at today.

  2. I would have unplugged the f*@#&ing alarm clock in our expensive wedding night suite so it didn't wake me up at 6 am the day after our wedding!

  3. I'd definitely change things. We originally were going to get married in December, but moved it up to April- I'd keep it in December. I'd ABSOLUTELY have a different dress, and YES on the fun shoes! Good grief, I'd get married when we actually had some money! Granted, I still couldn't spend ten thousand dollars on a wedding day, but maybe a little more lush than two 22-year-olds can afford!
    Hmm... I don't know that I'd change our food- barbecue, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and a variety of desserts including cotton candy still sounds pretty great to me.
    But yes. So many changes.

    *We intended to elope, but were offered money from parents specifically for a wedding, despite our trying to negotiate it into something more productive. So we spent that on barbecue and a party for our friends. We spent our money on a week in St. Croix. Now that I wouldn't change :)

  4. i toooootally would have had a different dress - love my dress because it's obviously sentimental now, but would pick a different one. just a different feel for the whole thing - less formal, more fun! i would have actually invited more people - we tried to keep it small but hurt some feelings and looking back i would just include everyone so no one felt left out! and maybe eloped in the caribbean too to avoid all of that :)

  5. Oh, and I was going to have a dress that bled into green at the hem (like litmus paper, with rich green at the bottom fading into white around my knees), but let myself be talked out of it by more traditional family members. In a do-over, I'd not listen to them. I'd do it my way.

  6. haha "different groom"!! I would've put the money down for a better photographer. Man, going cheap was dumb!

  7. I'd actually spend the money in a photographer. We had a family friend do ours and while they turned out nice, they weren't nearly as professional and beautiful as every other I've seen. I have to admit, I get a twinge of envy when I look at everyone else's. But it is what it is. That's the only thing I'd change.

  8. Sometimes I'm sad there wasn't Pinterest all those years ago but most of the time I am glad that all the ideas I had were basically mine. Because I feel like now everyone's "creative" weddings aren't really creative because they are all just the same mason jar and chalkboard ideas over and over.

    If I had it to do over I would have invited a couple people I left out and not invited some people that I did. And I didn't really like my cake - so I would have chosen a different baker.

    Other than that I wouldn't change a thing!! :)

  9. well, i thought your day looked beautiful. certainly doesn't need to be done over. you could do a wedding renewal and pick a new dress, etc!

    i got married 5 yrs ago, also before all these sites. there are some things i would have done differently, but it's done for me. i'm more interested in doing other things now. we took a cruise for our anniversary this year, invested in some great family photos, etc :)

  10. Different dress (that fit better)...that's it! Wore silver shoes and glad I did :) Had a small Boston wedding and it was great...even before Pinterest. I think there is waaaaaaay too much pressure now!

  11. Okay not married yet and while I do plan on consulting Pinterest a lot of it won't be from Pinterest bc I agree with lady lee...not that creative when everyone does it!

    Your wedding pictures are gorgeous! And sounds like you and Steve need some solo and family professional pictures done when the kids are home from college :)

  12. Like you, I'd wear my hair down and probably choose a different dress. But I did have a tiny wedding, and didn't spend much, which makes me happy. That said, I'm actually glad pinterest wasn't around when I was getting married. I think the constant comparisons would drive you crazy. Don't you think?

  13. @lady lee, so true on the interest thing. i swear, i don't know that i have one unique idea anymore. even if i think it's unique, i could probably find it on pinterest and realize that i had come across it at one point and it had just been shuffled away into the recesses of my brain!

    @gesci, that food/bbq idea sounds pretty amazing. and spending the $ on st. croix?! SMART.

    @miss pink kate, that made me LOL. stupid alarm clock!

  14. Damn you, Pinterest.

    I would have opted out of homemade bridesmaid dresses from my MIL.

    Also, hair down.

  15. @gaby, yes. so true. pinterest definitely has its positives and negatives...

  16. if its any consulation, you look bangin' in your dress!

  17. I would have the reception the night before the wedding. Cramming in a wedding in LA, driving back to my hometown (45 minutes), a bridal shoot, the reception and a drive back to the LA airport to catch our flight to Fiji. . . too much in one day!!!! Also, the time of year because that's why it had to be crammed into one day, it was Thanksgiving break. And if it was a different time of year the reception could have been outside instead of in a church and I wouldn't have had to pay to have all those live trees brought in. I didn't like the look of my cake, at least the taste was awesome!

