this weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2012

this weekend i was in a funk.
this weekend we went to the beach early one morning.
this weekend i didn't get out of my pajamas for the entire saturday.
this weekend steve made french toast.  (it was good.  i'll keep him.)
this weekend steve and i got in some stupid tiffs.  (we're fine now.)
this weekend i did no laundry, but needed to.
this weekend i got bummed that there's no future fun planned.  know what i mean?
this weekend i was desperate for parker to sleep through the night without nursing.  (i know.)
this weekend i started reading this and really like it so far.  (anyone else read it?)
this weekend i backed up my photos (and it took forreeverrr).
this weekend it felt even more like fall and for the first time i was thinking, "wait, summer.  not so fast!"
this weekend i laughed out loud at the comment thread that accompanied this photo.
this weekend the lake got me out of my funk.  (i'll love you forever, lake winnipesaukee.)
this weekend when we drove to the beach i took the picture above and thought, "it's pretty here."

how was your weekend?


  1. My 11 month old still nurse, nurse, nurses all night long. Sometimes those nights feel really long...
    Not too much longer mama. One day our boys will be done with nighttime nursing and we will miss snuggling in the dark. Hang in there :)

  2. I just finished Unbroken last week...just wait until the end...brought me to tears.

  3. I love places and traditions like that that can always get you in a better mood. we all need something like that.

  4. I hate having no future fun plans. Always need something to look forward to. Not sure if that's good or bad? I've heard of Unbroken, but to be honest I've been to busy reading 50 shades of grey. Yeah, yeah, I'm reading that smut!

  5. i know what you mean about the future plans.

    at the moment though we seem to have so much planned and i just want it to begin--waiting is beginning to drive me nuts.

  6. Yes, that Laura Hillenbrand book is incredible! A real testament to the human spirit's ability to withstand (seemingly) endless hardship. Also, I feel like in school we are only taught about the Atlantic theater of WWII, and so I learned a lot about the Pacific.

  7. Reading it now and loving it! An amazing book and amazing person. What a story.

  8. that picture is ridiculous!!

    yes Fall!!! so ready!

  9. Ugh, that was me last week. Funktastic. Luckily it passed and double lucky my husband was patient with me. I hope yours passes quickly :) Happy Monday to you!!

  10. a beautiful place and photo! hopefully that helped get over the funk.

    My weekend feels a long time ago-it is Friday and Saturday here...but it was a good one!

  11. Unbroken is SUCH a good book - we read it for book club a few months back.

  12. I LOVED Unbroken!! And that insta-thread is so funny!

  13. Oooh that book looks great and we'll need a new one for book club tomorrow. I just read Deep Survival: How Lives, Who Dies, and Why... SUPER interesting. You might like it : )

  14. that picture is amazing. and you have ME to look forward to meeting someday...and i am all the fun you could ever hope for...

    that came out a tad dirtier than i had intended.

  15. @lottie simm, oh you are lucky! what plans?

    so glad so many of you read and enjoyed unbroken -- i am loving it so far..

    @fit with flash, i'll add that to the list, thanks!

    @megan, truer words were never spoken.

  16. Yes. That book. Yes. It's my second favorite ever. My favorite is The Count of Monte Cristo.

  17. isn't it incredible how something beautiful can make such a difference.
    i have gotten to appreciate the beauty of a morning or night sky or changing leaves. i literally can't get enough. people around me must be in a state of constant annoyance with me and my childlike awe of nature.

  18. Amazing book...amazing story...amazing guy!! Can't speak highly enough about that book!!

  19. Boo for funks. I've been in one, too. :(

    And I TOTALLY know what you mean by no future fun planned...that is no good. I always need the promise of future fun in my life!

    Hope you're feeling a bit peppier soon. (is peppier a word?)

  20. Awww...I always love hearing your honest recount of life. It's so refreshing in the blog world. I blog about our weekends every Monday in a recap. Here's our latest:

  21. Gorgeous picture you took! About the nursing thing (don't worry this isn't advice!), I just wanted to encourage you to enjoy it as much as possible. I weaned at 7 months b/c V and I were just struggling with it by then, and I really do miss it sometimes. They won't nurse forever (let's hope), so I hope that while you're in this phase you can at least cherish those moments where you are all that precious boy wants and needs. There is really nothing like it, and once they're done, they're done!

  22. @laura, you're right! i'm definitely not trying to do away with nursing -- just the (multiple!) middle of the night nursings... i'm not ready to be done nursing altogether!

  23. unbroken. its amazing. you'll love it. fantastic read!

  24. a few things...
    love your sweater. adorable!
    i picked up "Unbroken" last weekend but put it back down. i still don't know if i could get into that genre. you'll have to tell us what you thought!

  25. I started that book yesterday--it's my lunchtime read. I'm liking it so far, and my husband read it and has raved about it.

  26. Re: night nursing

    When my daughter turned one and I was ready to be done nursing at night someone suggested I tell her that mama's breasts and milk were going night night. It totally worked! It was something she could understand and I didn't feel like I was telling her "no".

    Hang in there you're a good mama!

  27. Haha omg. Those comments on that photo literally made me laugh out loud. Made my day.


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