"all this laughing, crying, smiling, dying here inside's what i call living."

steve and i are suckers for a country song that has a good lesson.
he showed me this one this weekend and i've listened to it a lot.
it gets me all emotional.  
i want my kids to stop growing up.
parker's got rolls, legit rolls that he didn't have when he was born.
lindsey is talking about boys and singing to taylor swift.  
william requests specific hair styles and clothes.
jordan wants a laptop.
and nathaniel is a freshman in college.

when did this happen?

life, slow down.


  1. Awww, i feel the same way.
    Only i have one. Love your blog!

    In our sea of love

  2. dude. tell me about it.
    i swear dylan was 3" taller when he woke up this morning...
    i have a love/hate with it: love to watch him grow but hate that he's growing up.



  3. Aww, Lindsey! Don't be old enough for boys yet! I feel your pain with my boys growing so fast too--it's fun to watch th grow and develop, but I want them to stay small forever so I can always take care of them and keep them safe too. Motherhood is so bittersweet.

  4. i'm not even married or have kids yet and i already think life is flying by. gah! how am i going to react then?!


  5. Oh William. That kid and his shoes still crack me up.

    And oh Steve. It still fascinates me that he's into country music...I thought that was reserved for...us Alabamians? Is he Southern on the inside?

    I love the country music my mom used to listen to when we were kids...Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks, Martina McBride. But I can't stand to listen to it anymore because like you said...they try to make you cry!

  6. seriously! It is all way too fast!

  7. that song made me cry when i first heard it and i don't have any kids... country music has the sweetest songs.

  8. I bet life is barreling ahead for you. I know what you mean- it needs to slow down.

  9. i feel like this pregnancy is even going too fast. i havent even met my daughter and i know she is growing up already. (i mean now is the time for her to be doing the growing) but in 4 months i am just going to want time to stand still....

    thanks for this song...now i need tissues...

  10. So true right!?!? I don't have my our munchkin yet, which I'm sure only amplifies the feeling tenfold but my husband's brother has 5 kids and the oldest started college this fall. Totally tripped me out!

  11. Really great song! My little guy, my one and only, just started kindergarten. I'm still wandering around the house each day missing him.

  12. It makes me sad and anxious with how fast time is passing. I can't even imagine how quick it will go when we have little ones around.

  13. I love me some good Country music. I know how you feel. Sometimes I just sit there staring/stalking on Charlie thinking, I was just swaddling her and bouncing her to sleep, when did she grow up to play Barbies, complete a puzzle on her own and say things like "This is ridiculous"?

    Parker has rolls? I'm a sucker for baby rolls. It means you have a good fat ratio (hindmilk) to your foremilk. Better keep your calories up or else you'll waste to nothing (speaking from experience).

  14. one day this will be me *tear*
    i can't fathom having kids grow up so fast!! just enjoy the little moments in between :)
    xo dana

  15. Yup, ever since having Brooklyn I cry every time I hear Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This For Long." If you don't know it, go listen to it on Grooveshark. a-sap.

  16. awww such a great song and sweet post...

  17. This IS a sweet song. The Brad Paisley song "If he's anything like me" was on the radio a lot last fall, when Levi was born. Made me cry every time. :)

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