christmas do-it-yourself roundup #2 (a book-theme!).

Hi, I'm Rachel from Tunes & Spoons.  
I am always looking for ways to reuse anything around the house.  This year an old Jesus the Christ book from the 70's was my victim.  I present to you my...

1.  Find an old book you don't mind ripping up.  I felt a little guilty ripping up a book about Jesus but at the same time, isn't that what this Holiday is all about anyway?!  Now, I feel justified.

2.  Tear out several pages.

3.  Fold them short ways accordion style.

4.  Bend them in half.

5.  Put two of them together.  Tie string around the middles to hold together and glue seams shut.

After assembling all of the paper ornaments I gave them a pop of color with this paper tape from Anthropologie.

We paired these decorations with some vintage seam binding.  We had several colors so we cut them into strips and tied them together to form a colorful garland.

And there you have it!  Someone 40 years ago bought a book and you can turn it in to a cheap and easy DIY Holiday decoration! 
Merry Christmas!

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Bridget again!
and a few more DIY goodies & links!
I got these in my inbox from two different people.
Beautiful book ornaments are in and I had to show 'em both.

book ornament sources #1 and #2


  1. That is SO awesome! I love this idea and might do it myself! :)

  2. this makes me want to get, like, 10 trees next year just so i have enough space for all the DIY ornaments you've inspired me to make.

  3. These are darling and add such a unique touch!

    Liesl :)

  4. Awwwwwwesome, anything done with old books is straight up my boat! Thx for the inspiration!

  5. lovelu little paper ornaments-think the manuscripts are a great touch...fire hazzard-not much

  6. this is lovely! merry xmas to you and the family x

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  7. Love these! When we were at the mall today, they had these gorgeous ornaments hung up that were foam balls covered in old maps.:)


  8. These are adorable! I love the addition of washi tape, a little vintage and a little modern! Perf! Well done, Rachel, and thanks Bridget for featuring these sweet little DIYs! Xo, Katie

  9. definitely going to be trying those book ornaments next year. love.

  10. what a gem -- this idea! Adorable {and i still have some time before x-mas!}

  11. These are awesome as a garland!! I love your DIY Christmas decor feature!

  12. Thanks so much for the feature Bridge!!!

    and I didn't really think about the whole fire hazard thing....hmmmmm.

  13. pretty cool, bridget. i'm impressed. which doesn't happen often.

  14. how fun and adorable!
    I like the way you go about explaining, too. so simple.

  15. Rachel, you received so many complimentary comments about your fantastic tree. You are really something. I'm so proud of you. Nanny


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