questions for you, reader!

Monday, June 11, 2012

so, i had this crazy idea!
(not really that crazy.)

asking some questions
of you!
yes, you!
i've done it before, but not real in depth.
so, let's do it.
i'll answer too.  to keep it real, ya know.

where you from?!  where do you live now?
(i'm originally from south jersey (near philadelphia) and now boston-area!)

male/female?  age?
(are there any male readers out there?  show yourself!  i'm 27.  a girl.  you knew that.)

how'd you discover my blog?  long-time reader?   new?
(most blogs i discovered through random internet clicking.  maybe that's the same for you, but otherwise, give it up!)

what do you do?  for work?  for fun?
(i'm a stay-at-home mom these days but in the past i've worked at a law firm + retail.  what i'd like to do is more telling: writing!  photography!)

are you religious?  atheist?  something in between?
(i might say i'm religious but i'm afraid of the connotations that go with it.  can i say spiritual without seeming too hippy?  i believe in jesus.  i believe in grace, forgiveness, and life after all of this.) 

what's your favorite song?  band?  book?
(i couldn't even begin to answer this!  but you all know i'm a fan of paul simon, james taylor, fleet foxes, ray lamontagne...and the like.  first book i ever fell in love with was prince of tides, but i've fallen for a lot more since...)

what's your favorite vacation spot?
(in the northeast?  lake winnipesaukee.  the beach. anywhere?  i love santa barbara, i love italy, switzerland, israel.  basically any place.  send me.)

what would you like to see more of on the blog?
(this is really a question for you.  but give it to me!)

are any of you famous?
(i just KNOW ryan gosling is reading my blog!  show yourself, ryan!!!)

(oh!  anonymous commenting allowed today.  eesh.)


  1. hi :)

    1) originally from all over...ct, nh, in cleveland, ohio
    3)i think through sadie, or megan...or one of the group.
    4)i price greeting cards. no kidding. it's quite the job.
    5)somewhere in between. i believe in jesus but don't regularly attend church.
    6) wonderwall by oasis. band would be dave matthews band or eve 6. book would be 1984.
    7) outerbanks. specifically corolla, nc. we go every year and it's the perfect spot!
    8)hm, recipes! your stuff always looks so good!
    9) ryan, hit me up after you chat with bridget ::wink wink::

  2. -I'm from a small town in central Canada and I currently live in Port Gentil, Gabon (West Africa) although not for much longer. In less than 2 weeks we'll be moving to Norway.

    -I just turned 29 this past weekend (and I'm female with an ambiguous name!)

    -I can't remember how I came across your blog...probably clicking around like you.

    -I used to be a teacher but now I'm an expat housewife. When I'm not out having coffee or aperatifs, I'm reading, blogging, finding new music to listen to, hanging with the huz, researching our next trips.

    -Not religious at all

    -I could never pick a favorite song or band. I like so many things for different reasons. Currently, I love Angus & Julia Stone, Joshua Radin, The Paper Kites but I also love a little classic rock (anything from Pearl Jam to Led Zeppelin to the Beatles.)

    -I love a vacation spot where the beaches are clean and beautiful, the ocean clear, the cocktails plenty and the weather hot. (Recently, we went to Mauritius and it was great however we're planning the Maldives and I think it will top all!)

    -Just keep doin what you're doin.

    -Definitely not famous although I'm sure Ryan G must frequent this space ;)

  3. Good morning!

    1.) I grew up in Connecticut, but parents moved to Ohio after HS, so now that's where I go when I'm going "home". Currently living in DC, but hopefully not for too much longer

    2.) Female. 30.

    3.) I can't remember, but it was before I had one and was just reading, and RIGHT before you had Parker.

    4.) For work I'm a Conference planner (love!). Spare time I love to travel, play with my pups, read, cook, exercise and play games. The board kind, because I'm cool like that.

    5.) Not at all religious, but still a good person - I promise! (many people think the two are mutually exclusive)

    6.) Book - I'd have to go with Time Travlers Wife. Just don't judge it on the movie. I've read it so many times that the characters feel like old friends and I can pick it up and flip it open to any page and just get lost in their story.

    7.) Through work I had the pleasure of staying at the Four Seasons on the Big Island and it was pure MAGIC I tell you. Too bad I can't afford it in my real life. (PS - I'm with you on 'anyplace' though)

    8.) So, what pulled me into the blog, (pre-parker, as I said), was of course your love story. I loove seeing all the kids, but would love to hear more about Steve too ( you know, more "tales of {you} and the husband)

    9.) Not ryan gosling. sorry to disappoint.

  4. 1) Originally from a city an hour outside Toronto, Have lived in Toronto 5 years, but at the end of the month, I'll be moving back. Extremely sad about this :(
    2)Female; 24 (25 in a month!)
    3) Hmm definitely can't remember how I found your blog.
    4)Graduated a year ago, just quit Starbucks last week, and because I found no real career work in the year, that's why I'm leaving Toronto. Sigh.
    5) Atheist
    6)Favorite songs are Jason Castro-Somewhere over the rainbow (yeah, the american idol guy) and Hall & Oates-You make my dreams come true.
    7) Well, I have to say NYC; I'm obsessed. Plus, I've never been anywhere hot, except for Florida a couple times when I was under 10.
    8) Anything really. I like lifestyle blogs because I like to see snippets of peoples everyday lives.
    9) Nope, definitely not famous and have no desire to be!

  5. how fun :)

    1) where you from?! where do you live now?
    i was born and raised in paris, france, and i am now about to move to nova scotia, canada (from ottawa!)

    2) male/female? age?
    i'm a 25 year old female

    3) how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    i discovered your blog a long time ago, and was hooked from the beginning because of the similarities in our love stories

    4) what do you do? for work? for fun?
    for now i am a freelance translator. i will be looking for a job in nova scotia. i was a poli sci major in college so anything goes! for fun, i love to travel, read and watch good and less good tv shows

    5) are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    i was raised atheist, but i am now definitely more agnostic, and somewhat spiritual

    6) what's your favorite song? band? book?
    i don't have a favorite song, i love music way too much. favorite band? i'd have to say fleetwood mac, maybe? and sting. and dolly parton. and so many more. i don't have a favorite book, either, since i love reading so much. some favorites include "into thin air", "the power of habits", anything by paul auster

    7) what's your favorite vacation spot?
    japan. and paris, cause, you know, it's my home.

    8) what would you like to see more of on this blog 'o mine?
    lindsey! she's so cute and sassy.

    9) are any of you famous?
    well, no. my husband isn't mister gosling. but he's canadian.


  6. Born and raised and currently living in southwest Michigan.

    I'm a 27-year-old lady.

    I'm currently a full-time accountant, but soon will become a part-time accountant and a full-time MOM :) I love to read, hang out with my family, do anything at a lake, and yoga is my jam.

    I love Jesus. Jesus loves me (and you!).

    You've got to be kidding. Favorite song...ever? Impossible! I love Brand New, Mumford & Sons, and Ben Howard the most. Since I love too many books to have an actual favorite, my childhood favorite (and still a great love of mine) is The Giver by Lois Lowry.

    My in-laws' cottage on a lake in a teeny tiny town in northern Michigan.

    Nothing in particular, keep up the good work!

    I'm not famous in the slightest, but I do love me some Ryan Gosling!

  7. i'm from southern indiana (still live in my hometown)

    female- i'll be 27 in about a month

    i found your blog when you guest blogged your love story

    i believe in jesus (attend a free methodist church).

    i like country music... and i love to read, but can't pick a favorite.

    favorite vaca spot... caymen islands, but i love any place/vaca really!

    i love hearing about your family on the blog and how ya'll interact

    not famous! :)

  8. hi, i´m from germany, and i´m currently living in berlin! (f/29)
    i discovered xour blog through... hm.. another blog?! just clicking through :)
    i´m just in between two jobs and enjoy a long summerbreak!
    i studied religious studies/ science of religion - and am not religious at all. i consider myself as agnostic.
    i love good handmade music with guitar or piano, singer/songwriters like scott matthew, rocky votolato, ani di franco, etc.
    i´ve never been out of europe (if you don´t count moscow, which is technically the same continental plate..) but i´ve seen a lot different countries. i´ve had nice vacetions to spain, croatia, ireland, austria, france, england, denmark - and also like the german coast and small islands for spending good holidays!
    sorry for not beeing famous - but i like to stalk your private life as if you were.. ;)
    love your blog!

  9. whoops- i missed a couple...

    i'm a paralegal for our local prosecuting attorney's office.

    for fun i love to read. hang out with the fam (camping, movie nights, etc).

  10. 1) I'm Rebecca and from Indiana right near Chicago
    2) Female, 29
    3) Discovered your blog through some one else's...I think it was Casey Wiegand's
    4) For work, I am a nanny
    5) denomination: Baptist
    6) Favorite fiction book is When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin <---- excellent read!
    7) favorite vacay spot: Virgin Islands and/or Europe
    8) would love to see more about you and Steve on the blog -- I'm getting to know a guy who is a bit older than me and is an Afrikaan living in I love interesting love stories!
    9) I'm not famous!

  11. 1. Originally from Melbourne, Australia currently living coastal in rural VIC!! Lived in Philly, PA In between.

    2. 23 year old female

    3. A fellow bloggers mentioned you in a list of bloggers with cute babies!!

    4. Studying to be a teacher- currently teaching a sewing class, running a small business and I'm a dancer ( for fun)

    5. Lutheran but I don't attend church anymore as I dislike the pastor at the only Lutheran church in a 2 hour radius..

    6. Song: All You Need is Love, The Beatles
    Band: Hanson ( for real, their more recent stuff is amazing)
    Book: The Great Gatsby

    7. Disneyland! I'm getting married there next year.

    8. Um I'm not fussed either way??

    9. Sorry but no!

  12. - I'm from central new jersey (the shore area) but I go to college in pennsylvania.

    - I'm a female and I'm 18.

    - i've been a reader for about a year now. i think i found it just randomly clicking around!

    - i'm episcopalian, but i'd be lying if i said i went to church every sunday (oops).

    - hmmm let's see. i love luke bryan. adele. florence and the machine. sia. a fine frenzy. random, right?

    - anywhere with a beach. i went to costa rica a few years back and loved it. at the same time, i also love europe. anywhere in it. i have a soft spot in my heart for the history.

    - i like posts about your family. they're all so cute and your love story is such a fairytale!

    - nope, not famous. sorry!

  13. where you from?! where do you live now?
    I’m from Namibia in Africa (where Brangelina’s Shiloh was born ) but am currently living in London.

    male/female? age?
    Female, 30. I officially said goodbye to my 20’s earlier this year. Aaand cue, the mother-in-law starts to nag me for babies…(which I am petrified of TBH)

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    Through Megan and Ahn’s blogs – love both!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I work as a PA at an investment bank (to pay the bills) and write freelance for a teen mag in South Africa (for my soul and sanity)

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Uuuummm, I believe there is a God and that he/she has saved my ass more than once. I haven’t been to church in yonks though. From time to time, I do get a small panic attack because I think I might get sent “down under” when I get to THE GATES.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    I really, REALLY like pop. Kylie, Britney (pre-freakout), Beyonce…) Don’t judge me. Books? Anything by Louise and Tilly Bagshawe, Sophie Kinsella, Lulu Taylor, Jessica Ruston, Jane green, Carmen Reid….My list is endless. Living in London means commuting by train/tram/tube about 2 hours a day so I go through novels pretty damn quickly.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    I LOVE Italy, especially Rome and Tuscany. Istanbul is awesome too. London’s pretty great for travelling around Europe. I also love me some New Orleans. Deep fried oysters, hello?

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Your clothes!

    are any of you famous?
    Kinda. My best friend’s dad delivered Shiloh. And I once stood behind Angelina in the grocery store. So famous by association. BTW Ryan Gosling is pretty but too skinny gals. Someone more macho maybe?

    Love your blog BTW x

  14. What a great idea:

    1. I'm from South Africa, but living in London.

    2. Female. 26.

    3. A friend of mine who also blogs recommended it and I have been following you for about 6 months now ... love your blog its one of my must-reads.

    4. I'm a PA for Architects in London,but I am an aspiring writer too.

    5. I am a christian.

    6. Favourite song changes ALL the time, but First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a classic; favourite band: Lady Antebellum fo sho! Book? A childhood book I love called Tickey.

    7. Dancing ... it's a sport right?!

    8. I enjoy all your posts, but the honest ones are the best.

    9. Errr... sadly no.

  15. 1. Originally from TX but in FL now.
    2. I'm 32 (and a girl)
    3. I followed Hither & Thither, and either you or E guest posted last year around the time you were all having babies- I clicked around and now follow all three of you.
    4. I work for a food distributor- we sell food to restaurants, schools, etc. Crazy stress, but also lots of fun. Outside of that I'm a foodie, love cooking/ eating, hanging with friends, reading, and movies.
    5. I'm with you on the religion/ spirituality!
    6. Too many to name, but I must say that like you, I'm big on The Rhythm of the Saints. My dad bought it when I was a kid and my parents would blast it on their huge sound system whenever they had people over. It's still my jam(s)!
    7. Send.Me.Anywhere. Grew up going to New Smyrna Beach, FL in the summer and skiing in NM or CO in the winter. I love both.
    8. More Steve! And I love your food ideas!
    9. Not Famous. I did meet Henry Winkler once while skiing in Santa Fe??

  16. 1. I'm from the Midwest! Obviously the most exciting place on the planet. I grew up in Ohio and Michigan and now I live in Atlanta, GA.
    2. Female, 23
    3. I'm an elementary school teacher. I taught 5th grade last year and am teaching the itty bitty kindergartners this year. For fun? Hang out with friends, explore the city, be crafty, read, etc.
    4. YES! I'm a Christian and believe that I can have an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. :)
    5. I can never, ever name a favorite song. Right now, I'm loving Alessi's Ark, The Civil Wars, and Of Monsters and Men. My favorite book as a child was The Giving Tree but most recently, I feel in love with The Hiding Place.
    6. Michigan has an incredible number of white sandy beaches and pristine lakes. I'd love to be there anytime. I'm a sucker for beaches and tropical locations. I'd also love to be back in Italy. :)
    7. Where you buy your clothes! :)
    8. No. Not even close. Ha.

  17. From Philly, live in DC

    Female, 28

    I might have known about your blog before it was a blog, so yeah, a long time.

    I work outside of my home. I enjoy road trips, the beach, spending time with family, and hosting dinners. Oh, and I am obsessed with shoes.

    I currently am a member of a presbyterian church in DC, and that is where I feel at home. But I grew up in both the Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches, wandered into non-denominational, and settled with a mix of them all.

    I am horrible at knowing stuff about music. If you like it, I probably do too. I love Jake Armerding and James Taylor - I gravitate towards slightly folksy male guitarists.

    we go to Amelia Island in Florida every year and that is incredible, I also love Boca Grande in Florida. But My first choice is usually Avalon on the Jersey Shore (the good part)

    More Marianne - health tips that aren't just great recipes (but those are good too)

    of course, duh. (but not really)

  18. Fun reading yours & everyone else's answers :)

    1. I'm from Georgia but now live in California (SF area).
    2. Girl, 30.
    3. I discovered your blog through my lifelong friend, the beautiful Lesley Graham!
    4. I work in Education for the nonprofit division of McSweeney's books. In short.
    5. I basically believe in exactly how you answered this question about religion.
    6. Favorite song: Nightswimming by REM. Book is too hard! I went to school for English & Creative Writing. I love A Prayer for Owen Meany, A Confederacy of Dunces, Li-Young Lee's poems, Anais Nin, etc etc.
    7. The most fun/relaxing vacation I've taken was to Cabo San Lucas. I've been twice and both times were amazing. But I love to travel and will go anywhere.
    8. I always struggle with these questions! I'll let you know if I think of anything.
    9. Can't wait to read Ryan's comment. :)

  19. Fun reading yours & everyone else's answers :)

    1. I'm from Georgia but now live in California (SF area).
    2. Girl, 30.
    3. I discovered your blog through my lifelong friend, the beautiful Lesley Graham!
    4. I work in Education for the nonprofit division of McSweeney's books. In short.
    5. I basically believe in exactly how you answered this question about religion.
    6. Favorite song: Nightswimming by REM. Book is too hard! I went to school for English & Creative Writing. I love A Prayer for Owen Meany, A Confederacy of Dunces, Li-Young Lee's poems, Anais Nin, etc etc.
    7. The most fun/relaxing vacation I've taken was to Cabo San Lucas. I've been twice and both times were amazing. But I love to travel and will go anywhere.
    8. I always struggle with these questions! I'll let you know if I think of anything.
    9. Can't wait to read Ryan's comment. :)

  20. 1. I'm from boston area, still living in boston area, but who knows where I'll end up!

    2. Female. 25.

    3. Random clicker I think - don't remember from where!

    4. Job = marketing director for a salon chain. For FUN I love beign outside with my fiance and adorable puppygirl, she's the sweetest. We visit family a lot, build forts when it rains...

    5. I am, but not to any particular religion. I grew up going to a lot of different churches with a lot of different friends, and I can really appreciate the good in religions, as well as see the bad. But I do think faith in something is very important. As long as it's main theology is "GOOD", it almost doesn't matter WHAT you have faith in.

    6. Song = right now? Alone by Heart. SUCH an "epic" song to sing to in the car!! Band = Dispatch. Book = Anything by Phillippa Greggory.

    7. Vaca spot in Northeast: THE CAPE. Chatham, Ogonquit or Falmouth. Anywhere? Gee, I haven't been too many places yet - St. John in the US Virgin Islands!

    8. More posts on daily life (how you guys do dinner, family traditions, etc!)

    9. Sorry, not famous. :-)

  21. 1. I'm from Menorca, which is a pretty little island in the Mediterrenan. But I live in Barcelona now.

    2. Female. 21 years.

    3. I discovered your blog because of your add in Jenny's blog Story of my life. I've been following you since I read your love story a summer ago.

    4. I'm studying Cinema & Communication, but I have no idea what I want to do in the future. Become a writer maybe? Who knows, I'm still young.

    5. I've been atheist all my life, but I'm questioning things right now. So, I guess something in between.

    6. I couldn't choose a favorite song, but the versions of Landslide of Stacey Kent is definetely one of my favourites! Band: Jack and White. Book: Tender is the night by F.S. Fitzgerald

    7. I've lived in an island practically all my life, and it's a beautiful vacation spot. But If I had to go on vacation, I would choose some european capital like Stockholm or London.

    8. I like the blog just the way it is!

    9. Not famous for now, maybe someday.

  22. I am from Northern Jersey. Have been most of my 49 years. Lived in Long Island for 7. Stay at home Mom for FOREVER. I found your blog thru another blog. I don't remember which one. I am Catholic. Favorite vacation spots: Hawaii and Colorado.

  23. 1) Northwest Indiana and now Chicago
    2) 27. girl.
    3) I've been reading for awhile (before you announced Parker was coming!). I cannot really remember how I found it, though. But, you did lead me to other blogs that I love!
    4) work: Child Life Specialist (go here for a good description of what that means fun: Chicago street festivals are my summertime favorite, watching really terrible TV (you know, for rainy days)
    5) How about we say that I am not actively involved currently, but that doesn't mean I am really something in between either...
    6) I like reading in general (so, choosing a favorite is tough). I like singer/songwriters, but beyond that I would have a tough time choosing a favorite.
    7)Atlantic Beach, FL - because my grandparents used to live there and it feels like going home!
    8) I don't have any amazing ideas, but I am loving Tuesday morning bachelorette updates.
    9) Sorry, nothing exciting over here for fame!

  24. 1.I'm from the south of France but I've been living in Edinburgh, Scotland for the past 6ish years. :)

    2.Female, I'm 28 (eep!).

    3.Through the blog nominations on ApartmentTherapy. So glad I found this place!

    4.I work for an art gallery. But for fun I write for a magazine, I play some music, I do pleeeenty of yoga, I cook like crazy, and I'm trying to start a blog.

    5.Uh good question, maybe somewhere between atheist/agnostic/spiritual?

    6.I can never answer those questions! Band-wise probably U2, but I can never pick one single song or book. Off the top of my head though, I do recommend reading Richard Russo's Empire Falls.

    7.I have a soft spot for the Riviera, but I loved the time I spent in Chicago and Texas. And Sweden. And Italy. And there are so many more places I'd love to visit!

    8.More of everything! I loved your posts about health (random, I know) as my parents sound very similar to yours, and I loved reading about your opinions on the topic. But other than that, I love all your posts. :)

    9.Sigh, I wish..

    PS: first time commenter, so just thought I'd say hi!

  25. I've never commented before..but this is fun!

    1. I live in Alabama.

    2. Female, 33

    3. I cannot remember WHERE I found your blog! I remember that someone on another blog wrote about your love story and it intrigued me!

