27 weeks & pregnancy stats thus far.

i've seen pregnant women do a sort of stats thing 
before but i can't actually find one to reference
 (how is that possible?) so i'll just make it up myself.  
it'll be mostly information you're entirely uninterested in 
but a nice way for me to look back and remember so there.

cravings: first trimester and a little into the second i was wanting burgers real bad.  and not just any burger could satisfy my cravings.  it wasn't as annoying as becky on full house wanting seedless watermelon and making uncle jesse go get her some, but i really wanted a good fuddruckers burger.  and maybe you're thinking "fuddruckers doesn't make good burgers" but let me tell you, it hit the spot.  oh, and soda (or just fruit juices in general).  bad.  i got myself some hansens root beer without high fructose corn syrup to satisfy the urges.  i'm normally more of a savory tooth but this babe has turned savory to sweet just a bit.
weight gain: 20 lbs. at my last appt. a few weeks ago so by now i'm thinking 23 lbs. or so?
comments: "you're carrying so low!" or "you're so small!"
fears: listerios.  am i the only pregnant girl terrified of getting it?  or just food poisoning in general.  when i deal with raw chicken i wash my hands and countertop so carefully, there's no way any salmonella is making its way to my dinner plate, but still.  and whenever i eat out, i'd almost like to ask to watch them prepare it so i can ensure there was no cross-contamination.  i am crazy.  and i've completely avoided lunch meat and have checked and double checked for pasteurization on soft cheeses, etc.  like i said, crazy.
general mood: i can say this completely honestly (and husband would attest) that i have really not been hormonal.  in fact, i would say this has been one of the more consistently happy times in our marriage thus far.  i've really enjoyed being pregnant and have felt emotionally quite stable!  i know pregnant women are supposed to cry, but i haven't felt any extra urges more than normal.
things i was surprised by: how much i didn't want to tell people.  even when i posted it here i was terrified.  when we told the kids (and we waited until i was like 15 or 16 weeks to tell them) i cried afterwards.  it felt like my sacred, little, vulnerable secret was out and it scared me.  i liked having it between me, and steve, and the babe.  i think i was scared of something going wrong.  so, backtracking a bit, i would say my mood definitely picked up once further into the second trimester.  other things... oh, gah, how quickly my boobs grew.  and grew.  and grew. oh!  and moles get bigger too, ladies.  and zits appear in the middle of your cheek when once they politely stayed within the t-zone region.  so rude.
things i'm most looking forward to: to fall in head-over-heels in love with my son.
what i think is really cool and crazy: that something from steve and something from me came together and is now a human growing inside me.  i really can't wrap my head around it.
most embarassing moment: this was added because it just happened to me.  i was getting an adjustment at the chiropractors' office.  as we're finishing up and chatting and planning my next visit, i look down and see a big wet spot on my right boob.  i'm quite sure he saw it too.  i haven't even given birth and i already have embarassing lactation stories.  anyway, we both played it cool and i walked shamefully back to my car.  next appointment, i'm bringing breast pads.

am i missing anything?

*and if you missed it, check out meg's hilarious blog (& my guest post on it).


  1. Bridg... your hair is getting very long and glamorous! Keep not showering for sure.
    Loved reading this- what a good idea. ps-where is that dreamy cardigan from?

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  2. You are looking gorgeous!! Your hair is growing like crazy, too. I can't wait for your baby to get here too :)

  3. you look amazing ... so pretty :)

  4. I just found your blog and was so touched by your love story. Also, I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant with our first and we definitely have some similarities in our pregnancies! We didn't tell most of our family and friends until the second trimester just because it felt so scary and unreal. Wishing your family all the best on the rest of this journey and can't wait to follow on along the way. =)

  5. my older sister is also pregnant, although i think she hates the gaining weight thing.

    love the stories.

  6. If it were possible for me to fall more in love with you, I just did. Sigh. Also, your hair. Girl. Share your secrets. I want my hair to look like that. ALWAYS.

  7. you are the cutest pregnant mama!

    I think when I get pregnant, whenever that may be, I'll also be nervous to tell people!

    i love that you lactated in the doctor's office haha

    I read this blog called 5th Belle Avenue and she recently had her baby but literally it's the cutest blog..and she talked about going on a babymoon aka a honeymoon before lil babes comes!

    anywho, this post reminded me of her because she did lots of fun updates like this! so so cute! check her out :)


  8. New follower here. I just found and followed your blog yesterday and I've already devoured your love story with your husband! It's very well-written. I thought about it off and on yesterday and had to keep reminding myself that this was real life and not a novel I read or a movie I watched. So romantic!

    I didn't realize you were now preggers. Congrats! You look FABULOUS! :)

    PS--despite these stalker-y comments, I am NOT a creeper. Kthanks!


  9. Oh lord Bridget. I'm not laughing at your boob leaking, I'm laughing at my boob leaking. I look down and think, "These are not my breasts!"

    I was with a couple ex-preggos the other day and they actually said to each other, "Remember that time our vaginas got really big?" so I'm all up on the K-exercises.

    And I need to know what you now know about putting the baby in optimal position, because our little pisser is still sideways.

  10. funny, because i was going to comment "you're carrying so low!" but i figure now that it's your most frequently heard remark, i'll come up with something different. like...20 lbs? or 2 lbs? because it looks like you've gained about 2 lbs to me. and the thing you think is really cool and crazy makes my brain hurt if i think too much about it. the whole conception thing (and childbirth in and of itself) is so amazing that i realize i could never NOT believe in God after experiencing miraculous things just like this.

  11. oh, and i thought your necklace was a tattoo.

  12. You are adorable!! And I love how you already love him!!

  13. you are absolutely gorgeous! when i finally get married and have a little baby of my own, i so want to do this.

    you are totally one of my fav blog girl crushes!

