Tuesday, September 25, 2012

While I do tend to be of the please-make-time-stop mindset when it comes to Parker and my overwhelming desire to keep him sweet and small and rockable and nurseable and smooshable and cuddleable... well, there are benefits to him getting older.  Namely this: he can actually show you love.  Because he wants to!  And folks, it's downright scrumptious.

We're sort of, loosely (very loosely... too loosely?  Whatever.), sleep training over here.  Trying to cut out some of the middle of the night nursings and extend time spent in his own crib.  It's baby steps.  I'm not sure who's less ready to quit the co-sleeping, me or Parker?  (Might be me.)  Who's most ready?  Probably Steve.  But, he's really nice and patient about it and we love him for it.  

Where was I?  So, he can show you love because he wants to show you love and gosh, does it feel good.  The other night I brought him into bed.  It was probably 3 am or so when he woke up.  He settled right back down, wrapped his soft little arm around my neck, and went right back to sleep.  Did you read that?  He wrapped his arm around my neck!  

I died and went to heaven right there on the spot.


  1. It IS the best.

    Everett wraps his arms around me and pats. I was telling Mike last night, "He knows that a pat means love because we were always patting his back as a baby."

    And now every time I pat him, I know he knows what I mean.


    Good luck with the big sleep thing.

  2. Its so sweet when they start showing love, it just about kills you.
    Good luck on the co-sleeping thing, it gets easier!

  3. that must be amazing and i can't wait to experience that as a mum.

    good luck with the sleep training hope it goes ok :)

  4. Oh Parker.

    I love our little men.

    Still wondering if I'll be breastfeeding forever.

  5. Isn't that the sweetest feeling in the world. LOVE THAT! We don't co sleep...but we might co nap every now and then. It's really nice to cuddle up together and BE STILL for 2-3 hours!

    Good luck with the sleep training! You can do it!

    Good for you for still breastfeeding! I made it 500 days on the nose! He quit on his own too. Made it so much easier!

  6. Sweet baby hugs, nothing better :) Have a great day!

    xoxo andrea

  7. oh, that's so dreamy. love it! so happy you're starting to enjoy the love-backatcha stuff from parker!

    my little man spontaneously kisses me on the forehead, cheeks, whatever. he also will say, "i WUV you, mama" and give me a HUGE arms-around-the-neck hug. it makes me light up like a christmas tree.

    enjoy, enjoy!


  8. Oh gosh, I love it. I used to be opposed to the kid-in-the bed, until the first time I pulled my daughter into bed in the middle of the night when she was a little over a year and not feeling well...and she did just what Parker did, wrapped her arms around me, snuggled right in and instant sleep. Now I know I can never say no on those nights when she is requesting "Big Bed" at 2am. I can't resist the love.

  9. My sister in law tells a similar story, how she was at the end of her rope and was about to loose it. Then her little one and a half year old looked at her, said 'mom,' and she about lost it. He's not an affectionate boy so when he is it's extra special.

  10. that kinda love right there seems so perfect.

  11. I still co-sleep with my almost 3 year old. I love it and hate it all at the same time. I know we will both sleep better if we are alone in our own beds. But the cuddling is the best. My oldest slept with me until she was 3. My other son Zack NEVER slept with me. And I have just got to get Colton out of my bed before he is 15! LOL! Good luck. My favorite thing that Colton does is he will pull my face to his and give me a kiss. He also says "I love you so much" all the time.

  12. The snuggles at this stage really are the very best. Actually, last night Mason slept with us (teething - so sad - so tired). He woke up around four and crawled on top of me and wrapped both arms around my neck and put his cheek right against my check and... wait for it... whispered "mommy." Kill me. SO amazing. Of course he stayed like that for like an hour and after a little while I had a hard time breathing, but it was really worth it.

  13. I was always so sad because Olivia was not a snugly baby, at all. She would never rest her head on my shoulder and only let me hold her to feed her. But now (18 mon) she hugs and kisses because she wants to! It is awesome.

  14. the decision to sleep train was sooooooooo hard but we worked with a sleep consultant and it honestly was one hard night. ever since we've been getting two babies sleeping 6pm to 6:15am and they are so much happier (and so are we). Yes I loved sleeping with our middle-of-the-night-waker but everyone is better off here now.

  15. Hey Bridget-
    So sweet. Lola is a bit younger but I'm starting to see glimpses of this and I'm so excited.
    Question for you...what's your nursing/weaning plan. Lola just turned one and we are still going strong and my friends ask when we are weaning and I don't really have a plan. It still makes both of us happy and is such a sweet part of the day most if the time. Anyway I don't have any close friends who nursed past a year so I just wondered what your theory/strategy is.

    Good luck with the sleep.

  16. @joanlindsay, ohhh plan, shman! what i mean to say is, i don't know that i've really got one. i'm comfortable nursing till he's two if he continues showing interest. right now he's obsessed so i don't see it stopping any time soon. i think i'll let him lead the way? but, if he's like seven, then we might need to make a plan...
    as for you, i say keep it up! she loves it, you love it, why not?!

  17. Thanks Bridget! Glad I'm not the only one flying by the seat of my pants.

  18. It really is the best. Makes all of those sleepless nights totally worth it. PS. Love the 7th gen dipes in the background. They are the bomb.


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