halloweeeeeeen's coming

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i want this.

problem is i cannot smell nor taste... the two usually go hand-in-hand.
stinks for me (not literally as, i cannot smell).

i've had a bad cold all week that has robbed me of my sense of smell.
i found myself googling "losing sense of smell" since we are on day 3.
i think 3 days is too long.

i long for smell, any smell 
(really... i'd even take those that come from le toilette).
i'm making brownies right now for the boys end-of-the-year X-C party.
can't smell a thing.
what is the point in living?!
(obvious drama here, but really, have you thought of what no smell/taste would be like?!)

so, since my smell AND taste has been robbed of me, i may decorate instead.

here's some ideas... most of which, i could never replicate.

who does that martha stewart think she is?

(ask me after halloween if i actually did any of them.  if you're lucky, i'll have made jack-o-lanterns out of my now whole pumpkins).

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  1. ugh! that taste&smell loss is exactly what i had a few weeks ago too (and steve has now). i hated it on pizza nite, but i must say i actually didn't mind it most of the time. it made rinsing william's diapers in the commode a much less icky project! wish i could turn that sense of smell off at will....


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