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Monday, March 29, 2010

As is customary in this house, the birthday weekend started with breakfast in bed for the birthday girl--or boy, depending on whose it is, we're not sexist.  And a very excitable Gracie fully participating in the wake-up call.  Crumbs in bed are one of my biggest fears.  Chocolate milk for children is another.  So, this tradition has forced me to confront my fears and to tell them, "Fears, relax.  This day only comes around a few times a year."  They chant back at me, "Crumbs.  Crumbs.  Crumbs on the sheets.  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate milk in the bellies of young children first thing in the morning."

I really am a freak (and it was Trader Joe's chocolate syrup and organic milk, so all in all, it wasn't so bad).

It was tacos for dinner, and a sweet necklace from her friend.  She also dressed herself in the fanciest dress she could find.  I daresay it is fancy.  She got a scooter, some DVDs (Madagascar 2 - yes!), some books, and some clothes that I might be more excited about than she is.  And then...

...she received... wait for it... a TAYLOR SWIFT KARAOKE CD.  Look at that face!  It is screaming, "Taylor!  Taylor!  I love you!  I am going to learn all your lyrics and then we are going to be the best of friends!!"  


  1. I almost died laughing at her taylor swift face. That kid is priceless.

  2. Precious! I'm thinking my 20 year old brother (who loves TS) would probably have that same expression ;-)

  3. this is just so sweet :) i love birthdays!

  4. wow you really captured some great moments! i love extending birthday the whole weekend or week or month! :)

  5. oh my gosh. those expressions are priceless.

  6. I might have the same reaction to a tSwift Karaoke CD!

    {don't judge}

  7. Oh what a fun post! Ha ha I wish I had a birthday at your house, it lookz so exciting!

  8. what a beautiful birthday :)

    i sympathise over the chocolate for breakfast...the little girls i look after have vanilla cakes dipped in nutella for theirs...i nearly cried the first time i prepared it for them!

  9. Her Taylor face, hilarious. I'm trying to think, "Did I ever do that as a kid?" Oh what am I saying? I made that face when they announced spring break over the intercom yesterday :)

  10. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    If I got a taylor swift cd I'd probably make the same face, but for different reasons.

    She looks smashing in her birthday dress though, so sweet.


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