    4. I work in Marketing for a publishing company who has 10 different national magazines.

    5. I am a Christian. A sinner saved by God's grace!

    6. The band answer is always so hard...Avett Brothers, Ray Lamontange, Amos Lee. Anything bluegrass.

    7. Turks and Caicos, and Napa Valley, CA.

    8. All of your posts interest me, but even though I don't have kids..yet, I love reading your posts on parenting.

    9. Wish I was famous...but nope!

  26. I'm Ashley. I'm originally from Louisiana but now I live in Virginia. I've been reading your blog since around the time you announced you were pregnant. I was pregnant at the time, as well, so I just kept reading! I found your blog because your love story was on like another blog's guest post or something around Valentine's Day I think.

    Funny story, when I started reading your blog I was living in Israel working at a school. One day I was hanging out with another American who was serving there, too, and we were talking about marriage. She mentioned something one of her professors in college used to say about marriage, and then she told me his story. I was like "this sounds just like this blog I just started reading" so I told her about it. Turns out she went to school with you and was talking about your husband. I thought it was random to start reading a blog, then meet someone who knew the blogger while living in another country. Small world I guess.

  27. 1) north alabama / south alabama near the florida line
    2) female / 29
    3) saw your comment on Across the Pond once and thought it was funny so I clicked and have been reading ever since!
    4) daytime - accountant / nighttime - blogger / funtime - music lover, pom sitter, runner, vegetarian cook
    5) religious,yes
    6) ahh, too many favorites! at the top would be dr dog, phoenix, and i still love the dave matthews band
    7) of the places i've been - madrid, spain & rosemary beach, florida
    8) i love your blog the way it is...mix of family, some recipes, and always funny!
    9) baaahahaha, nope!

  28. 1. I am from Scottsdale, AZ. I live in Jacksonville, FL now but I am moving to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 3 weeks!
    2. Female, 23 but 1 month from 24
    3. I think I found it through a guest post on another blog? Maybe ATP? And then I was obsessed and went back and read all of your posts. Yes, ALL of them.
    4. I work as a cancer research tech at a hospital, but I am starting medical school in 1.5 months (reason for the move to South Florida). For fun? Read, hang with friends, EAT.
    5. I'm not super religious. I went to church as a child, but I'm more indifferent now than anything.
    6. My favorite song currently is Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men. My favorite song of all time is probably Red, Red Wine by Neil Diamond. Love me some Neil! I like ALL kinds of music and listen to just about everything. Current Favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars.
    7. I went on a cruise through the Greek Islands once--that was amazing. I love Germany and Switzerland too.
    8. I like all of your posts, especially the Bachelorette updates. And outfit posts! You always look so cute!
    9. Maybe one day I'll be a famous doctor because I discover some amazing medical cure. Here's hoping!!

  29. 1) I'm from North Carolina, but living in Wyoming right now where my husband is stationed for the Air Force

    2)female 30

    3)I found it a long time ago and got sucked in to that fun love story of yours

    4)I'm staying at home with our 17 month old, Baker, right now. But before Baker was born I was a middle school math and science teacher

    5)I'm Team JC! Go Jesus!!

    6) Eek I dont' even know how to answer this question. It seems these days its Wheels On The Bus and Moo Baa Laa Laa Laa

    7) Toes in the sand on the NC beach!

    8)I feel like i know all about Parker. I'd like to "know" the other kids more

    9) My kid thinks I'm a rock star but I'm pretty sure thats not the kind of famous we are talking about here.

  30. 1. I currently live in Bentonville, AR--the world headquarters for Walmart...with Tyson Chicken and J.B. Hunt nearby. I am originally from Little Rock.
    2. Female 27
    3. I think I found you on another blog when you shared your love story? And anytime I find a new blog, I have to read ALL of their old posts.
    4. I work for a community college, primarily as an English instructor. But I wish I was a housewife because I love cooking and fixing up our house!
    5. I'm spiritual, too. My husband and I started attending a Quaker meeting last year; there, you sit in silence for an hour and commune with God. It's beautiful and forces you to truly stop.
    6. Gosh, I don't know what my favorite song is, but my favorite band is probably Kings of Leon. I like lots of different music from Patsy Cline to Florence + the Machine. I'm an English instructor, so I have lots of favorite books. You should check out The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue--so beautiful! My favorite story is Little Women (i.e. didn't care so much for the book but LOVE the movies).
    7. My FAVORITE place in the world is the west coast of Ireland. My husby and I are going back to the U.K. next summer. Locally, we go to Kansas City A LOT.
    8. I really like the funny stories you tell about your kids. :)
    9. I'm famous in my family for being a good cook! And kicking Crohn's ass!

  31. The middle of no where in Ohio!


    Jumping from blog to blog - I found it mid way through your pregnancy.

    Im a stay at home mom to a 4, 3, 2 and 1 yr old. We are foster parents and have a blend of adopted and bio kids with no thoughts to stop growing our family! I love kids and would love to move abroad and start an orphanage.

    I'm a Christian who struggles with sin everyday and only by the grace of God will I make it through the pearly gates!!!

    Currently the only music I get to listen to is veggie tales and Disney soundtracks. My favorite all time book is redeeming love.

    I love visiting CA anywhere but I spent 5 summers in Haiti and it has the most beautiful beaches.

    I love everything about your blog!!

    Well to my 4 little people I'm the most famous person they know ;]

  32. 1) Originally, southern New Jersey... not far from Philly... and Wilmington, DE... not far from Philly. Now I live in DC.

    2) Lady, 32

    3)Um... great question! Probably clicking through other bloggers links and comments. Happy I did. It was a while ago.

    4) PR and communications. Mostly with large corporations facing a crisis.

    5) Raised as a lazy Christmas Catholic... but my husband is Episcopalian and our goal is to get involved with a church soon.

    6) I LOVE any an all David Bowie. I walked down the aisle to his song "Absolute Beginners." Also, love the Pixies and the Stones.

    7) Harbour Island, Bahamas is one of my fave places on earth.

    Stone Harbor, NJ (where I've spent every summer of my life!) will always have a special place in my heart. I love visiting New Orleans and Ireland. Any place with culture and friendly people.

  33. Whoopsy daisy! Clicked before I finished!

    8) I love your analysis on Emily and her quest for love. Also, posts about family.

    9) No Gosling here...

  34. 1. I'm originally from Huntsville, AL but we currently live in NC, moving to Asheville, NC in a few weeks to be exact!

    2. I'm female and I'm 25!

    3. It seems like I read your "love story" on somebody's blog but I don't remember which! I loved it so much I checked out your blog and started following you. I think I've been following for 6 months or so.

    4. I've been a stay at home mom for the past 6 years but I recently started working again - I'm a deli girl at Wal-Mart. For fun I like to explore downtown with my family, read, play piano & write songs, sing and watch movies!

    5. I'm a Christian!

    6. No idea on favorite song - too many! I love The Killers, Coldplay, Foster the People, Needtobreathe, and Keane. I love any book by Stephen King but especially Duma Key, I love the Twilight series and of course The Hunger Games!

    7. Gulf Shores, AL is my favorite vacation spot. Beautiful and so many memories there!

    8.I think your blog is great, I wouldn't change anything!

    9. I wish I was famous!!! Maybe one day.

  35. Ola!
    1. Toronto. Toronto ay.
    2. Female. 42. (but I feeeeeel 27)
    3. Not sure. But I love it. Fairly new I guess?
    4. I'm a stay at home mama of 3 now. Worked in telecommunications as a sales mgr for 20+ yrs until this past Oct. Eeek.
    5. Nope. But I am catholic.
    6. Not sure. Big Madonna fan. Book...too many to list.
    7. Any beach. Fla. Hawaii. Best ever? St. Barth's.
    8. More of the same. Love.
    9. Of course I'm famous. In my own mind.

  36. Hey there!

    1) born and raised in Uptown New Orleans. Lived in Huntington Beach, CA for about 7 years and met my husband. We recently moved to Salt Lake City, UT.
    2) female, 30
    3) i think you actually might have commented on my blog about 2 years ago on my daughter Pearce's nursery. You were so nice and friendly, I checked out your blog, and have been following (mostly quietly) ever since! :-)
    4) I've been a stay-at-home mom for the past 2 years. But before that I was an Interactive/Strategy Manager at various ad agencies in Orange County, CA for about 7 years. for fun, I love cooking, photography, sewing dresses for my little 2 year old, and a bit of quilting.
    5) I am religious/spiritual. (LDS) It's what helps out the most during difficult times.
    6) I'm not a big reader. But I do love some good country music. Love Jason Aldean. And still give nod to my NOLA upbringing and love the classic New Orleans rap from my middle school and high shcool days. (504 boyz, ca$h money records, hahahhaa)
    7) KAUAI. but i still do love visiting home (new orleans) - feels like vacation to me. one of the coolest cities in my opinion. :)
    8) I thought your vlog was adorable. And i love your recipes here and there.


  37. where you from?! where do you live now?
    - I was born in Wichita, Kansas and I have never left! :)

    male/female? age?
    - Female/48...can't believe it!

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    - I, honestly, do not remember! I have read for a long time and LOVE your LOVE story, your healthy-food choices, the way you jumped in and made a family and Parker. I was hooked after I read the LOVE STORY!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    - Before children - I was a teacher. After children - a mom and I feel like God placed me on this earth to be a mother. :) I love it.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    - I am a Christian. :)

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    - Love James Taylor and Amy Grant/Book - I have a stack by my bed and love to read!

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    - The Colorado Rockies

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    - You are doing a great job --- just keep doin' what you're doin'!

    are any of you famous?
    - Nope :)

  38. 1. From St. Paul, MN... currently live in a neighboring suburb

    2. female, 25

    3. you won a giveaway or did a guest post somewhere... and then I got sucked in by the love story. I'd say it's been about a year? maybe a bit more.

    4. I just graduated from law school and am studying for the bar exam right now. SO, hopefully by October I'll be a lawyer! For fun... I love to DIY: furniture, art, anything.

    5. I attended catholic school K-12, but I'd say currently I'm more "spiritual" than structured.

    6. hmm of ALL time?? I'd say Look After You by the Fray is a song that has always called to me. The Fray is up there for band, otherwise Eric Church, but I'm not too loyal or obssessed with any one band. Books... hmm... so many. Was an English major in undergrad. I'd say the Harry Potter series pulled me in the most though in recent memory.

    7. I haven't vacationed much.. but I've been to Naples a few times. Love it there. Lived in Malta for 6 weeks a few years ago.. loved that dose of Europe. Dying to get to Italy and Greece. Maybe the honeymoon.. ;-)

    8. hmm, I like the content now I suppose. Maybe more steve? he intrigues me. haha.

    9. nope. not famous.

  39. 1. I'm also from South Jersey right outside of Philly.. Right near Medford
    2. Female, 21
    3. Random clicking- maybe from Megan's blog? I've been a reader for about a year and a half
    4. I'm a phd student- eek. For fun I read crappy contemporary romance novels. Yes, 50 shades of gray plus others.
    5. I'm agnostic by belief, Jewish by heritage. I think I more believe in a greater good and being a positive citizen than God and Jesus.
    6. Oh lord. I can't even begin to answer favorite song, there are way too many. Favorite book, though, is a tie between Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett.
    7. Anywhere that I dont have to pay for a beach tag! I lived in Italy, so Capri and Sorrento have special places in my heart. Also, LBI and sea isle city, and ocean city for the boardwalk.
    8. Because I struggle with this, I'd love to see more on your feelings toward faith vs. organized religion.
    9. I wish :(

  40. and by Naples, I mean Florida (sadly) and not Italy. haha

  41. 1. from ontario, canada, still live here (though have lived in other provinces in the meantime!)

    2. 29 next week, female

    3. I don't remember! probably through another blog.

    4. i work for the federal government as a policy analyst, and soon i'll be on mat leave with my first babe!

    5. not super religious, but i do believe in god, and i'm catholic

    6. books, i would say anything Emily Giffin, but i love tons of stuff, song, One by U2 and Mary J Blige (weird eh, but i love it, and it's the first song that came to my mind)...i also love country music!

    7. hawaii, but i'd go anywhere and probably love it.

    8. don't know! okay how about baby parenting tips!

    9. not so much!

  42. This is so much fun!!

    1. I am from the absolute OTHER side of MA (Pittsfield!) before moving to Maryland about 10 years ago! But I'm still a huge Boston/New England fan!

    2. Female, duh :) Just turned 21!

    3. Long-term reader (maybe like year and a half now!) I think I found you through random clicking and then stuck around because of your adorable baby posts!

    4. I am a student going to school for theatre right now (but working as a waitress this summer). Of course I do theatre for fun but I also love reading, computer-stuff and hanging out with my friends. You know, normal college kid stuff :)

    5. I am not religious at all! I don't really know how to define myself and I'm still trying to figure out what I believe in. I once read a quote from Brad Pitt that said "I am 70% atheist and 30% agnostic" (or something like that) and I love to define myself that way because it's so true!

    6. My favorite song is "Losing Your Memory" by Ryan Star - it's based off of my favorite movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and that's how I found it. However, the song got me through a horrible break-up so it means a lot to me now - strength, forgiveness, happiness, sadness, etc.

    My favorite book is "The Time Traveler's Wife" - it's hard to pick but that one is definitely the one. I love the way they love each other and it's something that I aspire to one day - to love a man so unselflessly like that, regardless of his issues.

    7. I haven't really gotten around yet to tell you where I like to vacation! I've only ever been to MD's Ocean City and Myrtle Beach - haven't even been to Disney World! When I go to Disney (one day, soon!) I'm sure that will win. And don't even get me started on how much I'll love Europe or any sort of Island area. But, for now, I love Myrtle Beach. That's where my grandmother lives and my family goes every year. It holds so many special memories for me.

    8. I like what you got! Maybe more of you & your husband? (Just a suggestion - you aren't lacking in the you & your husband posts at all, promise!)

    9. I wish! If this acting thing goes right, you never know! (Though I don't truly hope to be famous - that would be a hard burden!)

    Sorry that was so wordy!

  43. 1. from: montgomery, alabama. live: new york, new york.

    2. female - 24

    3. i found your blog earlier this year from random internet clicking

    4. for work - accountant at an investment firm. for fun - reading, running, exploring the city and of course, eating :)

    5. religious - Mormon, actually

    6. favorite song? i will follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie. favorite band? depends on my mood but regulars are frank sintra, the beatles, the format and snow patrol. favorite book? too many to choose but love the belgariad series by david eddings, pride and prejudice and of course, harry potter

    7. i love your essays, but understand that you can't always write super meaningful posts. that would prob get pretty heavy, haha

    8. my mom thinks i'm famous :)

  44. forgot my fav vacation spot - outer banks, nc.

  45. Awesome idea :)

    1. I grew up in upstate NY..Saratoga/Albany area. And I now live in Abu Dhabi, UAE (I know pretty crazy!) but will be moving back to the US in less than a month..yay!

    2. I am a 28-year-old lady.

    3. I can't recall how I originally discovered your blog..probably from randomly clicking around :) I have been a reader for about a year now.

    4. I have a masters in early childhood education, but only taught for one year. Now I am a stay-at-home-mom-to-be...I also knit and have an etsy shop (

    5. I was raised Catholic and am now married to Catholic. So I guess you could say I am "religious"...

    6. Oh my gosh! I can't even begin to answer this question...I love all kinds of music and LOVE books and reading. It's one of my favorite things to do!

    7. I grew up going to Cape Cod every summer. I haven't been back in years, but I would have to say that is one of my all-time favorites. Also, Napa Valley/San Francisco area..loved it! I have dreams of traveling to Bali...someday...

    8. I, of course, love reading all about the daily goings-on of your family and newest addition. Maybe more baby gear reviews? Since I have a little one on the way, I am always interested in what other people consider to be their must-haves for baby. Really, though, I just enjoy your blog for what is...honest and entertaining!

    9. Not famous :)

  46. Hi, Bridget!

    1) I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and still live here. I'd love to live in Colorado, Arizona or somewhere else out west someday. Now I just need to convince the fiance ...

    2) Female - 26

    3) A friend of mine told me about your blog over a year ago and I've since become hooked. Thank you for being so rad.

    4) For work I'm a communications manager at a nonprofit organization. I've been feeling like a cadged animal sitting behind my computer all day and long to be free and to move. Someday ...

    For fun I MOVE, blog, eat, exercise, laugh, spend time with the future Mr., read, craft, andddd do things not behind a desk.

    5) I'm spiritual. I think organized religion is a great thing for a lot of people but it's just not for me.

    6) Favorite song? Please don't make me choose. I'm a music junkie and I just can't. Bands I'm loving at the moment: The Hundred in the Hand, The XX, Bad Veins, The Temper Trap, Band of Horses .. the list goes on and on. Book? Oh boy - just like music I also love myself some good books. I can't pick - currently I'm enjoying the Hunger Games series.

    7) Anywhere with a beach. Hawaii was beautiful. I love Colorado and would live there in a second. Visiting my parents in Arizona is always a good time and judge if you must but I love Disney World.

    8) I think you're doing a great job of keeping content balanced and interesting. I'd like to see more recipes and health/nutrition, outfit posts, Parker (duh) and I did really enjoy when your mom was guest posting :)

    9) I was told while growing up I should be an actress becuase I'm so damn dramatic (how DARE they!) but of course I didn't listen so sadly, I am not. Perhaps in another life.

  47. Hi Bridget,

    oh this is fun. I've never commented, but i am reading your blog for almost a year.
    To answer your questions:

    - I am from Wuppertal in Germany. Wuppertal is near to the Ruhrgebiet in the Western Germany.

    - I'm female and 26 years old.

    - I don't know how i discovered your blog!? But i love it.

    - At the Moment i am a student at the University of Cologne. After this i will become a teacher.

    - Yes I am religious. I'm a protestant - but not evangelical. I think the religious life in Europe is a little different than in the US.

    - Vacation... I loved Athens and above all the Netherlands.

    - I think your blog is so good. Change nothing! But I adore the DIY-Parts.

    - No, not famous. But working on it ;-)!

  48. Hi there!
    1. I'm originally from CT, but currently live in Chicago..and will be moving to the Bay Area at the end of the year!

    2. Female, 24

    3. I've been reading for over a year I think! I found your blog through a guest post you did.

    4. I just finished up my master's in social work and work from home currently doing independent consulting, but I'm hoping to find a counseling job in the bay area where I can work towards my LCSW. For fun I like running, yoga, painting, biking..just started taking rock climbing classes which may be a new hobby for me!

    5. I'm not religious, maybe more spiritual? I'm still a bit confused on the whole thing, but I've been trying to explore it more recently.

    6. Hmm that's hard! I love Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, First Aid Kit, Mamas and the Papas, Simon and Garfunkel..I love all books, but most recently read born to run, and looooved it!

    7. Martha's Vineyard, my grandparents farm in upstate NY, Italy

    8. Hmm I like hearing about your relationship with the kids/your husband because you have such a unique story

    9. Sadly, not famous. Sorry!

  49. 1) I was born in southern Florida, but since I was six I've lived just north of Atlanta.

    2) I am a 21 y/o female.

    3) Discovered you via clicking around; reader for a few months now.

    4) I'm a student. I also work at a running store. I run and lounge around for fun.

    5) I am not religious, not even sure whether I'm spiritual, but I hate saying atheist.

    6) I don't have a favorite anything! too indecisive

    7) My favorite place is Charleston, SC.

    8) I don't think you're lacking anything :)

    9) Not famous!

  50. Well this should be fun :)

    1. I'm from a tiny town in northern Illinois (pop. 200). Currently I live on a farm just 20 miles south of there out in the boonies

    2. I'm a gal

    3. I think I found your blog by doing some clicking on sidebar ads on other blogs and I'm glad I did

    4. I have a bachelors in agronomy (plant&soil science). My husband and I farm together and raise cattle. For fun I read, write, hike, fish, TRAVEL, cook, garden, shop...etc etc

    5.I was raised Lutheran and married a Catholic. I believe in God but I also believe that everyone deserves to be happy no matter what sexual orientation or their beliefs.. There are things I don't agree with that the church says everyone should..

    6. Oh geeze.. I love me some old Fleetwood Mac, Journey, The Eagels, Van Morrison, etc.. but I listen to a lot of '90's alternative rock and a little country

    7. I loved traveling to Germany, France, and Poland. Also, the Bahamas and Hawaii are two places I left bits of my heart with :)

    8. Oh ya know, I love your photos! I think you've got a pretty good rotation of topics and photos. I'm quite satisfied :)

    9. not a celebrity

  51. 2. I'm 25!