    I hope my sister has no opinions about her wedding so I can just make hers my do over. I'm sure she'll be cool if I wear a white dress too (I mean she showed up to my reception in ripped jeans because she spilled on her bridesmaid dress)

  18. I love that I am not the only one who would change my wedding. We have been to six weddings this past year and at each one I remember mine and all my mistakes. I mean, it doesn't matter in the long run, but like you said, we can dream right?
    So. We'd go wayyy smaller; his parents and siblings, my parents and siblings- out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. That's all the reception I want. I hate being the center of attention so the whole wedding was stressful with 100+ people around. Why did I put myself through that?
    I'd hire an awesome photographer to take wedding photos; we had a family friend take them and were not very happy with the results...but it was free so we can't complain right?
    Different time of year; we got married mid july and it was record breaking heat that day. People almost passed out; it was ridiculous!
    Our ceremony would be outside with maybe 25 people. super small and intimate. And we'd write our own vows. I was too chicken to do that at the time. And he'd sing to me, because he is so musically talented and I don't know why I didn't get him to do that before..silly me.

    Can we have a redo please?

  19. Smaller, definitely smaller. That is the biggest change I would have made. Other things are minor. Overall, I am still happy with it.

  20. Oh I love this game/hate it. Because I also got married pre-pinterest 6 years ago as a wee baby child, and while I had a great wedding and loved lots of it, I totally would do it differently. Elope elope elope!! Beach, fam, swanky hotel. The end. I'd still be pretty much Pinterest-free about it. It's what I wanted originally, and everyone told me I would regret not having a "real" wedding. Well.... I regret not having eloped. But I'd pick my same groom about a million times over, and I guess that's what matters, huh?

  21. I would do over so much. Mostly get better photos. My photographer sucked. big time. I could have done better and I shelled out two thousand for him. Hmph.

  22. I think I would have gone cheaper on the dress... Maybe just a white sundress, and definitely barefoot instead of flip flops. Though I did LOVE my dress, just wish I hadn't spent $800 on it!! :). And I would have hired a videographer with the leftover dress money. The wedding videos I have seen lately are amazing!! All in all though, I had the super simple wedding I wanted. My mason jar center pieces filled with wild flowers picked that morning were apparently ahead of their time 8 1/2 years ago! Fun question :)

  23. that's hilarious. i always refer to my wedding as pre-pinterest, too. but honestly, im kinda glad. there is so much pressure now to be different and clever. i feel slightly lucky to have skirked by with doing it like i wanted at the time. these days, i'd probably have to throw in a mustache-photobooth-turned-mason-jar-cocktail-bar just to feel up to par. :)

    but i do regret not having a going away dress.

  24. You look so beautiful in your wedding dress.

  25. I think your dress was perfect! I love it and it looked amazing on you.

    What would I do-over...One little thing that I can think of, is that we had a picture frame as the guest book and everyone signed the matte. Now, I would make up a photobook of all our engagement pictures and have everyone sign the different pages. I also wish I had a picture of my hand, my moms hand and my grandma's hand with our wedding rings on.

  26. my first cake looked like a penis. not on purpose. definitely not making that same mistake twice.

    and i did change the groom.

    what??! you knew that was coming.

  27. Haha. This is funny. Different shoes. Different hair. Videographer. The rest was spot-on for us I think. Probably different bridesmaid dresses. The made-to-fit ones stressed me out for you guys.

  28. I only got married about a year ago so there is not a whole lot I would change. Except having a fancy car to drive in...though we were only in the car for about 10 minutes so what's the point? But I do have to say I was the first of my friends to get married and after attending some of their weddings I always turn to my husband and say "I wish we had done that at our wedding!"

  29. @aspiring kennedy, you'd be totally up to date with a photobooth!

    @megan, penis cake should not be replicated. (different groom. perfect.)

    @kate, yours was great. and that bridesmaid dress is still one of steve's favorites on me, so he would not say that should be changed.

