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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, here we are.

We've got books off shelves, newly arranged by color.  Some brown paint on the walls.  And one almost empty room.

{Inspiration via designsponge - no, it's not my room.  Yes, I wish it were.}

It's been a bit of a dream, per se, to have a color-arranged bookshelf since I saw it somewhere long ago.  It makes looking for your book a real pain in the booty.  Or, maybe, if you're a visual person it's way easier to remember the color than the author.  Who knows?

But when all is said and done... beauty over comfort, form over function.

Now, back to the paint.  The brown is making me nervous.  I don't usually paint with such dark colors.  It's really dark. Dark can be cozy though, right?  Right?!?!  This room uses the exact same color that I'm using.  However, it's not scary.  It's not scary at all.

So, I suppose I will trudge ahead and make our room brown.  Bear with me.  I'm nervous.


  1. I've got my books organized by's easier to find stuff now. I can remember "that red book" easier than "that book by so and so." Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  2. our living room is deep plum and we love it. :) don't be afraid!

  3. i really want that rainbow library. like really bad.

  4. I adore the rainbow library...can't wait to see how the redecorating turns out!!

  5. Girl, that brown is gonna be stunning. Go get em'!!

  6. shucks you guys. im doing the brown. inspiration from websites?! who needs it when ive got all ya'll!!!!

  7. Love brown. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :-)

  8. I like the brown. Though its dark, its actually very warm--and the contrast looks great with the white.


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