7 months.

the happiest people
do not have the best of everything
they make the best of everything they have

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these pictures, you'll notice, are becoming a bit more... active?

in other news, some new parker haps: 
little boy sits up!  like really sits up.
he wasn't, he wasn't, he wasn't, then one day he was.
it's like a new world!  a vertical world!
he loves to play with spoons, bowls, pots, forks, knives
(just kidding about the last two).
he can keep himself contented for quite awhile.
also, recently he discovered exactly where i sit in the car (when driving)
and will try to crane his neck and look at me and smile from his seat.  
it makes me die a little.
he's starting to discover that i'm mom and i'm who he wants 
instead of someone a little less familiar to him.
again, makes me die a little.
we haven't tried any food beyond the avocado and sweet potato.
he's totally not into it.
we'll try again some time.
what else?  
he's napping more consistently,
and is just a pleasure to be around.  
we love him around these parts.
that's all!
happy 7 months, baby!

also, this time last year.  crazy.

(also, i remember seeing other moms with 7-ish month olds and being like, "oh, they've been at this awhile.  they are like full-blown moms who know what they're doing."  now, all of a sudden, i'm that mom and i realize, none of us know what we're doing and i got here in like a day.)


  1. aww, he is so cute!
    happy 7 months!

  2. sitting up now! wow, congratulations!

  3. Sooo true about that last bit! Parker is such acutie--and lucky guy to have you and all those siblings who love him.

  4. 7 months. Remember when he was just being born? Because I do and it was yesterday.

    I love how he's straining against relaxing. He will never relax again, but you already knew that.

    Chloe came over last weekend...those pictures of me in my studio sewing and Everett in front of the bunting? She took all those in manual! Which she taught herself off a tutorial in pinned on Pinterest in like five minutes. Kids these days. You better get William to teach you your camera.

  5. Isn't it great how sitting up feels like the coolest achievement? And we all just go with our instincts and wing it. Spoken by the mother of a 17 month old. ;)

  6. Happy 7 months, Parker!

    He is seriously so cute. It never gets old.

  7. happy 7 monday birthday parker!
    and i think the only veteran moms who really know what they are talkin' about are grandmoms or maybe even just great grandmoms!

  8. Aww, how cute! So happy your little man is growing up. :)

  9. A vertical world--everything must look so different to Parker now--he will be crawling in no time I'm sure.

    Can't believe how quickly these months are flying by!

  10. Parker is so cute! I have no idea what ISO stands for either. But it tells you how sensitive your sensor is to light. A high ISO=more sensitive to light=better for low light; lower ISO=less sensitive=good for bright light. The catch is that the higher the ISO, the "grainier" the photo will be. I guess on this one you could have used a lower ISO (??) cause of all that sunlight but really, it's that excellent expression on his face that counts. Love it.

  11. So active and so cute!

    Wow- it's amazing how much happens in a year. So happy to have been around for it.

  12. he is getting the pudgy little baby cheeks that i love so much!! i want to meet him.

  13. What a cutie! I remember taking my son for his weight check-in at 4 days old. There was another baby in there for her 12-month checkup. I remember thinking, I.will.never.get.there! Now I realize that mom must've thought the same thing at some point.

    And, Parker's chair is gorgeous. :)


  14. Love it, Bridget. Yeah, we pretty much don't have a clue what we are doing sometimes, do we? :) Drew is obsessed with avocados too, he will eat a whole one now, and I wonder why he is a tank.

  15. None us know what we are doing... very true. I feel like I just do my best each day but in the end the results won't show until way down the line. (when i have already inevitably messed him up.)

  16. what a little cutie! someone has a serious case of the wiggles! and is perhaps en route to becoming a chef? oh lala!


  17. he is so cute! i have been a follower for a few months and it's been fun to see his personality come through more in his pictures. it's adorable!

  18. happy 7 months!! he's getting so big! and. you tooootally look like you know what you're doing. i feel like i need to order a jillion "what to do with your baby after it comes out" books!

  19. Ahh, TOTALLY to that last part!! 7 months here too, and I'm like, WHAT? I certainly don't know what I'm doing, but moms of eight month olds are completely experienced, right? Ha!

  20. Happy 7 months, Parker!!! My baby girl is turning 7 months on Saturday. This first year is flying by!


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