"Mother, may I get you something?"

Friday, April 16, 2010

This white chaise lounge is where I sit while William rubs my feet, all the while remarking at how lovely my painted toenails look, and Lindsey brushes my long, flowing hair (like the Pantene commercials).  Meanwhile, Nathaniel, who begged to cook dinner tonight, is making a delicious coq au vin recipe for dinner.  The aromas of the chicken and butter stewing with the onions and mushrooms tickle your nose and sit on your tongue enticing you to come to dinner.  The afternoon sun shines on my face as I read the latest best seller.  Streaming softly through our surround sound is "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck.  Jordan enters in his pressed linen shirt and says,
"May I get you some chilled San Pellegrino?"
"Why yes, Jordan!  I'd love that," I say.
"Lemon or lime slice to accompany?"
"Oh, how about lime this time!" I exclaim.
"Coming straightaway!" he says in his sudden perfect English accent.
Then Steve walks in the open door from work and says,
"Darling!  Hello!  And children, hello!  We got our tax rebate today."
"Oh, hello my dear!  And how much was it for?" (Not like we need the money.)
"A million dollars!  What a tax-man we have!"
We laugh heartily then hear Nathaniel call us sweetly in for dinner at the table.

Is the pretending getting old yet?
{photo, thank you rockstar diaries}


  1. LOVE IT!!!

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  2. It will never get old.

    Those chaise lounges pushed together like that are sooooo inviting. momma like.

  3. Haha! for a minute there I thought you were talking about my life:)

  4. Oh no I love the pretending! And Dave Brubeck? That's what every pretentious person should listen to while lounging on the chaise. How am I not a follower of your blog? Let me fix that.

  5. Nice fantasty! That is what it is all about sometimes!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit and your sweet comments. Please enter in my giveaway!


  6. i love this picture!!


    another woman by rose

  7. That is the life... there's no harm in dreaming. xoxo

  8. I'm actually starting to worry about you a little bit . . .

  9. i totally narrated this whole thing in my head in a british accent. (okay. i confess. sometimes i do this with everything i read.)

    also. i'm addicted to pellegrino.

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Thomas and I have discussed the idea of talking in English accents around our children, teaching them to speak that way instead of in the southern accents we've been raised near.
    It would just sound so much sweeter to be called, "mummy" or "mother" by a little accented girl or boy than just "mom". Am I right?

    We can dream!

  11. Your posts are so funny. And that chase is GORGEOUS!

  12. Haha...no! I love the pressed linen shirt bit. As if any linen shirt ever stayed pressed :)

  13. amazing!!! you've got a new fan out of me!



  14. adorable, I need that room, so perfect for a nap!

    ps, thanks for commenting on my blog, I just love yours!


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