so, the lockers had to go.

what a dumb post title but guys, it's almost midnight and i have been moving shit all day and it's the first thing that came to mind.  the lockers, my dear lockers (you remember?), well they just don't fit in this house.  in fact, very little does.  i tweeted this today so bear with me if you've already read it but... when downsizing, here is my best advice: throw it away.  all of it.  every last bit.

seriously though, we bit the bullet and hired movers.  steve did not have the fortitude to do it all himself and i don't blame him.  because four men (himself included) worked like dogs (very sweaty ones) from 8 till 4 with a 26-foot box truck plus a 14-foot one and then and only then managed to get it all into the house.  it also makes me appreciate how much steve (and william, really) did on the other end--packing it up and getting it out (for which we didn't hire movers).  i never took it all in at once, never saw the amount of it.  in a word: woah.  don't ask me if i can walk through my room (i can't).  don't ask me if it's all a terrible fire hazard (it is).  so, the movers came, and dammit, i am thrilled to be pregnant but it's all, "is this too heavy?!" and then you find yourself giving it a try and lifting things you shouldn't and having the mover tell you, "ma'am, you shouldn't be lifting that" and, well, pregnancy and moving don't mix.  basically, i'm worthless.  i still haven't stopped all day, but there are things you just can't do.

oh, and when the movers came, what's the first thing that came out of trucks?  even before the how do you do's?  a big 'ol open box of tampons.  there was no one to claim it but me.  we moved past it.

moving on.  i watched it all come into the house with wide eyes and asked steve, "is that the last of it?" too many times to have him tell me, "umm... 2/3 of the truck is still to go."  i promise we are not pack rats... furthest thing from it in fact.  we both relish throwing out but my gosh there's still a lot of stuff.  i should've just entitled this post "stuff."  we joked, more than once, that we were going to have a big bonfire, invite the neighbors, roast s'mores.  what are we burning?  oh, just our stuff.  all of it.

so what is the moral of this story?  don't buy things.

and the lockers aren't gone gone, they're just in the shed.

and finally, i promise not to talk about moving again this week.  hold me to it.

oh!  and pictured above... a plant from a kind neighbor to welcome us.  and yes, technically a plant is more stuff but handing it back would be a) rude and b) i have a brown thumb so this is actually temporary stuff.... (but oh i do love this fern!)

too many add-ons.  my apologies.


  1. My advice is have a garage sale or list things for sale on Facebook yard sale groups! We are in the process of moving over bedrooms and I was determined to completely clear out the closets and downsize the amount of stuff. Two giant bags to consignment, one to donations, I made $100 in cash selling stuff, and a whole lot trashed. It's a lot of work, but it sure does feel good seeing those empty closets!

  2. deep breaths. moving sucks, there is no way around it. but in a week's time, you'll be so much more settled and happy. hang in there.


  3. I just moved into a 500 sq foot apt (college for the win) and while I know I am a bit of a pack rat, I didn't think I had *that* much till it had to all fit into said 500sq ft apartment. It's a little overwhelming

  4. I moved during both of my pregnancies, I can relate to the 'worthless' feeling. Almost feeling lazy, despite knowing how much you actually do want to help. - But you can organize, which I find to be the fun part. Hopefully you do to. :) We actually had a bonfire of stuff when we moved into our current home! It's freeing.

  5. If you ever do decide to sell the lockers CONSIDER ME FIRST BRIDGET HUNT! I've been googly eyes over them since forever and a day.

    We are in the process of moving too! Haven't even gotten a chance to talk to you about it yet but I feel your pain (the stuff part, not the pregnancy part-- I can't even imagine!). We are moving into a place that's about the same size that we are in now so downsizing isnt too much of an issue, but still--- SO MUCH STUFF! I so get that. Room for a couple of lockers, though. ha!

    Good luck with the rest of the move and the unpacking! I can't wait to see it all!! XOXO

  6. I do love those lockers though!! :) And we are going through the process of decluttering right now too - it's a mess!! We're having a yard sale next weekend and what doesn't sell is going to the Mission home!!

  7. my husband and I relish in throwing away too but I swear our 20 month old daughter has more stuff than we do combined!! Babies come with the stuff- it's inevitable!

  8. I don't envy you. Best wishes with unpacking...the nesting will feel good. Annnnnnd, looking forward to the baby post!

  9. Hahaha! "Don't buy things..." I love that moral to this story. It's so true. And I'm going to IKEA today gosh darn it.

  10. Oh. My. Word. You are so dang hilarious. In the spirit of moving and keeping things to a minimum, I took a trash bag of stuff that has been sitting in my van for way too long up to Goodwill. I snuck a peek inside before handing it over...just to see what it is I had forgotten about in there for a month. Can you believe I almost told the lady, "Um. Nevermind. I see there's a Pottery Barn duvet in there and I actually don't want to donate it."


    You are right.

  11. You know, I really want to downsize. I have NO connection at all to STUFF> I'm with you. I can throw it all away. All of it. But, Lance. Not so much. Plus, he and his dad put blood sweat and tears into this house...but it's just too much for me to keep up. But, we'll grow into it he says. We'll see about that. I can't wait to see pix of your new home. You know, ones that don't show windows or elevations or anything like that so the creepsters can't figure it out. HA! Love the fern too. And the bucket it's in. When you kill the fern, put your kitchen utensils in it on the counter! It's CUTE! Glad y'all are in. Take it easy momma!


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