likes.... and dislikes.

let's start with the likes.  it seems a more positive place to start.  though, at the moment, debbie downer (that's me!) might be able to fill the dislike list up a bit faster.

+ that summer is on its way... 61 days to be exact.  we are, for the first time, joining a pool and i'm excited to do laps during adult swim.
+ that the violet magazine will be making it's debut in a few short days.  i've seen it.  it's pretty incredible.
+ that things are getting done around the house.  and, by the way, being a homeowner sucks sometimes (stop it bridget, that belongs in your dislikes list!)
+ i have a kicking baby in my stomach.  surely, it covers all the dislikes.
+ i have an upcoming shower and i get to see my sisters/mom!
+ birth class starts next week and i am totally excited to experience it with steve.
+ i think i'm taking william and lindsey to see rio this afternoon.

+ that my husband doesn't bring his cell phone anywhere unless the last thing he hears before he leaves for work is my voice saying, "do you have your cell phone?" to which the answer is always no, but then he'll get it.  add to that the fact that he takes car keys to work with him that other people need for the day by accident, leaving you sh** out of luck (he'll totally take issue with this one.  i haven't been left stranded perse, but, the key dilemma at this house is an ongoing one.  "oh wait, we'll just call his cell phone... no problem... he's just left the house and can turn around."  and then... you hear it ringing in the kitchen.)
+ the weather.  rainy.  cold.  miserable.  and during the kids' spring break too.
+ i have a bit of a cold again.  i blame it on the dairy queen blizzard i had (but goodness knows, it was soooo delicious going down).
+ i've already killed a mosquito in the house.  i hate them with a burning passion.
+ this time last year steve and i were planning our italy trip.  while there are a whole lot of fun things coming up, we are both feeling a bit melancholy.

ewww... debbie downer it is!

disclaimer: i have a lot to be eternally grateful for.  and i know it.


  1. I think you are perfectly justified in a debbie downer kind of day (because that means I am too, and I'm having the same kind of day).

  2. You are not being a Debbie-Downer, you're being realistic. Sometimes it's good to get it out.


  3. girl- finding the first mosquito/ant/whatever kind of bug is the worst feeling.

    cue the feeling of dread of a million bug bites.


  4. We've all got our likes and dislikes. I also hate mosquitoes with a firey passion. They're disgusting blood-sucking creatures. But yay for baby showers and famalamslams :)

  5. when you're pregnant, you ALWAYS have a bit of a cold ;)babycenter.com says so

  6. I'm gonna blame this one on the weather--fo reals! A consistent week of sunshine is what I'm asking for. That's all I need right now. :)

  7. the cell phone thing sounds so annoying. but pretty funny to read about. maybe just because you're a funny girl.

  8. Swimming is always my fave form of exercise but it is BLISS when you're prego! So nice to be weightless AND getting a workout at the same time! Enjoy it for me, I haven't been able to go to the pool at all with this second baby because of the issue of what to do with my older son... Oh well. And I've had the lovely pregnant lady slightly runny nose for this entire pregnancy, so as the previous commenter said, it might not really be a cold. And it's certainly no reason to stop eating DQ Blizzards, hehe! ;)

  9. The cell phone part is funny.
    Yay, you'll have a baby shower soon! I always forget about baby showers! Fun times ahead.

  10. I am excited for your shower! That must be so fun. I heard Rio was amazing!
    Boo on the cell phone thing- it drives me crazy when my husband doesn't have his.

  11. Yay shower! Mine are coming up in a couple weeks and I'm pumped about it.

    And I thought Mike was bad about his phone. At least he keeps it on him. Answering it is a different question though.

  12. I hate mosquitoes with a burning passion, too.

    They are everywhere out here. We get these horrible tiger mosquitoes that leave HUGE itchy welts.

    I heard someone mention that the bat population in town must be declining if there are so many mosquitoes. My first thought was, "Bats!!! WHAT!?!?!" then I thought about it and that thought became, "C'mon bats start makin' babies....kill those suckers!"

    My roommate think I am crazy because I was out on my balcony watching two bats flying around outside while actually encouraging them out loud to start humping one another! True story.

  13. there's always both sides isn't it? I am gladly away from USA cold weather but can't wait to get back home and have my shower ;)
    ps. I really hate mosquitos as well!

  14. @elizabeth, oh yes. steve's phone is not even on his person. i know it seems all funny and silly (or maybe not even) but when i really need to get ahold of him, i think about shoving the ringing phone down his throat... too harsh?

    it's altogether possible that i will give birth sometime when he's out and he'll miss the entire thing because dummy doesn't have his phone on him.

    and rio was sold out! add that to my sucky list!

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  16. oh, who can't relate? there is always something to look forward to, to smile about, to be happy about, but sometimes (and more often than that lately), i've been a bit of a curmudgeon. i think it comes with this in-between weather territory and who knows what else. but i do know this: girl, i understand!

  17. Just the thought of mosquitoes makes my blood boil!

  18. @wishful nals- yes! i am a curmudgeon lately too! the past few days seem a bit pitted against me. damn them!

    @mydearjenn- meeeee too. they are vile creatures.

  19. Love your lists, you are absolutely adorable! I laughed out load when I read the part about your husband not bringing his cell phone anywhere cause I have the same problem with my husband. Drives me nuts!


  20. Misery loves company? Glad I'm not the only Debbie around here lately. Bummer that Rio was sold out. Happy Showers!

  21. @rigolosos, it was made better when we got tangled on on demand- loved it! but, im still a little bit of a debbie downer, not to worry...

  22. God knows we all have our days like this! I feel like Wednesday is the perfect day of the week to be a Debbie Downer too... at least that's what I always tell myself.

  23. i so need to sign up for birth classes! eeks - hope i'm not too late!


  24. girlfriend, i hear ya.

    the universe is conspiring to make me miserable as well.

    don't worry about the cold. i hear a lecture today that basically postulated that we can't eat, breath, walk, drink, move, or otherwise live...without coming into contact with some toxin that could give us cancer or kill us or make our babies start puberty too early.

    we're doomed. be a curmudgeon. it's allowed.

  25. it's cool to have debbie downer debbies. we all do.

    hooray for summer being 61 days away!

  26. I like.. you
    I dislike.. when you are unhappy

  27. Well it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity here if it makes you feel any better!! Hot and awful! I think I'd take the cold over this!!

  28. I'm sure we could all make a list if we tried, so no apologies needed. Enjoy Rio with the kids, and yay for the great things like that happy, healthy baby!

  29. i'm guilty of never taking cell phone anywhere too, Steve. I understand. it drives everyone i know crazy ... it was my new years resolution this year too. hasn't gone so well ...

    & yayyyyy for baby kicks!!!

  30. Wanna teleport to Italy with me? Let's go. Right now.

  31. Like: people who are real and talk about the dislikes.

    Dislike: people who pretend that everything in life is a like.

    I'm naturally an optimistic person, but sometimes you just need to talk about all the poo that's out there.

    To end on a good note, yay for summer weather and all the exciting baby stuff. Such fun things!

  32. Girl, I'm so excited for summer I can't even tell you. I'm also excited that when I go home to CA this next week it will be 75! Quite a change from the regular 50 degrees I experience here in Washington. Also, can't wait for Violet magazine (:

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  33. ohhhh no. not the mosquitos!! i hate them too. a lot. they also really like me. well, at least they did in ohio. they don't seem to as much in chicago! but, it might be because of my new "perfume" which is actually a concoction of a few natural oils that bugs don't like. my brilliant and super resourceful friend had made it (it is her natural bug spray) and then i started making it! bug spray/perfume! woo! it smells nice too....:)


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