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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you've been reading for awhile, you know that I married a widower with four kids.  Our love story talks about how we came to meet and fall in love (not yet marry, that is for chapter four).  It doesn't talk about the little intricacies though like the insecurities that can come with falling for a man who was with the same woman for 14 years, blending families--ours and his--together smoothly, and how the friends he shared with his late wife would accept me, his new wife.  

All of those things have gone remarkably well.  

But I'm going to talk about the last one.

Making friends with the friends my husband shared with his late wife has been such a pleasure, particularly because of this family.  They live in Minnesota, the state he lived for quite some time while he was married.  They came to our wedding (3 days before Christmas--it was no easy task!  Especially for man who has a major hatred of flying!  And for having six--yes six!--kids!).  And since then have driven to Massachusetts (yes, driven--remember?! He hates to fly!) from Minnesota twice (and hopefully a third this summer!) to see us in the summertime, to boat on Lake Winnipesaukee, and to talk about all things health-related.  See, here's where Jessica and I initially bonded.  We love to talk about our omega-3, non-processed, granola-crunching, essential oil, tree-hugging ways.  She is so wise.  But, our friendship quickly became about more than that and when I say that we so enjoy their company, I mean it.  If only they lived closer.  

Now, besides being so cool and fun to hang out with, Jessica sends the most amazing packages*.  It is like Christmas morning and that is no lie.

I just received this one.  Could that be more fun and more stuffed with the coolest goodies?!  And get this--yesterday was her birthday, and I forgot.  

Better late than never?


So, this is to Jeff and Jessica, and their lovely brood--we love you guys!

*I realize I recently posted a little package from a different friend, so while it may seem like I'm trying to say, "Look how loved I am!" that is not the case... though it is the truth.
Also, if you send me a package there's a good chance I'll blog about it, so why don't you give it a try?


  1. wow. what an amazing story. how blessed you are to have a great family.
    p.s. i love tazo passion tea. so. good.

  2. *such* an awesome story. i love that for you!

  3. That's really sweet. Isn't getting packages the best??

  4. Packages are the BEST - especially ones like this one! I'm a Tazo Peppermint tea drinker. My fave.

    Also- I just read through your story of how you met your husband and my goodness! What reads! It was wonderful to read your words, thank you for sharing your story. My S and I have quite some age difference between the two of us and we aren't so conventional and it's always great to see other couples that WORK!


  5. hmmm...maybe if you send packages to your other friends they would also reciprocate... {hint hint]

    :-) So glad that you have been so blessed!


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