  30. Ugh, right?! I got married in 2008 which doesn't even feel that long ago, but I'm like, trust me there were no wedding blogs back then, no one was helping me out on this.

    And when I went dress shopping and asked to see the dresses that weren't strapless? everyone laughed in my face. It would be such a different story if it were now.

  31. so 10 years have passed and I'd definitely choose a different dress more flowy and chiffony. Also I'd probably wear a few flowers in my hair. a la hippie style.
    I'd keep the location for the wedding (my parents backyard) and the flowers (mostly sunflowers).
    And change the reception location. a local hotel ballroom is so unoriginal.
    I'd keep my bridesmaids and groomsmen (we just had Ty's 2 sisters and my only brother).

    So yeah that about covers it. That was fun to dream about. So thanks!

  32. This post is hysterical, especially when I am in the midst of planning my wedding! It seems to be a common theme that people wish they had a smaller wedding. From now on I am going to repeat to myself "will I wish I did this differently in 5 years" as I go along with the planning process. Thanks Bridget!

  33. I got married 3 years ago and honestly, I wouldn't change much... didn't use Pinterest but sure did rack up my hours on wedding blogs. :) The one thing I'd do differently: make sure I got pictures with my mom! Of course I have pics with my dad because he walked me down the aisle, but there are NO photos of just me and my mom, which is super lame.

  34. I would send cute save the dates, do better invitations, try on more dresses (although I would probably chose the same one) and get better shoes. Besides that I wouldn't change a thing! I also got married before the birth of Pinterest. SHAME!

  35. I got married about 4 years ago, before Pinterest. And I've said many times that on one hand I wish it had been around so I could have done some more creative things. BUT, on the other hand, I feel like there wasn't as high a standard to have all these crafty yet expensive wedding details. I feel like even the super expensive photographers were just starting up. I think it was less pressure that way, which I'm glad about. If I had a do-over, I would probably pay more for a professional photographer (we paid a friend who was just starting out), I would wear colorful shoes, and...I wish people had danced more. But Idk what I could have done to make that happen. Maybe hire a DJ or a band that would entice them to be involved, rather than just playing music? We tried to go inexpensive as much as possible since we paid for our own wedding.

  36. @ladylee My husband manages a pretty popular wedding location in our area, and he recently said, "Ugh, if I have to see another burlap and lace wedding..." So true about the Pinterest thing.

  37. i haven't done it yet, so I get to fantasize about it still. woot woot!!

    If I had a mill to spend, I would get a Vera Wang dress. Oh man, hook a sister up. I seriously have a problem when I see her dresses. Oye. And all my bridesmaids would were short dresses of their choice (a certain color scheme) and different colored cardigans with bold colors!

    Okay, I'm not indulging in this fantasy any longer, bridget!

  38. Girl! I feel ya! We got married at 19---almost 11 years ago! I think my entire wedding (dress included) cost $500 IF THAT! There are so many things I'd re-do.

    PICTURES-PICTURES-PICTURES! I want someone FABULOUS and artsy taking my pictures. Engagement and wedding!

    I'd have someone do my hair and make up

    I'd WEAR SHOES...i went barefoot...and they'd be FABULOUS.

    I"d have a different reception location.

    I'd have done a different season as well. We were Jan 5. I'd have liked spring.

    Different dress. FOR SURE.

    But...what it all boils down too, is that we are just as married as the next gal...and I wouldn't trade my groom for the world. MOST DAYS! ;)

  39. I LOVED my wedding, but yes, it was before pinterest, and I cannot imagine both the creativity and the stress that would have resulted from access to that site. I definitely would have had different flowers for the bouquets. Then again, even THEN I would have chosen different flowers, but they were all too expensive and/or out of season which made them too expensive. So that's not really a surprise. But there were gerby daisies in the bouquets and to be honest, I'm not really a gerby daisies girl. Never have been, never will be. Oh well. I dream of peonies and ranunculus and lily of the valley. I did love my simple red roses on the reception tables that my mom put together for me. I know that roses are totally OUT, but I still love them anyway. I did have lily of the valley in my hair so they were represented somewhere.

    I would have had fun shoes too. I actually wanted that at the time but didn't pay that much attention. My dress came in two lengths and the short length was perfect. Unfortunately it also meant the shortest heels possible. Boo.

