kids! they do the darndest things!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

kids!  doing the darndest things!  ain't it the truth?!  the cast of characters here at the hunt abode has been dishing out material ripe for the blog world.  ripe for the blog world, people!  i mean seriously!  just keep reading!

and these are only two of 'em!  only two hunt hooligans!

william comes home the other day from school and hands steve a $20.
we ask where it came from.
"i brought our fruit leathers to school and sold them.  so-and-so bought 12 of them for $1.75 each."
there are so many things wrong with this.
fruit leathers.  i'm talking non-sweet, non-fluorescent snacks from the kid (william) who's most likely labeled "the kid who brings the crappy, tree-bark snacks to school."  how did he pull this one over on said boy?
and what is said boy doing with $20 when clearly he's an idiot?
and, perhaps i should be impressed here, when did my william become such a saavy salesman?

william and jordan.  they're always going at it.  the latest below.
jordan smacks william in the face with his sock (what?).
william steals some of jordan's ritz crackers.
jordan puts his hands on william's cheese and crackers.
william says, "i'm not eating it now that you touched it!"
jordan says (happily), "fine," and throws it away.

(my verbage doesn't have to make sense all the time.).

you got some crazy kid stories?  share 'em!  we've got to stick together!


  1. a new business perhaps? selling fruit leathers. apparently there is an untouched market of school kids just waiting out there for you!

  2. Hahah geez, quite the businessman! You should use that to your advantage. ;)

  3. A fruit leather salesman.

    You just never know.

  4. So funny and smart. Pretty impressive that he made $20.

    I always say crazy things. Luckily my daughter is too young to know the difference. She just looks at my face and knows she better run to her room. I tell her I am going to "get her bummies" and we both start laughing.

  5. Remember, William was the one who said to Steve, "I know, you should marry Bridget!" way back when (am I getting that right?) so perhaps he is a born salesman. That transaction seemed to work out pretty well, eh?

    Oh and my brother used to buy bags of cheap candy and sell it at a huge markup at school. I'd love to tell you he turned out normal. I'd just love to.

    Miss ya!

  6. It makes me laugh now to read what you write, but my brother and I where sort of like that growing up. He'd take bites from my plate and I'd get so mad. I guess it's just a phase for the kids but so irritating for moms. The'll laugh about it one day... Btw, great blog!

  7. I have an 11 year old brother back in South Africa and when I was visiting over Christmas the following conversation took place between him and my mom:

    Ben: I believe in reincarnation.

    Mom: That's nonsense.

    Ben: You need to respect my beliefs.

    Mom: You're 11, you have no beliefs.

    Sigh ... happy families!

  8. Haha William is such a salesman! And he had to save up all those snacks you gave him for a little while to have enough to sell. At least he gave the money to you and Steve. I mean $20? Score!

  9. My sister and I just had a similar incident to your ritz cracker snafu, except we are adults, and we were the ones bickering. Uh, oh.

  10. My little cousin (age 3) showing a guest around her room: "These are my toys...this is my shoe..."
    Said guest points to the crayon art on the wall, and says, "What's this?"
    Three year old responds proudly: "That's a NO-NO!"

    Classic. Just classic.

  11. haha! Fruit leather?! I'd be that kid that bought them from William, I'm just saying.

    I don't have any kids of my own, but I have younger step-siblings. We were driving by a run-down barn, it was around dinner time and we were getting hungry. My step-dad said "Oooh! Let's stop there and get some slop for dinner!" my youngest step-brother (who was four at the time) said, "Mmm....I LOVE slop!" then asked "What's slop?". After we explained it to him he said, "Ewwww...I hate slop." One of the greatest memories I have of him to this day.

    Kids really do say that darndest things. :-)

  12. Oh, and we were on our way to North Carolina when this whole thing took place.

  13. haha he should be a car salesman - he'd make millions!


  14. You should definitely be impressed. That is a gift!

    The salesman in the family is usually the one who is most well off in later years and who ends up taking care of you when you're old and decrepit so better start sucking up now! lol

  15. This is great. I totally remember touching/licking candy that I wanted so that my sister wouldn't eat it.

    At the very least, they keep things entertaining! :)

  16. I especially love his price point. Not $2.00 but $1.75. He already has the psychology of pricing figured out!

    Love that kid.

    I say that every time, but I do!

  17. my verbage never makes sense when I am yelling at my older 2! They are exactly 18 months and 3 days apart. Emilee who is almost 13 and Zack who is 11.5. They actually do not have bedroom doors right now due to their fighting. Haha!

  18. I totally sold candy to my friends when I was in elementary school. My parents, unfortunately, did not raise me to eat healthily, so I always had candy bars in my lunchbox. I started having my mama buy extras to sell to the kids in my class. Only I wasn't smart enough to sell them for a profit--I sold them for what I (my mama) paid!

  19. Also, my best friend's nephew turned four in May. They always take him to a local amusement park. Whenever you ask him how old he is, he replies four. But you ask him how old he is when they go to the amusement park? "I'm three!"

    The charge full price if you are over three, but he's not tall enough to ride half of the rides, so my best friend said they weren't paying full price! *haha*

  20. Literally just posted a blog about my crazy incident from last night before reading this. What a coincidence! Hop on over and check it's a good one!

  21. Haha! I am using the word Everybodys from now on. Oh man... those boys are a handful.

  22. We have a jr high youthie in our group (his name is Thor if you should know. cousin- Athena.) and he is a bonafide candy salesman at his school. He calls it *pucker face* (copyrighted. don't steal.) and he makes LOADS of money off all of the sugar-addicted tweenies. He even has connections at the local candy store. And no. His parents aren't stopping him anytime soon ($$). We just laugh awkwardly about it all and make him give us Reese's.

  23. HAHAHA! And techically, William is a dollar short, if he sold 12 for $1.75 each! Did the boy get a wholesale discount?

  24. hone in on those saleman skillz while you can still take the money from him. i could see him taking a few gallons of the green machine to school and making a fortune.

  25. I'm most impressed that he gave the $20 to you guys instead of keeping it for himself! :)

  26. Haaaaha. I would've bought the fruit leathers. Maybe not for $20, but wow... what a salesman. You should encourage that skill - it may come in really handy someday. :)


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