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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dear congaplex,
thanks for making me feel better after i swallow your gross little pills that i've never really minded the taste of because my mom made me take it when i was too little to have a say so that now i actually enjoy you, a little, if for nothing else that you always save me from a cold that would otherwise last over a week.
and elderberry, you're not too bad yourself.  you got a little more proving to do though.

love always,

seriously though.  i pull out all the stops when i gots me a cold (which is happnin' now) and you won't be sorry that you added congaplex to your "cold system" - you know, we all have a "system."

and red lips can't hurt either.


  1. elderberry i have heard is fabulous, but i have yet to try it. congaplex...where do i buy thee?--linds

  2. linds, i get mine on

  3. I am so bored at school I'm reading these old posts!


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