  14. You look adorable! I love your hair in these photos.

  15. @yours truly- it's sort of a no name brand that i got in new orleans over a year ago-- i'm still going to find the brand and tell you it when i get upstairs!

    @alexandria- love you back. thanks girl. and this time, blowdried the front pieces and let the rest air dry.

    @reagan-can you come do my hair for me?

    @elizabeth- i'm thinking a post on optimal fetal positioning is in order, yes?

    hi to everyone!

  16. I am so glad you are having such a great pregnancy, Bridget! Seriously, I don't think you could look any better.

    One of the things that wasn't on your list was super-powered senses. For me, everything seemed soooo acute. Hearing, taste, but mostly my sense of smell was the craziest -- I could decipher what someone had eaten 8 hours before. It was actually pretty horrible.

  17. I adore your curled hair! So dramatic! So vixen!

    Love your funny story. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

  18. pregnancy is so science fiction.

    also- i think you're hilarious.

  19. Bridget you look so, so beautiful. Your hair especially looks lovely! Glad you're not feeling hormonal :)

  20. haha you're not the only crazy one that worries about listeria...I wanted a simple turkey sandwich so badly when I was pregnant and after Bennett came, the hospital had a turkey/cranberry snadwich that I ordered everyday for lunch and dinner til we left the hospital. It was amazing (it probably wasn't at all) but tasted SO good!

    And that's so funny that you leaked and it was awkward with your chiro...I didn't know you could leak before even having the baby! Our bodies are crazy!

    PS: You use photoshop for these right? Which version do you use? I want to get Elements but I"m not sure you can do stuff like this on it.

  21. You are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever. I was a mess.

  22. You look so adorable and I love your hair like that! Btw: my friend had the same fear when they started telling everyone about the baby. She was just so worried that something would happen. Glad that the little guy is growning and having a good time in your belly! Kisses and enjoy your day:)

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!

  23. I laughed out lout about the lady parts that wont fall out!! You have my type of humor.
    xo C.

  24. @becca, i use photoshop cs5-- i'm sure any version of PS will let you do it though!

    thanks everyone! i am feeling pretty good and the little guy is kicking as we speak!

  25. Look at you!! You are beautiful!!

  26. Awwwww, you are adorable!! I love your stats list and the honesty!

  27. oooOOoo. really good hair day for you! you and zee baby look stunning, as always.

  28. You look pretty as usual! And I love your dress! Looks very comfortable.
    Loved hearing about how it was early in your pregnancy. And yay, no mood swings! I bet that makes your husband happy.
    By the way, do you have any idea yet if you're going for a natural birth or not? Sorry if that's too much of a personal question. You don't have to answer!

  29. @rachael, that's definitely what i hope for!

  30. I can't wait to see what I crave. I hope it's something really random. and at 4 in the morning. just to see if my future husband will go get it for me. test his love a bit ya know? is that bad?

  31. Adorable. Your pregnancy sounds much like mine was...carried low, small, no weird emotional hormones, didn't really get sick. Pregnancy wasn't so bad! So excited for you to meet your little guy. So much fun!

  32. BriDGET!!! i LOVE your hair! you are looking just fabulous darling!
    can't wait to meet baby!!!

    -love you much-

  33. My boobs started leaking somewhere around the start of the third trimester with S, and this second time it's been going on since about 20 weeks. So at least for some of us that's way normal, though of course it can be embarrassing. Yay for breast pads! And I'm jealous of your weight gain, I'm having a hard time with it this time around. I'm at 39 weeks and have only gained about 15 or 16 lbs. Sigh...I just hope Baby is getting all he needs--he moves a tons and my belly always measures bigger at each visit so my dr isn't worried, but she does always say "keep eating!" And I know from pregnancy 1 that with my pre-prego weight I should be gaining more like 30 or 40 for the drs to be happy. All that to say, love that weight piling on! It literally melts away effortlessly if you breastfeed and have a naturally high metabolism (which I suspect you do...), so pack it on for us both, k? And I'm doing my best to do so too in my last week of pregnancy (or however long he stays in!). :)

  34. You are absolutely glowing! x

  35. @christine, you're funny. i haven't tried this on steve yet... tonight, 3 am, DQ blizzard (but i dont think they're open. rats)

    @kara, mine started leaking at 18 weeks! insane! glad to know im not the only early-leaker. and yess... weight gain has not been a problem for me unlike my non-prego self... in fact, i think i'd like to keep just a little bit of it on afterwards! curves arent so bad!

  36. love your hair!!!

    and this listerios... well i'm not looking it up, because i don't need one more thing to fear about pregnancy. this is a big step for me.

    please keep doing these.

  37. I appreciate your burger cravings! That's what I imagine I would crave - I have co workers who craved veggie sandwiches - and I was thinking of all thinks to possibly crave in your life - veggie sandwiches, really?

    Enjoying your posts!

  38. You hair is looking GLORIOUS, ohmyword. I mean, your hair has always looked effortless and awesome - but now even more so. You and your gorgeousness.

  39. I think it's such a beautiful thing that you write messages to your baby, it will be so special for him to read when he grows up!

    Carla xx.

  40. you literally get more beautiful as baby hunt gets bigger. also, your hair is pretty slammin. damn you.

  41. Beautiful shots! And that chiro story is pretty funny. I didn't realize you could lactate before you give birth!

  42. I recently came across your blog and I'm totally fascinated with it! You're such a beauty and you seem to have a really positive outlook on life.

    Love it!


  43. ugh. its good to be home. and by home i mean your blog. i have missed you. i am so glad that you are lactating at inappropriate times. it will make our time in new orleans in bando tops much less awkward now that you have gotten it out of the way.

  44. these photos are darling! you are so beautiful.

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