water balloon fight!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

*a few notes about this video:
1. you can't hear me cheering for lindsey in the background (which i was).
2. she was laughing.  until she wasn't.  it was a quick switch.
3. william will get his (especially after lindsey watches this video and gets some better strategy).


  1. Looks like summer!

    Oh Lindsey. My older brothers did something similar to me. Basically, stand there while we slam you with these tiny (and thus harder) water balloons.

    Bridget, I'm thinking you need to double team next time.

  2. Haha doesn't seem like a fair fight! She'll learn!

  3. One day, Lindsey. One day...

  4. if i had a dollar for the amount of home videos my mom has of me laughing then in the next beat crying...i would be really rich/famous (if only she was a blogger..dammit mom)

    oh to be young and emotional again.

    ok..oh to be young again (the emotional never really leaves does it?)

  5. @kara, i suppose it wasn't, but mostly because lindsey was being a wuss instead of just grabbing some.

    @megan, that made me LOL.

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  7. I have one of these at my house; you can go from laughing to crying in .0 seconds with no warning. Hang in there Bridget and Lindsey get in there and nail him next time. That's what brothers do and little sisters need to learn how to get back at them (I knwo from experience lol)

  8. Lindsey, older brothers are terrible. But you if you can also have fun with him, everything is alright.

  9. @hannah, they can definitely have fun together sometimes!

    @ALC, yes! .0 seconds!

  10. They remind me a lot of two kids that I used to nanny for. There was always a lot of laughing, until there was crying.

    And then there was anger. More crying, then laughing again.

    Always the same cycle.

  11. agree with Alissa. i used to nanny triplets. infinite amounts of laughter, yelling, crying, and smiling. all in the same minute.
    that's the charm though :)

  12. This is sure to be a classic.

    I remember a certain video circa 1992 of my sister and I singing Christmas carols. My sister was not a fan of Silent Night. Cue my dad turning off the camera... Cut to my sister's red tear stained face. The things our parents will make us do ;)

    I am so team Lindsey after watching this. Sorry, william.

  13. I dreamt you posted saying you were pregnant again. Crazy!

  14. That is so funny, yet so cruel!!! :) And lil man is soooo big!!! Geesh. LIFE. It's crazy like that.

  15. Great video, Bridget! Sooo cute. Poor Lindsey. :)

  16. This totally brought back memories of being picked on by my big brother. They just don't know when to stop! But the older you get, the better it gets. Then they (sort of) grow up and are actually nice to you! :-)

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  18. hahahahahaha that is so funny how she was all up for it and then not so much. I reckon it was more frustration that she couldn't get him back, right?

    Love the song, it suits this video perfectly. And Gracie, oh Gracie. I thought she would be running after the kids trying to catch the water bombs, but nothing!! She just stands there. So funny.


  19. lindsey. we need to talk strategy. call me

  20. Oh, the days of being beat down by older siblings...no matter what you do, they always win. Just the way it is :)

    Bridget, I have some questions that'll for sure display my ignorance in technology. First, what are you filming with? Second, how did you get that old timey feeling in the film?

    Awesome video. They'll love that when they're adults :)

  21. hahaha i love it. this is what brothers and sisters are for, i guess.

    and she'll be thankful for all of this tough love when she's older because a) she'll be tough enough to fight her own battles and that's always a good thing and also, b) boys like girls who aren't wimps. they also like girls with long skinny legs like hers. holy moly, long legs louise!

    so hopefully she'll learn fast and then kick his butt!

  22. @kaitlen, used my iphone with the 8mm app for the old-timey thing!

  23. I'd never guess they weren't you're kids. They're just tall and skinny like you :) I'm sure you've answered this before, but do they call you mom?

  24. @sarah, the two youngest do! :)

  25. Too fun! I was raised with 3 sisters and NO brothers, so I never had an experience like this. I love how William and Lindsey interact (like the thumbs up after she got upset and cried, classic.)

    When my 2nd oldest sister married, there were a lot of changes, including finally having a brother and getting picked on for the 13 years we didn't have him. (like the other day when he tried throwing me over the railing.)

    But of course! I wouldn't change it for the world!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly from Kelly was Here


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