A teenager's breakfast in bed just does not look the same as an eight year old's breakfast in bed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It really doesn't.  It is a different thing entirely.  Look at the difference (I couldn't even put it in color.  It might be a little too frightening for you readers).


Not to mention, Nathaniel's breakfast was at 10 - not at 8 am like his sister's.  He ate his breakfast mostly as you see him here - with his eyes half closed, grunting from time to time if he approved of the taste.  There were quite a few grunts.  We think he approved.  Hashbrowns, eggs, and two apple fritters were on the menu.  Yum.

We went to the Museum of Science with Nathaniel's best friend and "other set of parents" as we call them.  He got hoop shoes (I will get a picture of them on here at some point - they look like they might take you to the moon.  But really, they're just supposed to improve your jumping.) and a new basketball hoop.

And that, my friends, officially closes birthday season at the Hunt's.  Phew.  

How was your weekend?

Also, a belated thanks to all the comments and e-mails I got about Italy!  This blog-world rocks!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Breakfast in bed oh I'm so jealous! Sounds like an awesome birthday to me :)

  2. i seriously cannot believe he is 17 already. i love that he likes country music videos...that is cute. not liking chocolate is just weird though. come on nathaniel.

  3. Hilarious! Teenagers are lovely. I "bless your heart" every time I read a post about your step-kiddies.

  4. Haha. That's a dang awesome breakfast. How about you come over on my birthday haha.

  5. to my re-loading blog friend.

    YAY love your blog.

    This post was hilarious. An 8 year old cooking ----- is pretty great!

  6. He seems like such a sweet kid :)

  7. BAHA, oh my. SO funny. it's amazing how younger kids are so bright and energetic in the morning, but once they hit their teens years - it's like the flip of a switch... getting up before noon is absolute torture. ;)

    happy birthday, nathaniel!

  8. The Hunt birthdays might be done but another VERY important birthday is on its way. Breakfast in bed for Booke!

  9. hahaha this is awesome.
    especially that he is called nate dawg.
    spelled DAWG. brings me back.


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