Something's Gotta Give.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Have you seen this movie?

I have and I really like it.  Diane Keaton--class act.  Jack Nicholson--can't go wrong.  Amanda Peet--fabulous teeth.  Keanu Reeves--ehh, I'll take him or leave him.  Gorgeous home in the Hamptons--yes, please.

When my Etsy store takes off, which I'm thinking is going to happen any day now, really, it's simmering, just waiting for blast off, then I might treat myself (and my family, of course) to a home in the Hamptons just as nice as the one Erica Barry (played by Keaton) lives in (apparently I'm not the only one with this obsession).

And, if you're good, I might invite you for a weekend.  We will drink pomegranate martinis, eat fresh bruschetta with basil and sauteed vegetables and fresh shavings of Locatelli cheese, and listen to Astrud Gilberto and do yoga on the beach in the mornings to our heart's content.

Then we'll fly across the country and spend the remainder of the week in Cameron Diaz's "The Holiday" home.  Deal?

It's a plan.


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  2. sorry, meant to post from this email...

    i am coming to the hamptons to be with you. you may come to my house from the holiday to be with me. we'll meet some old oscar winner and hang out with him.
    also, as good as it gets is 100% better than this movie, but i did like something's gotta give. hate keanu reeves though.

  3. The kitchen in that movie is by far the closest match to the kitchen of my dreams ever! I Luff luff luff it with most of my heart!

  4. ok yes... old post that i just now stumbled upon.. I'm playing wicked catch up here... UM, this is one of my FAVORITE movies and I want to live in it (this, and Shakespeare in Love... And Prime...). I'm so glad someone else shares that thought process (also my feeling on Keanu).


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