heading home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sorry for the silence!  i'm flying home today... back to the hubs, and the kids, and the dog, and the lovely state of massachusetts which won't be quite as hot as the NJ heat i'm experiencing now.  camping was great fun (pictures to come!) and i only got, oh, 5 mosquito bites which really isn't so bad for me.  then, seeing sister kate and her baby-in-the-womb was fabulous as well.  got some pictures of that too which i told her i'll be posting at mysisterisacheeseball.blogspot.com to which she replied something i can't repeat on this blog.  annnnyway, i'll be back at the blog soon.  hope you all had lovely weekends!

and i neglected to also say happy father's day to my dad (on my blog... i said it in person...) - so, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY dad!


  1. Sounds lovely..Sisters time is much needed...My weekend was relaxing and now I am looking forward to the next one...Only one more day...:)
    Kisses and see you soon:)


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