the bachelor: women tell all, part 5.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

women tell all... ooh, this was a juicy one full of tears and crazies.  just the way i like it!

starting with the obvious...michelle money.

i must say i sort of wanted to come to her defense like britt (britt seems like a class act) because while she was totally ms. crazy-pants, and she was, some of her interviews were so over the top that there had to be sarcasm in there.  one thing they didn't ask is why her silent limo exit?  anyway, i felt sorta bad for her but i also wanted her to stop saying 'i left my daughter for this.'  we get it michelle.  and who is stacy anyway?  did she make it past the first episode?  why did she have such an ax to grind?  

jackie, back up.  your dumb train (the musical group, not the locomotive) date was not soooo special enough that you need to attack all the other girls.  baaaaack up.

shawntel, why so quiet?  you are one of my faves and you hardly said a word.

ashley, you looked really cute and i think were poised and put together.  nicely done.  liked the dress and the red lips too.  i heard you might be the next bachelorette... true?

as for the final rose... i think it's emily.  or should be.  what guy would be crazy enough to say goodbye to her???  chantal is great, i really have nothing against her, but emily is sooooo darn sophisticated and mature and adorable and--have you seen her say ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT ANYONE on camera ever??  he's smitten with her and careful of her feelings and wanting to make her feel special all the time... he's in loooove.  but, abc does like to edit to throw us off, so... one never knows.



  1. I want Shawntel to be the next B girl. Ashley is cute and all, but I don't know if she'd be that entertaining on her own show. I think Emily should win, but you know... these fellas... they never pick what's right for them. He'll probably be scared of Em so he'll pick Chantal then it won't work out because I think she's got some crazy in her too, she's just holdin' back. Brad's gonna freak on the last episode.

  2. I'm not sure who I want him to pick, although, last night he said 'mercy' quite a lot and that is something I think he picked up from his girl of choice. so I thought to myself, which girl would say that? probably Emily. do you think it's weird that he only met emily's daughter and not her parents or siblings? I feel like if family is important to him that he would want to meet those people in her life too. IDK


  3. i don't watch the bachelor, but i've been reading your posts instead! =D i get just enough info with sarcasm and humor atop.

  4. Of course, I along with everyone else, love Emily. But I don't think I want him to pick her. She's too good for him. Lets face it, these things never last. And while I do think he really feels for her, I don't know, I just don't get the sincerity out of him, like other guys or girls in the past (that statement is kind of laughable). When they showed all the outtakes at the end of the show (which they should totally show more of, because that's always super entertaining in my opinion), I felt like we saw a side of Brad we never saw on the show..relaxed, laughing, easy going, ya know? So have they just edited him to make him look all up-tight all season(or maybe that's just me), but anyways, I'm rambling and I think I've probably contracted myself.
    Basically-if the real him is what we've seen all season, I don't get a good vibe from him. If he's really like that 2 minute clip from the outtake, then maybe he really is a good guy.
    Whoa, long comment. :)

  5. um thank you! WHO is stacie? i dont remember her. frankly, i didnt even know her name but I'm assuming she was the one who kept being so gosh darn mean!

    I felt back for Michelle! I was so happy when chris harrison told the girls to stop.

    And um.... Emily needs to win!!!!!! love this show...

  6. Yeah, I sorta felt bad for michelle too. I believed what she had to say and thought it was pretty crazy that those two girls couldn't just let it go. I was really diggin Ashley's new look. Hottie! I hope she is the next bachelorette!! Oh and totally I think Emily should win, I really like Chantal too, but I just don't think Brad is the one for her.

  7. I too felt a little bad for Michelle, even though I couldn't stand her in the show! I think Brad SHOULD pick Emily, but I feel like the bachelor always picks the opposite of who he should, and that is why it never lasts! Plus, I don't feel like Emily wants the spotlight kind of life that being the "one" will give her and that might casue problems down the road!

  8. i really hope emily is the one. she just seems like she would soften brad's boring heart a little--- or something. i guess we'll see. but i wish i didn't care. ha.

  9. Oh my gosh, wasn't that crazy last night?! I definitely thought Stacie and Jackie went waaaaaaay over board on Michelle. Girls can be so mean. Some questions that were asked about her behavior were justifiable, but the whole mothering comments made me furious. I felt awful.

    YES for Emily!! And Ashley is sooooooo much prettier with brown hair. She needs to keep that look going.

  10. I missed the beginning of the episode so I think I missed the good parts. I know that in the preview Brad says that he sabotaged the South Africa date with Ashley, but I never saw that in the episode. I'm dying to know what that was about!

    Team Emily!

  11. I totally agree! I felt sooo bad for Michelle! She obviously feels really guilty for leaving her daughter. Maybe she got a lot of heat for it from her family or something. I wasn't a major fan of hers but my heart really broke for her after seeing her cry. And I can't believe that one chick tried to say that Michelle was a bad parent! Like who is she to speak on the woman's parenting skills!

