Thursday, June 21, 2012

well, let's see now.  it's official!  school's out!  summer's here!  we've done some lake-swimming, strawberry-picking (and then strawberry + peach shortcake eating of course), and you know... the usual.  parker is thrilled to have his siblings around most of the day now.  said siblings are thrilled to be done with school, and, well, we find a new normal.  a vacation normal.  you know?  it's an adjustment, but a good one.  we are down at the jersey shore spending some quality time with cousins and family.  i think this summer's going to be a good one.  with beaches and lakes and sun and berries and crickets and naps and sunscreen and tank tops and flip flops and most importantly, more mack and mancos pizza. 

funny story.  one of those 'kids say the darndest things' moments.  while strawberry picking, lindsey comes up to me (standing by the man who runs the farm--that's important) exclaiming how william keeps throwing back all the good strawberries she's picking and saying that they're not perfect and how she filled a container and he threw back like all of them and OMG SO MUCH WASTE.  awkward.  thanks lindsey!


  1. Sounds like a lovely summer. No vacations here. We might do a weekend getaway but that's up in the air right now.

    And were those Hot Wheels cars in the one picture? My 1 year old LOVES them (I have to watch for the small parts on some of them though). He plays with them all day, blowing raspberries for the engine sound.

  2. Oh, yes. If your summer is going to involve beaches and sun and lakes and berries and all those other wonderful things then I do believe it will be a VERY GOOD ONE.

    Happy summer, Bridget!! :)

  3. Whatever those boys are eating looks absolutely terrific! These are lovely! :)

  4. Mike tells me sometimes that there's no one who will make your prouder or embarrass you more than your kid.

    Lindsey's just trying to support that theory.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your summer!

  5. Ha! Kids have no filter, do they?

    Glad you got some strawberry picking in though. FUn!

  6. BAHAHAHAA love that little lindsey. the kids are growing up so fast!!

  7. Hahhaha Lindsey is so funny. Yay for being out of school and finding some good summer fun!

  8. oh, linds. lindz. (but not lindzi - no, ma'am, that name is reserved for bachelor contestants only!).

  9. sounds like a great summer to come ...

    love Parker little foot in the havaianas :-) and that last pic of William and Parker, just too precious for words, these two make my heart melt

  10. Parker has it made with those older siblings of stinkin' cute.

    Oh, and you're adorable, such a classic beauty :)

  11. Why do your schools get out so late? Is that Northern thing? Here in Arkansas, we are usually out the last week of May/first week of June and go back about the 20th of August.

  12. Ashley, ours are usually out mid June and back after labor day in September! I guess a northern thing?


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