who needs california now?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

suck it ahnika.  look what we gettin'.


no, it's not going to be within walking distance... and yeah, i might eat it while snow falls, but still.

(just so you all know, ahnika attempts to get us to move to santa barbara.  it is a distant dream.  and to tempt, she will regularly update me with santa barbara's gorgeous weather (complete with text message pictures of her thermometer) on massachusetts' dreariest days.  ain't she sweet?)

but like i said, who needs california now?


  1. Pinkberry! Really? Will you mail me some Pinkberry?
    Ha ha, that's another thing I've never tried but totally want to!

  2. I would love to be in California right now, Its autumn here in New Zealand, and today is a very grey and windy day. I would love to be somewhere in the sun!

    Oh and i miss pinkberry. I really need to come back to america. now! haha.

  3. oh bridge. i came so close to texting you a picture of my car's thermometer today. and then i stopped and thought "mean." so i didn't. it was 77 at 10am in case you were wondering. oh, and enjoy your 40 minute drive to pinkberry.

    move to santa barbara please.

  4. ahnika, it's really more like 30 minutes. not 40. thank you very much.


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