I've been bitten by the travel bug.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is nothing new.  I was bitten years ago and have had the good fortune to do some traveling.  But the idea that I won't get everywhere by the time my life is up makes me sad.  The idea that there will be soooo many places I will never see because it would be impossible to see them all hurts a little.  I want to go everywhere.  Walk along the Great Wall of China, go skiing in Vail, take a picture of Lake Louise, go on a boat down the Amazon, listen to Spanish guitar in Barcelona, touch the water of Victoria Falls, see the queen in England, work a farm in Montana, camp in the Patagonia, eat at a pub in Ireland, go hiking in the Grand Canyon, lay on the beaches of Tahiti, take a yoga class in Mumbai, snap pictures of the white buildings of Greece, drink wine in Tuscany, have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, appreciate the beauty of Machu Picchu, ride a camel through Morocco, and see an elephant in its own habitat in Kenya.  I could go on and on and on.  I think my desire for travel is pretty universal.  And I think it's among the very best ways to spend your money.  It is so rewarding to learn about different cultures, what affects them, how they speak, think, what they eat and drink.  You can't help but have an open-mind if you travel--and, lets be serious, an open-mind is always a good thing.

If you're still with me, having suffered through this little soliloquy of mine, then here are some pictures to hopefully give you the desire to travel to one of my very favorite places.  Israel.

Speaking of travel, 
does anyone have tips on Italy?  
Where to go, where to eat, where to stay?


  1. I loved cinque terra. For work I have been to a bunch of the small towns in Northern Italy they are all lovely.

    Have a wonderful time......


  2. South, go south! Positano is my favorite. A dream there!

  3. I have no idea on where to go in Italy, but my favorite place in the whole world is Magen's Bay, St. Thomas, USVI. I fell in love with the people, the water, the life. My hubby and I plan to retire there...50 years from now. Ahhhh, I can smell the air. It's breathtaking.

  4. Yes! You have to go to Cinque Terre. It is really an incredible place. Florence is also lovely. Try to stay by the Duomo.

  5. i hear you on this one. i always have the travel bug, always. i'd love to just travel place to place ... but then again, i love home. ;) ah, life can be hard. i love italy! i've been to rome twice .. and pompei. i've never been to tuscany, but would love to go! how exciting... xo!

  6. It's been said already, but Cinque Terre! Stay in Riomaggiore. It's less touristy and has a quaint feel. Rent a room from the Mar Mar. They have apartments all over the village and the people who run it are super nice. When I backpacked with friends we stayed in a huge apartment with other travelers and it was fantastic.

    Rome and Florence are also very nice and super easy to get around.

    I heard from an Italian man I met in London that the Amalfi Coast is a must see in Italy.

  7. Traveling is so fun.
    And you're so tiny and cute!

  8. Alright, clearly, you need to call me. Italy. Where to begin? Ok, first off, Florence is overwhelming filled with museums and renaissance art. Worth a visit. The south is amazingly quintessential italy. You must go to Naples, a little dangerous, but fun. Also, the Almalfi Coast is gorgeous. There are some great bus tours that wind down the entire coast. Oh, and then there is the best, best island ever. It is called....(well is a local secret so call me) Assisi is worth a visit because St.Francis is buried there. Milan has some amazing shopping of course. Then you must hit up Lake Como, and then go to The Dolomites and hike! Venice is enchanting with the back alleys and waterways. Um, I could go on and on and on. Really, call me.
    love you,
    -linds jaimes (i felt like i should put my last name bc there is another lindsay with "say" at the end).

  9. what? when are you going to italy and why have we not talked about this?
    if ever grant and i go to israel, you and steve are coming too. we need experts. like what you did with the pics.
    is it totally ridiculous that in the past 3 years my parents have walked the great wall of china, taken a boat down the amazon, and ridden a camel through morocco? yes.

  10. These pictures are amazing, your hair is cute, I love the last one on the left the best :)

    On Italy: I went this summer. Don't go through Florence without brushing up just a little on your art. It's so much better if you know who made what, why they made it, why Italy loves it so much. Otherwise, it's just painting, statue, painting all day long.

    Venice is pretty but dirty too...you have to embrace it! When the plaza in front of St. Marks floods, take off your shoes like the locals and wade through to the other side. You can bathe in America, I say. And then go get lost. Literally, there's an arrow on every street pointing you back to the center. We went walking and each person got to pick the next turn until we were so lost we just stopped for fresh cherries. And then we headed back.

    Rome is a religious experience, and I'm not even religious. We saw the Pope; he was giving his blessings up on a little chair and a huge crowd had gathered, but you could see him. The Sistine Chapel will underwhelm and overwhelm you. You see more spectacular things filing your way through to the SC, that it looks a little understated when you get there. But then you think about how he painted on his back, and you think about the original colors, and you think about the hush in the room.

    Also, the pizza in Rome was the best I've had ever. Ever. We bought it at a little place with no room inside. You take a butt cushion and sit on the steps in the street. Get gelato everywhere you go. Get gelato three times a day. That is how much you will miss it when you're gone.

    Anyways. Novel much?

    Does this mean you're planning a trip?

  11. Katie and I went two years ago - Amazing! Eurorail is the best bang for the buck to get around and if you are 26 or under, you can still get the student rate. yes please. Florence is a must bc the city is amazing and you can day trip to Tuscany. (horseback winery tour? I think so!) Lake Como is unreal, plus you can say hi to Clooney! and the gelato...

  12. i want to go to there (jerusalem area)!
    if you send me an email, i will tell you all about italy :)

  13. sigh I'd love to travel more! And Italy is on the top of my list :)

  14. Yes. What Elizabeth said. Go to Rome, eat gelato three times a day. You will not regret it.

    The first time I ever left the country was to go to Rome when I was sixteen. It was the most magical place I have ever been.

    Man, now I want to go back!

  15. That is so awesome! Traveling is something I definetly want to do once I get out of school. You are very lucky you get to travel! xoxo

  16. I'm with you... there is just not enough time (and money :) to see everything but I still feel fortunate that I got to do quite some things from your list! :) I was actually planning on making a list of my top 5 places to go on my blog too! On Italy... If all goes well I'm moving there soon so I think here are the places you must see:

    - ROME!!! Beyond beautiful, all the history and beauty and... ahhhhh an Italy MUST
    - Cinque Terre (beutiful, close to Milan, but Milan is definately forgettable)
    - Florence (I haven't been yet but on top of my list of cities to visit for sure!)
    - Venice - just because it's so unique, but I wouldnt spend more than a couple of days there...

    and than of course if you have time a little beach time in Sardinia would also be really nice! :)



  17. Go to Florence. The markets are amazing and the food divine. And the view from the top of the Duomo (and the giant David statue is pretty amazing as well!)


    I dream of returning for a visit soon!!

  18. Wow -- beautiful photos. Israel is now on my list :)
    My husband and I sold everything we owned (including our home!) last year and have been traveling ever since -- and it's been amazing.
    We were in Italy a couple months ago...
    To be honest, I didn't love Rome -- it was great, but definitely not my favorite city. Super touristy. My husband, however (who hates tourist towns), loves it. Lots of history.
    Venice was great, but don't go during tourist season. We were there for Carnival and it was *perfect*. The summer is over-run by tourists.
    Off the beaten path is definitely best!
    Have fun!!


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