interview with the second to littlest one.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

me: who's your favorite superhero?
w: batman

me: why?
w: because he's cool.

me: what do you want to be when you grow up?
w: state trooper.  that's kind of obvious, isn't it?
me: not for the people reading this.
w: well, for you!

me: who's your favorite sibling?
w: i'm going to say jordan.  laughs.  no, i'm just kidding.  my favorite sibling is nathaniel.

me: what's your favorite meal?
w: my favorite meal.... i have a bunch of favorite meals.  you wanna know my top 3?
me: sure
w: that soup we had... on the camping trip... chicken chili!  um... fajitas... and what else?  chocolate chili.

me: if you could be invisible, fly, or hold your breath under water as long as you want, which would you pick?
w: i would pick breathe under water.
me: bad choice.
w: why?
me: the other two are so much cooler.
w: fine, fly!
me: it's your interview, you can pick what you want.  just saying... bad choice.
w: stop!

me: what clothes do i want you to wear that you hate to wear?
w: khakis and really dressed up shirts.  and vests.
me: so basically you prefer to look grungy?
w: no, i like t-shirts and shorts.
me: so grungy?
w: you're grungy.
me: i am rubber and you are glue and whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

me: what's your favorite book?
w: drufus the dragon.  no wait wait... i'm thinking...
me: what about ralph s. mouse?
w: oh yeah, the ralph series.

me: anything else you want to say?
w: state troopers rock.  and i hope you are one when you grow up.
me: my readers?  they're all pretty much grown up.
w: oh never mind.


  1. I love these interviews. Dufus. haha

  2. I love how you mess with his mind. Did I ever tell you that every time I read your blog I think of my stepmother and how the only cool thing she can do is cook tacos? Yeah. I lost the stepmom contest.

  3. so hilarious!

    ...just so you know.... i read your whole story again this morning!! it is so great....and just warms my have a way with words.......a good way.....

    ...i think you need to write a book.....and tell your story....and then it will turn into a hollywood blockbuster.......:)

    have a great day today!


  4. haha you're so cute! I love that top :)

    And ohmigosh I used to loooove the Ralph S. Mouse series...I loved Beverly Cleary in general. I liked it how Ralph could say MOORV and his bike would go in reverse, hehe.
    Aaaand there's a Beezus and Ramona movie coming out!

  5. We can't all be state troopers!! Go get 'em!!

    Loved the interview!

  6. Aww I really enjoy these interviews! Such fun kids, and funny answers!
    Keep it up, please?

  7. i love when you post these!!! so so cute!!!

  8. this is WAY too cute. kids are SO funny... i loved this. more more moree!
    x. alyssa

  9. I love those interviews you have with the kids and the photos are always so cool:) That post brighten my day, sweetie:) thanks for that:)
    Happy Thursday

  10. bridget. you are so adorable and funny. you are such a crack up but you also make me have tears in my eyes. don't do that to me! i just read your "story" in its entirety. i cannot imagine how you felt and i loved what you said about those people asking you if they could pray for you. oh christians! we don't always get it right.

    hope you have an awesome day with your family!

  11. oh william. classic. make sure he knows that he won't have any friends if he becomes a state trooper.

  12. i LOVE these interviews... they're such cute and funny kids. <3

  13. adorable! state trooper huh?do you guys play lots of cops and robbers at your home? he's too cute... i mean cool. make sure he knows we all think he's cool.

  14. how cute! what a lovely idea!

  15. Lovely post! They're really cute and adorable :)

  16. When he becomes a state troop he could arrest your A for flashing that gang symbol in the last picture. Be careful Bridge.


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