    Thought I'd finish the question :)

  52. where you from?! where do you live now?
    born and raised in New Jersey- have gravitated from north to south over the years.

    male/female? age?
    lady - 27. I turn 28 the day before you do, scorpio sista.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    found your blog when you guest posted on a friend's blog. been reading since 2010.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I'm a meeting planner for an educational company, which pays the bills - but I'm a writer by trade. I'm finishing my second novel and planning on self-publishing it at the end of the summer.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I was born and married Catholic, but I like to believe I'm more spiritual than I am religious. I believe there is something beyond this world that is greater than me that has my back.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    song - Africa by Toto. Don't laugh - that song turns a bad day into a good one almost immediately.
    band - can't pick a favorite; music is my love language!! Mumford and Sons and Gotye are some of my favorites these days.
    book - again, hard to pick one and I have several faves that I treat like a security blanket but to narrow it down to two: To Kill a Mockingbird and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    Santa Barbara, CA and Mexico.

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I love your honest posts and find them to be so refreshing in a sea of blogs that only document the good parts of their days. I'd like seeing more of them. Also, I love seeing Parker's sweet face, but I wouldn't mind knowing more about Nathaniel and Jordan and understanding your relationship with them a little better.

    are any of you famous?
    no - but i hope one day I can do something that's worth being remembered.

  53. 1) NY!! Hudson Valley area -- totally gorgeous!
    2) female - 20.
    3) from a friend of a friend of a friend of get it...who said I had to check it out. They were totally right. You're fantastic!
    4) Well, I was raised to be religious but I'm in that whole "what-does-religion (God)-really-look-like" outside of the whole indoctrination thing. Too deep? My bad.
    5) Song = too many to choose from. I like things with a good beat that are fun to sing along to. Band = right now, I love Lady Antebellum. Totally mainstream but I love them. Book (childhood) = anything by Andrew Clements and anything about civil right (loved "Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry). Book (now) = Bloom, by Kelle Hampton was great. And I'm a huge fan of anything by Jodi Picoult.
    6) Thousand Islands, NY. My family has had a waterfront cottage for years and years and the place is just wonderful!
    7) Just keep doing what you're doing! But, I'd love to hear more about your interactions with the the 4 older kids. Just think it'd be interesting!
    8) Ha. Far from it.

  54. I was born in Hawaii (unfortunately, don't remember it!), lived in Utah for a short time, but have spent the majority of my years in Topeka, Kansas.

    23 year old female

    I discovered your blog through Elizabeth's blog, which I found through random clicking! Then I found Candis' blog through yours and I love all 3 of you!

    I am currently in school and waiting tables. For fun, I like to play with my nieces and nephews, read, watch movies...

    I was raised Mormon, and technically still am. I'm kind of in an in between phase, deciding what I want to do. I still believe, but am not very good about going to church every week!

    Hard to pick....I love Simon & Garfunkel! But I also love anything country and pretty much anything else. I'm not picky. Books? too many to choose...

    I went to Grand Cayman last year and loved it. But I'd have to say anywhere thats warm and has a pool/beach, I'm good.

    I loved reading your love story, so maybe more about you guys! :)

    Not famous, unfortunately!

  55. 1.)Boston, but moving to Salisbury, Ma. I need the beach!
    2.)Female, 26
    3.) I cannot remember, but I am glad I did!
    4.) I do yoga, snowboard, drink wine, hit the beach. I work in marketing, but hope to open a Yoga studio in the next few years.
    5.) Atheist/Agnostic. Depends on the day. I was raised Catholic and had an awakening in college.
    6.) Book: Summer Sisters (sucker for Judy Blume always) Band: Ray LM, CSNY, Allman Bro's
    7.) Monhegan Island, Maine, where we got married, fell in love, etc
    8.)I would love to know more about your typical day!
    9.) No :(

  56. From a very small town in North Carolina. Just moved back there, actually!

    Female. 26.

    I have been reading for a few months and randomly stumbled upon your love story, but cant remember how?

    I am an office manager and mommy :)

    definitely a Christian, but the kind that believe that being so means loving and accepting those who are different from me.

    WILL HOGE. seriously, google him. easy on the eyes too....favorite book is always evolving, but i just read Rebecca Wolfe's Rockabye and loved it.

    Greece was the most beautiful place I have ever been and when I need a boost of confidence, I think of myself there. everyone's prettier in Greece.

    not sure what i would ilke to see more of on the blog--babies?! yes, babies. have another.

    i modeled on a morning show once. local. but that counts for something, right?!

  57. First time comment! Thanks for letting us share with you!

    1. I am from Nebraska
    2. I am a 36 year old female
    3. I think I discovered it through E and I've been reading for about a year and I'm glad I found you, you are fun to read
    4. I am a stay at home mom and I instruct part time
    5. I am religious and spiritual
    6. I like modern hit music
    7. We have not been able to do many vacations, but we'd love to travel
    8. I'd love to see more nutrition information
    9. No, not famous

  58. Suburbia outside of Phili.
    Hershey area.

    Am I 27? Bleh.

    Elizabeth. Although weirdly enough we have mutual friends from (your) college.

    Mom/writer. I used to work at a music academy.

    Menno (the cool kind)

    I like all of the music.

    I long to return to Greece, but around here? Beach any day. Lucky to live near the east coast.

    Confessions that sometimes you let Parker watch 5 minutes of tele so you can poop in peace?

    Ryan Gosling def reads this blog.

  59. where you from?! where do you live now?
    i'm born and raised southern california, and i'm now temporarily living in colorado for boyfriend's work! we're planning to move back at the end of summer :)

    male/female? age?
    i'm a lady, age 21.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    i think i read a comment you left on rockstar diaries? and followed through to your blog? regardless, it was a great decision. haha. i started reading when you were pregnant :)

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    i'm an aspiring writer (young adult fiction, but not the paranormal/vampire kind that's ever popular right now) and singer/songwriter!

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    i was raised christian, and now i'm definitely spiritual... how can anyone look at the beautiful life that's all around and not believe in SOMEthing? :)

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    oof! hard freakin question!! um, i'll say that my favorite artist is regina spektor, my favorite band the beatles, my favorite book stargirl, and i'll just bypass the song question and pretend you never asked!

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    i don't go on a lot of vacations actually, but i think i would really love europe - spain, england, etc!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    i like what you're puttin out there already :) i love watching your kids grow up! (maybe a guest post or two from steve once in a while? ;)

    are any of you famous?
    not yet. but i'll send ryan gosling your way when i get there. ;)

  60. 1. I am from North Florida
    2. I'm a girl, 21
    3. Random internet clicking, but I read your love story and just kept coming back. Your blog is bookmarked. I began reading last summer just before Parker. I loved the weekly pictures and notes to Parker, so sweet :)
    4. I'm a nursing student. For fun, blogging/reading, family, baking, and frequent beach trips.
    5. I am a Christian, but my walk is not at all perfect
    6. Neil Diamond & Elton John radio on Pandora will have me singing for hours. Lots of favorite books, but I am currently enjoying the 50 Shades series
    7. I am so close to beautiful beaches (fun fact, in Florida you are never more than 60 miles from a beach) so I really enjoy the mountains, we love Boone, NC. I have a soft spot for NYC too. But London, Greece and Bora Bora are my dream vacation destinations.
    8.Recipes, I love your recipes.
    9. I am distantly related to Johnny Cash, so no.

  61. What a good idea - I found some fellow Canadians by browsing the comments!

    1. I'm living in the suburbs just outside of Toronto, ONTARIO. Was born here and lived back and forth between Toronto and northern Ontario on the Native reserve where half my family is from.

    2. Female, 22

    3. Discovered you through random clicking I think, and I have been following since you were about 20 weeks pregnant. How long is that?? Haha.

    4. I'm a SAHM that is into reading, writing, photography, sewing, and graphics.

    5. I'm a Christian! Although currently not the best one.

    6. Ugh this probably changes every week so no good answer.

    7. I loved Manzanillo, Mexico. Blue Mountain, Ontario & Cabo.

  62. 1.I'm originally from outside of Cleveland, OH. I've lived in Washington, DC for the past 4 years

    2.Female, 26

    3.My friend Courtney suggested it along with a couple other blogs about 6 months ago and I was immediately hooked!

    4.I work for a tech company specializing in the wedding industry (sounds strange, I know) and I LOVE it! For fun I love playing with interior design, graphic design, typography. Lately I've become obsessed with kayaking and paddle boarding. And I lovee to read (ideally outside with a chilly glass of wine and my dog at my feet, don't mind if I do)

    5. I'm Episcopalian but I'd consider myself more "spiritual" than "religious" I guess...whatever that means.

    6. Ohh my gosh. Wellll. I love Crosby, Stills, & Nash; The Eagles; Tom Petty; Bruce Springsteen. Allman Brothers, Paul Simon, Boston, .38 Special. Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, Cold War Kids, Fleet Foxes. Really everything, though. Lately I'm loving The Lumineers. I can't answer this question! Book-wise I have many favorites but some tops are The Poisonwood Bible, Unbroken, Great Gatsby, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

    7. My family's beach house in John's Island, FL. I love Palm Springs, CA. St. Michael's on the Chesapeake. Literally any lake (we used to go to Lake Winnipesaukee, too! SO awesome.) I love Colorado and Utah, summer or winter - both are heaven there. Kiawah Island. I'm dying to go to Italy - ALL of it. OK that's probably enough.

    8.It's pretty perfect. I wish you could post 10x a day...but I guess you have a life.

    9. Haha, UGH no, sorry!

  63. Fun!

    I'm from NC, but I live in CT now. My husband's in the Navy, which is what brought us up here.

    Female, age 25. But I'll be 26 next Monday!

    I think I found your blog through Take Heart's love story series a while back.

    I stay at home with my 8-month old boy, Jack. I do a little of a lot for fun: writing, decorating, reading, being in the sunshine as much as possible.

    I'm a Christian, but I'm with you - the connotations of that give me the heebies. I just love Jesus and want to be someone that he would like.

    That favorite music/book question always makes my head explode. There are so many choices!

    Favorite vacation spot: I love the NC beaches. So beautiful.

    More on the blog? I love your honest posts about relationships, parenting, etc. That's my favorite from any blog, really.

    I'm not famous. Yet.

  64. I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC; I now live just outside Raleigh in a town called Morrisville.

    Female, 26.

    I'm a pretty new reader; I read your love story a while ago, but didn't start regularly reading your blog until last month-ish, when you left a comment on mine.

    I'm a stay-at-home mom also; I've never had a career job, but I did some work as a blog designer for a while until I got too busy. I'd love to have more time for writing, and for learning about interesting things like graphic design, calligraphy and sewing.

    I'm Mormon, and very happily so. I sometimes wonder what people think when they hear that, but I consider myself a Christian and do my best to act that way.

    Wow, this is a tough question. I love Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and Coldplay. I usually say my favorite book is The Chosen, but I also love Watership Down, Little Women, and Catch 22.

    I love vacationing in NC, either at the coast {I can't wait until I have time to visit the beach again!} or the mountains, which are gorgeous. We used to visit both every summer, and I miss them.

    I feel like I'm still getting to know your blog, so I have no idea what to ask of you, and even if I did, no right to ask it yet.

    Not famous.

  65. where you from?! where do you live now?
    Raised in San Diego, CA
    Currently live in Newport Beach, CA (Balboa Island to be more exact, the happiest little island!)

    male/female? age?
    GIRL POWER and I'm 26

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?

    I discvovered it through your old internet pal E-Tells-Tales (not sure how I discovered hers, I think my Mom actually led me on to her) I think I've been reading for about a year (dont' quote me on that time seems to pass by far too quick these days)

    what do you do? for work? for fun?

    I'm an interior Designer. I work as a Conceptual Designer for a high end residental design firm in Newport Beach.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?

    I've been bad lately in the whole attending church on a regular basis thing, but heck yeah I believe in Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and that life on Earth is just the begining. Jesus loves, me this I know!

    what's your favorite song? band? book?

    I'm quite pathetic in my choice of music. Definitly not hip to sceen. I'm an oldies fan. Love Sam Cooke, Etta James, Dean Martin
    that whole crew.
    The first book I ever truly loved was the Great Gatsby.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?

    Oh gosh I've loved everywhere I've every been. A few favorites are Paris, Provence, the Amalfi Coast, Savannah, Kona, Cabo, Charleston, Martha's Vineyard, Lake Tahoe, Greek islands.

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?

    I'm a Parker addict, so the more baby the better. Some of your favorite things like makeup, baby gear and whatever else. Would love a home tour!

    are any of you famous?

    Sadly no, but I have met N'sync!

  66. where you from?! where do you live now?
    (Oklahoma and Oklahoma! I've lived in OKC, Tulsa, and BA)

    male/female? age?
    (I have lady parts and I am 30)

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    (If I remember correctly, you did a guest post on maybe Story of My Life and since then I have been a long-tinre reader!)

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    (I have worked for an oil and gas company for the last 6 years and worked in real estate for 5 years before this. I am a mom to 3 kids - 13 year old girl, 11 year old and 2 year old boys. I do a lot of stuff that revolves around them. I do like to go to movies with my friends. I like the lake and bike riding.)

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    (I am non-demoniational. I have an atheist for a father and sister. I believe that everyone has a right to choose what they believe and it is not my place to judge or tell them what to do. To each their own, is my motto.)

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    (Almost every song is my new favorite song. LOL! I like a variety of everything. I grew up listening to Grateful Dead thanks to my parents. I love Dave Matthews Band, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, etc. I don't have a favorite book. But I did read ALL 3 Hunger Games books in 6 days.)

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    (Destin, Florida! We have only been one time but I am dying to go back again!!!)

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    (I really don't have anything in particular that I would like to see more of. Maybe some fashion tips. You always look adorable in your photos)

    are any of you famous?
    (LOL! I am not famous!)

  67. I just realized I spelled Denominational wrong. I spelled it DEMON. HAHA!

  68. *I grew up in Eastern South Dakota, moved to the Sandhills of Nebraska for high school, and I currently live in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
    *28, female
    *Random clicking--I think from E Tells Tales. I've been reading for about 6 months now.
    *I'm currently a teacher, but planning to be a student/SAHM in the near future.
    *This is always tough. I'm a fan of the Black Keys, Bob Dylan, and I'm currently listening to The Alabama Shakes and The Lumineers. I have a lot of favorite books, but Things Fall Apart was one of my favorites from high school.
    *Also tough. I love the mountains.
    *Love the Parker videos.
    *Not even distantly related to somebody relatively famous.

  69. fun idea!
    -i grew up in maine, but moved to boston for school & never left.
    -female, 26
    -fairly new reader; my cousin reads your blog and i found it through her blog.
    -currently in public accounting, but will be a stay at home mom in august! i love home decor & party planning.
    -i have a similar religious/spiritual outlook.
    -i'll read anything, but current favorite is anything by tana french.
    -northeast: boothbay harbor, me or edgartown, ma. other top picks: french polynesia, iceland & croatia.
    -i'll have to read more to tell you! i really enjoyed your love story and the family posts.
    -definitely not famous

  70. Hello friend!

    * I'm in Australia! I live in Melbourne, about three hours away from where I was born and raised.
    * I'm female and 19 (nearly 20!) years old.
    * I cannot even remember how I found your blog, it has been forever. Like over two years I would say.
    * I'm still a student, studying to be an english/history teacher. Meanwhile, I work in the library at my university. For fun? I love to read, take pictures, and spend time on this here internets =P
    * Yes I am. I'm a Christian. I too believe in grace and life after this. I believe the Bible. I believe in the Sovereignty of God.
    * Oh wow..I like everything. Umm..right now my favourite song is 'nature boy' by ella fitzgerald, my favourite band is a band called 'All Sons & Daughters', and my favourite book is Anna Karenina.
    * My family goes to the same beach for vacation every year. I adore it.
    * I love your vlogs!
    * Not famous unfortunately haha. If I ever meet Ryan Gosling I'll put in a good word for you. I'm sure your dear husband won't mind =)

    Maddison xx

  71. Oh I love this :)

    where you from?! where do you live now?
    originally from worcester, now residing in boston. brighton, to be exact.

    male/female? age?
    all woman. 24.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    long-time reader. you inspired me to start my own bloggy. duh.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    i'm a runner. for work, an editor/content producer. for fun, dog lover and petter.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    something in between. uncertain? finding myself? something like that.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    song = indian moon by state radio. band = florence + the machine (for right now). book = white oleander.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    san diego!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    recipes for the cooking impaired plz.

    are any of you famous?
    so famous. i was on the news, you know.

  72. *I'm from Southern Alberta Canada, lived in Bristol, England the past 6 years and recently moved back to Alberta.
    *Female, 27
    *I don't remember....random clicking probably...
    *stay-at-home mama but I used to work in an Optometrist office.
    *Not a huge music person, I do love to read though! Favourite books...all classics, Jane Austen, Bronte, Dickens...I'll read anything actually...
    *Hmmm I love camping in the Rockies or going to the beach in St. Ives.
    *I think you're doing a pretty good job! Keep it up!
    *I'm not famous but my son thinks I'm pretty darn cool...

  73. -I am from south Louisiana (Cajun country!) and still live there today!

    -I am 26 years old and female

    -I think I found your blog through Elizabeth (E Tells Tales)

    -I am a mother/student/legal assistant

    -I am unsure of my beliefs currently. I was raised very conservative Baptist, but disagree with much of it

    -Band: Snow Patrol, Band of Horses, The Paper Kites, etc. Book: anything classic

    -I really reallly like Prague

    -I love your blog as is!

    -Not famous. Sadface.

  74. 1. where you from? Los Angeles Calif, but I've lived in Provo and SLC Utah for 11 years now!!

    2. male/female? age?
    Girl. 29 as of last Thurs.

    3. how'd you discover my blog? E-Tells-Tales and I've been reading for . . . a few months?

    4. what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I just quit teaching after 5 years (interior design, fashion, sewing and an adult preparation class) and I'm about to start a job as a nanny in the fall so that I can spend more time with my 1-year-old baby girl!

    5. are you religious?
    I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most people call us Mormon. :)

    6. what's your favorite song? band? book?
    My brother's make fun of me because every song that comes on the radio is my "favorite song". I LOVE music from the 60's and 70's, that's where my musical heart is. The Beatles are my fav band, because they have a song for almost any mood I'm in.

    7. what's your favorite vacation spot?
    If its warm and has a pool its perfect to me.

    8. what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I love everything you post! But I always love recipe posts, thinking of food ideas is harder for me that cooking them!

    9. are any of you famous?
    I'm only famous to my high school twitter followers. And even that is too much attention for me to handle!

  75. Hi:) The narcissist in me is loving this idea!

    1- From Salt Lake City, Utah. Now live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    2-Female, 29

    3- long time reader, I can't remember how I found your blog? shoot. I think maybe you reached out first & then I clicked over and was hooked;)

    4- Stay at home mom (currently applying for a job, but it's hush hush for now:). Previously worked for Anthropologie, in LA & Utah, buyer for a baby boutique after that. Also worked in Escrow. For fun I spend time with outside with my fam, girls nights, travel & shop.

    5- Religious. It's complicated... a little right now.

    6- Don't have a favorite song, but Norah Jones is still my favorite artist. Favorite book is Kite Runner & James and the Giant Peach

    7- Lake Powell is my favorite vacation spot, with Sun Valley or Laguna Beach as a close second.

    8- more of on the blog? hmmm... I'm pretty happy as you have it now. I wish I had more time to comment on all that I love to read.

    9- totally famous, with my kids.

    Thanks Bridg!!

  76. 1. I live in the lovely MN capitol city of St Paul!

    2. female, 37

    3. I have no idea how I stumbled upon this blog.... but i was instantly hooked as I realized your MN connections. I live 50 minutes away from Wright Tire in Anoka but it's the only place I'll take my car. Love that Tom sr, and how he still recognizes me from going to youth group 20 years ago...

    4. Work: High School Health Science Teacher, fun: read, cook, garden, concerts, anything outdoors!

    5. Yep! Believe in the Bible, believe in God.

    6.Oh good grief that is way too tough of a question. The song/band changes... I have more of a top ten list but that would take up too much room. Book? I really like The Cape Ann.

    7. Here in Minnesota I favor the North Shore or Park Rapids, otherwise I like Sunny San Diego!

    8. I like your recipes and stories of those kids!

    9. Not yet. When I win the lottery I will become famous for continuing to teach. And I will also open a flower shop called The Kitty's Litter.

    10. The End.

  77. ~ I'm from the Pacific Northwest, in a city called Gig Harbor (WA). One short hour-long drive from Seattle. But now I'm living in Provo, Utah, for school.

    ~I'm a girl. Age 20.

    ~My friend pointed me to your blog last summer because I had just started dating a man in his mid thirties with four kids, and she wanted me to know that things like that actually do happen!

    ~I'm a student at BYU right now, and earnestly searching for my mission in life.

