the little dude's baptism, his first food, and my belly. and this is my nephew i'm talking about. not my child-in-the-womb. but you probably got that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

i was in pennsylvania/nj this weekend.  i had the absolute honor of being the godmother to this most amazing little nephew of mine, quinn.  he's like the sweetest baby ever.  a lot of people say that.  not all mean it.  i mean it.  he doesn't really stop smiling unless he seriously needs something or unless he's just chillaxin' which he likes to do sometimes.
and this is his first food--a sweet potato.  he liked it for the most part.

and now i am home and ready to tackle the laundry and vacuuming and the week ahead.  but, steve did a good job at keeping down the fort without me.  including a spit and polished third floor.  loooove that man.  

have a fabulous week.


  1. Awww..what a cute little guy and red looks beautiful on you, sweetie. Glad you had a fun weekend and enjoy your Monday morning. Kisses

  2. pretty pregnant you.
    really adorable eating little guy.

    happy week!

  3. oh my gosh, so stinkin cute. and is it weird that i kind of miss vacuuming? as in my carpet is already this oatmeal and dirt color that absorbs everything, so i don't really vacuum ever.

    don't hate me. and don't tell my mom.

  4. Cutie pie!

    My Dad is getting us the Boon High Chair, does you sister like it? More importantly does Quinn?

  5. So cute!!! Godmother, mother... you're on a roll girl! :D

  6. Thanks everyone! My little man is just amazing and I'm glad you like him too.

    Lee - love the Boon high chair. Quinn is happy in it, it is secure, easy to clean, and I just wheel him around the kitchen so he can be part of the action while I cook or clean. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  7. So cute :) I love your shirt, too; it's beautiful! And is your hair darker? It looks great!

  8. @eday- vacuuming is overrated. my next house, oatmeal carpeting wall to wall.
    @alivia- thanks! its actually a dress i borrowed from my sister! and my hair hasn't changed... i think its just dependent on the light! oooor whether i've washed it recently?

  9. Cute little guy! Quinn is a good name too. Thought of any names for your baby yet?
    You're getting bigger! You don't seem to be gaining weight anywhere else though. I bet you're one of those pregnant women who's thin everywhere but their belly!

  10. Very cute!! If I were a baby, sweet potatos would definitely be my first choice food (not that they have a choice), but I love sweet potatos :) I don't know how the baby kind tastes though. That could be a different situation. Does this comment sound weird? Sorry. LOL

  11. @rachael- so far mostly belly (and boobs) but give me time... i could get some junk in the trunk!

    @brandi- these were normal sweet potatoes that my sister cooked and mashed so you might like em! thinned out w/ some breastmilk though so thaaaat part might be a little weird.

  12. So sweet! And I love your belly bump. Can't wait to see your upcoming bump photos!

  13. pregnancy looks goooooood on you sista.




  14. How fun is that! Being a godmother!! And that little boy is adorable!!

  15. Your hair looks fabulous, and hello baby bump! You are gonna be one hot mama. xoxo

  16. Red is your color!

    I registered for one of those baby food maker/masher things. I can't wait to make some gross mush for them.

  17. @brandi - bridget's sister kate again. yes...just normal sweet potatoes. the even weirder part is that my husband polished off the leftovers. breast milk and all!

    @elizabeth - making baby's food is fabulous! healthier and cheaper. i just bought oxo's ice cube trays with lids that are apparently all BPA-free to store larger, frozen batches of food. just pop out one of the cubes and heat it up on the stove. so easy. also, bridget lent me this book until she is ready to use it:

    good stuff!

  18. I'm just about dying laughing at the fact that Kate's husband ate the last of the potatoes... with breast milk in there too. :)

    You girls are soooo gorgeous.

    And Quinn is OH MY WORD so precious. So glad you had a wonderful time with the family.

  19. Looking LOVELY in red. Love it.
    <3 leigh

  20. what a SWEET weekend :) And how wonderful to be a godmother of such a handsome and happy little nephew!

    LOVE your blouse :)

    And brownie points for the husband! nice work :)

  21. Thats one cute little man there! Your family seems to produce some gorgeous genetics... and your looking a fab as ever, not even close to becoming whale-like which seems to be my families preggo look!

  22. you look freaking AMAZING in red. can. i. just. SAY.

    and quinn is too cute for WORDS. ohmygoodness!

  23. He is so adorable and your baby bump is too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree...Beauty and the Beast is the best!

  24. i'm likin' your hair a lot these days.


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