posting on a saturday?! get outta here!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

whoever said we can't post on saturdays first of all?  my sat. and sun. mornings are
way drearier without your posts.  
let's start a revolution!!

so, this is what i've been doing today.  cover to cover, i've had a date with r.steves.
he's great.  thanks all for the tip.  
especially emily who actually ran into him in italy... i can see it now.  
me with my head in his book bumping into the man himself, dropping his book into a dirty puddle.
rick: don't worry little traveler!  here's another!
and he pulls one out of his knapsack.  yes knapsack.
my favorite r.steves quote yet:
"if you fall off your moral horse, call it a cultural experience.
italy is for romantics."

rick, you cad!  

also, important question:
rick doesn't really say amalfi coast is a MUST SEE.
por que rick, por que?
cinque terre he says is, however.
we have a few days wiggle room here and there so i'm trying to figure out which to stay longer at.
positano in amalfi or vernazza in cinque terre?
i know.  my life is really hard.  these decisions suck.

peeps who've been to both, can you help a woman out 
so i can stop googling "amalfi coast vs. cinque terre?"

(also - is it pretty standard to send credit card info over email to make hotel reservations?)


  1. Love your unexpected Saturday post- cheered my afternoon up:) I just asked my husband, who's been to both, and lived in cinque terre, and he says cinque terre for sure! That's basically all I hear him talk about when he gets on his Italy rants. fi

  2. thanks girl!

    noted. the difference b/w our stay in CT or positano is really just 1 or 2 days so hopefully this comment thread will nail my decision for me!

  3. I wouldn't give any personal info over email but that's just me.

    And I love blogging on Saturdays. A lot of the blogs I follow blog all through the weekend. Crazy!

  4. credit card info via email seems like a bad idea.

  5. The blogging world is so quiet on the weekends - I LOVE weekend posts!!

    I'm of no help on Italian decisions - but the email credit card sounds a bit sketchy - maybe fax is better, or multiple emails that piece together the card? That's a tough one.

    Cute picture, btw!

  6. hehe. thanks for the shout out :) i haven't been to both. but i have been to cinque terre and that's where i saw rick!!! cinque really is uh maze ing. really. (the first photo of my header is cinque terre)

  7. Positano most definitely! I lived in Naples, Italy for three years and would travel to Positano often. So beautiful. Enjoy your trip!

  8. both are gorgeous!! cinque terre is probably my favorite though, actually my favorite part in all of italy. hiking to all the 5 little towns was absolutely gorgeous and staying in the towns was like a little italian dream!

    but the almalfi coast is gorgeous also! the water is so clear, but the beaches are rocks and pebbles.

    i vote cinque terre.

    i studied in florence and traveled a lot so let me know if you have any questions!

  9. I sent my credit card info over email for concert tickets once (in Zurich) - also, a hotel in Montreux (switzerland) requested that also, but we didn't end up staying there. They said it was more secure than doing it online. I'm sure that it would be fine :)

  10. credit card info over email is completely standard for most hotel reservations abroad. i have had to do it MULTIPLE times, because many hotels do not take reservations any other way. i have never had a problem and wouldn't worry about it. have fun!

  11. bbaaah. i'm coming with you.

    just kidding. but, i wish. i'm so stoked for you, though, it's going to be magical. :)

  12. Just found your blog and I'm glad I did! Italy is a great choice :-)
    Ciao dall'Italia :-)

  13. i, like everyone, suggest chinque terre. the place specializes in white wine and pesto. Um, 'nuff said.

    the whole credit card thing would creep me out a bit, but i would probably end up doing it and pray like mad they used it properly. but i live on the edge like that...

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  15. Cinque Terra, hands down. Best 2 days of my 4 months in Europe. Okay, maybe that's too bold but it was convincing, right?

    I work for a credit card processing company and it is strictly against policy for us to email card numbers. I don't know what that means for them but I say be careful:)


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