    ~Yes, I'm religious. Currently I'm asking a lot of questions on the subject, but when it really comes down to it, I'm a firm believer in God, Jesus Christ, grace, and a beautiful life after this one.

    ~Pogue, "Love You Till The End" is a current fav. But next week it will be something different. Love Chicago, Neil Diamond, Josh Turner (yes, country), and Lana Del Ray (to name a few). Love me some music! Books? Lord Of The Rings was the first book I read and loved when I was eleven. Favorite book now? Jane Eyre.

    ~Disneyland. No joke. Happiest place on earth, and full of the greatest memories with my family. But Germany, DC, Whistler, NY, and Powell are all other favorites. I'll go anywhere. I'm dying to go somewhere!

    ~Love posts about your whole family the most. Oh, and The Bachelorette of course.

    Hope somebody famous posts today. :)

  78. Here we go...maybe you'll get to comment 66 by the end of the week:).

    From all over, mainly grew up in DC and Michigan. Currently in IDAHO, country of the free:).

    Female, 32.

    Found you by a lucky click of the mouse. Reading a few had me at "...high-fructose corn syrup vomited on my kitchen table..." That was awesome.

    What do I do? I'm in the thick of raising 5 fellas, 10 down to 9 mos. Loving the mothering gig. Work? Mom. Fun? Mom...AND being outside, photography, running, laughing with/at the hubs, reading/writing, wanna-be gardening, er, eating.

    Yep, religious. LDS/Mormon.

    Song, band? Oh dear. John Denver, James Taylor, Bread, Karen Carpenter, CCR, alison kraus.

    Book? A Parchment of Leaves, by Silas House.

    Vaca? San Juan Islands, in WA. Heaven on earth.

    On the blog?'s great already. I love the "everyday" sort of moments. You say things in a fantastic sort of way. You make me laugh. It's great. It's real. Good job, you.

    Famous? Nope...unless you count the time I was the featured cook in our small town newspaper...THAT'S celebrity:).

    p.s. fun idea, getting to know your readers. happy reading.

  79. I love this :)

    1) I'm from San Diego, and now living in Santa Barbara.
    2) I'm a 22 (almost 23!) yr old gal.
    3) I think I discovered your blog from a guest post on my friend Alycia's blog over at Crowley Party. I've been reading since when you were prego with Parker. It's been so fun watching him grow up!
    4) I work for a software company doing client support, and for fun I like to work out, read, cook and travel! All of which preferably with good friends!
    5) I am religious! I'm a Christian.
    6) Ohh this one's tough. Favorite song right now is Pay Phone by Maroon 5 (it changes weekly) and favorite book right now would have to be Bloom.
    7) Favorite vacation spot? Probably Hawaii.
    8) Hmm I love seeing your gorgeous pics.
    9) Definitely not famous, who knows, maybe one day!

  80. - born in VA, but grew up on the gulf coast of FL in St. Pete where I still live.

    - 34 y/o female

    - I don't remember how I came across your blog, but I love reading it.

    - I'm a Sr. Sales Rep in the technology industry (10+ Yrs). For fun my hubs & I travel, read, listen to music, kayak, boat, beach it and hang out in our pool w/ our pup.

    - more spiritual than religious

    - It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite band and/or song. I listen to way to much music & at any time my favorites vary. Ditto on the books since I read a rididculous amount (already 55+ books this year !)

    - I love a great beach vacation, but I could never narrow it down to one favorite. My hubs & I frequent the FL Keys, and I also love all of the countries in Europe I've been to. Of course I can't leave outthe Central American coutries I've visited either. Each place I've been I've loved something about it, the uniqueness that comes with each new place always shines through to make it a favorite!

    - not sure what I'd want to see more of, I like to read your blog as it is.

    - nope, not famous.

  81. 1)Cleveland, Ohio (suburb just south of it). Currently live in Dayton, Ohio.

    2) Female and 27. We're the same age! LOL

    3) New (like the last day or two, LOL) and found you from Twitter because one of the other mommy bloggers I follow, follows you and I got interested.

    4)SAHM is my "job." Also, what is fun? :P I used to work on my novel all the time and try to when I have enough brain energy.

    5) I love Jesus. That's pretty much all there is to it!

    6)Not sure I have a favorite song; it changes. Same thing for band, although I love Skillet and Red. Also love J-Pop (Japanese pop) and classical. Yeah I am eclectic like that.

    I have lots of favorite books: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan ranks up there as well as the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. Historical fiction is my passion.

    7)Haven't been many places but have to say Emerald Isle/Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Divine.

    8)I'm a new reader so I don't really know...

    9)Not famous but I know a pitcher of the Cleveland Indians, Justin Masterson. My husband grew up with him and his dad was the pastor of our church for 20 something years.

  82. 1. Born in England, live in the Boston area since I was 5 though, so I'd say I'm from here?

    2. Female. 20.

    3. I actually discovered it through a friend at school. We go to the same college you met your husband at.. so if you ever go there and feel stared at, its probably because 98% of the girl population there reads your blog and feels like they've just seen a celebrity. Sorry if we creep you out. I've been following your blog for over a year!

    4. Besides being a student, I bartend. For fun, anything outdoors please.

    5. I think my answer for this question would match yours.

    6. Song - If I Die Young Band- Coldplay Book- Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin

    7. Cancun, Cancun, Cancun. I would live there. BUT! I'm dying to travel Europe, from there and have hardly traveled any of those countries.

    8. Besides your pictures of Parker looking at Steve playing the guitar? (my heart melted at those pictures.) ...maybe guest posts? Thats how I usually find new blogs because are just too many!

    9. Not famous.

  83. where you from?!

    male/female? age?
    25 and a girl.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    long time reader, discovered your blog through our friendship on Facebook, ha!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    i'm a writer, i work for a popular computer company's retail store. i love cycling, history, reading and cooking. oh, and blogging! duh!

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    i believe in jesus, more spiritual than religious.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    ah geez - that question is too hard. i love james taylor, frank sinatra, kindlewood, coldplay, sara groves, etc. i don't have a favorite, but i love the book eat, pray, love.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    napa, california!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    i love your videos! and i love your health posts!

    are any of you famous?
    ha! someday i will be.

  84. 1) I'm from northern California - I'm talking about where the ocean meets the California/Oregon border. But I currently live in the bay area (San Jose/Santa Cruz).

    2) Female - 26 years young

    3) I found you through Reagan's blob maybe a year ago.

    4) I work as a paralegal for a forensic expert witness company - similar to CSI.

    5) Baptized Methodist as a baby, but pretty laid back in this department.

    6) So many choices! I could listen to the oldies station all day!

    7) Trinity Lake, CA

    8) I feel like I can somewhat relate to you in regards to your love story. I would like to hear more about your relationship with Steve. Also, just the day to day posts are fun. From a big family myself - there's always some family excitement going on :)

    9) Not famous - but my family is close friends with famous jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck! Does that count?? He and my Grandma even dated in college!

  85. I'm a 27 year old female Oregonian, born and raised. My current city of choice is rural Canby, but grew up in Boring (yes, it's really a town and yesssss it was really boring).

    Like some other readers, I discovered your blog from E Tells Tales. Orrrr may it was the other way around (?)

    My boring PT job is for the State of Oregon's Liquor Control Commission, but my degree is in Fine Arts, specifically graphic design. My fun FT job is being a doting mama to an almost 6 month old little girl named Claire.

    Considering I went to a private Christian school almost my whole life, I would say I'm religious. I'm a church-going, Jesus-loving believer.

    Favorite musician/band? Impossible,especially after the invention of Pandora :) I listen to a good mix of the old, the new, Christian contemporary and even a little country here and there. Book? Definitely My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

    Maui is currently my destination of choice although the Hubbs and I have our eyes on Spain (I've never been). I'd also love to go back to Italy one day.

    As a new mama, I would appreciate you sharing more about the things you couldn't live without with a new baby around.

    Me, famous? Only to my baby girl when singing her to sleep. She is my audience and her chair my stage.

  86. ---where you from?! where do you live now?
    I was born in Germany, had a little bit of my childhood in California, but am now a forever Colorado resident.

    ---male/female? age?
    23, femme.

    ---how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I can't EXACTLY remember how I came across your blog, but it was through someone else's blog or some link. It was talking about your love story, so I had to click and find out. It lead me here. I've been a reader since.... about six months before you knew you were pregnant with Parker.

    ---what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I work at a high end sushi restaurant for the moneys. For the funnies? Read, write, organize and then reorganize.

    ---are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    The older I get the more I think I believe in something... I'm just not sure what it is. There's definitely something though.

    ---what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Comin' Home by City and Colour is my favorite song today. It changes all the freaking time. I believe you would like him. Oh his voice kills me. Just. Kills. Me. City and Colour could be a favorite band. With The Black Keys, Florence + The Machine, and name it and I probably like it. Book; The Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) saga hands down. The imagination you are forced to exhibit is... unbelievable. And when discussing the book with other, everyone imagines the person, place or thing differently, but the same way you do. Ahh, its incredible. Those books and The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon. Please read them.

    ---what's your favorite vacation spot?
    My vacations are spend back on the other side of the state at 'home' which is perfect. Or San Diego. I'll be taking a vacation to Scotland this fall. :)

    ---what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Consistency. A good ratio to pictures, it keeps people visually interested and mentally stimulated. Wordy is nice every now and then if its important, but pictures with words are proven to keep people around. And you love photography so we should see more!

    ---are any of you famous?
    I will be one day in the eyes of the person that I love.

  87. California!
    Long time reader? Yes, I think.
    I'm a dancer.
    Religious. Mormon. So religious it would make your head spin.
    I love all books and music.
    I'll vacation anywhere the beaches are.
    I'm totally famous.

  88. i'm really enjoying reading everyone else's answers. Here goes nothin'!

    1 :: from New Cumberland, PA (outside Harrisburg, the capitol). Currently in Lancaster, PA .. home of lots of farms and amish people :)

    2 :: female and i'm 27!

    3 :: i think you guest posted on Jenni @ Story of my Life's blog and i added you and E tells tales to my google reader about instantly!

    4 :: i'm a part time marketing coordinator for metal roofing/siding manufacturer, Fabral Inc. and for fun I play volleyball on wednesday nights and spend most of my other time with my baby girl and husband!

    5 :: we'll say spiritual. i believe there is a heaven and a greater power but i don't think that power is a 'person' per say, more of a presence or state of mind (or soul really).

    6 :: too many songs to list. i like carrie underwood and songs that are easy to sing along to. in high school i really liked dashboard confessional and something corporate.

    7 :: when i was a kid we went to a place called Raystown Lake in PA and that was fun. Pontooning out on the lake all day.

    8 :: i'd like to hear more about your thoughts on parenting and how you're raising your children so well. they all seem like really great kids and it just seems tough these days to keep them grounded and out of trouble. how do you do it? :)

    9 :: nope!

  89. This is fun! Are you trying to compile your reader demographics? (haha!)

    1. I was born/raised in Atlanta, GA. I live in North Yorkshire, England now.
    2. Female, 29 years old.
    3. I think through Megan's blog, or maybe E Tells Tales, or something. I've been reading for a couple of months.
    4. I live in England! I have a super boring part-time job, but mostly I walk my dogs, sightsee, and shoot pictures. My degree is in photography, but I made attempts to get paid for it in a while.
    5. Not religious. I'm rather indifferent on a higher being (God? Zeus? Osiris?) but I definitely do not believe in any afterlife.
    6. "Nightswimming" by R.E.M., R.E.M., Lolita by Nabokov
    7. Oh, wow... we've done a lot of traveling since moving to England, and it's only made me want to travel more- I'm the same as you- I'll go anywhere! But where I online faux-househunt constantly? Moray Firth, Scotland.
    8. I think you've got a good mix of stuff going on- one of the few truly "life" blogs I've seen. I like how you've got it. Sorry to not be any help!
    9. Yeah... not unless you ask my boy (dog). He thinks I'm the bee's knees.

  90. ARGH. I *haven't* made attempts to get paid for photography in a while.

  91. I'm not sure that I've commented before but I love your blog and this just seems fun:)

    1. I'm from and still live in the south!

    2. Female

    3. I have no idea how I discovered you, just random clicking.

    4. I'm an accountant. Spare time - love to hang out with my husband and kiddos and take way too many pictures!

    5. I am a Bible believing sinner saved by God's grace! Striving to practice what He teaches, love love love.

    6. Fav song ever? Please! I love so many different bands/music. But I can always turn on Hillsong and be happy. Fav book- Great Gatsby/ Hunger Games. Don't make me choose!

    7. Vacation? Somewhere I haven't been yet, I haven't been able to travel much in my life yet ::Crossingfingersithappenssoon::

    8. I love reading all things mom and kiddos since I am a mom and have kiddos, it's what I love to relate to.

    9. Not famous sorry!

  92. Hi! I'm from radnor, pa (near philly!) and go to college in chicago!

    female aged 20

    i discovered your blog on casey wiegand's blog! i've been reading since the beginning of this year and was hooked from the start!

    i'm a senior in college, but currently have a marketing internship at a pharma company. hope to be in advertising or public relations. i sing professionally with my twin sister in my free time! we have done the national anthem at professional sports games like the red sox, celtics, and miami dolphins!

    i grew up in a catholic family but as i've gotten older i feel i've become more spiratual rather than religious. i believe i don't necessarily need a church to feel God's presence in my life, and I experience His grace through my family, friends, travel, etc.

    my favorite band is coldplay. their cds have been playing in my house (or car) since i was little and has gotten me through the highs and lows of my life. my sister and i cover many of their songs for performances!

    i studied abroad this year in rome and london so i traveled all over the world over the last 9 months! my favorite vacation spot is st. barths but the country that transformed my life was italy. also my family's beach house on long beach island (nj!)

    i like your blog the way it is, but maybe more posts on fashion?

    not famous, but my sister and i have our music on youtube and its gotten quite a few hits :)

    i love your blog! i feel like i relate to you because my family didn't have the most traditional start as we're a blended family with lots of weird twists and turns, but i like how you own it and reinforce that all families are the same really if they're full of love!

  93. This is fun!

    1) Texas...originally Houston, then East Texas, Waco (Baylor for undergrad), commuting to Fort Worth for school. So...Texas.

    2) Female. 25 in t-minus 17 days. I don't wanna talk about it.

    3) I cannot remember...I'm sure clicking around.

    4) I'm in PA school (like, Physician Assistant...not Pennsylvania). For fun: reading, baking, running (jk, that last one's not fun but I try to tell myself it is so I keep doing it).

    5) Raised charismatic/nondenominational. Always gone to church, just recently trying to figure out what that really means. But my husband's a professional Christian so I get into Heaven by default, right??

    6) Song: I can't even try to answer that.
    Band: Hanson (obvi). But I mostly listen to rap because it. is. hilarious.
    Book: The Poisonwood Bible, Great Gatsby, Harry Potter (don't tell my parents)

    7) THE BEACH! Caribbean ones have been cuttin' it thus far, but I imagine Grecian ones may steal my heart.

    8) I've got nothing.

    9) I am Ryan Gosling. Clearly.

  94. Hey bridget! I'm emily- emilyblodg on instagram, I know I've "liked" your pics a lot and commented a couple times how both our little guys are named Parker, and are only weeks apart I think- so now I get to tell you a little more about me so you don't get creeped out! :)

    *- I'm from Benicia, CA- 40 min south of SF- and I now live with my hubby and baby parker in San Ramon CA- still about 40 min from SF
    *- Female :) 23
    *- I think I found it through E tells tales, fairly a new reader
    *- I'm a stay at home mom, I love to run, read, cook, bake and pretend I'm crafty
    *-I'm a mormon
    *- I love Michael Buble, James Taylor, Jack Johnson..all over the place. Fav book? too hard- although I just finished Heaven is Here
    *- Lake Tahoe, my family has been going to the same camp ground for 22 years! Also, Italy, Austria
    *- I love just hearing about your life as a mom and wife. And seeing outfits and recipes :)
    *- haha- not famous, and not ryan gosling :)

  95. 1. From Newbury (close to where you live) but now I live in the South.
    2. Female, 40!
    3. Can't remember cuz I'm 40!
    4. Stay at home mom of 5, love to run for the 30 minutes of peace
    5. spiritual because it works for me and my family.
    6. Can't name a favorite song but love any music that makes me move. Poisonwood Bible, Still Alice
    7. Tuscany, any beach but my favorite is Plum Island- all the way down to the end.
    8. I really enjoy your blog entries that are simply about being a mom.
    9. My husband thinks I'm a Rock Star but otherwise no, not famous.

  96. Hi Bridget! I've never commented before but I love that you wanted to get to know your readers.

    where you from?!
    North Florida

    male/female? age?
    A lady of 32 years.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I've been reading since your pregnancy. I think I read a comment of yours on another blog and clicked?

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I have the best job in the world as a stay at home mom! I love yoga, running, interior decorating and just hanging with the fam.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Total spiritual hippie!

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Tom Petty is my main man. LOVE. I couldn't pick a favorite song! I love to read so picking a favorite book is soooo hard! The Shadow of the Wind really could be it, though.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    I haven't vacationed nearly enough to answer this! But, living in Florida is like a permenant vacation. Beaches, cities, country life, it's all here.

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I really enjoy what you've got going already. :)

    are any of you famous?
    Not this lady!

  97. 1. I was born and partially raised in NY then moved to Orlando, FL. I went to school and now live in Central Texas.

    2. I'm a little lady of 23.

    3. I forget how I found your blog. Random internet clicking maybe. When I saw you live in MA, I was hooked...I love and dream of New England.

    4. I recently finished grad school and am desperately looking for a job in the social services field. This whole stay at home wife thing could grow on me though especially if we had kiddos.

    5. I love Jesus

    6. Favorite song would have to be "Home" by Edward Sharpe. Favorite band would have to be The Civil Wars.

    7. My ideal vacation would be in the mountains/country. Oh and anywhere with snow because I love snow.

    8. I'd love to hear more about what you cook! I have a feeling you have some great recipes you've been hiding.

  98. where you from?! where do you live now?
    I am from the Boston-area and, for a great change of scenery, I live in...the Boston-area

    male/female? age?
    Female. 29.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I have been reading since you were pregnant with Parker. I think I found you by random internet clicking.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I am partially a stay-at-home-mom and partially a massage therapist. I work about 16 hours a week. Fun time is filled with family, being near water, hiking, exercise, and more family.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    i like to say that I am more spiritual than religious, but I fear that I sound pretentious. I was raised Catholic and now we attend a U.U. church. I carry a lot of core Catholic beliefs (in God, Jesus, Mary, etc), while having a much more open, liberal viewpoint on love, forgiveness, sin, etc. I believe in heaven but I am not sure how I feel about hell.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    DMB's #41 was always my favorite song as a teenager and I always still think it is, though I have gone long periods of time without listening to it. I guess it is a favorite because it takes me back to a person I used to be. No favorite band...I like songs much more than I like bands. "Summer Sisters" is always one of my favorite books. And, I adore "Drinking: A Love Story" by Caroline Knapp even though it is an odd book to have as a favorite.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    anywhere near the water. Hilton Head growing up. Prince Edward Island.

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I always love pictures, small anecdotes about family life, recipes, and marriage talk.

    are any of you famous?

  99. Hi Brigid!

    1) Born in San Francisco, grew up in Las Vegas, 9 years in Philadelphia, and now DC.

    2) Female, age 29.

    3) Internet clicking!

    4)I am a fundraiser, runner, reader, and wife.

    5) I consider myself an Atheist though I was raised Lutheran. I believe in fate, the rule of 3, and being good to each other.

    6) Golly this one is hard! I love music - oldies, pop, rock, hip hop, 90s grunge, etc. Lately I have been reading more non-fiction than fiction especially biographies.

    7) I love to travel abroad. My husband proposed in Paris (amazing!), I would love to go back to the Cinque Terre in Italy, and my dream trip is to Thailand and Cambodia.

    8) I would love to hear more about parenting the baby and the big kids, how you make healthy organic choices, and life lessons generally.

    9) Thankfully, not famous!

  100. This is fun!!
    1)I'm from Cape Cod and now live in Boston, mA.

    2) female- 31

    3) luck? I'm a longgg time reader (lurker?)

    3) Insurance Guru for super rich people... but I'm an artist for fun :)

    4) Catholic

    5) Music- Kiss 108 stuff (Boston readers) plus anything country and I love Jason Mraz- "I'll Never Give Up" is a huge current favorite on the iphone/ipod.
    Books- anything Michael Crichton, Emily Giffin's series (something borrowed, something blue...)

    6) Bahamas. hands down. But anywhere warm, quiet, with good places to eat (can't stand St. Maarten), that isn't toooo far away. Although someday I'd love to go Fiji :)

    7) Recipes. I love what you write, but what you cook is amazing and I think I'm in love with that Tamale dish.

