Boston and a birthday.

Monday, April 12, 2010

On Saturday, I went in to Boston to meet my good friend from high school.  The sun was shining and there were so many gorgeous flowers speckling all of Beacon Hill.  I couldn't stop snapping pictures.  Where I live, there's a lot of maple, oak, pine... those provide you with two colors: green and brown.  The reds, yellows, blues, oranges, and pinks that were soaking up the sun were definitely picture-worthy.  They were just as happy as I was to have sun shining after all this rain we've had.  It was lovely.  We stopped by BoYo (I'm trying to recapture my Pinkberry experiences.  Did I?  No.  Sadly, it's not the same.  Red Mango, you're next.), ducked into Liberty Hotel quickly (I will stay there one day!), and finished off with some treats from Tealuxe.

And then, it was William's birthday!  I haven't told you, but you've probably already discovered, that we celebrate a lot of birthdays this time of year.  It's true.  Including Gracie (as if I even have to write her, obviously we'd include Gracie), we have four in the span of about two weeks.  So, now we are three down, and one to go.  Here's the birthday boy who is now TEN.

His birthday-in-bed breakfast complete with a W out of bacon strips.  That clever Dad of his.

Probably less pleased about this purchase.  It's one of those Mom-pleasing gifts, however.   And check out the  happy teenager in the back!

Lindsey is riveted.


  1. Happy Birthday to such a sweet boy!
    Love his gifts, he reminds me of my son.

  2. Happy birthday....... love the flower shots....


  3. Hey there...I'm a new reader! I found your blog through another blog (can't remember which now). We went to the same school...I graduated in 2004...I never had your hubby as a prof though a lot of my friends did.

    Anyway...I love the way you write! And I too love that green door you have in this post. It's on my walk to work and I took pictures of it during Christmas time when it had a gorgeous wreath on it. Wish I could include pictures in my comments :)

  4. I miss Boston. love the images and aHappy Birthday to him!

  5. the flowers look gorgeous! And happy bday to your boy :)

  6. how lovely. i really need to visit boston soon...

  7. Check it. I'm pretty positive we got the same house, only two different seasons. Awesome!

    And happy birthday to're an awesome stepmom, have I said that before? Maybe this lego obsession will make him a very rich architect one day and he'll be able to buy YOU a yacht.

  8. Gorgeous!
    I adored Beacon Hill when I went to Boston.
    Such a great little area.

  9. Love the W made of bacon. Go Steve!

  10. YAY william! he sounds like such a rad kid. and look at those TULIPS. all those flowers are gorgeous, love the colors!

  11. we almost went to boston this weekend! maybe we would have passed each other on the street...

  12. Great photographs! Happy Birthday weeks!

  13. Happy birthday to William! I love the way you write little facts about the kids; makes it interesting since none of us know them personally.
    All very cute!

  14. great pictures! & happy birthday to william! what a yum bday breakfast!

    i hope you'll swing by:

  15. Super sweet post. That William seems like such a sweetheart:) Wants to be wherever mom and dad are, is a cuddler, remembers trash day better than anyone else, could you ask for more!?!

  16. I just came upon your blog and can already tell I'll be reading it regularly : )

    I live here in Boston and your pictures are gorgeous!

    (Let us know what you think of Red Mango!)


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