Nathaniel went to prom (warning: picture-heavy post; the best kind!).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's true.  He is a junior in high school now and I can hardly believe it.  When I first came along he was only 12 and so much shorter than me.  As you will soon see, that is no longer the case (I may get teary writing this post).

He has come so far and so have I and even in the last few months our relationship has grown so much.  I just love Nathaniel.  And, while I am biased, he and his date win best-dressed in my book (and, if I'm being unbiased, they still do.  In fact, I might ask if I can borrow her dress for something in the future.  Would that be weird?).
(look at the back of it... beautiful, right?!)

(maybe when the limo came, Steve and I got inside it.)

It was so special watching the whole thing take place.  And it has been really special watching Nathaniel grow into quite the handsome man.  He's really nice too.  Bonus.
(and because it made me miss my own prom days
I thought my prom date could have a little 
cameo of his own.)


  1. stumbled across your blog as a link from shannon's blog... couldn't believe it was a prom post AND i know two of the kids... kendra (green dress) and ronnie... cute post

  2. Umm. Did you and Steve go to prom with them?

  3. Cute!
    That is the best prom dress I've ever seen! I'd definitely want to borrow it if I were you ;)

  4. ohhhh prom. so cute! they look great!! I actually just bough a dress like that, but the side without the ruffe doesn't have a strap and it's shorter. Oh and it's a steely grey color.

    They were best dressed though, for sheez.

  5. That dress is amazing and I want it! Great style for a high school kid, for sure.
    P.S. Was their prom on a boat?!?

  6. Awww he looks so handsome. You are right about her dress! So stylish. I love seeing all these pictures! It brings back so many memories and reminds me about how much my face hurt from smiling for all those pictures.

    Love your jacket btw.

  7. sooo sweet! i feel like my prom was yesterday. time flies. i loooove your jacket. so cute! where'd you get it!? xo!

  8. becca - we most certainly did not go to prom (but i wanted to).

    everyone, i'll let you in on a little secret. the jacket is pleather. and from tjmaxx.


    Her dress is beautiful!!

    What a dashing [smokin hot] couple. Your son & his GF are cute too. ;)

  10. They both look so lovely! Ohhh I remember my much fun!
    Great photos and her dress is very very cute..I love how they match!
    You and your husband look great too:)
    So fun:)

  11. Awwww... prom. I love all these pics. So handsome, and I love all the girls' dresses!

  12. that dress is fab! what fabric is that and where did she get it?? i love when teens have good taste. and your hair is cute too. xx

  13. i know she got it at nordstroms and that it was a sort of semi-stiff fabric (i think!).

  14. He is a STUD! And that date of his, well- she basically rocks! It looks as though, purple, was the color of choice this year for prom, wouldn't you say?! Fun times, fun times.

  15. Her dress is in crowd.

  16. I love that you hijacked the limo. that's the best. something I would have done. bawhahahahaha!

  17. DUDE. That dress is gorgeous. I wish I had half her style back in the day when I went to my own prom!

  18. fun! that dress really is beautiful! the cinching in the back is so feminine.

  19. Hey Sweetie! Oh my gosh, that dress is stunning! Love, Love, Love how its scrunched in the back and then wraps around the neck! Oh have prom dresses changed over the years... they're now actually pretty! ;-)

  20. AAWWWW, cuties! her dress totally rocks, i agree. you know what else rocks? your jacket. your style is kind of stellar, lady.

    also. do you watch the show parenthood on nbc? your husband reminds me a teensy bit of one of the characters, adam.

  21. Super cute pics! I looove how most of the girls opted for somewhere in the purple family. Soooo cute!

    Btw, just wanted to say thank you for your comment and for praying for my friends. My heart is hurting for them so much and I'm seriously at a loss at what I can possibly do for them.

    Prayer is so powerful.

  22. Awww. I never went to my prom because my parents are preachers and were super strict with me growing up (can you tell by the tattoos? haha)
    This looks amazing. What an experience.

  23. How fun, I wish I could go to prom again. But not as a almost 30 year old :)
    I agree they are so well dressed. The color of his dates dress is absolutely gorgeous! They both look so good.
    I especially loved that you and your hubs got in the limo and took a picture. Ha! So fun!

  24. Nathaniel and his date are adorable! What a proud moment for the you all.

    x Jasmine

  25. wow, her dress is amazing!


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