    8) sadly, not famous. but I am two degrees from Kevin Bacon (and Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, and an assortment of other famous people) if that counts?

    Thanks for making my monday Blog reading super fun!!

  101. 1) i grew up in pennsylvania. i now live in british columbia.

    2) girl - 25

    3) random clicking, i read your love story and i stayed.

    4) for fun - paint, create, repurpose, reuse, restore mostly as it relates to decorating. i've been immigrating like it's my full time job, but that's over now so i have to actually get a job. by education i'm a pastor, but i doubt that will be my employment.

    5) i believe in jesus. my goal is to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.

    6) mumford and sons tops the list right now. civil wars is another fav. harry potter is my favorite book series.

    7) i haven't tired of the rocky mountains yet. i dream of vacations in europe though.

    8) recipes. but really anything you want to talk about.

    9) no. sadly.

  102. where you from?! where do you live now?
    originally from texas, now in the midwest for work.

    male/female? age?
    29 year old woman. seriously struggling with turning 30 this year.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    been reading for a couple of years, unsure how i stumbled across you, but i'm glad i did.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    i work in politics, running campaigns. for fun i get the eff out of this country to escape work and politics which drive me insane on a daily basis, but it's like crack and i can't get enough. also do some amateur photography which i sometimes wish i could do professionally (to escape work).

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    i believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. so... spiritual?

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    not sure i have a favorite song or band and i wish i had time to read more.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    budapest, prague, london, paris. europe, really. 185 days 'til i leave for london, not that anyone's counting. <3

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    just keep on keepin' on.

    are any of you famous?
    ha. depends on who you ask.

  103. Oh this is just fun! Loved reading about everyone!

    Born in LA and raised in Santa Cruz, CA and live here currently with my husband man.

    Female, 24

    Discovered you through twitter. I enjoyed your banter and followed your blog! Year-ish??

    By day, I work for corporate of a Standup paddleboard and surfboard manufacturer. By night, the husband and I are in a motorcycle gang. Actually, we are youth pastors for our local church {for him, it's also by day..}.

    For fun, I love traveling, long swim-days, reading long/juicy 19C British novels, basketball, museums, wine and cheese, garbage television, baseball games and we're huge movie buffs.

    Not religious {and don't like the word, blech} but love Jesus very much! Grew up in a home that left the verdict up to me on my beliefs, and came to believe in Jesus when I was 15.

    Favorite song: Rumour Has It {Currently..}. Favorite band: Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, DMB. Favorite book: I like Wilde, Thackeray, Braddon, Doyle.

    Vacation shpot locally: Lake Almanor. Hands down. Google it!! Aside from that, the Carribean, Paris, Florence, Bern/Basel. For the future, we want to see Prague, Brussels.

    I love your food posts, you+kids Vlogs {loved the interviews!}, MUSIC mixes {love your taste}, local area info and whatnot...

    Famous to my mom, aside from that, verdict's still out.

  104. hey girl heyyy. here goes:

    - i'm born and raised in Rochester, NY. hoping to move to Texas next spring.

    -21 year old woman over here. woo woo.

    -long time-ish reader. probs about a year before you found out about parker? i don't remember. i think i found you through a sassy comment on E Tells tales

    -i graduated college in May with a BA in Psych and am currently unemployed. woo! thankfully, this means i have all the free time in the world to plan my wedding that's a month from wednesday.i want to be a RD at a college for a few years and then own an ice cream shop :) and for fun, i love to read and ride my bike and make paper crafts, like scrapbooking, but cooler. ha.

    -i love my Jesus and everything he taught, but i hate the church. and the connotations that go with being a "Christian" too. so i'll say i'm a Christian, but cringe a little bit. which is awful, in my opinion!

    -oh jeez. i can tell you that right now, my favorite song is "Nothing Was Stolen" by Phosphorescent and my favorite book is The History of Love. but for all time, i have no clue.

    -i lived in the south of France last summer for 2 months and LOVED that. so i'd go there again probably. but my family goes to bible camp every summer and that place has become a second home. i love it.

    -i love your little mix. i wouldn't mind more lovey posts, just cause i love love. ha. also, recipes! you make good, healthy stuff and i need to learn these kinds of things if i'm gonna be a wife soon.

    -not famous. but i wish i was just so i could have someone do my hair every day. and so i had endless money for clothes shopping!

  105. #1 From: Rhode Island Now: Colorado; Israel next month!
    #2: Lady, 28
    #3: I think Jenna? Facebook? Both.
    #4: I work in enrollment at a high school, but I used to work at a Jewish non-profit - that was sort of my dream job.
    #5: Non-denom Christian; my husband says we're "Charistmatic with seatbelts"
    #6: I am not a big music person, I just like almost anything. Summer comes and I wander into country music. My first real book love was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and I am currently reading the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks- which I'm diggin.
    #7: my home town in Watch Hill or anything abroad, I'm not picky!

  106. - I am originally from Orange County, NY but now reside in Albany, NY.
    - I am a 25 year old female.
    - I discovered your blog when you were nominated for something (I clicked through Rockstar Diaries, they were nominated too). I started reading and loved it! This was a few months ago I believe.
    - I am an adminstrative assistant going to school PT at night for Psychology. Not sure where I'll end up. I like my job, but I want a more challenging career I think.
    - Not really religious. I believe in God. Spiritual is the way I'd describe myself too.
    - Coldplay is a favorite band of mine, also love Fleet Foxes! 1984 is my all-time favorite book.
    - Las Vegas and Cape Cod!
    - Love your daily in-the-life type blogs. I find other people's lives fascinating!
    = Not famous, unfortunately ;)

  107. Moi! (that's hi in Finnish)

    1.I'm from Helsinki, Finland (yes a northern girl) and living in Avignon, south France.

    2. Female, in few days I'll turn 29. I don't look like 29 nor feel like;)

    3. Random clicking, been reading your blog for a while but I don't comment blogs that often.

    4. I'm working in small company as bilingual secretary, or office manager as my boss calls me. I do all admin works but also do the design of the logos, web interfaces etc for us. Creative yet challenging!

    For fun, i like seeing my friends, spending time wit the bf and our kitty, horse riding with my pony and taking photos! I would like to travel more but living in a foreign country feels like a never ending travel to me.

    5. I'm atheist.

    6. I don't have only one favourite of each. Now I'm hooked to the tv serie "rescue me", listening Bach and would like to lay my hands on some finnish litterature. It's been too long...

    7. Hands down, favourite is my home country Finland. I recommend it to everyone seeking peaceful forests, lakes and happy time.

    8. More vlogs!

    9. Nope and so happy about it. Don't understand people who wants to be famous, so people can follow every moveand mistake you make ;) he he.

  108. -i was born in CA, moved to Wyoming when i was 2, then moved to Hawaii (Kauai specifically) when i was 11, then came to Los Angeles for college at 18 and have been here ever since! i am itching to get out of LA though, so if you need a nanny i'm available...

    -i'm a 24 year old girl/woman/child/adult/still figuring it out

    -through the blog chain, clicking on different sponsors and reading different guest posts. i think i came to you via fairytales are true or portland & peonies/explore dream discover. i started reading right as you were announcing your pregnancy!

    -i'm a paralegal by day, which is not so fun, and by night i am a experimental cook, a cat/dog/animal lover, a yogi, a travel enthusiast, and much more. i try to balance my free time out so i don't cry myself to sleep every night during the week....

    -i adore the way you answered this question, so i'm just going to hop on your train and leave it at that!

    -man oh man! cat stevens is one of my all time favorites, along with fleetwood mac, bon iver and arcade fire. book wise, love in the time of cholera is my number 1. for sure. and gone with the wind!!

    -positano, italy is top of my list. stateside, even though i'm from both these places so i guess it doesn't really count, the rocky mountains in Wyoming and Kauai, Hawaii. you really can't go wrong!

    -you always have the best recipes, i've tried a number of yours and have had success every time! so maybe more recipes? and of course parker stories are the cutest. oh, and bachelor/bachelorette posts! yes!

    -nope, no famousness here...

  109. Hi!
    I am Gioia (31-wife-retail-nanny-pillowfactory-school) from Italy (small town in the province of Treviso) i've lived in southern California for the past 5 years. I discovered your blog because you featured one of my pillows on one of your posts and let me know you did so :) I enjoy James Blunt and reading anything by Henri Nouwen. Whenever my wallet allows it I love to go back to my "homeland" (my wallet has been mean to me lately)

  110. where you from?! where do you live now?
    -from Thousand Oaks, Ca and I live in Thousand Oaks, Ca!

    male/female? age?
    female, 27

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    -random internet clicking over a year ago. I found it at jury duty and literally spent the whole entire day reading your blog from beginning to end!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    -sales/nanny/hang out with my fiance (60 days to go!), watch tv

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    -spiritual but I believe in heaven/jesus/etc

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    -honestly, i have no clue!!

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    -Chicago and Yosemite, both are amazing!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    -i love it the way it is!

    are any of you famous?
    -definitely not!

  111. 1. Originally from Chicago but currently live in the Dominican Republic!
    2. Female 25
    3. random internet clicking
    4. I work as a General Manager of a coffee shop company here in the DR, sort of like Starbucks
    5. Christian
    6. Favorite song/band/book !? Too hard! But I'm currently reading the 50 shades trilogy!
    7. Favorite vacay spot: Italy/Spain (I lived in Spain for 2 years)
    8. What I'd like to see more of? Hmm.. Everything!
    9. definitely not famous!

  112. 1. Born in San Francisco, raised in Laguna Beach, went to college in Santa Barbara, currently living in San Diego. Apparently, I'm a west coast hopper.
    2. Female, 28
    3. Via an ad of yours on Lovely Morning a year and a half ago.
    4. Work from home doing marketing/social media marketing consulting. About to become a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom in 2 months!
    5. Kindness is my religion.
    6. I'm gonna have to plead the fifth, but some favorites band wise: The Wombats, Bon Iver, Everclear. Possible favorite book: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.
    7. Calistoga. I spent my summers and winter breaks there as a kid visiting my grandparents. All time favorite place on earth, hands down.
    8. Since I'm having a baby in 2 months, and you've gone the natural route, I'd love some tips to mentally prepare! I trust your recs (even got the Beco Gemini carrier; holla!).
    9. My dog thinks I'm famous.

  113. - born and raised in pleasanton, california, 40 min from SF.
    - female. 25.
    - i even don't remember how i came across your blog, but i want to be your best friend. longggg time reader & instagram follower, first comment ever... eeek don't hate ;)
    - i work for an international basmati rice company
    - i am a christian
    - song = everything by lifehouse. band = too many to name! book = the great gatsby.
    - italy, hands down. africa, new york city, hawaii.
    - your writing! healthy recipes! steve!
    - my litte brother told me when i was 14 that i would be famous... yeahhh still working on that..

  114. Hi Bridget, I'm Kylie!

    1) I was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona, and now I live in Utah during the school year and Arizona during the summer. I'm totally in love with my hometown!

    2) I'm female and I'm 19.

    3) I honestly don't remember how I discovered your blog. Random internet clicking for sure, but I don't know specifically where from. Now it has become one of my very favorites to read!

    4) For work: I'm currently studying to be an elementary school teacher, so my main job is a student. But since I'm not taking classes this summer, I'm working in a pediatric therapy facility with several clients who have severe autism. I also nanny part time and tutor kids K-12 in math. For fun: I'm pretty easily entertained as long as I'm with my friends. We're really big on card games and watching movies these days. Also, I love to cook, read, and blog. (

    5) I am LDS (or Mormon) and I would definitely say that I'm religious. I consider myself a pretty open-minded Mormon. The foundation of my belief is in Jesus Christ and His sacrificing atonement for my sins.

    6) I can't even pick a favorite genre of music, let alone a favorite song! I grew up on country music, but I've more recently broadened my horizons to other things. I like Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, FUN, Jack's Mannequin, The Rocket Summer, Jason Mraz, anything from Broadway, anything vocal jazz, and a whole lot more. I'm not really picky on my music. I don't think I could pick a favorite book either, but a few favorites are Ella Enchanted (which I've read every year since the 4th grade), Ender's Game, and Harry Potter.

    7) I love driving to the beach in Southern California and maybe hitting up Disneyland while I'm there since it's only 6 hours from my house. I actually think that's the only vacation I've done more than once. Last summer I went to Costa Rica, Bulgaria, and New York though, and I would love to visit more places on the east coast someday. I'm also dying to go to Seattle and Portland, but my college student budget is holding me back!

    8) Honestly, this is one of the only blogs that I've followed consistently for a long time. I'd say I've been reading for about two years probably, and I just love the way you run things around here! Your family is adorable, and I love all the stories about your precious kiddos.

    9) I am not even remotely famous. Haha! The only things I could ever be famous for are blogging and singing, and I'm not good enough at either of those things to gain attention from anyone of note. But who wants to be famous anyways??

    Thanks for the interviews, Bridget! I enjoyed it. :)

  115. 1. hendersonville, nc (near asheville) - born and raised. lived in chapel hill and in china, but landed back at home.

    2. female/28

    3. i'm pretty sure from e tells tales

    4. i'm a mommy to a precious 10 month jude. but i also work 30 hours/week with at a non-profit that focuses on children and families. i also work one-on-one with pregnant and parenting teenagers. for fun i like yummy food and drink with my husband and friends. and yoga. and shopping.

    5. the term religious just doesn't quite work for me. i'm a follower of jesus, but the church and christian people can be so nasty sometimes. thankfully, grace abounds. and we've found a church that welcomes messed up folks like myself.

    6. hm this is tough. i love music. favorite song is probably "up to the mountain" by patty griffin. favorite bands are: mumford & sons, bon iver, patty (of course), incubus, and the list goes on. book: pride and prejudice.

    7. i want to go so many places, but i love nyc and costa rica. they are the places i dream about going back to.

    8. i really love your "favorite things", health posts and of course, that sweet parker.

    9. not famous, but i did marry a rockstar. he had a number one song on christian radio (barf - i know chrisitan radio sucks), but you should google the song. it is beautiful - "wonder of it all" by monday morning.

  116. where you from?! where do you live now?
    1) I'm originally from the north, but I married a military man, so we live all over the place :)

    2) Female, 29

    3) I honestly don't remember. I found your blog during a day of clicking, It was a post about your love story, either through Gussy Sews or Casey Wiegand. I've been ready your blog ever since!

    3) I am a stay at home mommy, writer and blogger.

    4) I am a Jesus follower :)

    5) Favorite bands include Jars of Clay, Nichole Nordemon, Ella Fitzgerald, Kendall Payne and Carrie Underwood. Favorite Authors include C.S. Lewis & Karen Kingsbury & Charlotte Bronte.

    6) Virgina Beach, Greece, Italy, send me anywhere warm:)

    7) I can't think of anything, maybe some movie, book reviews? I've enjoyed your Bachelorette commentary...

    8) Ha, no :)

  117. 1. grew up in haverhill/newburyport, ma. live in the slummmaahhville.

    2. i'm a lady. and i'm almost 24

    3. oddly enough i randomly found it. but when i read your love story, i recognized it bc we went to the same school for undergrad.

    4. for work - i'm assistant to SVP of product creation & support the product creation/design team at Sperry Top-Sider. 50% off. it's amazeface. for fun - lots of music, singing/violin/viola, cross-stitching, trying to quit smoking and constantly failing, fashion/lifestyle blogging

    5. Same as you.

    6. favorite musicians - radiohead, neko case, the beatles

    7. i'll go anywhere to vacate! love kennebunkport

    8. i always love seeing pictures of the fam with parker.

  118. 1) where you from?! where do you live now?
    I was born and raised in a town outside Toronto, Ontario. I've moved around Ontario quite a bit, but I've always come back here.

    2) male/female? age?
    i'm a 24 year old female

    3) how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I found your blog around the time that you announced your pregnancy. I'm pretty sure it was through Elizabeth @ E Tells Tales.

    4) what do you do? for work? for fun?
    Right now I'm a full time stay at home mama. I'm in the process of becoming a doula- something I'm SO SO excited about. For fun? I love being with my family. We all live within 15 minutes of each other so I see them almost daily. We spend a lot of time outside, walking or exploring, biking, swimming. We also do quite a bit of window shopping at IKEA, bookstores and downtown Toronto. Hubbs and I are avid movie watchers.

    5) are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I'm a Christian- no affiliation.

    6) what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Oooh this is a toughie. I'm a big mood listener, so I don't have just one favourite. Right now I'm loving Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles + the like. My favourite book(s) will always be the Harry Potter series.'s silly but it's so much a part of my childhood.

    7) what's your favorite vacation spot?
    It's not really vacation-y, but my favourite spot to go is Washington State. It's where my best aunt lives and where I feel most at home.

    8) what would you like to see more of on this blog 'o mine?
    Recipes! You have the best!

    9) are any of you famous?
    Boo, no. One day.

  119. 1. Oooh..that's difficult! :) I was born in Australia grew up in Canada and Holland and now I'm living in the cute town of Zwolle, Holland!
    2. I'm female, 27 years old!
    3. I don't remember how I found you blog, but i've been reading along for a year now!
    4. I'm a barista and soon to be mama, eep can't wait!
    5. I belong to Jesus!
    6. song- Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy version) band: So many Book: To much to name
    7. Anywhere sunny
    8. I´d love to hear more about your faith
    9. Nope..

    So that´s me!

  120. Helloo there! Love this idea, I love reading these comments and finding out where everyone is from.

    1. I'm from NY but currently live north of Boston, and *not to be creepy AT ALL* but I'm pretty sure close to you. You sometimes post pix from restaurants like Agave that I LOVE.

    2. f/18

    3. You did a guest post somewhere that I read.

    4. I'm a college student and go to an American college in Switzerland a.k.a. currently lovin' life. For fun I love to run, do yoga, read, nap, play with kids, ski.

    5. Somewhere in between! I pray all the time but I'm not quite sure to who! Spiritual definitely.

    6. Hmm... I love James Taylor, Dispatch, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Bon Iver. Books?? One book? That's all?? I would have to say The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.

    7. Vacation spot: England, VT, the Cape...

    8. I love your kiddos, but really I just enjoy the blog overall.

    9. Yes, I am Ryan Gosling's girlfriend. Yes, I am kidding.

  121. 1. I was born in the Pittsburgh area and still live here!

    2. Female. 32.

    3. Discovered your blog after clicking on a link from somewhere else. I honestly can't remember, but it's been almost a year since I've been reading.

    4.I'm a stay at home mom to a 7 year old, 5 year old, and 10 month old. I babysit once a week for spending money. ;) I love to take pictures, run, read, ride horses, spend time with family and friends, and shop.

    5. I'm religious, but I don't go to church every week.

    6. Too many to list for music and books. Right now I'm enjoying Adele, Muse, and Fun. Books-I read anything and everything!

    7. I love to vacation at the beach. Anywhere that's warm, sunny, and oceanfront!

    8. I think you cover a great variety of topics already!

    9. Not so much.

  122. So here goes:
    1.Haderslev, Denmark, currently living in Odense, Denmark.
    2. female, 27
    3.i read about you on another blog( can't remember what blog it was). i have been following your blog about a year now.
    4. i have a bachelor degree in economics, currently taking a master in international conflicts and human rights, for fun i love to read, do yoga and swim in the ocean.
    5. same as you.
    6. music: Bon ivers' "Holocene" and "Towers", Talain Raynes' "Bag of bones" right now i am loving the book " Housekeeping" by Marilynne Robinson
    7. in Denmark i love vacations in my familys' beachhouse , sitting on the porch overlooking the ocean with a Mojito in my hand:) ... for the rest of the year i love Bretagne, Normandy, Cote d'azur and Berlin.

    8. I like the mix of family oriented posts/cooking/ life that you have going on... but i really would love a post about the books you and Steve are currently reading or just love :)..

    9. No not famous :)

  123. 1. I'm originally from Texas, been almost all over. Alabama, Arkansas, Germany, and now Florida. Come visit me sometime, we've got the best beaches!

    2. Female. 25.

    3. Originally found E Tells Tales. Found you and a few others through her. Been a reader for a few months.

    4. I deliver flowers part time for work and fun. Also just found out we're expecting so that is my newfound hobby...researching and reading and learning about babies, pregnancy, and all that fun stuff!

    5. I am a Christian. Not only in the general term most people use that believe in God and try to live good lives, but I also believe that Jesus is our risen Lord, he is my rock and my salvation, and only through Baptism, faithful living, and teaching His message, can I enter into His kingdom some day.

    6. Lots and lots of things. Current favorite song: Me Without You by Toby Mac. Current favorite band: Jamie Grace. Current favorite book: The Lord of the Rings.

