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Friday, February 5, 2010

this wreath is super cute, say i.
so cute that i said super cute.

i'm tempted to make one.  and, now there is a "how-to" tutorial!  yee-haw!  go see for yourself.
it is made entirely of cupcake liners and coffee filters.  

also, you want to win some deliciously pretty soap (not to mention get a link to a cool blog)?

and finally, have a lovely weekend.
(and look for the hot blonde in the superbowl's go daddy commercial.
she's my friend.)


and last, but not least,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful friend ASHLEY!
she's a big deal.
she works at O magazine and runs into people like...
oprah (that is not a joke and yes i am insanely jealous).

{this is her... and me... jumping for joy in israel}


  1. I want that wreath and I want to go jumping in Isreal, super!

  2. 1. I am going to make that wreath. AH! I love it!

    2. Thanks for the mention ;)

    3. I am jealous that you have a friend that runs into Oprah. Which is jealousy once removed I think. Which is pathetic in a way wouldn't you say? (don't answer that)

    4. Happy Friday :)

  3. 1. i am going to make it too! i think it'd look amazing with pink/red cupcake liners too. if you show me yours i'll show you mine, te he he.

    2. you are welcome.

    3. practically your friend too.

    4. you too.

  4. Swooning over the wreath!!! Loving your blog nd nice to meet u!

  5. bridget,

    as i was going through your blog, i saw that you liked regina... and i instantly new that you could be friends. then as i was scrolling down, i saw that you like 500 days of summer AND lindor. i think it's safe to say that we are already amazing friends. ha. really though. leggings with short shirt is a no-no. i totally agree. it's not the butt part that looks bad. it's the frontal part. don't you agree? ew.

  6. Happy Birthday to your friend!! ;)

  7. That wreathe is so lovely!! :)
    And what a great picture of you & your friend in Israel! Happy Birthday to her!!

  8. This wreath is already amazing, but I'm thinking with all the amazing cupcake crap out there now, it could really be something. I'm gonna need you to post pictures when you're done.


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