    I would have made sure my photographer got a picture of me alone. I don't have one. I also would have made sure we had some that were horizontal. We only have vertical which are beautiful but don't go with the frame we had everyone sign. Whoops.

    Overall though, I loved my dress, my invitations, some of the amazing details my mom thought of (our ring bearer pillow was made from her dress, the metal thingy on the unity candle with our names was made from my mom's mom's bracelet--she died when I was only 2), and I loved that it was a gathering of my favorite people. I would not change any of that.

  40. OH yeah, and I would have had a cathedral length veil. I thought it was too fancy at the time, but yeah, I would have changed that. :)

  41. Homegirl just needs a straight up DO for a wedding, but I have plans of what I'd like. But I've thought of eloping. Or a city hall wedding. And spend all of my money on photography. These are all things I think about with NO ROCK on mah left hand. SIGH.

  42. Well, I think you and Steve SHOULD get gussied up and let the kids have a sitter and go get some professional pictures done!! It's one "do over" you can still do!!

    Okay, I'd make mine outdoors at a barn in the fall and have my hair down and a flowier dress and tons more color and twinkly lights, yes LOTS of twinkly lights. The whole affair would have been far more casual than we made it - that's just much more "us".

    Wouldn't change my groom though, not for a million more weddings to plan!

  43. @jamie, i'm loving this barn/flower/twinkly lights event. yesss.

  44. haha i soooo hear you. i wouldn't change much except one awful thing...different photographer!! ugh so sad, my pics are OKAY but not amazing. i know it doesn't matter in the long run but i still get kind of bummed about it! i think it does come from looking at all the artistic types of photos on pinterest/blogs for sure. i say we both take "engagement" shots now - why not?!

  45. I wouldn't change a thing! My husband and I always talk about how our wedding was the best one we have ever been to!

    Small outdoor wedding with just parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Awesome, intimate reception & then off for a week at the cabin. A month later we had a reception with friends at a brewery with delicious beer, food, live music, and camping.

    Everything was beautiful and we spent considerably less than most people do. We looked at our resources and contacted friends and family and used local, small town vendors. You never would have guessed that the wedding and the receptions and EVERYTHING that went with both cost less than 7K total. if you want to know how to save $$ on a wedding, I got this down :)

  46. oooooo I love this!!
    #1- I would not have had my sisters in law as bridesmaids. They clearly didn't want to be. We all felt obligated and then they moved my hair appointment until after theirs. Ridiculous.
    #2- I would not have had matching bridesmaid dresses.
    #3- I wouldn't have let my mother in law talk me out of getting married at the school bus stop in the middle of the country road where my husband and I met.

    ...or I would have had a destination wedding with just those people who wanted to be there.

    simple is better. I have already told my daughter I will write her a check and she can choose to use it for a down payment on a trip or a house instead of a hoopla wedding if she wants :)

  47. I hear you on getting married before the beauty of pinterest!! :-( Yes, different wedding dress and less money. Better photographer. SAME groom, though. :-p

  48. I think it's natural to look back and say that you'd do things differently today. Of course you would! You're not the same person you were 6 years ago. Your tastes have changed over the last 6 years. It's ok!

    The idea of a wedding really stressed me out. It's like, everything needs to be perfect because everyone will be judging it and comparing it to all the amazing internet weddings they see. TALK ABOUT STRESS!

    But in all honesty, your dress was beautiful, and maybe someday you can go to the carribean and renew your vows in a more up-to-date dress and have pictures taken of just you and Steve then :)

  49. Oh my gosh. I think about this ALL THE TIME! lol! I loved my wedding that day but now I see all this pinterest wedding stuff and I'm like, "why didn't I think of that???" Now I just indulge myself in planning my little sister's future wedding!

  50. i think i would have had a different dress or maybe two dresses one for the evening--because obviously in my imaginary do over money is not a problem.

    but i wouldn't change the place or time of year although i would change the photographer. so disappointing, thank goodness for having a talented photographer as a friend who got all the shots we wanted.

  51. I'm not married but a few years back I started planning a wedding (with my now ex) we had a (before it existed) Pinterest worthy wedding.