    I was so very disappointed in Jackie! I can't even say anything further on her. Pathetic.

    I too was surprised that Chris didn't talk more to Shawntel. She was in the final four!

    Love Ashley! So cute! I really hate that she lacks effective communication skills though. I liked she and Brad together.

    I heard a rumor that he chose Chantal in the end. Which is going to break my heart if it's true. I mean I like Chantal, she's a cool chick, but I like Emily better. Emily is just extra sweet! I have a feeling that Brad is probably more himself around Chantal than Emily though. Emily makes him too nervous and I worry that because of that he'll never be able to truly relax and let loose with her.

  12. Ugh to Michelle. Sure she's sarcastic, but I just can't feel sorry for her. Didn't it just came out that she had an affair with some NBA dude? I'm sure she was going after him for all the right reasons too.

    But yeah, mothering comments have to be off limits. Shame!

    Ashley came off a bit desperate. "Can I get my hug?" And I like her blond better.

    If Brad calls one more girl an incredible woman I'm sending him a thesaurus.

  13. @bree- i know! i loved the chill brad we saw in the clips last night... he needs to loosen up more.
    @mellyb- hahaha brad DOES need a thesaurus.
    @yourstruly- agreed! poor michelle / lovin ash's brown hair.

  14. totally watched it. with your commentary open at the same time. THATS how much authority you have on it. :)

  15. I'm with MellyB - did not like Ashley's brown locks at all, maybe it was the bangs for me not sure...

    I agree with most of you that Jackie was way out of line - she was so quiet and sweet on the show and then she came off so aggressively.

    Excited for next week's episode - can't wait to see who he picks! I am thinking it won't be Emily although I would love it to be her. He just seems at home with Chantal.

  16. if he chooses chantal my life is over.

    i felt the need to be dramatic for abc's sake.

  17. Is it weird that I want Michelle to be the next Bachelorette?

    I think she would make it super entertaining... plus the men they would cast for her would have to be very interesting.

  18. I hope it's Emily, too, but if it's not I want her to be the next bachelorette (although, I don't know if she would leave her little one again)
    love ashley's red lips and dress as well!
    can't wait for next week!!!

  19. I haven't watched it but after reading the commentary I wish I did. It's sooo well edited!

  20. after this episode and seeing such a giddy brad, i tooootally think it's emily. i'm so excited for the last episode.

  21. I felt bad for Michelle too. You can say what you want about someone... but don't go after their mothering skills, especially if you don't have kids. Low blow.

    I want Emily to win too. But I actually think he is going to pick Chantel. I think he is more natural with her, while Emily I think intimidates him.

  22. Did you watch Michelle on Ellen? Look it up on YouTube! She asked her about the limo ride, and Michelle said that she did say a few things but they just edited them out!

    I think it's Chantel. He's too nervous with Emily, great as she is.

  23. @dani- totally youtubing that shiz right now.

  24. Totally agree that he probably chooses Emily. Seriously what guy wouldn't pick her?? My personal feelings are mixed though. I want him to choose her because I don't want her little precious heart to break. It would be like hurting bambi. The other side of me says whoa this girl is wayyy too good for Brad.

    Either way, I can't wait to see what actually happens.

    Love the bach commentary though. I am fluent in this language :)

  25. Please pick Emily, please pick Emily, please pick Emily, please pick Emily... OR make her the next Bachelorette! I'm just not ready to see her go, I have such a girl crush!

  26. Do you read Chris Harrison's blog on (Total Bachelor nerd here!) I haven't seen the Ellen episode, but it basically said the same thing. That she was carsick and that's why she laid down, but she did talk it was just edited out. I totally think it's going to be a Chantal. I should have started a betting pool before the show like guys do for sports! :)

  27. I know, I felt bad for Michelle too. I think he's gonna choose Chantal, and that they're kind of editing it to make it look like it'll definitely be Emily. I agree though, Emily is amazing.

  28. I really liked Ashley's makeover too, the hair, the lipstick, she definitely dressed to impress. Somehow though I have a hard time believing she's really 26, she looks much more mature, doesn't she?

  29. Ashely is too career-minded right now to be the next Bachelorette.

    And yes. It has to be Emily. I wish I could put my finger on what it is about Chantal that just doesn't do it for me. Or for Brad.

    But Emily? I want to meet homegirl, get to know her away from the cameras, and see where her fricken magical perfect personality really comes from.

    But why didn't we meet her family on the hometown visit???

  30. My husband and I are hoping Chantal wins :) ( Yes my husband loves the show lol) Emily is STUNNING and so sweet but I really don't see the chemistry between them.

  31. All I gotta say is he better pick Emily. That girl is too good to let go!! I've met her a couple of times, and she is just as stunning, genuine and sweet as she seems on tv!

    I've only watched like 4 episodes of the show and it was only because she is on it, and I wanted to see how she was doing. I don't know much about the other girl, but there is something about her that I don't really find appealing. Can't put my finger on exactly what it is though...

  32. i am obsessed with this season!! i love emily


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