    7. My parent's house! They live 15 minutes away on a bay, and mom is a WONDERFUL gardener :)

    8. Just keep doing what you're doing! :)

    9. Sorry, not famous...yet!

  124. I’m from Argentina, live in Central California now.
    Female, 32 years old!
    I discover your blog by googling for women that were due around the same time I was (I had my baby June 25th )
    I work at an insurance agency part-time and spend the rest of the day with my beautiful daughters. I also like photography and I’m working on a bachelors degree
    I’m a baha’i (

    favorite song changes all the time, but somehow all I can think about right now are my kids favorite songs! my favorite books are “The number one lady’s detective agency” series.

    favorite vacation spot? Costa Rica, Israel, Vanuatu… anywhere without a lot of tourists.

    I love your blog, I can’t think of anything I’d like to change (not very helpful, sorry!)

    I’m not famous!! ;)

  125. i am originally from a small town outside of Minneapolis, MN, but am currently living in LA

    female. 22.

    i think i was intrigued by a guest post you left that mentioned you had 5 kids! i had to learn more!

    i work for a huge marketing company in LA, but for fun, i love to go hiking, head to the beach, read, and just spend some time outside!

    i think i am something in between. i am not entirely sure where i fall. i believe in a higher power.

    'dancing in the moodlight' has been my favorite song for years! band i would say maroon 5 or train. book- every book in the harry potter series. nothing can beat them.

    australia was a pretty incredible vacation. but i absolutely love heading up to my cabin in north eastern wisconsin. living in LA is kind of like a vacation in itself. there are so many places to escape to, even if just for a day or weekend.

    i'd like to hear more about what you do when you take some time to yourself! what are your relationships like with your girlfriends after gaining a family upon getting married? do you still have time for girls nights?

    i am not famous, but i DID meet adam levine today :) eek!

  126. Wheaton IL and I loved it so much I am still here.

    Female, 29 years of age.

    My girlfriend sent me your blog link and I am a new reader.

    I am a stay at home mom that teaches Zumba and has an Etsy shop. I love to create in any form (food, fabric, outfits)

    Always Been Faithful-Sarah Groves, Regina, and favorite movie (sorry I love movies more than books) Mansfield Park

    I love to be in a cozy little cottage in Michigan...right near the I can LIVE on the water during the day:)

    I would love more shots of your daily comings and on the wall shots I love!

    I am not famous. Or am I?

  127. Normally I'm the creeper reader, who reads and never comments, but I figured I could help you out today.

    I was born and raised in central Montana, left for a few years to go to school in Iowa, and have since taken up residence in Bozeman, MT, and I don't know if I'll ever leave. (Trust me. I live in paradise).

    Female. But you probably figured that out from my name. I've never met a male Sarah. I'm almost 30 but we're not going to talk about that.

    I honestly can't remember how I found your blog. I think it was random clicking or a sponsored post, or guest post or something. Probably about a year ago.

    I work in an athletic department as an academic coordinator, and I love it. It's perfect for me. But when I'm not working, I love getting out and about around Bozeman. Wandering downtown, going hiking, or skiing in the winter.

    Born and raised Catholic, and still practice but there are definitely things I don't agree with that the church wants me to follow. But God and I are tight. We talk a lot.

    blink-182 is my all time favorite band. But I love all music. I have lots of favorite books but Pride and Prejudice and I am Charlotte Simmmons may be my fave favorites.

    My favorite place to vacation is anywhere new. I love seeing and exploring new places. When you live in a destination place, you can't really top that so it's always fun to go somewhere else and explore.

    So that's me. Thanks for writing, and giving me something to read in the mornings when I don't really want to do any work.

  128. i read your blog a lot but rarely comment, this might be a nice wee get to know one of your readers -

    1) where you from?! where do you live now?
    i was born and raised in paris, france, and i am now about to move to nova scotia, canada (from ottawa!)

    2) male/female? age?
    FEMALE 27

    3) how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?

    4) what do you do? for work? for fun?

    5) are you religious? atheist? something in between?

    6) what's your favorite song? band? book?

    7) what's your favorite vacation spot?

    8) what would you like to see more of on this blog 'o mine?

    9) are any of you famous?

  129. 1. Ok, so I'm originally from California. Then I lived in Nevada, spent my high school years in Ohio, college in NC, now I'm back in Ohio for good.
    2. Female. Age 23.
    3. I saw a guest post you wrote (maybe for Casey Wiegand?) roughly a year ago about your love story and started salivating and read a crap ton of posts on your blog that day. And every day since.
    3. I don't like this question. I'm an admin assistant but wannabe writer. Sigh. Working on that mess.
    4. I follow Jesus.
    5. All time fave musician is Jamie Cullum. I could never pick a song or book! However I am a big Jane Austen fan. Stereotypical English major?
    6. Santa Barbara is probably my favorite city EVER. My grandparents live about an hour north. Love. If not there, then Scotland.
    7. I have no idea. I love your Lindsey drama stories! Hilarious.
    8. I am in no way famous. However, my grandparents are friends with Leo Dicaprio's grandparents. Does that count? And my mom dated Wierd Al Yankovic in college.

  130. 1. vancouver island/portland OR
    2. F 31
    3. through other blogs/1 year ago
    4. MA student/health policy
    5. Not religious-spiritual I believe in the power of peace, empathy, importance of grace and responsibility
    6. love to read fiction of all kinds; rohinton mistry, amy tan etc
    7. san fran, anywhere in europe, beaches, west coast of canada and US
    8. I enjoy the variety....i really like how you can be honest and laugh at yourself. It is hard to be authentic in a world full of judgement so i really find it refreshing!

  131. where you from?! where do you live now?
    southern california - born and raised! currently near huntington beach.

    male/female? age?
    girl, 25 in less than two weeks!

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    we've been blog friends for so long that I can't remember...?

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I'm a freelance graphic designer who also loves photography, dancing, the ocean, and mexican food.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    my answer is much like yours. I'm spiritual - I'm believe in Jesus, grace, forgiveness, and compassion.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    toughest questions ever. I'm a big fan of fleetwood mac, mumford & sons, bon iver, and katie herzig. currently, my favorite book is extremely loud & incredibly close.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    I love northern california. santa barbara/san fran/yosemite. I also love lake tahoe. I feel like living next to the beach is a constant vacation. I'm a lucky girl!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    just keep doin' what you're doin', Bridget! we all love you and your blog to pieces. <3

    are any of you famous?
    noooo - but I did do television work growing up! (I've also been chased by a group of paparazzi in L.A... twice. long story.)

  132. 1. Texas then and now, although I might be moving soon.
    2. Female, 22
    3. I have no idea how I found this blog, but I'm glad I did.
    4. I run the house and write.
    5. LDS
    6. I've recently fallen in love with JD McPherson's music.
    7. I've been to Disney World quite a few times, and would love to go to Europe.
    8. I like your blog the way it is, all I'd do is change the font size, it's kind of small and hard to read as of now.
    9. I am famous, with my husband at least.

  133. where you from?! where do you live now?
    Born and raised in Belgium

    male/female? age?
    female, 34

    how'd you discover my blog? just at random, found your blog not long after you had Parker. If it wasn't for this adorable boy, I would have also stayed for your storytelling and humour

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    i'm a marketing manager, what I'd love to do, is spend more time with baby girl, design jewelry and writing.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I consider myself spiritual, there is something out there, that I can't define, but it affects me every day.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    too many favourites and loves to share for this question

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    With Europe as my backyard, everything between France, Spain and Italy will do. If it has a beach, I'm sold

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Even more Parker and William and Lindsay, cause they're so great :-) and you being you will suffice for me :-)

    are any of you famous?
    luckily I'm not famous :-) sorry to disappoint you

  134. where you from?! where do you live now?
    Born in Portland, OR, and now call Memphis, TN, home. In-between: Richmond, VA, the UP (Upper Peninsula) of MI), and Western PA.

    male/female? age?
    Female. 26, closing on 27 this summer.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    Random click-through. Sixish months??

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I'm a full-time nanny to a precious toddler. I also help a friend who's a caterer, and paint for a decorative tile company. And sort of sell stuff on Etsy (Charlie + Lu. I do consider my job loads of fun, but I also enjoy all sorts of arts and crafts, spending time with friends, eating, reading, watching TV, church stuff.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Dedicated Christian. In it for the long haul, though it isn't always easy. Could not imagine life without the constant presence of God.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Hmmm. Not sure if I can answer song. Band: the Chieftains, She&Him, Page CXVI, Selah. Book: Life of the Beloved by Henri J. M. Nouwen

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    Italy was amazing. My sister's house. I'd go anywhere and have fun!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Recipes. Your opinions on deeper things (but I know that is a really touchy thing - people can be nasty!)

    are any of you famous?
    The voices in my head tell me I'm famous.


  135. 1. Born and raised in a small town in North Texas.
    2. Female, 26
    3. Clicking around I think..
    4. I am a wife, mama, and an office manager at an oil company. My husband is a musician so music and a nice beverage is what we do in our downtime.
    5. I am a craddle Catholic. I love my faith. I walked away from my faith after high school (because I was clueless about what I evened believed in) then I met a guy(husband) who started asking questions therefore I started reading and educating myself and the outcome is that I've never in my life been more happy. The biggest thing about my journey as a stronger Catholic is that I am not scared about being a good parent. I have faith and lot's of it.
    6. Book. Magnetic Christianity, Band. Right now...shooter jennings or Adele
    7. So far, Portland OR for honeymoon. or camping..anywhere
    8. I know this doesn't help but I like it all, to family, being a mother, food, etc.
    9. not famous and happy that way :)

  136. 1. Born in the Netherlands, Spent 1/3 my life in GA and 1/3 my life in PA currently living both of Boston.
    2. Female age 28
    3. Hmmm I think through a friend who had a link maybe?
    4. High school Biology teacher, for fun I blog, read and try to take photographs
    5. I too dislike the term religious, I am saved by grace and believe in Jesus
    6. Couldn't pick, currently loving Snow Patrol "Lifening" favorite book Emma by Jane Austen
    7. Anywhere with a beach and Ireland
    8. thoughts/advice on being a mother, recipes photographs
    9. Not famous

  137. 1 Originally from Seattle, now live in Portland, OR.
    2 I'm a girl and I'm 28.
    3 I don't remember how I discovered your blog... Twitter, probably? Long-time reader here. :)
    4 I work in industrial sales... selling tape! For fun I like to not work - read, hike, camp, shop, explore anywhere, be lazy at the beach.
    5 I believe in Jesus but don't believe that I need to go to church to be a Christian.
    6 My favorite song is Come Together by The Beatles. Fave bands are Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. Favorite book is The Last Time I Saw Paris.
    7 My fave vacation spot is anywhere I can turn my cell off! Most likely at the beach or the river.
    8 I love the pictures of you and your fam. So... lots more pics!
    9 I'm not famous but I did meet Hayden Christensen one time. I'm pretty sure he told me that Ryan Gosling reads your blog. :)

  138. where you from?! where do you live now?
    i'm from a teeny southern town in the FL panhandle & now i'm going to school in Utah.

    male/female? age?
    female, 19

    how'd you discover my blog?
    random clicking. i started reading a few months before you announced your pregnancy. and i can't get enough!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    i'm a student. i desperately need a job, but in the meantime i camp and make music and write letters. and i'm basically the best aunt ever.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    i'm LDS.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    i love anything between James Taylor and Imagine Dragons. same with books, i will read and love just about anything. it's a blessing & a curse.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    my favorites have been Russia, Italy, Greece & Austria. but i really just can't stop. i love to travel and one day i'll see the world! i'm also coming to Boston this summer!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    oh, anything. for reals. simple, clean meals that i don't have to go buy out whole foods for would be awesome.

    are any of you famous?
    i think i'm pretty great. but that doesn't mean a thing!

  139. Born and raised in CT.

    Female. 30.

    Long-time reader ... kept coming across your blog via other blogs I read like the Scribble Pad.

    I'm a pediatric resident, therefore I have no time for fun.

    Atheist/agnostic/something in between. I believe there is something after this, but I don't know what that is.

    I love 80s music and good mix of everything else from Jazz
    to classical to classic rock ...

    Like you, I'll travel anywhere, but some of my favorite vacation spots to date have been Bali & Morocco.

    More fashion posts maybe?

    Definitely not famous. Sorry!

  140. Fun fun! Love this idea :)
    1. Born and raised in Oklahoma, now living in the Dallas, TX area.
    2. 27 year old girl/woman
    3. I've been a reader for a couple of months now, and I found you jumping from one blog to another :)
    4. I work at the corporate office for Michaels (the craft store) as a Web Content Specialist. For fun I blog, read, and hang out with my hubby and my fur child!
    5. I consider myself to be a Christian, although I would never call myself religious. I'm with you, I am much more spiritual than religious.
    6. This is the most difficult question ever. I love just about all music (current fave is Lana Del Rey), and I read anything and everything I can find the time for!
    7. Our Honeymoon to Riviera Maya was the most amazing trip thus far, but I can't wait to explore other places. I love to travel!
    8.I love the posts about your family, and of course any and all photos of your newest addition. I'm pretty happy with what I've been seeing :)
    9. Not famous! (I did live in L.A. for a year pursuing my "acting career" though, so that's something)

  141. Such a fun idea! I've been enjoying reading the comments - so cool to see where everyone is coming from!
    - I'm from the Vancouver area, in Canada. More specifically White Rock. Best place I've ever lived, hands down.
    - I'm a grrrl! 29 years old. (Don't remind me that I'm less than a year away from 30, mmkay?)
    - I found your blog through Take Heart's love story series last year and just fell in love instantly! You're a great writer, so clever and witty and genuine. All the good stuff wrapped into one lady. :)
    - I'm currently working on my masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. Lots of tough work, but oh so good. That said, I can't WAIT to graduate next year and be doing what inspires and invigorates me!
    - I love Jesus and am constantly blown away by His faithfulness.
    - I have too many fave bands/songs to list, but I do love me some Ray Lamontagne (total crush on that man's voice), Ingrid Michaelson, and Coldplay. My top 2 fave books of all time are "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Ragman" by Walt Wangerin. Check him out. He will blow your mind.
    - Honestly, I think I could go almost anywhere in the world and it would be my fave vacation spot :) But some of my top picks are definitely New Zealand, Italy, Paris, Southern California, and the Oregon Coast.
    - I love your 'lil blog as it is, but I would welcome more of your delightful recipes any day! And health tips would be fun too!
    - Don't mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I am pretty famous to my 10-year old sister... Sorry dude, that's all I got. ;)

    Keep at what you're doing, Bridget! You've got a good thing going on with this blog and I really appreciate you and your authenticity :)

  142. 1) from Chicago-area, now living on the East coast and missing the midwest, but loving the location and proximity to cities/friends.
    2) Female-28!
    3) I've been reading for a while now... were you a sponsor on someone else's blog, or a guest poster and I headed over here from that? Certainly from before you had mr. parker!
    4) I am a children's librarian for work (although it's also pretty fun). I love to read, hike, bake, cook, spend time with my family, and dance!
    5) atheist
    6) Favorite song is too hard, but often I go with Rilo Kiley's "With Arms Outstretched." Favorite book as of late is "A Visit from the Goon Squad"--go read it!
    7) favorite vacation spots are typically beach-related... Outer Banks and Kauai.
    8) I'd love to see more of your outfits/clothing posts. In general, you do a great job of keeping variety in your blog and I appreciate that.
    9) so famous. you know, that ridiculously famous children's librarian the paparazzi keep following? :)

  143. I love this Bridget!

    Q. where are you from? where do you live now?
    A. I am originally from southern Maine and now live in the Boston area.

    Q. male/female? age?
    A. I am a lady and a very young 27 :)

    Q. how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader new?
    A. I found your blog through a mutual friend's blog and have been reading it probably for the last 2 years!

    Q. what do you do? for work? for fun?
    A. I am a vet tech at a small animal vet clinic and the New England Aquarium. For fun? Well I love to blog {write}, take photos, paint, anything outside, cook and drink wine, and spending time with my hubby!

    Q. are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    A. I am a Christian. Though I hate what sometimes goes along with that word. I am very liberal but do love me some Jesus.

    Q. what's your favorite song? band? book?
    A. I love classic rock {bob dylan, led zepplin, pink floyd, janis joplin, rolling stones, neal young....oh I could go on but you get the picture}. I also love folk/surf music, gospel, and some soul...all about the Aretha Franklin. Favorite book well I just love anything by Donald Miller.

    Q. what's your favorite vacation spot?
    A. After living in Hawaii for 5 years I have to say that is one of my favs. But I would really love to go just about anywhere.

    Q. what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    A. I have no complaints because I LOVE your blog but I really enjoy all your "healthy insights" - for example your dear marianne questions were awesome!

    Q. are any of you famous?
    A. Nope not famous...well maybe only when I am dancing and singing in my living room :)

  144. 1-From Las Vegas...born & raised!
    2-Female...age 33
    3-I've been following your blog since I saw a blip about you on another blog (can't even remember who now) was right about when Parker was being born.
    4-I am a stay at home mommy of 5...I substitute teach sometimes.
    5-I'm a Mormon
    6-I love country...Rascall Flatts, Carrie Underwood...but I also love the sound of Boyce Avenue remixing tons of songs
    7-I would love to vacation in Hawaii...and Alaska someday, like an Alaskan cruise
    8-I love the randomness...funny mommy moments, fashion, hair, recipes...and of course I LOVE your Bachelorette/Bachelor/Bachelor Pad recaps!!

  145. 1. Born in Santiago, Chile (missionary kid) and now live in Lancaster, PA.

    2. 25-year-old gal.

    3. I found it via E Tells Tales... I liked your comments there, haha. I guess I have been reading for about six months.

    4. I teach online English courses for homeschoolers. In my spare time I love reading, drawing, swing dancing, blogging, and making a mess in the kitchen.

    5. Jesus is my savior and I can't wait to see Him in heaven!

    6. Asking me for a favorite book or song is like... I don't know what it's like. But impossible. (I read books like I breathe air, and my musical tastes are a weird mix of Celtic fiddle, Wagnerian opera, and Maroon 5. So yeah.)

    7. In the US: Maine. Outside: Italy.

    8. Well, I love your health/cooking posts!

    9.My husband looks like Ryan Gosling, except even hotter.

  146. where you from?! where do you live now?
    From is such a tricky question for a military brat. I was born in San Diego, moved ten times, currently in Virginia.

    male/female? age?
    I feel like I am on AIM again ha ha

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    a series of webs of comments, buttons, and guest posts. Newest follower right here :)

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I am a high school math teacher. I love to cook, eat, swim, and read US Weekly!

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    I am terrible at picking favorites. My current at this exact second favorites are:
    song-welcome home, son by radical face.
    band-Of Monsters and Men
    book-wildflower hill

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    St. Lucia. Went there on my honeymoon and fell absolutely in love

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    keep up the cute pictures and bachelorette recaps!

    are any of you famous?
    HA HA definitely not famous but I was on a tv show so I guess that kinda counts right?!

  147. 1. i'm from the east coast, most recently from MD, but spent most of my life in VA. a few days ago i moved to japan to be with my active duty military husband after about 9.5 months on different continents. (you can read about my adventures as a stepmom, in japan, over at
    2. 25/lady
    3. i discovered it through E Tells Tales, which i discovered via another blogger. i love your non-traditional love story and it's really helped me cope with my own!
    4. recently quit my job and uprooted myself to be a full-time stay-at-home wife and bonus mama. looking forward to taking some japanese language classes and exploring our new home.
    5. not religious, a big subscriber to kurt vonnegut's version of humanism: be kind.
    6. books are anything and everything by vonnegut. music is tough but i'm digging a lot of country these days. i also love thao with the get down stay down as well as thao & mirah (thao is the same, two different groups and sounds).
    7. i adore san diego, and spain is absolutely where my heart resides. but, really, anywhere! if i can see new sights and experience something awesome with my family, i don't really care where it is.
    8. i would love to read more about you and steve, and more about you in general. i love all the insight you have about being a new mama and a mama to so many kiddos so young.
    9. not famous, sadly.


  148. First time commenter - long time reader! :)

    1. Born and raised in a Big Ten college town in Iowa. Went to college in Minnesota, lived in Boston for a few years while going to grad school and now live back in the Twin Cities.

    2. Female - 29

    3. Pretty sure one of my friends followed you from her Blogspot account - got sucked in by your incredible story.

    4. I'm a recently licensed English teacher looking for a full-time job rather than just subbing. Currently spending lots of time working at Crate and Barrel and planning my wedding.

    5. Spiritual? Sure! Into organized religion? No thanks.

    6. Favorite band - the Foo Fighters. Book? Oh man, that may be impossible to pick. Love "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Heart of Darkness." Love teaching Shakespeare and autobiographies.

    7. I will go anywhere, anytime. Love traveling. I will probably say that Vermont - Burlington, Stowe, Waterbury areas - is one of my favorite places in the world.