    Now I found my man and skipping all of that. Private family only ceremony and dinner at our house with people we a)know and b) want to celebrate our love with. My budget: $5000 (not including ring) and no one gets a say without donating money (including mom and dad)

    Although we also have a 24 yr age difference (!!!!) so I'm sure this is part of my wish for small and intimate!

  52. I absolutely loved you did this! I am just getting started on planning and as much as I love all the tools that are out there to use....it can be overwhelming!! Like your wedding should be out of this world, because how could it not with everything you could look at?!? Pressure and too many ideas! (all put on myself!) I won't even go on Pinterest right now, it gives me to much anxiety! Ha So...would you say just elop?!?! ;)

    You looked absolutely stunning and oh so happy....I would say a success! So fun to dream up ones though or think of changes!

    Looking forward to reading the other's comments; I know for sure I will be taking notes of yours!

  53. Oh, go and get those pictures with Steve! And then post them all so we can "oo!" and "ah!" all over the place, and then pin them onto pinterest. ;)

  54. Married 8.5 years, so definitely pre-pinterest! :)

    I agree with much of the sentiment in the above comments...my sister-in-law just got married this fall and was one of 2 or 3 other co-workers also getting married in the fall and the competition among them stressed me out (and I don't even know any of the other girls!). Lady Lee's comment about chalkboards and mason jars was so dead-on...SIL's wedding had both, along with a photo-booth, chocolate fountain, horse-drawn carriage entrance and rides for guests during the reception, cupcakes instead of a cake, lanterns hung in trees, sparklers at the bride and groom's exit, button bouquets for the wedding party (those were fun to make and turned out really cute!) and so on. Being in and attending a wedding with that much planning and that much going on on the big day made me pretty thankful for my stress-free wedding day. The only decoration we had were all of the flowers blooming in the rose garden where the ceremony was held. Love, love, love my wedding dress and have high hopes for my daughter wearing it someday! My wedding shoes, too, even though they're boring ivory! :) First dance to U2 - All I want is you...yes, still feelin' it! And our wedding photos were taken by a good friend who was my photog instructor in college, so they turned out great! (Sorry if I'm being braggy...just have such fond memories of the day, only tied with the births of my kids.)

    What I would change...I would have danced more with my husband, I would not have forgotten the mix cd's that my little brother stayed up making the night before that were meant to be our favors (anyone want a mix cd? We have about 100 of them!), and I would have actually eaten some of the yummy food and cake we had at the reception instead of gabbing the whole time.

    Fun post! Really made me remember to be thankful for my wedding :)

  55. 1. i would have had a smaller wedding aka not 150 guest
    2. i would have had 4 bridesmaids
    3. i want to say different dress, but i loved that my dress cost $0 and was borrowed (and worn again a 3rd time by someone else)
    4. the decor. none of it was my taste. but i didn't care at the time.
    5. i wouldn't have taken engagement pics. i think they are really stupid. sorry, i said it.
    6. i would have a different photographer. mine was big amongst the sb crowd at the time, but now i look at bec's wedding pics and am like, dang it.
    7. i would let the maids wear whatever dress they want in a certain color pallet.

  56. @ahn, bec's photog was amazing. trever hoehne right? and i loveeeed your dress. i'd totally borrow a dress if i redid it.

  57. Looking back, I am so glad I got married pre Pinterest. Even without planning a wedding, Pinterest makes me sweat :)

    Thinking back I loved almost everything about my wedding! Great location on Squam Lake, antique boat transportation, great live band, good food & drinks and lots of friends and family.

    I would spend more time taking pictures though..

    I think most people remember a good atmosphere/good time and less about the creative decals...

    My groom is a keeper too!

  58. @emsie, not braggy at all - your day sounds amazing. and i'm with you. wish i'd eaten more of the food at my wedding (which people told me was delicious. i can hardly recall!). and GOOD first song pic, if i may say!

  59. Great post!

    I had to LOL AT "DIFFERENT GROOM" -- although perhaps that is because I have been married for 12 years and can just see the humor in that?

    Although there was no Pinterest back in 1999 and 2000, when I was planning my wedding, there was the Internet, and since I planned a wedding in Maryland from my apartment in Dallas, I used the Internet a LOT.

