likes and dislikes.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i like: area rugs
i dislike: wall-to-wall carpeting

i like: all seasons of lost except for the current one
i dislike: the current one

i like: erin brokovich
i dislike: duplicity

i like: my family and friends
i dislike: people who make them sad

i like: traveling
i dislike: the price of it

i like: 1-hour massages
i dislike: the price

i like: mrs. meyers cleaning supplies
i dislike: harsh, chemical-y ones

i like: haagen dazs
i dislike: breyers (ice cream snob)

i like: being clean
i dislike: the process of showering, doing one's hair, putting makeup on

i like: my family
i dislike: distance between us

i like: mexican food
i dislike: raw vegan (tried and just craved a hamburger after i was done)


  1. I'm with you- area rugs are the way to go.

  2. Seriously. I rented Duplicity and was pissed about it later. What an awful movie.

  3. I love this post. I also like being clean but hate going through the whole process.

  4. So cute! I totally dislike everything you do. I love being clean but I absolutely hate the process.

  5. raw vegan... eww.

    ashley called me once telling me about this "amazing vegan wrap place by her" that i had to check out, and I said, "ash, i'm not that kind of friend."

  6. my favorite is the last one.

  7. You really don't like this season of Lost? Ahhhhhhhh. It's answering so many questions!! Maybe that's why you don't like it :)

  8. so with you on the cleaning issue.
    love being squeaky clean, but hate the process...
    and now you have me thinking about strawberry cheesecake haagen dazs!

  9. Do what you like & forget everything else :)- Lol

  10. I am with you on the clean issue...I hate doing my hair. Those girls out there that shower and go with no frizzy, perfect Pantene looking hair are my worst enemies. They just don't know it. Every morning while straightening my hair for 1 hour (that's right-1 hour!!!) i curse them. loudly.

  11. really nice to meet your adorable blog and get to know you better. :)

  12. loving this post.

    loving it.

    So clever.

  13. What a lovely post and the photos are adorable!
    Thanks for the inspiration:)

    Have a lovely day,

  14. I totally hear you on the crabby teenager thing :) I like nice people too!


  15. haha I also hate the process of showering and doing my hair. It always seems like an annoying waste of time. Except the end result is definitely worth it :P I DO like makeup though, I feel like it's art for my face. Painted lady oh lala.

  16. i could never be vegan. i loooove fruit and am really addicted to veggies but sometimes i just want a big cheeseburger and french fries! (which i definitely had tonight, and oh man was it good ;))

    i like being clean, as well, but the whole washing hair/shaving/makeup on/blah blah blah is just... a bummer sometimes.

  17. Fun lists!
    I like your rainbow of font colors, too. :)

  18. oh man! i am with you on the duplicity -- slept right through it. julia, what were you thinking?!

  19. lovely lovely likes! i agree particularly with "i like: my family
    i dislike: distance between us"

  20. a just agree with everything. every little bit.


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