my birthday is coming up.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

so... you there!  husband!  yes, you!  i'm making it really easy for you!

here's my list.

what?  like it's a lot?
(while we're on the subject, i'll take chelsea's birthday list too.)

since i'm feeling a tad bit on the materialistic side right now, 
this is really where i should be focusing my efforts.

this place is awesome.  
you can give a bunch of chicks to a family for $20--providing them with endless eggs!
a water buffalo for $250!
trees for $60!
honeybees for $30!
i looooove charities that make sense like this one.  where the help isn't momentary but keeps giving.
i'll definitely be doing some of this too.  it's not all about me.


  1. I hate charities. But we can't have this conversation over "comments" so I'll let you feel good about yourself for "helping" until a later date when we can sit down with that cup of coffee and really dissect charity/development.

    Love you. Not sure how I'm going to top my last years gift. Hmm...

  2. I do need to just say, Heifer? Have you ever seen how much their administration costs are in their budget? It's high. Just saying.

    And how are they combating over grazing and environmental factors with all these cows they are giving away to villages that don't move?

  3. Love it. I'll take your list too (although I have the flip & LOVE it, I'd need the schnazzy camera to fit that lens:)

  4. amanda, you are a kill joy!

    and just so the rest of my commenters dont think you're a crazy charity hater, i will say this: amanda is my peace corps friend who is wonderful and is a lover even though she seems like a hater here.

    you bring up a good point about the cows... maybe they only give the cows to people who have grazing capacities?!!

    and kiva is still my favorite. do you give them your thumbs up?

    chelsea- i want the flip!! and everything else.

  5. Flip Cameras are amazing, I want to kiss the creators face.

  6. Okay.
    Love this post.


  7. i will also take that lens. and the anthro gift card. and the photoshop cs5. let's be honest, you'll prob get the flip.

  8. I would love a Flip! (crossing my fingers for Christmas.) I would love the other things as well, except the lens... I don't have a fancy camera.

  9. Sign me up for the same list! ...Although my birthday is in March. We'll ignore that.
    Love that you love Sufjan!

  10. i would take that list as well :) except the flip, i have the kodak waterproof version and LOVE it. we got it for our honeymoon and had lots of fun documenting the trip!

  11. love this post woman - very well rounded too. a little for you, a little for others.

    a little more for you on the giftcard...ahahaha!! that was awesome!


  12. can i have all of this, too? except for cs5, which i have and it rules at life and i hope you get it because it's awesome.

    not everyone would put donating on their birthday list - and for that, i admire you. :)

  13. ditto on all your birthday gifts! $1,000 to anthro would be phenomenal.. I could really do some damage! Haha

  14. I would totally have number 2 and 3 in my wish list as well!!

  15. love the list... i think they all would be a great birthday gift.... esp. the anthropology gift card....oh the damage i could do with that :)

  16. oh! i love birthdays! and love your list... for reals.

  17. The list is great - I'll take the lens add a flash, leave the flip and we're square? Oh, and I agree with Amanda (in case you wanted someone else to weigh-in on the charity debate).

  18. $1,000 anthro card would be nice.

  19. love the charity. i like that kind of practical giving.

    i might just repeat your wish list as mine for my december birthday.

  20. i'll take your list too. my bday is next saturday... do you think your hubs will purchase those things twice? plus, a pug! i want one of those too. it's for a good cause. ME! haha. :)

  21. Looks like the perfect list to me!

  22. Happy early birthday! Mine is coming up to. Yay scorpios. :)

  23. Love the birthday list! I just had a birthday(yesterday) and I would take pretty much everything on your list. except for the photoshop because I already have that and the camera lense. well I would take the lense but I don't have a camera to put it on, so maybe instead of photoshop it should be a good camera for the really cool looking lense!



  24. HAHAHA!!! We bought my in-laws a goat from Heifers for Christmas a few years ago. They didn't find it half as amusing as we did.

  25. this is great! one of the benefits of blogging right? I did a few posts on jewelry and the maniac necklace from Swarovski and next thing I knew it was on our doorstep! that lens looks amazing. I would have a tough time between the anthro card and the lens....naina


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