our busy, busy weekend.

Monday, June 6, 2011

this weekend was a full one.
we had a baccaulaureate service (with a speaker none other than my man-candy himself!)
and now we've got a high school graduate!  
nathaniel is done and will soon be off to college.
i can hardly believe it.  seriously.
(not only because it feels like i graduated high school myself not all that long ago!)
he's grown into quite the young man and 
there were some nice things said about him at the various graduation services.
including receiving distinguished honors on his senior thesis: the problem of evil.

go nathaniel!

and then i had my second and last baby shower -- again, he's feeling loved.
(as am i.)
family was in town, food was made, drinks were drank, and the sun was out.
and then, we had a graduation party for nathaniel.
what started as a stressful morning of cooking and cleaning and running around
ended up as a nice day.
and i made plenty of pulled pork... phew.

so, i would really like to sleep for days.  
but i have to go to work today.
such is life.

how was your weekend?!

(and i am so bummed that i missed the 32/40 post-- so weeks 32 and 33 will be this week!)


  1. Since you asked...our weekend was lovely. We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. :)

    So glad you had a sunny weekend! And I remember taking a literature course in college called "The Problem of Evil." Very interesting!

  2. So precious! I love the photos!
    Happy Monday!

  3. pregnant women should only be allowed to blog - not work. tell whoever you need to tell that i said so.

  4. Welcome back! Sounds like an awesome, whirlwind weekend! Maybe a nap is on the way?

  5. @jenni austria germany, i really like your style. my husband? less so. stupid man.

    @jamie, happy anniversary!!!

  6. those cuppy cakes look YUMMO!

    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend. :)

  7. I agree.. I would say there should be a law that pregnant women.. especially those that look as great as you, DEFINITELY do not work!! What do you do, will you go back after the little guy?

  8. @stacie, you the bomb. i work at a baby/maternity store at the moment actually (very part time!) and will be done after he arrives!

  9. go nathaniel!!!!

    & the baby shower looks so sweet.

  10. I love jam-packed weekends! Especially when they're full of celebrations. Looks like you had a great one!!

  11. Yay, graduation! Gosh, it's such a great feeling when high school is over! I bet he's glad. Now college..dun,dun,dun!

  12. Congrats to your hubby and Nathaniel! What a wonderful weekend.

  13. looks and sounds like an incredible weekend. hooray for that! xo

  14. More shower pictures please... :-)

  15. you were exquisite my friend. and gracious. and beautiful. and..... Bridesmaids????

  16. ohhh what sweet/lovely photos :)

    so glad you & baby felt so loved on!

  17. WOW! BIIIZAY. I think you have earned yourself a couple days of sleep.

  18. Wow, lady! You've been a busy little bee! That's a lot for a pregnant person such as yourself to handle! ;)

    Great pics... I love what you did with all the Polaroids! Might steal this idea one day!

  19. Wow, that was a busy weekend! Mine was busy as well, family in town. First, Bridesmaids the movie with the cousins, my bridal shower, my sister's graduation BBQ, and then sightseeing in Seattle. I was wiped out by Sunday night!

  20. fun weekend. don't worry about missing posts. live your life, post it about later... ; )

  21. Yayyy! Congratulations to him! Sounds like y'all had a full weekend! Make sure to get tons of rest!

  22. hi there, just found your blog. enjoying your posts - photos and health, and sending you tons of good vibes for your big day soon!



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