happy birthday to my mother.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There really aren't enough ways to say all the things I'd like to say to and about my mother on her 62nd birthday.  I know some people say that, but I say it and I really mean it.

My mother is my best friend (except for my husband, but that's different).  She's wise, sophisticated, kind, and lovely.  She overcame a lot to give her four daughters a life they deserved, and a much better childhood than her own.  She is great in the best of circumstances and will shine in the worst.  She brings me peace.  She's someone I can only hope to resemble as I grow up.  I'd like her knowledge on all things health (if they could give a PhD for self-learned health and nutrition, she would have it), on her never-ceasing faith in Jesus, and on how to do the perfect split.  I love you so much, Mom.  Happy, happy birthday.


Today is another important person's birthday.

We only met one brief time, and neither of us knew then how a few short years later our lives would be
so intertwined... without ever meeting again (at least not here on this earth).
Happy birthday to Shannon who isn't here anymore, but who is probably celebrating her birthday in heaven right now.

She was a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  And, as I understand it, she was really good at all of them.

Shannon, I really can't wait to talk to you one day.


  1. brilliant, beautiful and breathtaking! again...love...cousin L

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs. Carmody! You are a truly amazing woman. I hope you had a great day. Love, Amanda

  3. mandy, i will pass on the message (she probably doesn't know how to look at comments!) she is in england right now though!

    i love YOU sweet friend.

  4. You have such a lovely outlook on your life. Thanks for posting. It really makes me happy to read about the people and things you love. You do a beautiful job.


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