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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

+ cutting down a christmas tree like we did last year
(not to worry, we're still enjoying fall here though!)
+ sweet potato chicken burritos for dinner tonight
+ halloween.  i'm actually dressing up this year.  first time in a long while.
+ ice skating in boston at christmas time
+ reading our next book club book recommended by my friend jenny
(finished unbroken and man, was it good.  read it.)
+ taking swim lessons this winter with parker
+ a new ray lamontagne cd.  i don't know when one's 
coming out but i'm looking forward to it nevertheless?
+ that rv trip that we will take one day.  we will.  and i'm excited.

what are you looking forward to these days?


  1. sweet potato chicken burritos?!?!? please share that recipe! parker is so adorable and so hipster! and I think its about time Ray Lamontagne put out a new album.

  2. you would be a really cute catwoman.

    i dont know why that popped into my head.

  3. Life sounds grand!

    Don't you just LOVE Fall & Winter?!?!?!

  4. The sweet potato burritos sound great! I ate an Idaho roll last night at a sushi joint and I'm pretty sure it's the only sushi I like. (how can you go wrong with rice and sweet potato) I am looking forward to going to a pumpkin patch and seeing my girl in her adorable halloween costume!

  5. Soooooo.....yo tengo your recipe for burritos!
    Also, Axel and I are dressing up, like as a duo, you know. And, this is what I've got so far:
    Me: Wicked Witch of the West
    Him: My flying monkey.
    Me: Bill Belichick (Patriot's Coach)
    Him: Tom Brady
    Me: Fat Cat from Cinderella
    Him: Gus Gus the chubby mouse

    I KNOW! Genius, right?
    So what I'm sayin' is you and Parker need a DUO costume idea.

    adios sister.

  6. I LOVED Unbroken, definitely one of my favorite books I've ever read. And please do post pics of these sweet potato chicken burritos!!

  7. Ray Lamontagne is my FAVORITE! His voice is so unique and soothing :)I love your little man's hat, so cute. Have a great day!

    xoxo andrea

  8. I just finished "Unbroken" as well - so good and such an incredible story!

  9. I'm always looking forward to Ray. Even if it's old stuff. It's always good. And yay for fall/winter things :)

  10. That sounds like the perfect list! Especially that sweet potato and chicken recipe, I might need to look that recipe up. I am looking forward to cooler weather, the color run, friends wedding, first calendar shoot, pretending it is fall in florida, pumpkin carving...to name a few ;)

  11. I really really want to read that book in the worst possible way. I love a good love story. And wit. And a handsome guy in it.

  12. RV trip? With the free, solar powered RV that MotleyMama is planning on winning?? http://www.motleymama.com/2012/10/06/for-you-in-the-10/


  13. Such a cute little guy you have there!
    I've been looking forward to a visit from my family (grandparents)... Now, I'm also looking forward to reading this book you just recommended, so thank you :)

  14. i was just thinking about how grand that rv trip would be. now to just get my hands on an rv!

  15. I went to that tree farm with my family every year when I was little, it's a favorite memory of mine! :-)

    What are you being for Halloween?!

  16. I just can't wait for Christmas- it is my little girls second birthday on Christmas Eve.


  17. can't wait to see what you dress up as. aussies don't really do halloween, which i always a disappointment to me :(

  18. I echo the others -- please share your recipe for sweet potato chicken burritos. Sounds yummy and like fall perfection!

  19. i will definitely share the recipe, everybody!!

  20. I remember doing swim lessons with my little man...SO fun!
    I'm looking forward to meeting the little one in my belly in a few weeks and finding out if we're having more blue or if there will be some pink in our house.

  21. Oh man, just finished Unbroken myself. And wow. I cried at the end. I told Jerry, "I will never have a reason to complain again in my entire life." If that man, with those experiences, can have a come to Jesus moment...well, let's just say my hope was restored for the long haul.

    I found the beginning a little slow, but was totally converted. And my respect for all vets has grown exponentially!

    Hope you guys are faring well without Steve!

  22. Q: Could Parker BE cuter?
    A: No, he could not!
    *disclaimer, future photos do not count because he gets cuter every day, obviously!

  23. Love his hat!

    + Sweet potato and chicken burritos - recipe please?
    + new Ray LaMontagne CD? Color me excited!


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