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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

...I mean really.  What with all these holiday parties we're being invited to, Christmas cards to open (my fingers are just full of paper cuts.  Where's the letter opener?), and cookie swaps (ten, just this week!), I can't keep up.  Gosh.  It's hard to be me.  I mean really.  What's next?  Paparrazi knocking down my door??  In reality, we were invited to two Christmas parties (were you invited to way more?  Don't tell me.).  On Friday and Saturday night and I wore this dress to both of them (which by the way, I picked out in Boston and Ahnika was all like "Oh, it's your birthday.  Allow me," and she whipped out her credit card.  You should all befriend her.  Friends that whip out their credit cards on your birthday are the best kind... thanks, Ahn!).  Where was I?  Wearing this dress to both parties.  Whatevs.  It was a different group of people at each party.  Totally acceptable.  Only Steve knew.  And now all of you.
And what?  The second picture?  My necklace?  YES.  It arrived in the mail making me pretty much the happiest girl ever and Lisa the coolest twitter-turned-real-life-friend in the whole, wide world (we exchanged notes through snail mail, thus, real life.  That's all it takes.  My expectations aren't high.  Anyone else looking for a penpal?  J/K Lisa.  What we have is special.).  Finally, the cookies look kinda fancy but are soooooo easy.  Score!  When the ladies at the cookie swap were exclaiming how easy their cookies were to make I was all like, "Mine were sooo hard.  I stayed up all night.  I plucked the cacao bean from the tree myself to make the cookie."  (Is it a cacao bean?  Did that even make sense?).  So make them.  You can even use my cacao-bean-plucking story.


  1. That dress is totally adorable and I so need to make those cookies:) Yum! Btw: the necklace looks amazing on you
    Happy Tuesday,sweetie

  2. HaHa.... I haven't been to any Christmas parties this year so you definitely won! :D

  3. you say i suck...well you suck. you are cute, genetically slim and bake well. boo.

  4. LOVE those boots. i'm severely cooking-challenged but i might just have to whip out my faux-betty-crocker skills and try those cookies!

  5. bridget. i just love you. seriously. obviously not in a weird way. or in a ti amo way. more of a ti voglio benne way. not that I really need to clarify. but there are certianly CREEPERS out there. and well, i'm not of them.i mean i think you know that already. we are e-mail friends now afterall. but still. i do. you are so funny. i mean to actually make someone lol when reading something to themselves, is well darn right impressive. and just plain ole' wonderful.

    -your friend, katherine.

  6. *and you're just plain 'ole wonderful.

  7. I saw the original posting on these cookies, and now yours. and now I am dying to make homemade peppermint oreos.

    love that dress!

  8. your dress is super cute! and dont worry, we only got invited to two christmas parties too.

    btw, those cookies look a-mazing!!

  9. You crack me up!
    Those cookies look MAGICAL.
    I might steal your cacao bean plucking story. Just sayin.

  10. well, you're hired. you are obviously now the official tree & kimball model. and why aren't you a j crew model anyway? i've been meaning to ask you that. answers please.

  11. I've decided it's perfectly acceptable to wear that outfit every day.

    and peppermint oreo cookies?! they sound divine!

  12. TEN COOKIE SWAPS? That is terrifying. In what circles is popularity rewarded with so much work? I'm stunned.

  13. you look so pretty and I WANT THOSE COOKIES.

  14. The dress, the necklace, you-gorgeous!!


    P.S. I've been to 2 Christmas parties too! :-)

  15. i really love when you and ahn reference each other in your blogs. because you're both just hilarious. also: i want your boots and dress. like now. i have NOTHING to wear to christmas mass in ohio. san diego does not prepare you for christmas in any way.

    and those cookies look uhmazing, miss!

  16. Ohh, you look so cute! And those cookies look so YUMMY! :)

  17. Love the dress+book combo! Very cute. And wearing the same dress to two different parties...that's what I would do. And probably a lot of girls, unless they had a lot of money.
    Yummy cookies you made! I want some right now.

  18. Love the outfit in the first pic and love the necklace! Also, I'm dying for one of those cookies, hope they were well enjoyed! Merry Christmas!

  19. you crack me up every time I read your posts!
    Those cookies look amazing! Way to go!!

  20. Great necklace on you...glad it got to you! Plus, your boots are FABULOUS and those peppermint oreos look delish!

    Liesl :)

  21. AHHH! I want to make/eat those cookies RIGHT. NOW. In fact, I'm seriously going to. And I hope they tastes as good as they look!

    PS- Don't act like they were thaaat easy. The icing has like SIX different ingredients... that's serious stuff.

  22. you are so cute!!! i LOVE that dress and wish it were in my closet right now. it's adorable.

    my friend make oreo cookies like that and oh my gosh they are so dangerous. i want to eat them all.

  23. friends who buy me clothes are my favorite kind of friends....


    Okay. Enough with me.

    Way to have a baller red HOLIDAY PARTY dress. Did you wear it to a million HOLIDAY PARTIES, huh? Did ya Bridge? Did ya?
    I went to...1. And my dress

    :) Love ya! :)

  25. It's been awhile since I've been to a real Christmas party! Only because we're always on the move. And of course because we have a child and really, I don't like children running around at Christmas parties. Kind of ruins the mood. I like the kids of an age to go in the back room and play around. Does that make me evil? I think it does lol. I need a friend like yours. A Sugarmama though because I've had my eye on a few things that need to be in my closet ;)

  26. Yumm--pepermint oreo cookies-- sounds good! You look super cute in both outfits. I love that flowery/leafy necklace!

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  27. 1. you look adorable in your dress.
    2. your friend is really special.
    3. you are very lucky to have such a friend :)
    4. these cookies look delish.
    5. I will give it a try on making them.
    6. my baby girl will be oh so happy!

  28. those cookies look amazing. well so do you. but i think i want to eat the cookies is the difference! ha

  29. lovee the dress....and the necklace
    ...and i did the same thing...wore the same dress and only my husband knew...
    and now you do too :)

  30. Hahah, oh my god I love it! People always LOVE to talk about how easy their baking is, so your story made my day! Those cookies look fantastic and that dress is totally beautiful!!


    .but i like it.


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