gradumucation weekend 2010.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This weekend was so good.  I think this year is the first year ever that I have really appreciated goodness.  That I have really stopped and said, "What a blessed day we're having," or, "Look at this sunshine.  Isn't it nice?"  That sounds terribly cheesy but I'm serious.  I definitely enjoyed life before but I moved with it, quickly, as it so often moves.  But sometimes, only recently, I will stop amidst its moving and think how nice the weather is or how special the time with friends is.  Is that weird?  Is that just growing up?  Can you not answer because you're throwing up a little in your mouth?

Anyway, this weekend was no exception.  It was graduation weekend at the college.  And while I am not a big attendee of graduations that aren't my own (is anyone?), this was a particularly special one.  A good friend was graduating and my husband was finally revealing a book--three years in the making--that is a tribute to a fellow professor who has worked at the school for, I think, 49 years (!!) and who is approaching his 75th birthday.  And while all of that is incredible, perhaps his work in bridging the gap between Jewish and Christian relationships in the U.S. (hear hear!!) and abroad is the most significant.  Needless to say, he is somewhat of a legend at the college... and it doesn't stop there.  So, Steve was finally able to reveal this book which he was both a contributor and editor for after three years of secrecy.  A lot went into this and I am so proud of my husband.

Of course when graduation comes to town, so do friends.  There were some very lovely ladies that I spent the weekend with too.  Hurrah for gradumucation.

steve signs copies; marv signs copies.  you want a signed copy?!

the people who made the book possible

You better believe that when that book is online, I will be linking to it and expecting you all to buy a copy.  Alright, not all of you.  But maybe a few?


  1. How fun! Your pictures of you and your girlfriends makes me want to gather all my girls and go out.
    And I would totally buy that book. Sounds so interesting!

  2. i love these photos. you are beautiful + look so happy. i love your outfit too! congrats on such a smart hubby! how exciting. xo!
    ps. i think i am the cheesiest. every day, i feel like i am the luckiest, just to be alive and see the sun shining. life's little blessings are the best.

  3. You look so beautiful and the photo of you and your husband adorable :)
    I am very happy for him and you! All the images are stunning and it’s so true...I think lately much more about those little things like sunshine and how much I appreciate me friends :)
    Kisses, sweetie

  4. how fun. i try to appreciate things more lately and not just live to the next fun thing. ya know?

  5. Your husband has a book! This is big stuff.

    And I just want to say that you should keep that haircut for suits you :)

  6. love the pictures :) especially the one where you and you friend are hugging and looking so happy and the one where your husby is looking at you so lovingly. Precious.

    You better believe I will buy a copy when it's released.

    :) Congrats to Steven A. Hurt

  7. everything about this post/weekend makes me happy. SO thankful to be your friend BCH.

  8. first, love these photos. they're so happy! second, freaking stoked to read this book. i'm intrigued.

  9. awesome pictures of you and all your beautiful friends!

    Congrats to your husband on his book, and congrats to you for stopping to smell the's such a great place to be! :)

    have a good one!


  10. im reading your blog! and im on it. i feel immense pleasure. it was good to see you this weekend, it should happen more. so is it possible to get my own signed copy of the book??

  11. You are beautiful! I love seeing friends! I miss mine. Anyways, a huge congrats to your Husband! Sounds like a really interesting book! <333

  12. I had to laugh when I saw you say: "gradumucation". I thought I was the only one who said that! Woot! Haha


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