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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Steve called me from work yesterday to tell me about a dream he had the night before.

See, we watch Oprah here at the Hunt house, and we saw the one about genealogy and how Brooke Shields discovered she's basically part-princess.

So that got Steve-man thinking...

His dream went like this.  He was walking in the mall (it was very specific) and his iPhone (we don't even have iPhones, but for the sake of the dream, he did.) started ringing.  He looked at it and it said, "You're walking by your fourth cousin right now."  Meanwhile, someone near him had a ringing iPhone as well, saying the same thing.  They look up at each other and are united in an embrace.  Or something like that.

So, he plans on patenting "Family Finder" and having you submit your blood sample to iPhone - if you want this app of course... no mandatory blood drawings - and maybe a picture and then you'll be notified every time you walk past someone you're related to because your info is now in the phone.

Fancy that!  My man's always thinking!

Don't steal his idea!  It's going to make him famous!


  1. It's a mix between, putting chips in your dogs, and ATT's family finder (which is basically just a way of tracking your teenage daughter down when she's on a date). But I like it!

  2. i laughed out loud when reading the embrace part. i can totally picture steve doing this.
    nice pun booke.

  3. Oh my, well if you do find out you are married to royalty...don't forget the little people :)

    I adorn your blog btw and will most definately be back! (yikes, that sounded like a threat ;))

  4. I love that he thought of this in a dream! Hive-five for the REM cycle.

  5. LOL, sadly I think that would be a hit! :)

    By the way, I did get your Giveaway prize -- just sooo late in saying THANKS!! The little bird is so super cute. Just can't decide where to hang it ...

  6. I must say, that's a pretty neat idea!

  7. I would never go to West Virginia with this app. Or southern Ohio. Or Northern Virginia. Ok, I would be a shut in. Too scared to see m extended gene pool.

  8. brilliant.

    also, you requested the blue drink recipe on one of my blog posts... :) it's pretty gnarly, so be careful! (but holy goodness does it. taste. great.) ;)

    1/2 oz of blue curacao
    1.5 oz of malibu rum
    2 oz of pinapple juice

  9. Dear Bridget,

    I got your comment and wrote a post.

    Thanks for keeping a lady accountable.

    You are awesome.


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