we're back, we're back!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

we've returned home after being gone for two weeks.  it's nice to be back, although we're missing the family we've left.  we were in nyc for a quick 24 hours and then on the jersey shore the rest of the time. (you can see bits and pieces of the trip on instagram!  i'm itsahuntlife over there.)  we indulged in lots of pool and beach time, water ice, mack and mancos... and relaxing.  parker had his first ride on the carousel and lindsey rode the waves in on a boogie board like she was a regular 'ol beach bum.  it was such a nice time.

i'll be back real soon with lots of pictures.

annnnd... i can't believe july is already upon us.  what happened to june?!

(picture of cape may dunes taken via instagram)


  1. Beeuuutiful shot! Glad you had such a great time!!

  2. Welcome back! Loved following your trip on instagram.

  3. welcome back! i hope you had fun on the shore. i live here so i'd love to hear about where you went! xo

  4. Gorgeous picture.

    Never leave again.

  5. your instagram pics made me so jealous. but i'm glad you're back!

  6. Ahh I am currently vacationing/working at the Jersey Shore all summer. The fam arrives next week and I am very excited. I am craving some Mack and Manco's pizza now. Yum!

  7. Welcome back! We missed you! Can't wait to see all your beautiful photos and fun stories.

  8. I know this is from last summer, but we lived in Cape May a few years ago and I miss it. Beautiful picture of the dunes!


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