i have a cold and am in need of a job. oh and happy valentine's day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

so i have a cold and am sitting here in bed at 11 am on a sunday morning.  steve took lindsey out for a valentine's day breakfast this morning--so cute, right?--because it's a sweet thing to do for a girl with 3 older brothers and because his own valentine is under the weather and now he is at church with the kids.  did i mention i'm still in bed?  love that man.

i get bad colds, i think, or i am just a wimp and allow colds to halt my life.  i'm not sure.  either way, i'm eating congaplex like it's nobody's business and have ingested no sugar whatsoever which isn't easy considering i made pink cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting last night.  damn.

so, i want a job and here are some ideas:

be a photographer.  problem: i feel like they are a dime a dozen these days.  but i want to do it anyway but sort of don't want to go to school for it (do you really need to if you've got a good eye?).  also, i dont have the fanciest of cameras, but it is still pretty fancy so do i need to spend like 80 thou. on equipment first?  can you just start somewhere with a good lens and charging next to nothing to do so?  ok, suggest away.

yoga instructor.

national geographic travel photographer.  problem: 4 kids and a hubs.  no honey that is not a problem, it is a blessing, but it probably makes this job a tough one.

writer.  but i don't know what i want to write yet.

okay.  so that's that.  oh and i should add that i can be pretty lazy so if getting to the end goal of any of these requires too much work, i might just bail on it.  help.

and p.s. i don't so much want to be a teacher.


but anyway, being valentine's day and all, that's not all i'm going to talk about.  

here's 5 things i love about steven andrew:

1. he's funny.  i know i've mentioned this before but this is huge for me.  i needed a funny man and i got one.
2. he calls me on my stuff.  an expletive would've been better suited there but this is a family blog people.  seriously though, he doesn't just appease me which sometimes i would probably prefer but in the long run, this is way better than the alternative.
3. he is a cuddler... a spooner... it's nice.
4. he cleans the kitchen.  this is suuuuuch a turn-on for me and i think he knows it.  
5. he's becoming a better husband all the time.  for real.  i couldn't be sure if, since he was married for 14 years before me, his husband betterment was all said and done, but it's not.  he's getting better all the time.  i think marriage just ripens with age.  oh i am such the philosopher.

and 3 years + 2 months-ish ago i made him mine.  i'm glad i did.


  1. WOW, lovely wedding photos!! And best in luck finding something you love to do. Maybe you could start as a yoga instructor (which sounds pretty cool to me with flexible schedules) and do amateur photography on the side? Several friends of mine do it, and without the expensive equipment.

    Oh, and yes -- I believe everyone should wait tables at some point. The best worst job I've ever had! :)

  2. Feel better Bridget! Your wedding photos are stunning btw. Love your dress, you two look so happy. Good luck on the job- I vote yoga instructor, I think it'd be so fun and you could meet some really awesome people. I'd take your class!

  3. bridget! I feel your job pain (different things brought us where we are, but...I am in the same boat). I want to do a whole slew of things but just not sure enough about any of them. ANYWAY you are so bright and positive- the kind of person that when you start going, just start making moves- doors will open for you...because people want to hang with other cool/positive/bright people...and God is good. that's what i think anyway. rock on :)

  4. 1. Yoga instructor. How cool would that be?

    2. You have killer shoulders.

  5. Ah! You had the perfect wedding dress!! Love really shines through these pictures! :) xxx


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