    I love some of the little things we did at my wedding, e.g. a monthly wedding newsletter (via snail mail), rose petals covering the aisle, having the flower girl ring a bell while announcing the bride's arrival and having an outdoor wedding and reception at dusk. By now these are old, duty ideas but they made my day special.

    Some of the things I would change:

    1. My dress. I loved it but I didn't LOVE it. It cost too much money to just be lower-case love.

    2. My veil. It was too much. Why didn't anyone tell me?

    3. I should have had my makeup and hair professionally done.

    That's about it! p.s.: You looked amazing in your dress.

  60. since mine WILL be with a different groom (ish happens) it's nice to think about from time to time... although it's kind of a bummer because the first time around i really did do a lot of the stuff i wanted... would def get a videographer though. fo sho. i love all my friends' videos they've gotten

  61. honestly, i would have done it up in italy if i could do it 100% my way. with just my photographer and family/closest friends. and it would have been a heck of a lot cheaper.

  62. Great question... if I had a do-over! I have thought about that. I would do a lot differently, actually. Like not do things just to please other people. Not that making others happy is inherently a bad thing, of course, but most of my wedding was to please other people, while I wanted to just elope quietly or something.

    I have to say, while I love Pinterest, I do think it makes for constant comparisons. Back in the day, people would just see their own home and the homes of a few family and friends, and today CLICK! You can see a hundred homes, in perfect photographs taken very advantageously so everything looks, well, perfect. I think somehow through this we lose the individuality. It's like everyone has the same trendy deer antlers (and who decided that was so cool, anyway?) above their beds, and the same chevron rugs, and so on and so forth. Nothing wrong with those things, and I love chevron as much as the next person, but sometimes it seems like homes are filled with 'props' from Pottery Barn magazines instead of things that genuinely reflect peoples' interest.

    Anyway, I'm rambling, but I've thought about this a lot lately. I think the same could be true for weddings. My friends who have gotten married in the past year or two ... lotsa Pinteresting weddings, if you know what I mean. And while it's beautiful, I wonder if they'll look back and wish it had reflected more of THEM, instead of Pinterest.

    If I had a do-over I'd get a dress that fit. I'd do this by ignoring the women who worked at the shop when they told me my measurements meant I needed a bigger size, and ordering the size I had tried on that fit like a glove. Then I would have avoided the alteration headaches, and the fact that even after all of the fixing-up, it never fit the way the one I had tried on did. Boo hoo.

  63. ^ ^ ^ longest comment ever. Sorry. :)

  64. @sarah marie, YES. i am nodding my head through so much of your comment. i can feel downright shittay about my home after scouring Pinterest for too long. and i'm totally guilty of jumping on trend bandwagons--wall decals! vintage this and that! felt balls! ohhh Pinterest...

  65. HA - is it bad that I think about this kind of frequently? It sounds like I'd want to give something like your wedding a try. Mine was outside in the summer time, a very casual backyard shindig. And I imagine what the exact opposite would have looked like: indoors, winter time, super fancy.

    I'll tell ya one thing - I would have worn a GRAY dress. Yes. Ballsy, I know.

    Fun post :)

  66. I would definitely keep my dress. I designed it just as I wanted it so there isn't something I'd change. I would have changed the flowers and tables/decor. Our Church was amazingly beautiful, as was the wedding Mass there. I would have had long tables with a simpler decor, short long arrangements of flowers. And my hair! I'd change the stylist. She didn't know what she was doing! Other than that, not much would be changed. I loved it all!!

  67. I just got married 4 months ago but I would in a heart beat only invite 80 people (we had 190) MAX or do a destination wedding and only have 30 people/whoever could come. I thought I wanted a huge wedding with all the bells and whistles ,and i DID have an absolute blast, but we basically paid $30,000+ for our guests to party while our day zipped by in 40 seconds. Thats basically it! I look at brides/my friends now getting married and I'm like ug, just go to Costa Rica!!!

  68. http://libbylibbylibbyonthelabel.blogspot.com/

    those are some of the pics :)

  69. Loved my wedding :) If I could go back and change something, I would have someone record the ceremony (I totally missed seeing parts of it, oops!). I would also stay true to my original ideas on my bouquet and the wedding cake. Those were really the only things I was talked out of. Besides that, wouldn't change a thing:)


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