    8. I agree with some of the others, more about you and Steve and how your relationship has evolved.

    9. Famous? In my own mind. :)

  149. where you from?! where do you live now?
    I'm originally from Green Bay, WI, but now live in Upper Michigan

    male/female? age?
    I'm 28. Girl!

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog. I started reading around the time that you wrote your love story. It drew me in and I've stuck around since :)

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I'm an elementary teacher for work and fun because I love it. Also for fun, I love spending time with my family (husband and furbaby), friends, walking, crafting, sitting on our porch... and my new trial hobby, gardening.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I'm religious and Christian.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    umm... I'd have to go with my wedding music because I've been listening to it for the last year on repeat: Cinematic Orchestra, Ray Lamontagne, Swell Season, Coldplay

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    anywhere! My most recent trip was Virginia, and it's true... VA is for lovers! Making plans to go back!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    keep doing what you're doing! love reading your blog

    are any of you famous?
    you just had to ask... I've been trying to keep it quiet that I was the 3rd grade Valley View spelling bee champ, but... gah.

  150. -Detroit, MI. Born & raised.
    -I'm a 20 year old female.
    -I started following you blog just as you announced your pregnancy. & I can't remember how I found out about you...I think it was a guest post or something.
    -I'm a writer/filmmaker/aspiring actress. I'm currently working on two novels & several scripts.
    -Not religious. Some would say I was an atheist.
    -SHOW TUNES ALL THE WAY! & I love too many books! Don't make me choose!
    -Michigan has some nice vacation spots.
    -More food. :D Other than that, I dig what I'm seeing.
    -Just wait. (I was in a movie with Ryan Gosling--as an extra, but still. Ides of March.)

  151. where you from?! where do you live now? southern California.
    I think through another blog, I have been a big fan for 2.5 years.
    I do marketing for Doctors,sales..blah blah make people who went to med school rich.. ha! I like to spear fish, Bon fires, cooking dinners on an open fire with the boy friend, thrift shop, cook, go to farmers markets, happy hour with a nice white wine and appetizers,live music!
    I am female, 21
    I am not really religious, I believe in god and pray but don't go to church.
    I love to travel, I back packed Europe alone last summer for 5 weeks. My favorites are Madrid Spain,I have a few favorites in Italy: the cinque terre, Ravello, Florence. Greece, The island of Mykonos. The florida Keys. Israel, San diego.
    I love your blog, your humor in telling daily occurrences crack me up, your favorites of clothes products and food, your pictures and videos, I like it all.
    I am not a Mom and I seriously think Parker is one of the cutest children I have ever seen! That video on his bike is to great!!!!
    Ya, I'm famous..I was in a men and black commercial 13 years ago. haha.

  152. 1) From CT, now live in the Boston area with school, graduate school and some Wash DC in between.
    2) 28 year old girl!
    3) Can't remember but glad I'm here, I think I found it right before Parker was born?
    4) I work in advocacy/politics
    5) United Church of Christ
    6) Ooh can't do this, too many!
    7) Maine and Italy
    8) Happy the way it is!
    9) Definitely not famous

  153. 1. I'm from Iowa. I grew up on, you guessed it, a farm. :) I live in Des Moines, so now I'm a city girl.
    2.I'm a 36 year old chica
    3.I discovered your blog through another blog. Like those days when someone links you or you guest posted somewhere, I forget.
    4.I am a 6th grade Science teacher at Hiatt Middle School in Des Moines. I'll be starting my 10 year this fall. GASP! But, I get to take off three months to spend with my first baby that I'll be having in late fall. OH JOY! they'll be a long-term sub in my classroom. ugh!
    5.I am a Christian.
    6. Fav song/band/book? This is always tough for me. I do love R&B, but I also love acoustic/indie music too. I love all kinds of novels. I can never pick a favorite, but I do love Picoult & Kingsolver.
    7.Fav vacay spot is anywhere w/my husband. Is that cheesy? Cut me a break, today we celebrated our one year anniversary. :) I do love love Southern California!!
    8.About your blog. I do love so much about it. I get excited when I see a new post from you. Is that creepy? Oh well. I've mostly loved reading about the baby stuff. With this being my first lil nugget, I have loved reading your past posts about pregnancy and now reading about the joys of his day to day. I also appreciate the step-parent/child stuff b/c I also have stepchildren and I wonder about how my love will be different for them than for my own little grasshopper.
    Last question: famous? I mentioned I'm a teacher, so I'm not famous but I am really important. *wink Im changin' lives and touching hearts. Who needs fame?
    How fun that you asked all these questions to learn more about your readers. Be well~cindy

  154. Ooo what a fun idea!!

    where you from?! where do you live now?

    I grew up on a farm and ranch in eastern New Mexico, went to college at Oklahoma State (Go Cowboys!), moved back to New Mexico for law school, lived a summer during that time in San Francisco, and am now back practicing in NM!

    male/female? age?

    I'm a female (are there male blog readers??) and 28. :)

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?

    My friend Amy read your lovestory and sent it on to me. I was hooked! Been reading since about the time you got pregnant with Parker!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?

    I'm an attorney at a civil litigation firm. It's far less exciting than one would expect.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?

    I'm a Christian.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?

    Oh this is hard....I think if I Had to pick one song, I'd choose "Feet Don't Touch the Ground" by Stoney Larue. I don't know if I can pick just one book! I loved "The Help." Also loved "The Luckiest Man" by Johnathan Eig.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?

    Switzerland. A tiny village along Lake Geneva called Cully. It's amazing. In the US--San Francisco for sure!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?

    I love all your posts! I'd like to hear more about balancing your time and how you get things done with all the kiddos--I can hardly take care of myself!

    are any of you famous?

    Sigh. Sadly no. But if I meet either Ryan, I'll introduce you!

  155. 1. Southern CA - Grew up in San Dimas, where Bill & Ted had their excellent adventure, college in Orange County, and currently in the So Cal version of Wine Country.

    2. I am the big 3-2, and female.

    3. I found your blog through Reagan's Blob.

    4. I used to teach High School English, but then I decided to have many babies. Now I stay at home with my 4 kiddos, ages 2,4,7 & 12. For fun I love to read, write songs, sing, spend time with the fam, and have wine nights with my girlfriends.

    5. I was raised Catholic. 12 years of Catholic school. Within the last two years I have parted ways with my faith. I wouldn't say I'm an atheist, but after a lot of studying I do not believe that the Bible holds any sort of truth. I do believe in the power of prayer though, and that positive energies can be transferred.

    6. Favorite Song - New Slang by The Shins
    Favorite Band - how do I pick just one? No Doubt will forever be a fave, they remind me of my youth. I am in love with Regina Spektor at the moment, cannot get enough. Favorite Book - again how do I pick? Call me a nerd, but I think the Harry Potter books are some of the best I've ever read.

    7. My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii! I got engaged on the Big Island, married on Kauai and honeymooned on both. Can't wait to take my whole brood someday.

    8. Keep doing what you're doing!

    9. Not at all, though my 7 year old thought I was because I was in a band in college and we recorded a CD. Hated to burst her bubble, but loved that she thought that would make me famous.

  156. I love this!

    1.I'm originally from Lancaster, PA but now live in the Salt Lake area.
    2. Female. 20.
    3.I discovered your blog when you left a comment on my blog. I believe you found me through one of Mormon in Manhattan's Bachelorette posts. I fell in love with your blog right away!
    4.I'm a full time art student. Part time receptionist. I'm a photography junky and I cook/ bake way too much.
    5. I am LDS.
    6. My all time favorite song (lie I have 3 that share the spot for number 1) Willie Nelson's Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, Billie Holiday's I'll Be Seeing You and Earth, Wind and Fire's September. Favorite band is also tied- I just really love music. But I'm a freak for Coldplay and Radiohead. Right now my favorite book is Divergent.
    7. I love anywhere.
    8. I love everything about your blog, the cute pics of your cute family, and your quirky, hilarious, and real writing! I love it. I want to be friends with you in real life that's how much I dig your blog!
    9. Ryan Gosling is my home boy, he says hello!

  157. 1. I am from central utah. I currently live in the same area, but will be moving to Minnesota in August.

    2. Female--21

    3. Through E Tales (found her through a local Utah blog. Crowley Party)

    4. I am a student. I will be going to law school in the fall. I am a reader. LOVE BOOKS, movies, and anything artsy. You can find me writing in my journal or laying in my bed dreaming. I love to swim and take long drives to new places.

    4. I am LDS. Very religious. :)

    5. Too many favorites. Favorite song right now would be Fly Over States--Jason Aldean, but if you would have asked me last month I would have said Lose Yourself--Eminem. I love all types of music. Favorite band--Green Day, Florence and the Machine, Ingrid, Sara Barelleis, Garth Brooks. Book--Harry Potter 1-7, Tipping Point, Anna Karenina, Rebecca, so so many more.

    6. This will probably change in a year but I love Lake Powell. It is truly breathtaking--the rock skylines are incredible.

    7. It's perfect.

    8. Nope. Not famous.

  158. from: your favorite place, sb. you visited me there. we drank wine. live: seattle

    sex: female age: 26

    discovered: through an email in 2009 where you said you were going to start a blog.

    do: breasfeed mainly. fun: take pictures of svea.

    religious: i love jesus but you might not know it from how dusty my bible is. lame.

    bands: ella fitzgerald, queen, pink floyd, fleet foxes, mumford and sons, paul simon (to name a few)

    fave vaca spot: kaui. hands down.

    more on the blog: your bod. clothed or not...just kidding. steve. that's all i ever want from your blog.

    famous: two words: katy perry.

  159. Sara. 25. Portland, Oregon (you know, where the dream of the nineties is alive). I found you through Megan. I started to read Megan's blog because we look alike, so she's like a live mannequin for clothes that I want.
    I go to law school. It sucks.
    I have a 4 year old daughter, because I got married when I was nineteen and then had crazy hippie love with my husband. But she's cool, so all is good. I go to church every Sunday, mostly because I'm afraid if I don't God will bitch slap me when I die. I even go to mid-week meetings and make scarves and stuff to give to homeless people... because I'm sure my bright blue homemade scarf is just what they want. Whatever. I made it bright blue so I can spot the homeless person it went to. Kind of like a ghetto "Where's Waldo". That may be insensitive.
    I like the song Hoo Ha Henry by Fight Like Apes and love to vacation by the beach.
    And would it be pervy of me to ask for more Steve? It's probably pervy. But more Steve!
    My life would be awesome if I was famous... I'm not

  160. Hey, my name is Catherine. But I don't have a blog.

    1. I am from Basel, Switzerland. Still live here.

    2. Girl, 25.

    3. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now (have never commented before!). And I guess I found your blog through the comments section of somebody else's blog.

    4. I just finished my Masters degree (English Linguistics and Media Studies). Besides studying, I have been working as a radio presenter for a couple of years - and this is what I do now.

    5. I am a Christian.

    6. Very difficult question. Right now I love listening to Emeli Sandé. And I just read Kelle Hampton's book and loved it.

    7. City trip: Berlin or London. Other than that: USA, South of France, England, ...

    8. More vlogs!

    9. Haha, no.

    I love your blog. Keep it up! :)

  161. 1) Born in Adelaide, Australia, now live in Canberra, Australia but lived a lot of other places in between (Massachusetts, Nebraska, Papua New Guinea, St Lucia, Perth)

    2) 24, female

    3) Pretty sure I discovered your blog through random clicking... been reading for about 9 months now.

    4) I'm a landslide risk analysis scientist for developing countries in the Asia-Pacific. I LOVE it. For fun

    5) Pretty much ditto to what you said about religion/spirituality.

    6) Song/band/book - so hard! Let's say Breathe Me by Sia for the song, current favourite band is LCD Soundsystem. And book... Divided Kingdom by Rupert Thomson which has recently been usurped by Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

    7)Any National Park anywhere. Or anywhere that really wakes me up to life.

    8)I love reading about you and Steve, and I love your honesty. So keep that up!

    9) I was in my local paper the other day - does that count? But no, not famous.

    Keep up the good work. Love reading your blog.

  162. Hello

    I am from Turkey. Currently living in Izmir where I was born.

    Female, 31 years old.Newly-wed :)

    I am a long time reader. I don't remember how I discovered your blog but I should say,the time I did you were pregnant:)

    I am a muslim.I am not really into that religious stuff,I just believe in God.To me that's the only thing that matters.

    I can not name just only one song, there are toooo many.Just a few maybe; Viva La vida, Somewhere over the rainbow, June Night.Coldplay and Frank Sinatra, I love them both. Book?? Mostly Turkish writers.

    I love Italy.Rome is probably the most beautiful city in the world.Istanbul is the other for me. When you talk about vacation, I should definetely mention Capri, our honeymoon spot :)

    I like your blog as it is. I am sure that what you do at home with the kids and the house are really hardwork but you seem to do it so naturally without any extra thinking.Also I like the way you dress.Not to mention; your little boy is soooo cute :)

    I am not famous, nooo unfortunately not :((

  163. I was born in Scotland, but now I live in New Zealand.

    I'm a girl and 31!

    I found it when on Etellstales - I liked your writing style and then found your love story which I really liked (second chances and all that - I'm glad there are there for us both!)

    I'm an industrial electrician! Bit diffrent but I LOVE it - I work in printing at the moment which is fun.

    I believe in doing good, doing your best and watching out for others - I find religous hard to connect with.

    I'm a pop addict - I love gaga, nukes ect! I'm dyslexic so reading is not my thing but I do like to read with no time pressure.

    I love seeing the local contryside here in NZ.

    I enjoy your blog, would like more of the same. your Family life is real!

  164. Born and raised in Lier, Belgium; still living there now, love it here. the country is so small you can get anywhere and everywhere in max 2 hours

    Female, 29 years young

    I found your blog through E Tells Talls somewhere last November or December, have been reading it ever since.

    I work full time as a broker / chartering manager, and love to relax with my family (husband and 1 year old son) and friends. reading, watching movies and travelling are some of my favourite things to do.

    I wouldn't say I'm religious, but I am not an atheist either. I believe that there are things that we cannot explain, and and I believe that people can find comfort in faith, but I do not believe in the Catholic church and all of it's rules and regulations. I believe in love, doing good and equality.

    My favourite song changes about every other day, at the moment it is "Silenced by the Night" by Keane. U2 also ranks high in my list, but I am also a sucker for commercial pop / dancve / r&b muisic. Favourite book is Beach Music by Pat Conroiy (love Prince of Tides as well)

    Paris and the South of France. Have seen quite a bit of the world, we honeymooned in Bali, which was absolute heaven,but there is nothing like spending a week in the Provence or at the Côte d'Azur

    just keep writing as you did before, however the Bachelor / Bachelorette items are a tad difficult to follow when the program is not aired in your country...

    Am I famous? Not even in the slightest...Infamous maybe if you were to ask my husband....

  165. Hi! Im Sarah Jane.. Oh! that wasnt a question!!
    Im from Australia!! yay! In sydney, near the harbour bridge and everything.
    Im Female, 18 :)
    I found your blog through E tells tales and i found hers through pinterest!
    Im a student in film right now but hopefully midwifery next year. Im a nanny for work :) and i crochet for fun (obsessively).
    Im Christian (baptist) have been since i was little.
    Favourite song! um normally something out there, not heard of, indie type. Band, look anything. Book? Hunger gamesss! (read it!!)
    Vacation! NYC ahhhhh i was there in January! it was amazing, best place in the world.
    Um just more about you! and how it is being a step mother in a crazy cute blended family. Also! more about what you believe in terms of parenting techniques.
    Im not famous... sorry!

  166. 1. From BELGIUM!

    2. Female, and 16 years old. (I know, I'm kinda young, no?)

    3. Random internet click (but I looove tour blog)

    4. Photography, art (painting, writing, scrap booking,..), and also read your blog.

    5. I can't say I'm religious. I don't believe in anyone. But I do pray 'someone'; I do thank and ask 'someone' (some of you can imagine it's per instance god)

    6. I would ay Phoneix and probably The Kooks. And 30 seconds to mars is my favorite band.

    7. It would definitely be the 'silver lake', somewhere near the beach and with some sun, although I don't like it when it's too hot. I love traveling.

    8. I would love you to post pictures of your house!

  167. Born in Orange County, CA. Teen years in Miami, Fl. Also lived in NYC and Boston post graduate life. Currently living in Barcelona Spain.

    Female 24

    Random internet clicking when I found out we were pregnant at the same time

    For work:teacher, flight attendant turned stay at home mom/for fun climbing climbing climbing

    Religious: too much to say about this one. But the simple answer I would go with Christian. Or rather I Identify most with christianity. Missionaries daughter so some spiritual circles growing up but I studied religion later on and have quite some respect for all religious traditions/paths

    Love Music. But love books more. All of them. Mostly the classics, mostly the depressed russians, dostoevsky, tolstoy etc

    Vacation spot: used to be anywhere in the third world I enjoyed real raw lifestyles, interesting cultures, roughing it but now for vacations I just like to go home. Home to anywhere in america where I can pick a fight in my own language and just relish in the things I miss about being in America.

  168. where you from?! where do you live now?
    I'm from Austin, Texas. Now living in San Antonio.

    male/female? age?
    30, girl

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    Found you through Story of my Life...probably 6 months ago.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    Marketing for IBM. I'm also a mom to a 3 year old. My hobby: triathlons

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Grew up Catholic and still am

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Almost impossible for me to answer, I could listen to, texas, classical, oldies, pop...Just finished Fifty Shades...

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    Love beaches...Hawaii, Bahamas, Belize. Love Europe...used to live there for a bit growing up. Love Colorado...makes me feel energized!

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I love posts about your kids and I also love your posts about the healthy stuff - organic, granola, remedies, etc

    are any of you famous?
    not a teeny bit

  169. hi there!

    i'm courtney and i'm popping in from the east coast of north carolina (wilmington to be exact) but i'm originally from a little town in nc near raleigh

    i'm a 30 year old female

    i am really not sure how i found your blog but i read your love story the first time i visited and i was hooked. been loyal ever since.

    i work in fund raising for a national non-profit that does financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs in schools. i work from home a lot so i may or may not read your blog at work....i also work part time as a youth minister at a local church and i would love to do that full time

    i feel like i have to say i'm religious bc i work at a church but really i feel the same way about you as far as the connotations go...i'm a theology buff and have a masters in religion so i feel like i'm a very 'thinking' christian if that makes sense....i'll say this - i believe in jesus and that gospel of love extends to everyone everywhere...(that was WAY too long of an answer)

    this one is nearly impossible - i'm loving jack johnson (tis the season) and chatam county line and avett brothers these days and ben folds (i secretly want to be best friends with ben folds...) and to kill a mockingbird is an all time favorite read

    i love your volgs :) i'd love to see more of those - i also like your recipes...good eats at your house it seems..

    ok that's it...sorry my answers were so insanely long and sorry i'm not famous (not even a little bit)

  170. forgot one!

    fav vacation spot
    -st john, usvi (80% national park and simply amazing - go there!)
    -wrightsville beach, nc (5 minutes from my house and really beautiful - i try very hard not to take that for granted!)

  171. 1. Outside Philadelphia, and after a long time away, I now live outside Philadelphia.
    2. Female, 33
    3. I've been following your blog for a few years now.
    4. Writer
    5. Lapsed Catholic, spiritual, Yogi.
    6. U2 With or Without You, Damien Rice, F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, all James Joyce, and John Irving.
    7. Europe. The Cayman Islands. Nantucket.
    8. I love your recipes, fashion posts, vids of parker, and random posts.
    9. I have the sort of fame that is've possibly read something I've written but you'd never pick me out in a crowd:)

  172. 1. I was born in Germany, lived a few years in Japan and am now back in Germany :)
    2. Female, 23 (24 next month)
    3. Im a new reader and I found your blog by clicking around
    4. Im a student who enjoys writing, reading and photography!
    5. I honestly dont really know
    6. Uuh there are really too many favorites right now >< I really like Lykke Li though
    7. England, Japan, Italy and a lot more ;)
    8. I like your blog just as it is right now

  173. 1. I'm from a small town in Northern Indiana, but I currently live in Southwest Michigan, about a half hour from where I grew up.

    2. I'm a 24 year old female.

    3. I found your blog last year by randomly clicking and browsing other blogs. I was intrigued, so I read the entire thing in one day.

    4. While I have my teacher's license, I wanted to live a little before jumping into a lifetime of teaching. So I work as a program director at a camp. I get to plan camps for kids and work with college-aged summer staff. But I love writing music in my free time.

    5. I'm Mennonite, but not Amish. I believe that to be a Christian is to live the way Jesus lived, being a radical disciple.

    6. There are way too many favorites of mine when it comes to music, but Jason Reeves always sticks out. His songwriting is beautifully honest. My favorite book right now is "Love Wins" by Rob Bell. It blew my mind and made me seriously stop and think. Highly recommended.

