Parker at (almost) 14 months.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I don't want to rush it along.  He's not 14 months yet.  But we're approaching it, and quickly too.  This time of year seems to fly by.  Summer is escorted out so quickly by us bloggers, isn't it?  Pumpkin bread and pumpkin lattes and fall fashion posts, boom.  It happens fast even though the days are still delivering 80-something degree temperatures at times.  Changing of seasons.  It's exciting.  It's new.  I get it.

Nevertheless, he's almost 14 months.  13 and a half.  Which is crazy.  You're hard-pressed to find any suitable onesie, besides pajamas, that still fits these babies-not-yet-toddlers (But, I did.  And it's here.  You're welcome.).  And, what better to remind you that they're still so little and new than sticking them in a onesie?  You can't place them anywhere, turn around, and expect that they'll still be there kicking their legs wildly in the air when you turn back around.  You can't put them down for a diaper change without pinning them as they arch their soft little backs, contort their mouths, and let out a wicked scream.  (But Parker, we do this every day, multiple times a day.  Will you ever just go with it?  The answer: probably not.)  You can't leave a room unsuspectingly anymore.  They know.  And they're mad about it too.

No, you can't do those things.  But you can laugh with them.  And it's the purest sweetness.  It's monkey see, monkey do around these parts.  He sticks out his tongue and shakes his head, I stick out my tongue and shake my head.  And we laugh.  I stamp my feet, and he stamps his feet.  We laugh some more.  You can hold their hands and walk places while they wear the proudest of smiles on their face.  "On two feet!  Just like you guys!"  You can read stories together and, you can be pretty sure, they understand a lot of it.  You can share food and watch as they discover what's in their mouths with such concentration.  You can watch the baby chub disappear, seemingly overnight, as they move about, never stopping, until sleep.  This one, I so wish, would slow down.  I'm going to miss those rubberband-like wrists when they depart for good.

They are changing all the time.  As Mom to one of these little people, the change is so expected that it's a constant.  Naps change, moods change (thanks teething!), appetites change.  In one fluid motion, they're bigger and stronger, funnier and faster.  It's happening all the time.

I'm trying to soak in every last bit.


  1. sounds like he's at a pretty fun age :) and sounds like you're soaking it up x

  2. Well said. I relate to every word. The abundance of big boy clothes and the lack of baby clothes in size 12 month and up is breaking my heart.

  3. I love that he loves to laugh with others. A sign of a good friend in training.

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  5. it can be so hard to make the conscience effort to slow down and appreciate where you are in life. i love that you're making the conscience effort to do so...enjoy :)

    and, ps, that picture is absolutely priceless!


  6. enjoy it! it really goes go way too fast! what a sweet sweet picture! and of course, what wonderful touching tender writing!


  7. I refuse to give in to pumpkins and fall clothes yet. it's still 83 here today!

    so you can refuse to give in to toddler-hood yet too :) keep slappin those onesies on him!

  8. i love parker's comb over and those chubby little ankles. so cute!

    and i wanted to share my giveaway with you for a pair of sperry boat shoes :)

  9. Oh you make me tear up. My little Lola is almost one and we are so right in the middle of all this. Angry when mama dares walk away. So OVER diaper changes. Still plenty of chub thank goodness. Sweet post Bridget.

  10. Sweet post, friend.

    I love your little monkey.

  11. First-time commenter. So enjoy your blog -- and so GET that whole trying-to-soak-up-every-moment gig. I feel that way, consciously, multiple times a day with my little man (he's two). I think the blog is a wonderful way to help gather those moments and your thoughts ... though there are so many more that just go into your heart to stay. Not to sound freakin' sappy, but there it is. I remember the first Christmas after Eli was born, and hearing "But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart," and although it's referring to the unusual events surrounding her son's birth, that phrasing sticks with me as an action shared by most mothers regarding their children and the events happening to them, regardless of how high or lowly they may be.

    On a lighter note! You've probably already seen this, but if not, Old Navy and Gap both sell onesies (cotton, though not organic) through size 18-24 months. The Old Navy ones held up well, and my son wore them a lot, even past two years (it gets cold here in Chicago -- I didn't want that sweet belly exposed!).

    Happy autumn to you!


  12. @jennifer, thanks! i forgot about oldnavy! and thanks for the comment :)

  13. I hate this and I love it. Same boat lady, same boat. We have a first birthday right around the corner and I can already feel the tears...


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