a Friday in December & Bridget's favorite things, no. 19

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yesterday we made sugar cookies.
Ate some sugar cookies.
Lost a rogue sugar cookie to Gracie's water bowl 
(she was grateful).
Got dressed up.
Had dinner at our delightful friends' home 
(a really good dinner--if only she had a blog).
And some pictures were taken 
(mostly of her lovely home because it's decorated for 
Christmas way lovelier than I've done up my own).
  Evidence below.

Merry Christmas!

And favorite things...

In need of a good book this Christmas vacation?

Read these!!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mukwano(friend),
    Why don't you make me some GF sugar cookies and bring them personally to me? It's not like I'm that far away anymore. My house is all decorated for Christmas and I'm sure the Rodriguez household has some festive traditions you could learn from and wish to emulate. As for the red dress several blogs previous, it looks very similar to my bridesmaid dress! Go figure:) And, you gotta slow down on the blogs. Who has that steady of internet access to follow along to faithfully. Oh, I suppose those technologically savvy Westerners. Maybe someday...


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