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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ok.  so.  i didn't take any notes.  none.  i'm doing this by memory, ya'll.  eesh.  

jef!  jef's the winner!  you all know how thrilled i am about this, obviously.  

things of note:
+ it seemed less drama-drama-drama than other final rose episodes have been.  and i actually thought it was pretty refreshing.  usually it's all man-leaning-over-the-railing-weeping (jason mesnick), guy coming back to propose (reid), saying goodbye to both girls (brad), saying goodbye to one and then asking for her to reconsider at after the final rose (jason, again).  this was like, no nonsense.  says goodbye to arie, says yes to jef.  i liked it.  kudos, emily.
+ i wish they'd shown her funny side more too.  (as jef said)
+ him playing in the pool with little ricki was cuuuuute.  
+ arie: "here, try my love potion."  emily: "goodbye."  he should at least get his money back?
+ emily's brother was really serious.
+ arie should keep the roses.  that's not a gift for her family.  how about a bottle of wine or some flowers?  but... your roses?
+ looooooong pause before saying yes.  i thought she might say no.  (no duh bridge)
+ i am the man who will fight or your honorrrr, i'll be the hero... nice song choice, abc.  you trying to make us cry?
+ i liked their chemistry after the final rose.  i also liked how arie handled himself.  and jef is the shit for talking arie through his pain and stuff in the past few weeks.  seriously, that guy is cool and i like him even more now.
+ africa!  wedding!  jef moves to the carolinas!

well guys.  it's been real.  thanks for coming along.


  1. I loved all your recaps. So funny. You should do it for Bachelor Pad too, even though I know you are kind of off the TV (craziness!)

  2. loved it. every second. jef is awesome, and although i'm super bummed emily isn't moving to utah, i'm soooo glad she didn't pick arie. he was very respectable though. am i just being totally naive, or does this REALLY seem like they'll get married. pathetic:)

  3. ps- your new blog look is great! i love it.

  4. i thought it was totally refreshing too. i hope future bachelors/bachelorettes take note. not a bit of drama or trash (can't say the same for the bachelor pad - ick). i just love emily and jef is just about perfect. seriously. so cute. i may have cried during the finale, especially when ricki walked out.

  5. @chelsea, i'm the same way. i told steve, "i really think they might!" -- but, i may have been guilty of saying that in the past.

  6. @kaileigh, bach pad would provide sooo much funny commentary too, you know?! but i can't promise i'll be tuning in to it too much, so sadly, no commentary there :(

  7. I'm so convinced they'll get married, too. It's the romantic in all of us. But, to be fair, the likelihood of BachelorETTE couples staying together seems to be much higher. Hooray!

  8. @roxanne, TRUE. (what does that say about men?!)

  9. I'm so glad that Emily chose Jef, but I really didn't think she would. I thought for sure she was going to choose Arie, even though I liked Jef 10x more! He seems like such a nice guy! I can't wait for them to get married!


  10. Even though I would have picked Jef for myself, I felt like Arie was the better match for her, and she might have just chosen Jef because he was the first guy her kid liked. Is that crazy?

    I did not like the way she broke it off with Arie. He was trying to be shocked and kind of upset, and she wanted him to pet her and tell her he wasn't hurt. Let him have his pride!

    I don't think she and Jef will get married. I think Jef will get bored with her, and then she's going to call Arie up and be all, where's that journal?

    I would have read the shit out of that journal--him flying there to leave it at her front door? Romance. But I do appreciate that she respected Jef by not reading it.

  11. This blew my mind! I hoped she would pick Jef, I felt like Sean was the best match but I worried she would pick Arie. In fact I almost didn't watch because I was so convinced it would be Arie.

  12. Yay! I was happy - Jef seems so great. :)

  13. I seriously think your recaps are better than watching the actual show. I missed the finale, but all my friends watch, and now I am totally ready to gossip and dish with my girls thanks to your play-by-play! So the kudos are really to you bridget :)

  14. seriously the arie-love potion scene was CRINGE worthy. sooo awkward!

  15. Ah I'm obsessed with Jef and Emily! I'm so happy for them! And I love the picture you used! So sweet!

  16. I was so glad it was Jef and not Arie! He's probably glad he gave those roses away now...and got his diary back! I guess you know they really care when they try to go and get a 2nd chance.

  17. The most I e ver watch of this show is a random rerun here and there. But I so enjoyed reading about it all here haha :)

  18. So good, I loved it!
    One thing though: what was with the weird 'film set' place where they set up the final proposal? I hated it!! Where is the water? The spectacular mountain vista? The sea plane arrival? What a let-down.
    We're they worried about someone spotting the final two? Paparazzi blowing the final secret?
    Also- the whole season was so down-home humble. I missed the helicopters.

  19. @georgie, YES. curacao and all we have is this empty town scene?!?!

  20. dude, i'm so late to the comment-party but i can't resist.

    i LOVE jef and i'm so glad she chose him and thought the way it went down was pretty rad.

    i get that i'm nearly a decade his senior - not to mention happily married with children - but i don't mind sayin' that i've got a slight crush on him.

    i would be seriously sad if they don't make it. yes, i just typed that. mortifying!

  21. Bridget, I really want to know your thoughts on the break-up. I know it's kind of old news now and I'm lame for caring but man- something fishy happened here, don't you think?
    My Bachelor conspiracy theory is that Jef played the game to pro,toe his business. Hmmm.

  22. @georgie, i heard! i was so bummed... i don't know if i am buying that conspiracy... he seemed so legit! but hey, who knows!


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