Jordan, we gonna beatchu! & Bridget's favorite things, no. 16.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The husband brings in the mail (I don't bring it in, it's too far.  All the way at the end of the driveway sits our little mailbox!  I mean, come on, what do you expect from this 25-year old!?).  So, he comes home from work bearing it like a heavy burden, plopping it onto the kitchen counter, and sighing, "More bills," quite often.  These days though, it's a little exciting as most of what's milling through our U.S. Postal Service is Christmas cards... or "holiday" cards... or Chrismahanukwanzaakah... (I'm oh-so accomodating).  So, with bated breath we shuffle through our stack looking for the newest family picture and accompanying letter (Delilah got so big!  Jack is good at math--so glad to know!  Quinton got braces!  Eugene is taking fencing lessons!  Go Eugene!  (Note to sender: we really do love these cards)).  Anyway, these days, there are fewer Christmas cards than last.  Of course, it is the 16th, so maybe they are still on their way.  God-speed to you, little Christmas cards!

So, yesterday's mail presented this precious little envelope.  A pregnancy resource center sending Jordan mail.

Jordan is a 15-year old boy.

I imagine opening it and reading the words:

Dearest Jordan,
It is with glad tidings that we inform you of So-and-so's pregnancy!  You're going to be a father.  Congratulations, boy!  You've done the species proud!  And a very, merry Christmas to you!

While I do this, the husband is quickly removing his belt to give Jordan a good, old fashioned whipping and Jordan is screaming, "Save me!  I didn't do it!  I don't even know a So-and-so!"

In reality, Jordan's school did a fundraiser for this organization (filling a baby bottle with change) so I guess we're slave to their automatic mail service now.  But, one can imagine the other scenario.

And favorite thing #16.  This thing is awesome and for under $30, I might just make it mine.

A Holga camera.

Did you think YOUR eyes were open?

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  1. i have a holga and i love it! definitely worth the $25 investment. i will say, though, it needs a lot of electrical tape. :) also, buying the 120mm film and getting it developed is expensive, so i have to pace myself. anyway, if you get one please post photos! :)



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