    7.Siesta Key, FL is my favorite vacation spot. My family has vacationed there during spring breaks for years.

    8. I love your vlogs, so more of those would be good!

  174. where you from?! where do you live now?
    Indiana for both

    male/female? age?
    I'm a girl haha and I'm 19(20 in september)

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I'm a somewhat newer reader but I'm pretty sure I just found it through clicking a link on another blog.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I work at the library and for fun, well that would just take up too much space.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I'm a christian.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Favorite song: Too many to choose from!
    Band: Mumford & Sons, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Neon Trees, could go on haha
    Book: Alice in Wonderland
    and Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    I've never been on vacation.

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Hmm idk. I love everything already!

    are any of you famous?
    Haha nope.

  175. 1. I'm from all over the Puget Sound (WA) but currently live in Seattle.

    2. I'm a 27 year old female.

    3. I honestly don't remember! Probably from random clicking. I have been reading your blog for a while - since before you were pregnant with Parker. Love it!

    4. I'm a school psychologist by day. I love to hang out with by hubby and friends, shop, read, and exercise.

    5. Yes, I'm a Christian.

    6. Waaayyy too many to count. Just read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed - her memoir of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. It was great!

    7. Ixtapa, Mexico

    8. I love hearing about you and your opinions. What is it like to be a stay at home mom (something I may end up doing in the next few years)?

    9. Ummm I wish. You could say I'm famous at the suburban elementary school where I work!

  176. Well gosh I am late in this game but I want to play too :)
    1. Originally from Leavenworth, WA. 7 years spent in Seattle for school and first job, and now I am back in good old Leavenworth :)
    2. Female, age 31 years on Friday!
    3. I read your love story on someone else's blog during some sort of love story series... I was hooked... That was a few years ago now.
    4. Work: Civil Engineer (engiNERD) in the transportation industry. I crunch numbers. Dream job: part time barista or maybe a winemaker or perhaps sponsored skier..... But really all I want to do is pay off all this debt do I can stay at home with my babies... Sigh. And climb mountains, hike, bike, run and dirt bike. And have chickens. And a cow.
    5. I follow Jesus and though I don't always get it right I try to err on the side of love.
    6. Jack Johnson, Mumford and Sons, Beth Whitney and Dana Little are some of my faves in music. Recently my favorite song is "home" by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. I love reading anything and everything but especially historical fiction.
    7. Mmmmm.... San Juan Islands in WA top my list! Also the Oregon Coast and Leavenworth WA where I live is amazing.
    8. Your blog is great just as it is. Keep on keepin on.
    9. Thankfully not even a little bit famous.

  177. 1.where you from?! where do you live now?
    From a teeny town in MA called Warren. No one knows it exists, except for one gruesome news story one time. Still live in MA—Boston area now

    2. male/female? age?
    Female. 24.

    3. how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I’m new. Random clicking, although super weird/great that I “know” you IRL.

    4. what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I work from home part time so I can stay with my little boy. I read a lot about Whole Foods for work, it’s awesome. For fun I just started blogging, I run and I LOVE all things makeup

    5. are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Your words exactly.

    6. what's your favorite song? band? book?
    This one is too hard. I like whatever my son dances to the most because it’s hilarious to watch him. I have too many favorite books. I enjoy reading actual good, classic books, and whatever people are freaking out about (e.g. Hunger Games, haven’t taken the 50 Shades plunge yet though)

    7. what's your favorite vacation spot?
    Anywhere tropical. Once stayed at the Grand Wailea in Maui, which was amahzing.

    8. what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Love to read anything about your family (and I appreciate the bachelorette commentary).

    9. are any of you famous?
    Once my dad met Dave Coulier at a bar (yeah full house) and he did his Bullwinkle impression for him. Cool.

  178. 1) I am from Coeur d'Alene Idaho, and have lived in Bakersfield California for almost 3 years.

    male/female? age?
    2) Female, 24

    3) Been reading about a year (when I first found your blog I back read for a looooong time because I loved your blog so much) I found your blog I believe from E tells Tales, but I am not sure now, it may have been from the stylish housewife but I am not sure anymore.

    4) I am a graphic designer for a promotional items company. I get to be creative sometimes but a lot of it is business cards and tshirt designs. I enjoy running (just did an olympic length duathlon this past weekend!) And I love reading, and socializing :)

    5) I am religious, I wasn't raised that way. My dad grew up in the Lutheran Church and went to private school and my mom was more "spiritual" and was raised in an atheist upbringing, the decided that they wanted us to "find ourselves" and not force it on us, I like that in the sense I know that it was my choice and not some sort of learned behavior, though now being Christian and wanting to have my own children I know that I want them to know the love of Jesus from the very start. My mom is now christian too, after I found myself in Christ she started to come to church with me in high school and nothing makes me happier!

    6) Such a hard one! I love Sara Bareilles and anyone that style! But I also like country music (I did grow up in Idaho :)

    7) I haven't traveled much, which I would like to more. I love going back home in the summer, because I am so homesick for a Northwest summer time!

    8) I love how you do the blog now! I love your "digging deep" ones where you share something that you have been thinking about.

  179. I spelled Kauai wrong. Just thought that needed to be corrected publicly.

  180. 1) Katy, Texas (a little west of Houston)
    2)Female, 21
    3) I think I saw a picture of you on pinterest when you were doing your pregnancy journal, and I followed it here.
    4) I am a massage therapist and love to cook and sew.
    5) Religious- Presbyterian
    6) bah. I love Appalachian Journey as my pick-me-up CD. And Anna Karenina for a book.
    7)I LOVE Ft. Pickens in Florida. Also Scotland.
    8) I don't know... I think it's a good balance of everything.
    9) Not famous- sorry!

  181. More house posts please!

  182. My name is Katchen. From Orange County California (on the coast). Girl. 31. Two kids. Florist. Sinclair Island Washington is my fav place to go. I am a Jesus loving girl. I am definately not famous. I would like to know more about how much your budget is for clothes for yourself and your fam.

  183. 1. I grew up near Yosemite, now live near San Francisco.

    2. Female, 29.

    3. A friend sent me the link. My best friend of 27 years passed away last summer. She found out the day she went into labor with her first child that she had a very rare and aggressive form of leukemia. She was in and out of comas for 4 months before passing away. Three months later, her husband was engaged, and a few months after that, married. My friend thought it might be good for me to see things from the other person's perspective. (Not that I was bitter with the husband.... I was very glad that he wasn't depressed, and that the baby would have a mommy.... but it was still hard.) I've come to your blog on and off for, I dunno, about 4 months or so. I think my friend found your blog through random internet clicking.

    4. Teacher for smart-ass middle schoolers, which works out perfectly, since I'm a smart-ass too!!! I love it!

    5. I'm a Christian.

    6. Favorite song is connected to my favorite musical, which isn't really a band and isn't what you're looking for, but I'm obsessed with Les Miserables. However, I do also like Flobots, Weezer, etc.

    7. I guess France would be my favorite vacay spot, but mostly because I used to live there. I loooove all of Europe!

    8. I've mostly only read some recipes you've posted, bachelorette recaps, and all the stuff about how you and Steve became you and Steve. I guess I haven't really seen how the older two kids are handling life? I seem to see things about the younger two and Parker, but not the other two. Maybe for good reason, though. Maybe it's none of my freaking business!

    9. Yes I am famous, which is why I must remain anonymous.

  184. 1) born in Ohio, raised in Georgia. Still living in ATL but hoping not forever
    2) female, 35
    3) discovered you through Casey Weigand's blog when you did a guest post on your love story. I was immediately hooked! Been reading for a few months now and you crack me up! ;)
    4) I currently am a clinical instructor for nursing students at a local university. I'm also working on my PhD in nursing and hope to work as a professor someday. For fun, I enjoy working out, reading, tennis, playing w the kids and perusing pinterest!
    5) I am a God fearing Christian and just work every day to be a better person that lives a life that pleases the Lord.
    6) Love a little bit of everything--country, pop, hip hop, Christian music. Right now on Pandora I am listen to a lot of sara bareilles, Amos lee, ray lamontange, Tracy chapman, damien rice, third day and casting crowns. Favorite book: anything by Jennifer weiner
    7) any place at the beach or skiing
    8) love the blog!!

  185. hi!

    1. im from tennessee and live in nashville now, about an hour from where i was raised. got married last year to my hot husband. that wasn't part of the question... i know.

    i.m a girl and i am 36.

    i think i discovered you randomly and i was all up in your love story and now i just read and stalk your blog/life. :-) and i would say fairly new...

    i am a professional nanny/personal assitant for my job and for fun i am waaaay to nice to my husband and like to go to concerts and travel anywhere. :-)

    i am a christian, love jesus.

    i dont think i have a favorite song, but i love me some ray lamontagne and bon iver. my favotire book i have read lately is the glass castle.

    vacation spot? hmmm, love california...but have suitcase will travel!

    i love the blog...

    i am famous...

    to two six yeas olds and a two year old (ya know, the kids i nanny) sometimes i like to pretend i look like lisa rinna (total girl crush and i know i know, shes so not natural looking) and shes famous...

  186. 1.I was born in Utah but grew up the most in Illinois and I live in Arizona.
    2. 32 female
    3.I found you from e-tells-tales about 8 months ago.
    4. I am a stay at home mom. I love to read
    5. I really don't have a favorite song it is changing all the time. I love Lady Antebellum. My favorite book of all time is "Anne of Green Gables".
    6.Camping with my family. We don't have favorite spot yet. We like to go all over.
    7.I love when you show your everyday life with all the kids and also the places you go around boston.

  187. First of all, you have so many readers, I am sooo jealous. I wish I could have a public blog but I cannot.
    1.From Tracy, now live in Orinda (both Northern California)
    2. female, age 38
    3. From Kristina Hedrick's blog I think? I love your blog been reading for about a year or so.
    4. I am a publisher. I love hiking, adventures, gardening, crafts, travel, did I say adventures?!
    5. spiritual, do unto others as you would have them do unto you type of approach, not religious at all.
    6. Good life from One Republic, Bands....Stan Getz & Gilberto, Zen and the ARt of Happiness by Ezra Bayda
    7. I love new places, but I enjoy Santa Barbara and Aptos on the California Coast. Chamonix, Slovenia and Costa Rica were some of the best spots....
    8. how you tackle step parenting and parenting your own biological because I face the same issues.
    9. Only in the world of ophthalmology, ha ha!!

  188. I missed the religious question.
    I am LDS or mormon which is what we are more often called.

  189. 1.I'm from Italy, I live in a city next to Venice, who is called Padua

    2. I'm stil 26, but in a month I'll be 27, and I'm a girl

    3. I discovered your blog thanks to the blog of your friend Ahn "living with Mr Johnson" and I'm almost new!

    4.I graduated last month and I'm working in a firm and I organize training course.
    For fun I love running, reading and taking photos, and of ourse, blogging!!!

    5.As you, I believe in jesus, I believe in grace, forgiveness, and life after all of this, too.

    6.My first favorite book is "Little Prince", I have too many favorite songs!

    7. I love Paris, Copenhagen, Croatia, Greece....Probably I love every place on Earth!!

    8.I love to see your outfits!You look great with everything you puy on!

    9. I'm not famous!!But I'm working on it!!! (hahahahaha!!!!)
    Thank you for these questions!!!
    And sorry for my English!!;)
    Have a nice day!!

  190. I decided to answer them in a blog post myself. If you want to have a little read, you can find it here

  191. Hello!! I love this!! (Who doesn't love talking about themselves though, right? ;p)
    - where you from?! where do you live now?
    I'm originally from New Zealand, but currently living in Australia! Here for a wee while, then back to NZ for a bit before heading onto the US of A (at least that's the plan)

    - male/female? age?
    Female, 21

    - how'd you discover my blog?
    I think random clicking? If I remember correctly, I saw a picture of you that said Mum of 5 somewhere and I was like, "how!? She looks my age!!" so I did some more clicking and became hooked for life!!!

    - what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I'm technically a student...but I kinda jumped on a plane to follow this funny Boy I love, and now work in travel. But I plan to finish my degree next year (in the US)

    - are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I am religious...but not in the traditional, follow the Bible to the letter kinda way. I love God, I like going to Church, and I pray every night, but I do have some little theories of my own.

    - what's your favorite song? band? book?
    Such a toughy! 'Haven't met you yet" by Buble and 'Forever' by Chris Brown...and perhaps "call me maybe"...maybe? Anything Frank Sinatra or DeanO!! Not a huge band person. And Peter Pan for the book!

    - what's your favorite vacation spot?
    Probably Kinloch, Lake Taupo or Lake Tarawera in NZ. The Boy's families have a couple of holiday homes, and those two places are truely magical.

    - what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I love what you do already!!

    - are any of you famous?
    Well, I did present a small time tv show for a few months in NZ last year!! But by small time, I mean almost non-existent, as in you had to have 'rabbit ears' on your tv to get it!

    What a fun idea, Bridget! Thanks!!

  192. 1.northville, MI
    2. female, 25
    3. google stalk you for maybe a yr or 2? I'm not sure how i stumbled upon you... i think i was reading your love story somewhere in blogland and linked over to you
    4.momma to 2, full time student (graduate this dec!), nurse assistant at local hosp
    5.i think I'm about where you are on this one... raised strict catholic, partial hippy now, love jesus and can't wait for heaven books and love music ALL
    7.i would say bonita springs fl and sandiego cali bc thats the only places I've been :) but send me anywhere and i will happily go and love
    8. i love the blog just the way it is
    9. im def famous in my own little world over here.

  193. I'll play!

    1) From Indiana, currently live in the upstate of South Carolina, but I'm moving to Missouri at the end of the summer
    2) Female, 31
    3) I honestly don't remember. I think you posted your love story somewhere and I've been following you since??
    4) for work--academic advisor at a university. for fun--hang out with my husband, love to eat out, travel, cook-out, hang out with friends (lots of music around a fire type of stuff), pet my big, fluffy, dog, drink wine and eat cheese :)
    5) Christian
    6) way too many! Some all-time favs: Murder in the City (Avett Bros), Johnny B. Goode, any Beach Boys, the Dance (Garth Brooks), pretty much all Zac Brown Band. I currently listen to Avett Bros and Zac Brown Band a lot. Same with books-I LOVE to read, preferably historical fiction. I'm obsessed with british history.
    7) Anywhere. I love the beach and went to the Outer Banks last year which might top the list. Love to go anywhere historical in Europe as well(I love Cinque Terre and England the most)
    8) anything. love your sense of humor.
    9) ha, no way

  194. Ok...
    1. I'm from Northern Virginia (just a couple of miles from DC), and now I live in Oxford, United Kingdom - 8 years!

    2. Female, 31.

    3. Discovered you by blog-surfing. I found Megan's and then found yours.

    4. I run a study abroad program for a university in I get to bring all sorts of bright young things over to the UK to see the big, wide world. And I teach history. For fun, my husband and I love cycling and I love ballet.

    5. Yes, I am a Christian.

    6. No idea about the song....but I love U2, Bob Marley, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Paul McCartney.... As for books, big fan of mysteries but my tastes are pretty diverse. I'm currently reading The Hunger Games and Rhodesians Never Die. Good stuff

    7. Southport NC, and Oak Island, NC; Switzerland; Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.

    8. Hmmmm...more about healthy living.

    9. Nope, I'm not famous. :)

  195. 1. I’m originally from the north suburbs of Chicago. I've been living in Santa Barbara for the past 10 years but just finished a 6 month season in New York and am itching to get back to SB asap!

    2. Female, 28 as of Monday.

    3. I'm pretty sure I somehow stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago through a mutual westmont or gordon connection and have been reading ever since, though (not sure why!) I've never been much of a blog commenter. But I've kind of always had a friend crush on you, and this is a fun idea, so hello!

    4. I love boats, the beach, cooking, drinking wine, reading. I've recently finished my masters in marriage and family therapy and was working as a therapist at an inpatient eating disorder treatment program...right now I'm looking for any job in my field that might get me back to SB. That, or, I'll be chucking it all and moving to Europe immediately.

    5. Yes, I'm a Christian, but not super religious. I believe in love, and grace.

    6. Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Fleet Foxes, The Eagles, James Taylor, Bon Iver. I'll read anything you put in front of me, though I suppose I must confess an embarrassing weak spot for some good cheesy chick lit. Nothing like a good beach read.

    7. Italy, Paris, Caribbean (just returned from Grand Cayman and honestly considered not getting back on the plane!) and I can't wait to get myself to Ireland or the Greek Islands. Or to Portugal or Australia.

    8. Whatever you want. I just appreciate your honest perspective on life. And your bachelorette recaps that usually mirror EXACTLY what I'm thinking.

    9. Nope.

  196. Hi! There sure are lots of comments on here already, but I thought I'd add my piece.

    I'm originally from Winnipeg (Canada) but have lived in Atlanta for the past 10 years. I'm a gal, age 21. I can't remember how I discovered your blog, probably through another blog, but I've been reading for about a year. I'm a student of Interior Design and I also have an Internship and a job (one pays and the other does not!). I like to run, read and do the usual things people like for fun.

    As far as religion I'm "somewhere in between," although I was raised Catholic. Fave song is something either dance-y or indie-y, haha. And I'd love to go on a vacation anywhere but so far I liked France the best.

    I like what you do with the blog so keep it up! I love photos specifically.

    And I may or may not be least my pets think I am :)

  197. If i was comment 200 i wouldnt have done this. out of spite. ;)

    where you from?! where do you live now?
    Los Angeles biaaaatch ( i imagine that is how ppl from LA answer this question) I live in scotland..not to be mistaken for england or ireland *side eye 90% of americans*

    male/female? age?
    born a as a female. Dont tell stephen. I JOKE.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    omg will never forget how i discovered it. was clicking through blogs..stumbled on yours (my guess is through Ahns) read your love story in its ENTIRETY and proceeded to read it out loud to Collin (yes, collin) it did wonders for our marriage. clearly.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    blog. and blog. THRILLING.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Believe in Jesus. am very private about my faith after learning that being very open with it ends up backfiring in your face by the ppl that are also open with the same faith. read: judgy christians

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    so much. can i say the soundtrack to greys anatomy? i feel like that sums it up.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    USA-Hawaii Europe-Portugal/Ireland

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    breastfeeding photos.

    are any of you famous?
    I was in a HelloGoobye music video. so that would be a year to your question.

  198. So Fun
    1. From in Arlington Heights, IL now
    2. Female age 42
    3. I went to school with your husband (College)..was a freshman when he was a senior...was in the same youthgroup in highschool..he was always very sweet to me..saw your blog on his your style!
    4. I work at a church..director of creative programming...creative type
    5. I am Bible believing relying on grace Christ following person... hate legalism and religious nonsense
    6. I have a different fav song every ray cleaning music...i go from country, to worship music to all the jams in zumba class. Books fall open, I fall in...I read a lot..I like Lorna Landvik...anything with good characters
    7. I am a travel going on weekend trips to small towns in wisconsin...anywhere where I can ride my bike, around..I love getting on a plane to Savannah, GA, San Fran, LV, NYC..oh I love to travel...Europe..oh my...germany and switzerland and austria are my favorite...with a stop in London forsure.
    8. Just keep doing what you are doing on your are super that
    9. Famous..oh my world I am...touche

    thanks Bridget!

  199. 1) From Virginia (southwest-ish, LyncHburg area), live in Virginia (Northern, 10 miles from DC)

    male/female? age?
    i'm a girl of 34

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I don't remember, but surely another blog I read lead me here.

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    For work I'm the Recruiting Manager for an IT Consulting firm. For fun, I read/write/knit/garden/run.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Something along the lines of a humanist or a naturist.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    This is a very difficult question! I have so many favorites. But, we'll pick one of each: Cecilia; The Rolling Stones; Middlesex

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    San Francisco

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    i like it just fine the way it is =)

    are any of you famous?
    not even remotely.

  200. where you from?! where do you live now?
    I am from Kentucky! I still live in Kentucky. I am from a very small town not one stop light or even a caution light.

    male/female? age?
    I am a lady. I am 23.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new?
    I read Elizabeth Ivies blog and your one of her favorites! Today is my first time reading I am liking what I see!

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I work at two colleges. I have a three year old we like to go to the park and run around. Literally. I like to read blogs. my guilty pleasure watching reality television.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I am a Christian! I am really serious about it. I try not to be judgy (I think I am really good at it).. it will keep me from heaven. I understand cultures and technology.

    what's your favorite song? band? book?
    I love rihanna. :) and old school christian music, dc talk, point of grace.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    I love skiing and being a tourist so anywhere i can do either. but don't get me wrong I love laying on a beach. :)

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    I just started reading. I love that you watch the bachelorette!

    are any of you famous?
    no. i am very okay with that!


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